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Howe On Orr

Tom Fitzgerald of the Boston Globe,

(This story first appeared in the Globe on Oct. 20, 1966)

The National Hockey League’s oldest star paid tribute to the game’s newest star Wednesday evening after the Bruins’ 6-2 win over the Detroit Red Wings.

“He’ll do, for sure,” was the at first reluctant appraisal Detroit’s 38-year-old Gordie Howe made of Boston’s rookie defenseman Bobby Orr.

Starting a record 21st campaign in the league, Howe is hampered by an injured knee which was in a cast during the training season.

Gordie stripped the remains of adhesive from the knee area as he contemplated the Orr performance, and what was more important to him, his own team’s loss.

“The kid’s all right,” the old boy said. “He anticipates well, he makes good passes, and I guess he does just about what you’d expect of a good defenseman.”

continued with Sid Abel too...

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The Toronto Maple Leafs Stopped By The Gordie Howe Statue

from Lance Hornby of the Toronto Sun,

Mike Babcock and the Maple Leafs, particularly those with Saskatchewan blood, could not miss the Gordie Howe statue as the team bus pulled up to the SaskTel Centre on Tuesday.

Depicting Howe in full bore, with left elbow high and a somewhat menacing grin, the statue was site of a touching ceremony on Sept. 25. No. 9’s ashes were brought back to his home town at his request and laid under the pedestal with those of his wife Colleen. Howe was born about 40 minutes outside of town in Floral, but raised in Saskatoon with his large family. He died on June 10 at age 88.

“Bruce Clark, who drives the Zamboni here, was a good friend of mine growing up,” Babcock said. “His mom was Gordie’s sister and I’ve followed Gordie forever. He really was great to me and my family growing up (when Babcock coached Detroit). Mark Howe (one of Gordie’s sons) was very important to our organization there, too, so I have a lot of ties to the family.

“He was a much better man than he was a player and he was the greatest player, so when you add it all together, he was a special guy for hockey and for Saskatoon.”


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The NHL Will Come Up With “An Enduring Testament To Gordie” Howe

from Dave Stubbs of NHL.com,

For days, Commissioner Bettman has heard suggestions from fans and those inside hockey for ways to honor Howe, who truly was a pioneer of the game for his sensational performance on the ice and exemplary manners and generosity off it.

Some, including Wayne Gretzky, have been quoted as saying Howe's No. 9 should be retired from the game forever, as Gretzky's No. 99 was retired on Feb. 6, 2000 at the NHL's 50th All-Star Game. Others have suggested all 30 NHL teams wear a No. 9 patch on their jerseys next season.

"We're going to come up with something that's an enduring testament to Gordie," Commissioner Bettman said Thursday from his office in New York. "There will be something that appropriately celebrates his life and creates a lasting tribute to his immortality. It will be something that will be special and enduring and permanent."

read on

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Evening Line- Bobby Orr On Gordie Howe

"I truly believe that you can't do what this man has done and stay as humble as he stayed and as nice as he stayed. Nobody has or will ever be that guy. It won't happen. There wasn't a pretentious bone in Gordie's body. He was a good man."

-Bobby Orr on Gordie Howe.  Dave Stubbs of NHL.com has much more from Orr.

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An Emotional Mark Howe On His Father

from Nicholas J. Cotsonika of NHL.com,

After Gordie Howe's funeral ended and the dignitaries filed out of the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament on Wednesday, Howe's son Mark stood outside, weary and emotional.

Gordie had died Friday at age 88 after a long battle with dementia, strokes and other ailments. The family had received visitors for more than 12 hours during a public visitation at Joe Louis Arena on Tuesday. Now it was over, and family and friends were headed to a private luncheon.

"It's just hard, no matter how much you know this day is coming," Mark Howe said. "I'm extremely thankful that Dad was able to hang on so long at the end. I really wanted to be with him. I was rubbing his forehead when he went, and …"

Mark broke down.

"I'm sorry," he said.

A security guard put a hand on Mark's shoulder. Reporters told Mark he had said enough.

"No," Mark said. "I'm OK."


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Gordie Howe Is At Peace

from the CP at TSN,

Murray Howe still pinches himself at the realization hockey great Gordie Howe was his father.

In a heartfelt eulogy at his father's funeral Wednesday, Howe's youngest son wondered aloud how he could do justice to the life of a man who was a "living legend."

"My own hero," Murray said of his Hall of Fame father, who died Friday at age 88.

Murray shared numerous amusing and touching stories about his dad with some 900 mourners, who packed Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

He said there are "endless superlatives that come to mind when describing my dad," calling Mr. Hockey beloved, fearless, loyal, tough, graceful, playful, handsome and thoughtful, among other adjectives.

"He was irresistible," said Murray. "Though he was the size of a gorilla, little kids and little old ladies alike flocked to him the moment he disarmed them with his playful grin and his huge open arms. And Dad fed off their love and their positive energy and it brought him to life no matter how tired or sore he was.

"He made everyone feel as if they were the most special person on the planet."


You can watch the two hour funeral ceremony below...

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Live Stream- Coverage of Gordie Howe’s Funeral

Fox Sports Detroit will be televising the funeral beginning at 11:00am ET and will also stream it.

The local Detroit TV stations plans for streaming coverage- WXYZ will pick up the NHL stream starting at 10:30am. Fox2 will also stream via YouTube at 11:00am.

The NHL Network will have a live broadcast, Remembering Gordie Howe on from 10:00am until 12:30pm.

In Canada, Sportsnet will start streaming at 10:00am ET and it will also be on Sportsnet, TSN coverage...



Below watch the Sportsnet stream...

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Paying Respect To Gordie Howe

from Neal E. Boudette of the New York Times,

They came by the thousands to honor Gordie Howe, but this time they did it with silence instead of cheers.

Four days after Howe died at 88, hockey fans streamed somberly into a darkened Joe Louis Arena to say goodbye to Mr. Hockey, the prolific goal-scorer who played here for a quarter-century, made the Detroit Red Wings a dynasty in the 1950s and is considered by many to be the greatest player hockey has ever known.

Red Wings faithful waited an hour or more to reach the arena floor, where they proceeded down a red carpet to Howe’s brown, closed coffin, which was topped and flanked by large arrangements of roses — red, of course....

“I just keep losing it,” said Paul Bigler, 54, tears streaming down his cheeks, a white Howe jersey hanging from his burly frame. He said he grew up watching Howe and attending Red Wings games with his father.

Now living in Knoxville, Tenn., Bigler drove 10 hours to pay his last respects to his idol.

“He was just the epitome of what every kid wanted to be,” Bigler said.

read on

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Afternoon Line- John Shannon On Gordie Howe

Howe’s legacy as a player is only surpassed by Howe the person. It's impressive he played until he was 52 years old. But it's more impressive that, after retiring, he went on being Mr. Hockey for another 36 years, talking to everyone, signing autographs until there were no more to be signed. That took stamina and heart-felt human kindness. He was the blueprint that every athlete wanted to copy, but few could. No one had the patience or professionalism to do it. That’s why we all have a Gordie Howe story. And they all go like this: “We met. He shook my hand. And we are friends.”

-John Shannon of Sportsnet where you can read more on Gordie Howe.

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Wayne Gretzky On Gordie Howe

from Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press,

Even Wayne Gretzky, considered by many to be the greatest hockey player ever, got the Gordie Howe treatment.

It was the first game they played against each other, in the World Hockey Association, soon after Gretzky turned pro with the Indianapolis Racers in 1978.

"He was 49, 50 the very first time I played against him," Gretzky recalled today at Joe Louis Arena, where he joined Howe's family for a public visitation of the hockey legend who died Friday. "The very first time I played against him, we were in the warm-up, and I was 17 and thought I was pretty cool, skating around in warm-up, and he kept winking at me. The third or fourth shift of the game, I took the puck from him and, before I knew it, this big stick pounded me on the hand, and I thought I broke my thumb. He took the puck and said, 'Don't ever take the puck from me.'

"I go, 'OK.'"

Gretzky thought the winks were welcoming from Howe. Then one of his teammates let him in on a secret: Howe had a blinking problem.

"Well, nobody told me that!" Gretzky said. "I thought he was cheering me on."


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Live Stream- Gordie Howe Visitation

The visitation of Gordie Howe at Joe Louis Arena is scheduled from 9:00am ET until 9:00pm today.

You can watch the live stream below and this post will remain at the top of KK today.

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Respect And #9 Go Together

from Dave Stubbs of NHL.com,

It's not by accident that the doors of Joe Louis Arena will open at 9 a.m. Tuesday and close at 9 p.m.

Detroit Red Wings icon Gordie Howe's No. 9 sweater is as synonymous with the late legend as his flowing signature, his folksy drawl or his ability to control a game either with silky hands or a sharpened elbow.

For 12 hours on Tuesday, former teammates, opponents, captains of industry, politicians, old friends, longtime fans and curious common folk will stream into the Red Wings home. Based on what was being assembled here Monday morning into the afternoon, they will have a simple, stirring setting to pay their respects to Howe, who died Friday at age 88.

All will arrive at one end of the arena, the ice gone from the cement floor, and walk a red carpet until they reach Mr. Hockey's closed casket at the far blue line. They then will go up through the stands to the concourse level, where they can visit the statues of Howe, Ted Lindsay and Alex Delvecchio, and perhaps record a personal memory or vignette that will be archived by the Red Wings, who will stream all 12 hours of the visitation on their website, redwings.nhl.com.


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Video- The Tribute To Gordie Howe In San Jose

Nicely done.


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Brian Burke With Gordie Howe Stories

from Alex Prewitt of Sports Illustrated,

This is a time for mourning and sadness but also for stories, and few figures in the NHL tell those better than executive Brian Burke. Currently the president of hockey operations for the Flames, formerly of Hartford, Vancouver, Anaheim, Toronto and the league’s front office, Burke spoke with SI for an unrelated topic Saturday afternoon and agreed to share some memories about the late Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe.

- “And he’s telling me about growing up on the farm. There’s a great story in his book, about how his dad got him a job about the concrete plant. And the guy told Gordie, ‘Alright move these 50-pound bags of concrete, and stack them over here.’ About 10 minutes later, Gordie came up and said, ‘Alright, what do I do now?’ And the guy said, ‘No, I said stack them all.’ Each guy would struggle with a 50--pound bag of cement. Gordie picked up one in each hand. And if you’ve ever picked up a bag of concrete, it’s impossible to grip it, unless you have a bone-crushing grip. It’s impossible to grab a bag of concrete by the side and carry two at once and that’s what he did.

- Ted Lindsay told me one. Gordie, he blinked like every 10 seconds or so. He’d take a real deep blink, and it was from when he fractured his skull. When you first meet him, you’re like what is this? Then you realize it’s just this little affliction. So he blinked like once every 10 seconds. So Ted Lindsay told me this story, he said they were lining up for a faceoff against Chicago and they dropped the puck and Gordie speared the guy opposite him right in the groin, and they had to carry him off.

“And Teddy said to Gordie, ‘What the hell was that for?’

“Gordie said, ‘He was mocking me, he was blinking at me.’

“And Teddy says, ‘He’s got the same thing you do, you a—h---!’”

much more

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Are You Listening Ilitch Organization?

from Dave Hodge of TSN,

Not surprisingly, the push is on again. At the very least, Gordie Howe could be remembered otherwise in the major development that will surround Little Ceasar’s Arena. It is set to be known as District Detroit, and it will include five new neighbourhoods that all have names.

It would be easily done to affix Gordie Howe’s name to an office tower or a park or a thoroughfare, but with Joe Louis Arena set to disappear as the only NHL rink that honours and bears the name of a local hero, it just seems wrong to miss the chance to keep it that way in Detroit.

Without a doubt, Little Caesars would be “hailed” if it stepped aside. There’s more than one way to sell a pizza.

more plus some SCF talk...

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Afternoon Line- Jack Nicklaus On Gordie Howe

We lost a true great in Gordie Howe. I had the fortunate pleasure to be with Gordie on a number of occasions...

and with each opportunity, I found him to be a tremendously nice man. We couldn’t help but always have a good time together...

Few athletes are acknowledged as the greatest of their sport; Gordie Howe was and always will be...

They called him Mr. Hockey. I simply call him a legend!

-Jack Nicklaus via his Twitter account where you can view a great picture of the two legends.

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“The Greatest Hockey Player In The World”

from Roy MacGregor of the Globe and Mail,

Surely it cannot possibly be more than 60 years – and yet it is.

My older brother Jim, who has a far better memory, remembers the score, the fact that the Detroit Red Wings beat his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs and that both “Terrible” Ted Lindsay and Gordie “Elbows” Howe scored.

I was too young. Our father had been given tickets to Maple Leaf Gardens by a buyer who toured the lumber mills of the north in search of good timber. We had driven down, our parents baffled by clover leafs, unused to streetlights, and I recall being wary of the Gardens’ escalators and, after too much pop, terrified by a stainless steel urinal that seemed as long and packed as the arena itself.

But I do remember, vividly, when our father pointed at No. 9 in the Red Wings jersey, a lanky fellow with a dark forelock of hair, and said, “There is the greatest hockey player in the world.”

continued and make sure to watch the video too...

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Some Gordie Howe Stories

from David Shoalts and Eric Duhatschek of the Globe and Mail,

For two years in the early 1960s, just before his career ended because of an eye injury, Doug Barkley was Mr. Howe’s roommate on the road with the Detroit Red Wings.

“In that time, I just learned so much – not only about hockey, but how to treat people,” Mr. Barkley said. “He would never turn down anybody for an autograph. It used to be, after the games, we’d get on the bus and there’d be Gordie at the door, signing autographs, and the guys would be yelling at him, ‘Let’s go, let’s go.’ But he would stay until he signed the last one.”...

Rick Dudley, senior vice-president of hockey operations for the Montreal Canadiens, saw both the hard-nosed and humorous sides of Mr. Howe when he ran into him, literally, in the early 1970s, when both men played in the WHA.

“I went to the WHA. The first game we played against Houston, I crossed the blue line and he clipped me with his stick on the forehead,” Mr. Dudley said. “I remember the puck was dumped in [later] and he went back to get it. I ran him. I figured I’ve got to let him know not to do that. From about 20 feet, I ran him and hit him. He bounced off the boards and we both went down. He just kind of looked at me.

“After the game, a lot of reporters came down and asked, ‘Why didn’t you fight him?’ For once in my life, I thought fairly quickly on my feet and said, ‘Well, it seemed like a no-win situation. If I beat him up, then I just beat up a 50-year-old man. If I get the shit kicked out of me, which was quite conceivable, I just got the hell kicked out of me by a 50-year-old man.’

“We played them next a month later and I had made Sports Illustrated for quote of the month for saying that. He tapped me on the shin pads and said, ‘You’re getting a lot of mileage out of me, aren’t you kid?’ That was kind of a thrill.”...

Former NHL player and assistant coach Brent Peterson first met Mr. Howe when they were in the Hartford Whalers organization together and remembers a charity exhibition game in which he played on a line with Gordie and Mark Howe.

“We were playing the police team and this young kid from their team was running all over the place, hitting everybody,” Mr. Peterson recalls. “Gordie yells, ‘Hey son, this is a charity game.’ Gordie let it go for about three minutes and nothing changes. So he jumps over the boards, goes into the corner with this guy, and boom, gives him three elbows, broke his nose. Gordie was 61 years old. As they’re carrying him off the ice, Gordie says, ‘Hold on’ and skates over and says, ‘I tried to tell you kid. I warned you."


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Ted Lindsay Statement On The Passing Of Gordie Howe

via the NHLPA,

“I was very sad to learn today of the passing of my longtime teammate, and friend, Gordie Howe. Gordie really was the greatest hockey player who ever lived. I was fortunate to play with Gordie for 12 seasons with the Detroit Red Wings and I’ve known him for over 70 years. He could do it all in the game to help his team, both offensively and defensively. He earned everything that he accomplished on the ice.

“Beyond hockey, Colleen and his family meant everything to him. Gordie was larger than life, and he was someone who I thought would live forever. My wife Joanne and I extend our condolences to Gordie’s children — Cathleen, Mark, Marty and Murray — and his entire family and many friends during this time.”

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Like A Greek God

from Vartan Kupelian at the Detroit News,

I grew up in Detroit and Highland Park. Going to Red Wings games with my father was a ritual. He was a factory worker, but back then, even blue-collars could afford to sit in the upper deck or buy standing room and sit on the steps. That was a different time, in a lot of ways, but always special because we were privileged to see Howe, the greatest athlete I ever covered, and nothing was an inconvenience.

Howe could hit a baseball a mile. He could hit a golf ball two miles. And if somebody dared challenge him on the ice, he could throw that poor guy unfortunate enough to be wearing an opposing jersey into the cheap seats. His nickname among teammates was “Power.”

I was sitting in a Greek mythology class at Wayne State years ago when the lecturer began talking about contemporary heroic figures, those among us who the Greeks would turn into myths. He surveyed the class, looking for responses. There were none. Disappointed, the professor continued.

“Think about it,” he said. “Somebody with super-human strength. A powerful physique. Someone who combines a menacing appearance with a kind, gentle soul.”

Still, no response from the befuddled students. Exasperated, the professor said, “Isn’t anybody here a hockey fan? Doesn’t anybody here know about Gordie Howe.”


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Afternoon Line- Ray Ratto

So maybe it is only fortuitous circumstance that both Ali and Howe died in the same week, and the other bridges we want to fashion between the two men are of our own creation. Giants do not normally die in tandem (Thomas Jefferson and John Adams notwithstanding), and while these two are connected more in the time of their departures than anything else, they defined their places in history in ways that their contemporaries and acolytes can only imagine in wonder and awe. Howe’s funeral will be covered in Canada as Ali’s was here, and his influence upon his nation will endure in its way as Ali’s will here.

-Ray Ratto of CSNBayArea where you can read more on this topic.

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Video- Gordie Howe Through The Years

via Sportsnet,

Ron MacLean takes us through the career timeline of Gordie Howe, and the 26-year longevity that helped cement his legendary status.


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Video- “Just A Lucky Old Farm Boy”

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Video- CBC Remembers Gordie Howe

Read the CBC obituary on Gordie Howe here.


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Video- The Life Of A Legend

via Sportsnet,

Stephen Brunt with the feature.


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Number 9

post will remain at the top of KK for a few days in memory of Gordie Howe

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The One And Only Gordie Howe

from Cam Cole of the Vancouver Sun,

There was only one Gordie Howe, and there will never be another like him.

That hasn’t stopped National Hockey League scouts and general managers from scouring the junior leagues ever since he began dominating his sport, searching for that impossible-to-find combination of physical might, speed, competitive fire, scoring prowess, mean streak and character that defined the quintessential “power forward” … long before the phrase was coined.

And to be sure, what Howe did on the ice — and the still-staggering total of five decades he spanned while doing it — are the greatest parts of his legacy.

For those who grew up watching him play, or listening to his feats described on radio, no one ever played what coaches now commonly call “the 200-foot game” better than the larger-than-life product of tiny Floral, Sask., who passed away Friday morning at his son Murray’s home in Ohio, at age 88, after a typically determined rebound from a series of strokes two years ago.

But there were other pieces of Mr. Hockey’s life that continue to resonate, even now.


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The Great Godie Howe

from Michael Farber of Sports Illustrated,

Sure, vengeance might be His (Romans 12:19), but as the Creator vets His newest recruit—a powerful, stooped-shouldered man with an easy smile and old-fashioned values forged in Depression-era Saskatchewan—He would be well-advised to skim the Book of Gordie. Verse 1: Do not mess with Gordie Howe. Howe, who died on Friday at age 88, had a memory as long as his unparalleled career, which touched five decades and included seven MVP awards in two leagues. Heaven might be a swell place, full of cherubim and gaping five-holes, but if Mr. Hockey suspects that he was taken from us too soon, that he could have gotten yet another day out of his rich life ... well, the Supreme Being should start skating with his head up, you know?

Howe has eternity to fix somebody’s wagon, not just the mere decade he needed to settle an old score with Bobby Baun. In the 1957–58 season, Baun, a rugged Maple Leafs defenseman, nailed Howe, who had been cutting into the middle to take a shot, with a seismic check. Ten seasons later, Baun was earning a living with the expansion Oakland Seals when Howe again cut to the middle. Fool Gordie once, shame on you. Fool Gordie twice, a Zamboni might be scraping up your teeth. This time Howe released his shot and held his follow-through long enough for his stick blade to carve g.h. in Baun’s throat. As a supine Baun gasped for breath, the Red Wings’ star straddled him and growled, “Now we’re even, you s.o.b.”


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A Very Sad Day - Gordie Howe Dead At Age 88

Rest in peace my one and only sports idol.

The big guy meets The Big Guy.





added 9:32am, Legends of Hockey feature on Gordie Howe is below...

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Video- Happy 88th Birthday To Gordie Howe

Here is Gordie Howe's last goal in the NHL. called by Danny Gallivan and Mickey Redmond.



added 8:53pm, from Dave Stubbs of NHL.com,

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Jagr ties Gordie Howe on the NHL’s all-time points list

From NHL.com:

Florida Panthers forward Jaromir Jagr tied Gordie Howe for third place in all-time NHL points with a first-period assist against the Colorado Avalanche at Pepsi Center on Thursday.

Jagr has 1,850 points, equal to Howe and trailing Mark Messier (1,887) and Wayne Gretzky (2,857).

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Video- Mark And Marty Howe On Their Father, Gordie Howe

A year ago, Gordie Howe was in terrible shape, today he is much better.


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Video- Gordie Howe Returns To The Joe Louis Arena

No words needed.


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Happy 87th Birthday To Gordie Howe

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#9 Turns 87 Tomorrow

from Gregg Krupa of the Detroit News,

Last week, he went out with some people close to him, including his son, who is in the Hockey Hall of Fame, for a pastime Howe carried with him from his childhood in Saskatchewan.

He went fishing.

"I was down there last week," said Mark Howe, the director of pro scouting for the Red Wings, whose career as a defenseman put him in the Hall of Fame in Toronto with his father.

"We took him out catfishing a couple of days on a couple of ponds and did some walks and everyday things. Overall, he did pretty well."...

"My brother Murray and I were there last week," Howe said. "I had four days with him. He did pretty well when I was there.

"This week, my brother Marty's down there, and he struggled a little bit more this week. But I guess he's doing a little bit better today."

read on

The story by Kruppa was probably meant for tomorrow, which is Gordie Howe's 87th birthday.

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Evening Line- David Pollak On Gordie Howe

So I’m in the lobby of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel – NHL headquarters — when I see Gordie Howe walking toward me. He’s 81 at the time, but spry, and as he heads in my direction, he passes two women about his own age. He slows down enough to smile at them and maybe exchange a few words. And as he passed them, they both turned, looked back and started to giggle a little.

When Howe reached me, he looked over, tilted his head, grinned and said, “Still got it” in the most charming, innocent and non-salacious way possible.

-David Pollak of Working The Corners where you can read more on Gordie Howe.

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Gordie’s Night

from Scott Burnside of ESPN,

He walked on his own from the shadows and into the spotlight to his place at the table of honor.

Though the steps might have been slow, maybe little more than a shuffle, they were nonetheless the steps of a giant.

And in the end, as the crowd in his hometown rose as one to celebrate one of the greatest athletes of all time, we should have expected nothing less from Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe.

"He knew what was going on. I could see it in his eyes," Hall of Famer Bobby Hull told a trio of reporters shortly after Howe was honored by the Saskatoon Kinsmen at their annual sports celebrity dinner.

As the event came to a close, Wayne Gretzky stood with Howe on the stage in the middle of a jam-packed ballroom and delivered a check for $25,000 for Alzheimer's research. The two hockey legends stood shoulder to shoulder with the crowd of 1,500 again on its feet, and Gretzky talked of his affection for the entire Howe family.

And then, as if to punctuate the evening, Gretzky said of Howe: "He was, is and will always be the greatest hockey player of all time."


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Evening Line- Wayne Gretzky On Gordie Howe

“Athletes are no different than anything else. Sometimes you have bad days and kids walk away saying, ‘It wasn’t as great as I thought it was going to be.

“For me, every time I look at the picture I always have the same thoughts. He couldn’t have been nicer, better or bigger when I met him than I thought he was going to be. Every time I look at the picture or sign the picture, it’s nothing but great memories.”

-Wayne Gretzky on meeting and taking the now famous picture with Gordie Howe.  More from Gretzky on Gordie Howe by Daniel Nugent-Bowman of the StarPhoenix.


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Evening Line- Dr. Murray Howe

“Really, if he gets no more improvement than what he has today, then we are still ecstatic. He’s happy as a clam, he’s strong as a bull. He’s gained 20 pounds since Dec. 8, which was the day of the treatment.

“He’s so much stronger and he’s able to do all the things he likes to do now. We could have never asked for more than that.”

-Dr. Murray Howe on his father, Gordie Howe.  Much more from Bob Duff of the Windsor Star.

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The Latest On Gordie Howe And The Stem Cell Therapy

from Bradley J. Fikes of U-T SanDiego,

Hockey legend Gordie Howe is making a dramatic recovery from a serious stroke thanks to stem cell therapy developed by San Diego-based Stemedica, his family says. Some medical scientists aren't so sure, however.

Howe, 86, suffered the stroke in late October, leaving him unable to walk and disoriented. He began improving within hours after receiving the stem cells in early December, said Dr. Murray Howe, a radiologist and one of Howe’s sons. For example, Howe insisted on walking to the bathroom, which he previously could not do.

"If I did not witness my father's astonishing response, I would not have believed it myself," Murray Howe said by email Thursday. "Our father had one foot in the grave on December 1. He could not walk, and was barely able to talk or eat."

"Our father's progress continues," the email continued. "Today, Christmas, I spoke with him on FaceTime. I asked him what Santa brought him. He said 'A headache.' I told him I was flying down to see him in a week. He said, 'Thanks for the warning.'"

continued and a must read in my opinion...

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The Latest On Gordie Howe

from Ansar Khan of Mlive,

The condition of hockey legend Gordie Howe took another turn for the worse on Monday when the former Detroit Red Wings was hospitalized after fears that he might have suffered another his second major stroke in a little more than five weeks.

"We are awaiting test results at this time to determine whether he has had a new stroke," son Murray, said in a text to M-Live. "He is responding and resting comfortably with family while in hospital currently. He is not in an ICU."


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Video- Keith Olbermann On The Great Gordie Howe

I tweeted this out last night but I know many of you do not use Twitter.

A very nice tribute/story from Olbermann.


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Afternoon Line- On Gordie Howe

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Evening Line- Red Berenson On Gordie Howe

"Everyone was picking out partners (to fight), but nobody wanted to pick Gordie Howe. And so there was some bad language and some bad blood out on the ice. And this guy is hanging onto me, we'd already dropped our gloves, and I thought we were breaking up. And all of a sudden Howe sort of skates by and he elbows the guy in the face. And his head looked like it just about came off. And so this guy comes back and grabs onto me even harder -- like he doesn't want anything to do with Gordie Howe. And Gordie was about 40 at that time. That's the kind of reverence he got from so-called tough guys in the league, and Gordie was an old man at that time."

-Red Berenson, U of M head hockey coach on Gordie Howe.  Much more from Steve Kornacki of MGOBLUE.

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Simmons talks Leafs, Quenneville and discusses tough times for ‘hockey royalty’

Amongst the Toronto Sun's Steve Simmons' notes:

What Leafs management likes most about Nazem Kadri — his inherent cockiness — is also what they like least. It’s good to have that when you’re producing. Kadri’s assist Friday night in Columbus was his first in 18 Toronto games, dating back to last season. ... Determined to get David Clarkson back on track this season, the Leafs coaching staff watched every game he played in his final two seasons in New Jersey this summer to get a sense of what he did well. So far, the reset, as Randy Carlyle calls it, seems to be working out just fine.


With 712 wins, Joel Quenneville is two seasons away from moving past Al Arbour on the NHL list of all-time coaching victories. He will end up second but nowhere near Scotty Bowman’s 1,244 wins . Quenneville, by the way, began his coaching career as a playing assistant to Marc Crawford with the Leafs farm team in St. John’s.


This is a tough time for hockey royalty: Gordie Howe, Arbour, Pat Quinn are all struggling. Wish all of them, and others we may not know about, the best. And from football, our friend, Dick Thornton, who writes via e-mail: “I’m fighting the best I can.” You can follow Tricky Dicky at http://www.coachthornton.com


Simmons continues at length...

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Morning Line- Terry Jones On Gordie Howe

I tell people when I was selected winner of the Elmer Ferguson Award to make it into the writers wing of the Hockey Hall of Fame, that Gordie Howe came to the luncheon to hear me make my speech.

He was there all right. But that was the year Mark was inducted into the Hall of Fame. And Gordie was there to honour Mickey Redmond, the former Red Wing who was the inductee as winner of the Foster Hewitt Award as broadcaster and was the other guy making his speech at the luncheon.

At the hotel Gordie talked with my son and would walk up to my wife, who had found herself briefly standing alone again, and start up a conversation.

Wayne Gretzky always maintained Gordie Howe was the greatest player in the history of hockey. He may have been the greatest guy.

Before he goes, we all should let him know.

-Terry Jones of the Edmonton Sun on Gordie Howe. Read more from Jones on Gordie Howe.

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Evening Line- Bob McKenzie On Gordie Howe

The entire hockey community is rallying around this.  You can't find a more revered individual, he and Jean Beliveau are the gold standard for gentlemen off the ice and well, Gordie on the ice not so much a gentleman.  Jean Beliveau probably was but just in terms of the way they carried themselves away from the game, everybody in the hockey community has thoughts for Gordie Howe right now.

-Bob McKenzie on NBCSN NHL Live pre-game show.

added 6:58pm,


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Howe Family Trying To Be Supportive Of Gordie Howe

from Stephen Whyno of the CP,

Gordie Howe has a long way to go to recover from a stroke he suffered over the weekend, his son said Wednesday amid an outpouring of support from the hockey community....

"It's a difficult time for Dad," Mark Howe said in a phone interview from Lubbock. "It definitely impacted his life, so we're dealing with this, I think, as all families do and just trying to be there. The best thing we can do is just be here and be supportive and try to keep him in good spirits."...

Howe said his father would require "a lot of work in order to be able to recover." For now, the family is just enjoying spending time with him.

"It's a beautiful, sunny day," he said. "If dad hadn't been through this, he'd probably be outside going for a little walk or something."


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Video- It’s Gordie’s Town

via Hometown Hockey,

Even superstars have a hometown. For Mr. Hockey, it’s Saskatoon, a city that showered him with accolades on Gordie Howe Day in 1966. What makes him uniquely special to Saskatonians is… he is theirs.

Hometown Hockey will be in Saskatoon this Sunday.

Here is a trailer...


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Questions By Wayne Gretzky, Answers By Gordie Howe

from the CP at Yahoo,

WAYNE GRETZKY: In your memoir you write about participating in the puck-drop ceremony for the 2014 Winter Classic alumni game at Comerica Park. Could you tell me a little bit about playing outdoors as a child? What was your local rink like? What's your fondest memory of playing outside?

GORDIE HOWE: I loved playing hockey and looked forward to getting on the ice. If I wasn't home eating I was on the ice skating all winter. The rink was just boards and ice. In the Depression there was no money to do much — I think we were lucky there was man-made ice to skate on. I don't know that any memory stands out as the fondest, but I always liked to score and loved to win. That was what I lived for.

WG: Having mentored countless younger players, you are one of the most iconic father figures in the hockey world. You're also known for a mischievous streak and the chip on your shoulder. What's the piece of advice you've imparted that kids aren't likely to have heard from their teachers or other authorities?

GH: One of my rules was to do unto others before they do unto you, but that was never my first advice to youngsters. What I always started with was making sure they held their stick in the proper position. You should hold the top hand on the stick like you would hold a hammer when you're driving a nail. You have the most leverage and you won't get your wrist broken. The chip on my shoulder was earned over many years of hard knocks and each player has to earn that chip on their shoulder their own way.

read on

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