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Derek Sanderson’s Battle Started At Age 7

from Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe,

The alcoholism began at age 7, his uncle Warren introducing him to beer during a Christmas party at the Sanderson home in Niagara Falls, Ontario. “Uncle Warnie,” noting that his brother Harold’s kid was getting big, handed him a beer that the future NHL Rookie of the Year quickly downed, much to his father’s chagrin.

“Oh, my dad was wild,’’ recalled Sanderson. “He turns to Warnie and says, ‘You gave my son a beer!?’ Then he grabs him by the throat, drags him out the front door, and heaves him over the railing and into a snowbank. Thank God we didn’t live in a condo!

“But that was it. I was on my way with booze and I never saw Warnie again. ‘Don’t you dare darken this door again!’ my dad yelled at him. And he didn’t.”...

In times of darkness, he said, friends like Harry Sinden, Bobby Orr, Johnny McKenzie, Ken Hodge, Phil Esposito, and others kept him going. But the biggest assist of all, he says, came at a hospital in St. Catharines, Ontario, in 1980, a hospital employee at his bedside after he was brought there after suffering an alcoholic blackout.

“He asked how bad I was,’’ said Sanderson, referring to the bedside attendant. “I told him, ‘If I drink, I puke the booze right out. I black out. I’m subject to seizures.’ And he says to me, ‘OK, on your knees and pray.’

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Jan Kodes, Wimbledon Champ, Makes A Trade With Derek Sanderson

from World Tennis Magazine,

I am Derek Sanderson, a Boston Bruins hockey player.” He was one of the NHL’s most productive offensive players of that era, won Stanley Cup twice in 1970 and 1972!

I thought to myself: “Gee, this is unbelievable; such a star is sitting next to me!” We engaged in a conversation and discussed many topics – hockey, tennis… and suddenly I remembered: Damn, my brother-in-law and the skates! Should I ask Derek about it or should I not? Wouldn’t it be embarrassing?

At last I pulled the courage and asked: “Listen, would you be able to help me with something?” “What do you need?”

I explained to him that my brother-in-law was also a hockey player and needed some decent skates; at that he said: “Look, that’s not a problem. You give me your racket, I’ll give you skates.”


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Nude Bobby Orr

Geez, scary headline… (sorry, Bobby!)  From UPI via Earthtimes.org,

Kurt Kauper’s 7 1/2-foot-tall oil painting of Boston Bruins icon Bobby Orr is unique—it shows the NHL Hall-of-Famer in the altogether.image
Orr didn’t pose for the painting. He didn’t know it existed until recently, The Boston Globe reported Thursday.

Then there is the painting of former Bruins center Derek Sanderson, who is painted standing next to his locker with nothing more than his hockey stick.

“Hey, you know, he has poetic license, he can pretty much bloody well do what he bloody pleases,” said Sanderson, now a 61-year-old investment manager for Boston’s Howland Capital Management, who, like Orr, did not pose for his portrait. “I just hope he’s a good artist.”

Kurt Kauper’s Boston Bruins hockey paintings can be be seen here.

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