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Interview With Gretzky, Orr And Lemieux

supplied by the NHL PR department,

An Interview with:

Wayne Gretzky
Bobby Orr
Mario Lemieux

WAYNE GRETZKY: Honestly, speaking on behalf of the 100 players who are really fortunate to be here and be part of the National Hockey League, it's a privilege to play the game, and we're all fortunate enough that we're part of this 100, and we're all like young kids, we're all thrilled to be here, and it's a great honor.

In saying that, we'll open it up to questions that anyone has.

Q. For all three of you, is the greatest player to ever play sitting at the podium right now?
WAYNE GRETZKY: No. Listen, we talk about this all the time. That's what makes sports great, and that's what makes hockey wonderful. I think we're all in pretty much agreement that Gordie was pretty special. These two guys here were pretty special, also. We all had so much respect for what Gordie did and what he accomplished that it's not a bad thing to be named in the top 100 behind a guy like Gordie Howe. I think we all feel the same way.

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Video- 50 Years Ago Today, The Game Changed


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Howe On Orr

Tom Fitzgerald of the Boston Globe,

(This story first appeared in the Globe on Oct. 20, 1966)

The National Hockey League’s oldest star paid tribute to the game’s newest star Wednesday evening after the Bruins’ 6-2 win over the Detroit Red Wings.

“He’ll do, for sure,” was the at first reluctant appraisal Detroit’s 38-year-old Gordie Howe made of Boston’s rookie defenseman Bobby Orr.

Starting a record 21st campaign in the league, Howe is hampered by an injured knee which was in a cast during the training season.

Gordie stripped the remains of adhesive from the knee area as he contemplated the Orr performance, and what was more important to him, his own team’s loss.

“The kid’s all right,” the old boy said. “He anticipates well, he makes good passes, and I guess he does just about what you’d expect of a good defenseman.”

continued with Sid Abel too...

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Morning Line- Bobby Orr

“I think we have to put the centre red line (passing rule) back. (To prevent) injuries and because the game is being played the same now. You can pass from your zone all the way to the other line, deflect it in, go get it and shoot it out. Back and forth. If the centre line were back in, a lot of guys couldn’t play the game.

“If you have to carry that puck out of your end and make a pass, skate with it, it makes it different. I don’t think (removing the line) has increased the offence, nor has the trapezoid. It’s made it a dangerous game, guys flying out of their end, looking for that long stretch pass and bang, they’re being hit. These guys are so much bigger and faster than when I played.

“If you’re good enough to get to the NHL and they put the centre line back, don’t worry, they can adjust. Minor coaches watch NHL teams play and they want to coach like that. The kids aren’t skating with the puck or working on the fundamentals.”

-Bobby Orr.  Lance Hornby of the Toronto Sun has more from Brian Burke on changing the width of the rinks and also Brendan Shanahan on wooing Jimmy Vesey.

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Evening Line- Bobby Orr On Gordie Howe

"I truly believe that you can't do what this man has done and stay as humble as he stayed and as nice as he stayed. Nobody has or will ever be that guy. It won't happen. There wasn't a pretentious bone in Gordie's body. He was a good man."

-Bobby Orr on Gordie Howe.  Dave Stubbs of NHL.com has much more from Orr.

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Ray Bourque Or Bobby Orr?

from Colin Fleming of Sports Illustrated,

Orr’s teams underachieved, in the sense that they never became dynastic. Instead, they had a run of two Cups in three years. A run is different than a bona fide dynasty of the kind the Canadiens had, and the go-go-go pace of the regular season, with Orr’s headlong, driving rushes down the ice and his mad scurries back towards his own end, to dispossess a rusher of the puck, might have had something to do with it.

That aforementioned forward would be caught unawares, the biscuit would no longer be his, and Orr would be swiftly headed towards the attacking zone, seemingly all in one motion. Thrilling. And unlike anything you would ever see at the rink. But, so was, on its whole, Ray Bourque’s career.

Bourque was Boston’s other great defenseman, a magisterial, super smooth stalwart who nonetheless has always been cloaked in a touch of shadow. Everyone agrees that Gretzky, Orr, Lemieux, and Howe, in some order, are the four best players in league history. But even an Orr-lover could argue that Bourque’s career, on balance, as a guy you’d want to have around for 20 years as your team’s benchmark, puts him in a discussion for the fifth best player. And if you had a choice of Orr’s career, or Bourque’s, and you were a GM who was like the overlord on high, picking teams to do battle for all time from your misty mountain, you could well go with Bourque rather than the vaunted #4.


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Video- Bobby Orr Wants The Red Line Back

via Sportsnet,

NHL legend Bobby Orr is a big believer in putting the red line back in arenas, saying ‘let’s make our kids handle the puck and make the pass.’


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Morning Line - Bobby Orr

“Gordie is, in my mind, the greatest ever. His numbers are outrageous and most of that was with the six teams, when it was a lot tougher. I don’t think there’s any question. Play any way you want to play…he was special.”

-Bobby Orr on Gordie Howe.  More from Orr by Ken Campbell of The Hockey News including Orr warning the game is too fast.

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Video- Sanderson To Orr, May 10, 1970

from Gerald Eskenaki of the New York Times on May 10, 1970,

Although unable to leap over buildings with a single bound, Bobby Orr flew through the air in overtime today, rapped home Derek Sanderson's pass and gave the Bruins their first Stanley Cup since 1941. The symbolism was perfect. The goal was scored by the young man who made the Bruins the offensive threat that they are, and the pass came from the pug-nosed scrapper who helped to make them one of the National Hockey League's most ferocious teams.


Watch the goal below, with the late, great Dan Kelly on the call...

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Videos- Shanahan And Orr Dropped The Ceremonial First Puck Tonight

The Detroit Red Wings honored Brendan Shanahan tonight and Shanny brought his whole family with him to share in the puck drop.

Below, the Boston Bruins are celebrating 90 years of hockey and Bobby Orr dropped the puck tonight.

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Afternoon Line

I don’t think there’s any question they’re (modern player) bigger and faster today, that’s why it comes back to the [need for] rule changes. We’ve got to slow them down, we’ve got to make them use their skill. That four feet [added] inside the blue line: Do you know how much room that is in hockey? They’re loading the one side and one-timing. Wow, and the coach is saying “block the shot.” Ouch. We have more penalties, more powerplays, more boom-booms from the blue line. What we’ve got to do in our game: stop the high blind-side hits, hitting from behind, and [have] automatic icing. They probably won’t listen to me.

-Bobby Orr in a great Q & A from Ken MacQueen of MacLean's, where you can read more.

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Video- All Bobby Orr

Peter Mansbridge of CBC did a great interview with Bobby Orr last night.  Orr is promoting his new book, Orr: My Story (read an excerpt from chapter one at NHL.com).

Watch the 18 minute interview below...

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Bobby Orr Suspended In Air

from Luke Fox of Sportsnet,

The moment was immortalized precisely 43 years ago today.

Flashback to May 10, 1970, Boston Garden: The Boston Bruins are leading the St. Louis Blues in the Stanley Cup final three games to nothing and looking for the sweep. The game is knotted at three and the teams are heading into overtime.

A mere 40 seconds into the extra frame, defenceman Bobby Orr works a give-and-go with forward Derek Sanderson and takes the puck to the net.

Orr beats Blues goaltender Glenn Hall just as he’s getting tripped by defenceman Noel Picard. Airborne and victorious, the greatest defenceman to play the game flings his arms to the heavens in celebration of his first Stanley Cup victory  — and the home-team Bruins’ first in 29 years.

continued and watch the WBZ radio call of the goal below...

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Talking With Bobby Orr

from Eric Duhatschek of the Globe and Mail,

“I’ll tell you a true story that happened the other day,” said Orr, chuckling as he gets rolling. “We had a mixed member-guest-couples event at our golf course and I’m walking down the corridor to the men’s locker room and there was a board set up there, listing all the teams. A couple of ladies were standing there and saw my name, and I heard one say, ‘oh, he’s an old hockey player.’

“I looked at them and was thinking, ‘Old hockey player? Yeah, you’ve got that right.’ But the age thing, it doesn’t bother me. Life is great.”

For hockey fans of a certain age, there are two images inextricably linked to Orr. The first dates back to when he was the new kid on the NHL block, the teenager with the brush cut who joined the Boston Bruins in 1966 and in very short order, stood the NHL world on its ear. The second is of Orr, in mid-flight, tripped by defenceman Noel Picard, scoring the winning goal in overtime against the St. Louis Blues to complete a sweep of the 1970 Stanley Cup final, the first of two championships he would win.

Orr helped revolutionize the game of hockey, with his ability to create offence from defence and influenced generations of players that came after him. There are many who believe he is the greatest player ever. Officially, Orr played only 657 NHL games over 12 seasons because of a series of debilitating knee injuries that prematurely ended his career, but he still scored an astonishing 915 points in that time – remarkable for any player, unprecedented for an NHL defenceman....

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Bobby Orr 65 Years Young Today

And I was only 14 years old in 1970 when this documentary came out on Bobby Orr at the age of 22.

There is no doubt about it, the greatest defenseman I have seen and would be in my top 3 all-time hockey players if he would have been able to play a little longer.

Orr changed the game and his skating ability was like no other.




added 12:30pm, Watch below as Don Cherry shares Bobby Orr memories, some great footage too.

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Afternoon Line

“I think we’ll get most of the season in. Don and Gary are two smart guys, and there’s so much good in our game right now. From talent, the L.A. market winning the Stanley Cup, the Rangers are going to be strong, there’s so many young players, TV contracts – there’s a lot at stake here.  I think it can be done.”

-Bobby Orr via Luke Fox of Sportsnet where you can read and watch what else Orr had to say.

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Two NHL Greats Discuss The Potential Lockout

from CTV Atlantic,

“I really think this one won't be as long as the last one,” said Gretzky Tuesday during an event at Casino New Brunswick in Moncton. “I think somehow, some way, both sides will come together and we'll be playing hockey sooner rather than later.”

Recent negotiations between the NHL and the National Hockey League Players' Associationhave produced little common ground.

Another hockey legend says if players are told to stay home, they won’t be there for long.

“I just can't believe they won't get together,” Orr said Monday in Charlottetown. “There may be a short delay, but I can't believe it will be more than a short time. It would be so silly.”


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Afternoon Line

“Players want their fair share, and that’s what it’s all about and I think it’s very unfair if fans — until they understand and see everything what’s out there — that they suggest that the players are being greedy.”

“If we go back to the last collective bargaining agreement, the talk after that was, ‘Gee, the players really got beat on this one.’ So all of the sudden the owners have come back — I know they’re negotiating, they’re posturing and so on, but what they put out there, there’s no way the players can accept something like that.”

-Bobby Orr, via CBC.


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Video- Flashback To The 70’s With Bobby Orr

Take four minutes of your day and go back in history as Bobby Orr describes what it was like to be a Bruins player during their glory years.

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Video- Bobby Orr Introduction

A goosebumps moment.

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Another Career For Bobby Orr

from Arpon Basu at the Montreal Gazette,

When Bobby Orr finally gave in to the excruciating pain from his shoddy knees and hung up his skates for good at age 28, ending a legendary hockey career in the midst of what should have been his prime, he was scared.

He had never known anything other than hockey, and he was faced with the prospect of taking on a brand new field of work. Or, more accurately, he’d have to work like the rest of us for the first time.

“I didn’t know what to do,” Orr said. “But I decided that I was going to apply to my job today what I applied to my game yesterday.”

It’s safe to say it worked out pretty well.

Among his many ventures, Orr and his partners Rick Curran and Paul Krepelka started The Orr Hockey Group in 2002, and today the sports agency has one of the largest client lists in the league, one that includes Eric and Jordan Staal, Jason Spezza, Cam Ward, Taylor Hall and Tomas Plekanec.


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Presenting The Bobby Orr Statue

The statue of Bobby Orr is outside the TD Garden.

Bobby says thanks and the 2nd video is a close-up of the statue.

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Big Money Paid For Orr’s Rookie Sweater

from the CP at CTV,

Bobby Orr’s rookie jersey is going, going, gone—sold for US$191,200 to an unnamed buyer at an auction in Dallas on Friday.

The sweater is one of only two known to exist from Orr’s 1966-67 season with the Boston Bruins.


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Afternoon Line

“I never imagined I’d be standing out here no, never. This is kind of surreal. You look around and you’re in a baseball park, Fenway Park! Then you look down and you’re on ice. Really unique, that’s for sure.”

-Bobby Orr after skating on the ice at Fenway Park today.  More from James Murphy at NHL.com.

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Meeting Bobby Orr

from Bob Cole of Blogs and Columns at CBC,

I will never forget the first time I met the great Bobby Orr - another number four, another classy gentleman.

It was back in the 1968 Stanley Cup final in Montreal. That spring the Canadiens were playing the St. Louis Blues and ultimately swept the series.

Anyway, CBC Radio had brought me to Montreal to do the fourth game, which was, of course, the last game in the series. Ted Darling was doing the play-by-play, Fred Sgambati was the host and I was brought in to do a few odds and ends. Basically, they wanted to see what I could do.

Bobby, who was rookie of the year the previous season, won his first of eight Norris Trophies in 1968. He was brought in to Montreal along with his Boston Bruins teammate Derek Sanderson, who was the rookie of the year.

I had never met either young man, but I managed to get a CBC camera and set up an interview with them at the old Mount Royal Hotel.


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Orr Tribute Video- Oshawa Style

On Thursday, the Oshawa Generals retired the jersey of Bobby Orr. 

Watch the tribute video to Bobby.

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Orr Came To Play Every Night

from Shawn P. Roarke of NHL.com,

Knee injuries may have robbed Bobby Orr of the flawless skating stride that changed the very face of hockey, but they haven’t had any impact on the Boston Bruin legend’s heart.

“I hope that I am remembered as a player that brought it every night,” Orr told NHL.com. “As hockey players, we are performers and we putting on a show. I want to be remembered as a player that came every night.”

That legacy will never be threatened. Orr is still celebrated throughout the hockey world as the best defenseman to ever lace on a pair of skates, even 30 years after he played his final NHL game.

continued & watch a video when the Bruins retired the #4 at the Boston Gardens below…

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Hockey Knees

From Bill Beacon at the CP via Yahoo! Sports,

Many wonder how much more [Bobby Orr] may have accomplished had his knees held up, or if modern arthroscopic surgery had been available in his day. Back then, when a doctor wanted to know what was wrong with a knee, he had to cut into it to take a look. Now the looking and the surgery are done with a small incision that barely leaves a mark.

“I don’t think there’s any question about that,” he said. “I had scopes later, when they were cleaning it out, and it was a lot easier.”

read on

The CP article was in part motivated by a recent Canadian Mastercard advertisement that graphically illustrates the damage Orr’s knee has suffered. You can check it out on video below:


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Orr Turns 60

from Tim Wharnsby of the Globe and Mail,

You read correctly: the boyish Bobby Orr turns 60 today, but the brilliant defenceman of yesteryear will not be in attendance at the TD Banknorth Garden. Instead, Orr will remain at his winter home in Jupiter, Fla., and quietly celebrate his milestone birthday with his wife, Peggy, and his family and friends.

“He probably doesn’t want to acknowledge it,” Harry Sinden, Orr’s first coach with the Bruins and later his general manager, said jokingly.

Even though Orr hasn’t lived in Canada for more than 40 years, since he first suited up for the Bruins in 1966, he remains as visible as any hockey player in this country, including Wayne Gretzky, because of his commercials for General Motors and MasterCard and work for Chevrolet’s Safe & Fun Hockey program to help young players develop positive values while learning the game’s fundamentals.

read on

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Bobby Orr Selected To World Sports HOF

via the CP,

Legendary defenceman Bobby Orr was among five athletes elected to the World Sports Hall of Fame on Tuesday.

Jesse Owens, Arnold Palmer, Katarina Witt and Johnny Weissmuller were also named. “In each case, it’s clear to see the individual had a profound and positive effect on his or her chosen sport,” Irv Kochman, Chairman of the Selection Committee, said in a statement. “These are names that provoke remarkable memories and get hearts pounding simply at the mention of them.”

The World Sports Hall of Fame was created a few years ago and will celebrate its inaugural dinner and induction ceremonies this spring.

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Nude Bobby Orr

Geez, scary headline… (sorry, Bobby!)  From UPI via Earthtimes.org,

Kurt Kauper’s 7 1/2-foot-tall oil painting of Boston Bruins icon Bobby Orr is unique—it shows the NHL Hall-of-Famer in the altogether.image
Orr didn’t pose for the painting. He didn’t know it existed until recently, The Boston Globe reported Thursday.

Then there is the painting of former Bruins center Derek Sanderson, who is painted standing next to his locker with nothing more than his hockey stick.

“Hey, you know, he has poetic license, he can pretty much bloody well do what he bloody pleases,” said Sanderson, now a 61-year-old investment manager for Boston’s Howland Capital Management, who, like Orr, did not pose for his portrait. “I just hope he’s a good artist.”

Kurt Kauper’s Boston Bruins hockey paintings can be be seen here.

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