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Morning Line- Bob McKenzie

Like Jeopardy, Bob McKenzie supplies the answer...



Now, make sure to read his last 30 tweets or so which were posted in the dead of night....

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Morning Line- Bob McKenzie

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“The Most Trusted Source Of Hockey Information”

from David Shoalts of the Globe and Mail,

When the country’s two sports television networks tear into each other on Monday in the ultimate bit of Canadiana – all-day live coverage of deadline day in the NHL for making trades – the goal of each of them, aside from ratings, is beating the other guy by a few seconds to announce a trade first.

But no matter who wins the intense battle for scoops between TSN and Sportsnet, there is one fact neither network can argue: TSN’s Bob McKenzie is the most trusted source of hockey information on any media platform. He may not always be first with the trade announcements or other news, although he is not often beaten, but he is always right.

“Bob is the ultimate clearinghouse for hockey information, that is his role,” said Steve Dryden, TSN’s senior managing editor for content. He has worked with McKenzie since the late 1980s when they were both at The Hockey News. “He is the ultimate triumph of substance over style.”


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“A Match Made In Insider Heaven”

from TSN,

TSN's Bob McKenzie will receive the Hockey Hall of Fame's prestigious Elmer Ferguson Memorial Award for excellence in hockey journalism on Monday, but before he does, longtime colleague James Duthie exposes the world to TSN's ''Real'' Hockey Insider.

Watch the feature, available to everyone....

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All Bob McKenzie

from Frank Seravalli of TSN,

TSN: What's the secret to gaining that trust from sources, to get that information that you're not supposed to be getting?

McKenzie: "There's no secret, really. Anyone who is a reporter knows the importance of building relationships with people. The longer you're around, then the more people tend to trust you. I feel like in some situations, people will tell you something and say, 'But I don't want that out there.' And if you don't put it out there, they will begin to trust you.

"Now, some newspaper people would argue that you've always got to put it out there. I would argue you've got to sacrifice small fish for big fish, so you can prove that you're trustworthy. Down the road, you're going to understand more and get more.

"But I think it's mostly a function of just being around for a long time and growing up in the business with people. A lot of people who became executives or general managers in the NHL are guys who we all grew up together in the game - scouts, ex-players and whatever else.

"The other thing is, it runs in fits and starts, that people like to talk hockey. They like to gossip, they like to see what's going on. It's human nature to say, 'Hey, this is going on here, or that's going on there,' and take it from there."

much more

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All Bob McKenzie

from Sean Fitz-Gerald of the National Post,

Before he hit the road, McKenzie (BM) took time to answer 20 Questions from National Post, talking about minor hockey grudges, giving the finger to newspapers and the time a Canadian hockey legend wanted to drop the gloves in the visiting dressing room.

1. Where do you think you would have landed had The Hockey News not offered you the job as editor-in-chief in 1982?

BM: I probably would have been a cop. When I graduated Ryerson, all I wanted to do was be a hockey writer for one of the Toronto dailies … I was desperately trying to get hired full-time by the Globe, the Sun or the Star, to cover hockey. I wasn’t having a lot of success, and I was getting frustrated. I used to leave the Globe and Mail after a rewrite shift and I’d walk out the front door, and I’d turn around and give the Globe the finger. Then I would get in my car, I would get on the Gardiner and, as I was going by — the Star on the right-hand side, the Sun on the left-hand side — I’d give each of them the finger every night because they hadn’t hired me.

2. What would have made you a good police officer?

BM: Oh, I don’t know. It’s a good question. I don’t know if I would have been.

read on

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Bob McKenzie Has Over One Million Followers On Twitter

from Stu Cowan of the Montreal Gazette,

“It’s just a number,” the modest McKenzie added. “Obviously, the more followers the better in terms of promoting stuff for TSN or whatever. The more eyeballs you can get your message to in media the better. But I’m not sure I attach any tremendous amount of significance to it other than getting old and being around for a while.”

While Twitter is generally considered a tool for a younger generation, the 58-year-old McKenzie has embraced it and become a star in the Twittersphere as the most followed media personality in Canada. However, he has a long way to go to catch pop-star Justin Bieber, who leads all Canadians on Twitter with 63.4 million followers.

“I recognized pretty quickly that this is an invaluable tool, and not so much for disseminating information as acquiring information,” McKenzie said. “And what I realized is that this is a personalized news feed and that the more good people are on it the better.”

McKenzie has seen plenty of changes in the media business since getting his start covering junior hockey at the Sault Star in 1979 after graduating from Toronto’s Ryerson University. He then had a short stint at the Globe & Mail while also writing for The Hockey News. In 1982, at age 25, he was named editor in chief of The Hockey News, a position he held for nine years before becoming a hockey columnist at the Toronto Star, where he stayed for seven years before going back to The Hockey News in 1998. He joined TSN full time in 2000.


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The Twitter Power Of Bob McKenzie

Yesterday I posted the press release regarding the fine Brandon Prust received.

Shortly afterwards, Bob McKenzie of TSN RT'd the tweet of the fine.

Below, witness the power of Bob who is closing in on 999,000 followers.

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Bob McKenzie On Evander Kane

Bob McKenzie was just on TSN Toronto radio...

It a poorly kept secret some of Evander Kane's teammates are not on the same page as Kane and the feeling is mutual.  They sent a message to Kane in Vancouver.

McKenzie says he doesn't know Kane personally enough to make a long-term judgment on him but does say he is only 23 years old.

McKenzie says Kane is available and says there are two types of teams right now, contending teams and non-contending teams.

He also mentions his injury could be a concern now, would you trade for him and find out later he needs surgery.

Teams will do their homework on Kane and then decide if they should take a shot at him.

Will his maturity level get better is the question.

McKenzie says if Kane really wants to get out of Winnipeg, the best thing he could do is play at his level.  The decision is Kane's, does he shut it down and go for surgery or play through it and prove his worth?

McKenzie says the last thing the Leafs need is Kane, they have enough wingers, they need centermen.

He also says he is certain a Kane trade will happen and logistics tell him a trade will more likely happen during the summer and again, it depends on if Kane decides if he is healthy enough to play this year.

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McKenzie educates us about mumps; give the media booster shots, NHL!

Because TSN doesn't give us nearly enough Bob McKenzie thanks to the NHL's new TV deal with both Sportsnet and McKenzie's TSN = a whole hell of a lot of geo-blocking videos, here's 2:35 of McKenzie talking about the NHL's mumps outbreak with NBCSN's Kathryn Tappen (via Pro Hockey Talk's Dhiren Mahibian).

McKenzie explains that Sidney Crosby had already suffered damage to his salivatory gland thanks to a scrap with Riley Nash, so that was the reason that the Penguins allowed him to meet with the media--and he does a superb job of explaining why childhood immunizations aren't 100% effective:

Other good backgrounders: ESPN's Katie Strang and Yahoo Sports' Greg Wyshynski.

My hope is that the NHL's teams, which are finally providing booster shots to players, coaches and team personnel (from a Wings perspective, it was fascinating to hear Mike Babcock's lecture on the subject because he revealed that many European players don't get the mumps-measles-ruebella vaccine) will be fitting the bill for booster shots for the media.

Working with NHL players = understanding that you're going into an environment in which massive amounts of physical activity, sweaty equipment, heavy travel schedules and workloads for everybody and everyone bringing in the germs of any school-age kids to a giant petri dish of handshakes, coughing, spitting, sweating and talking in close proximity...

But the fact that this virus can be passed on while people aren't displaying symptoms + vaccine success rates in the 85% range = there's significant risk for not only the NHL's family, but also the families of the people who cover the team. Prophylactic immunization of all adults interacting regardless of employer makes the most sense here in terms of nipping this damn thing in the bud.

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Video- Mike Milbury With A Short Jab At Brendan Shanahan

Then Bob McKenzie with the takedown.


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Video- Bob McKenzie And Mike Milbury Tackle The Fighting Issue In The NHL

Bob McKenzie and Mike Milbury talked fighting in the NHL last night on NBCSN.

Watch below...

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All Bob McKenzie, Author Of ‘Hockey Confidential’

from Curtis Rush of the Toronto Star,

Q: You were a little uncomfortable with the title, as you explained in the preface. Why did you feel that way?

A: The only concern I had was that some people might think it’s a tell-all book where it’s going to be nothing but telling behind-the-scene stories about why they traded this guy, and why they didn’t do this or that. While there is an element of that to it, it’s more a story about people telling stories for the very first time, or me telling you about a guy you need to know. For example, Mark Lindsay, and not many people know who Jari Byrski is. You should know these people. I didn’t want people to think this is the second coming of “Ball Four.”

Q: If the book isn’t a tell-all, what exactly is it?

A: The book is a collection of stories about people involved in the game and stories that people haven’t heard before. The first chapter, for example, is about a near-death experience (involving NHL executive Colin Campbell) and that story has never been told before. I thought it was an opportunity to tell some of those stories.


The book comes out on Oct. 14th and can be pre-ordered at Amazon.com (KK affiliate link).  It is available in hardcover and Kindle.

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Bob McKenzie And Darren Dreger Join NBC Sports Network

STAMFORD, Conn. – Oct. 8, 2014 – Bob McKenzie, the longtime TSN Hockey Insider with more than 35 years of reporting experience, is joining NBC Sports Group’s NHL coverage. The announcement was made today by Sam Flood, Executive Producer, NBC Sports & NBCSN. Flood also announced that TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger will join NBC Sports Group’s NHL coverage as a contributor. Both McKenzie and Dreger will continue in their respective roles for TSN in Canada.

McKenzie, generally regarded as the industry’s top Hockey Insider, will appear regularly across NBC and NBCSN throughout the NHL regular season and Stanley Cup Playoffs. He will be an in-studio contributor to NBCSN’s Wednesday Night Rivalry telecasts, beginning tonight, and will provide on-site commentary at NHL All-Star Weekend, the Stanley Cup Final, and NHL Draft. Dreger will serve in a similar role, but less frequently.

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Phil Esposito Had Enough And So Did Bob McKenzie

Worst (Interview)?
Even after 35 years, this one stands out:

Phil Esposito. Shortly after he hoodwinked the NHL into granting him the Tampa Bay Lightning expansion franchise (which finally landed in saner, richer hands), Esposito and the Lightning came to Toronto for their first game against the Maple Leafs. My assignment was to get a question-and-answer out of him.

For some reason, perhaps connected to his turn as a star for Team Canada in the 1972 Soviet series a good 20 years earlier, Esposito hated the Toronto media. It was apparent the minute he walked in the door that night.

He reluctantly agreed to the interview. He started to answer the first question and then said, “The hell with this. I’m not answering any of your effing questions,” and walked off. This was between the first and second period. After the game, he was approached by Bob McKenzie, who worked for the Toronto Starat the time. There was an exchange of words and Esposito punched him. McKenzie called the cops and had Esposito charged with assault. The charges were dropped when Espo apologized.

Told by David Shoalts of the Globe and Mail in an interview with On The Fourth Floor, where you can read more from Shoalts.

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Video- Bob McKenzie On A Few Topics

Bob McKenzie of TSN was on NHL Live today and discussed the future of Evander Kane, Kirk Muller's future as the head coach of the Carolina Hurricanes and the Jack Adams Trophy race.


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Video- Bob McKenzie Talks WJC, Team Canada And GM Search For The Sabres

Bob McKenzie of TSN was on NHL Live today and talked WJC, Roberto Luongo update and Team Canada and the latest on the GM search for the Buffalo Sabres.

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Just Enjoy The Game

Do you agree with Bob McKenzie?

I know Twitter is great for delivering the latest news, but in-game tweets are really hard to follow.  He shoots, he saves, he hits, plus pictures of ice, etc. are in my mind not needed.


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Video- 8 1/2 Minutes With Bob McKenzie

Bob McKenzie of TSN joined NHL Live today and discussed hybrid icing, today's roster movement and how will Tortorella do in Vancouver.


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What’s On Bob McKenzie’s Mind?

Bob McKenzie of TSN made his weekly, Monday visit with the NHL Network today and topics of discussion were the GM Meetings, Oliver Ekman-Larsson and other young defensemen upcoming contracts.

The last topic was Segei Kostitsyn's failed back-check plus general Predators talk.


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Video- Six Minutes With Bob McKenzie

The NHL Network had their weekly chat with Bob McKenzie of TSN today.

Topics discussed were realignment, the Ryan Getzlaf signing and what it means for Corey Perry and are the Senators interested in making a trade.


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Video- Topics Of The Day

Bob McKenzie of TSN joined the NHL Network today and topics discussed were Canucks coach Alain Vigneault and his post-game comments from last night, do the Carolina Hurricanes go shopping for a goalie, the goalie situation for the Florida Panthers and the Mike Brown trade to Edmonton.

Watch the video below...

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What’s Bob McKenzie Talking About?

The first half of the interview on the NHL Network is spent on rookie talk, will they stay in the NHL or not?  The next topic is Jason Arnott followed by the hot NHL teams, surprises and how will it all shake out.


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Bob McKenzie With The Latest On The Hot NHL Topics

Bob McKenzie of TSN joined NHL Live today for about 6 minutes.  The topics he discussed were the not so good teams, the old and young players performing well, the Roberto Luongo situation, Scott Gomez, the unsigned RFAs and the Lupul signing in Toronto.

Watch the interview below...

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Vintage Time

First a Wayne Gretzky commercial, then a young Chris Pronger and a younger Bob McKenzie at the end of the video.

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What’s It Like To Be Bob McKenzie?

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Hockey Fan?  You’ll Enjoy Hockey Dad

I normally don’t do book reviews for this simple reason- I don’t have the free time to actually read books.

But when Bob McKenzie personally sends you his book, Hockey Dad: True Confessions of a (Crazy?) Hockey Parent, well, you read it.

Now, I am not a hockey dad, but as a fan of hockey, I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

Perhaps the most straightforward way to review the book is to use Bob’s own words…

from the prologue of Hockey Dad,

Hockey Insider is what I do, not necessarily who I am….

Yes, Hockey Dad is what I am.  As passionate as I am about my job, as passionate I am about hockey, I am even more passionate about my family….

Enough said, get the book if you are a hockey fan, hockey mom or hockey dad.

Hockey Dad can be purchased at Amazon (affiliate link).



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McKenzie Loves Hockey

Bob McKenzie of TSN tells you Why He Loves Hockey at Puck Daddy….

Sudden-Death Overtime.

And not just in the NHL. Have you ever been at a minor hockey game that goes into overtime? The sense of drama, anticipation and palpable fear and tension, on and off the ice, is unlike anything in any other sport.


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