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Video- Bill Daly On The Upcoming Season And Dealing With COVID

via Fadoo Production's YouTube page,

BILL DALY joins the show to talk the upcoming NHL season and playing a season in COVID.


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Audio- The Latest Update On The NHL From Bill Daly

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Bill Daly On A Few Topics

from Emily Kaplan of ESPN,

The NHL is "starting to explore contingency plans" should the coronavirus become a significant health threat in North America ahead of the 2019-20 NHL playoffs, deputy commissioner Bill Daly told ESPN on Monday.

Daly did not rule out several options, such as postponing or canceling games, or even playing games in front of empty arenas.

"I think it's very unlikely -- knock on wood, I'm hopeful -- that we would progress to a stage where we have to consider something that dramatic," Daly said. "But certainly everything is possible, and we have to look at all possible contingencies. If it gets to that point, we will be ready."

continued including the stick plants are up and running again...

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Evening Line- Bill Daly

"Even if the IOC does everything we ask for, I think the only way Olympic participation in 2022 is going to happen is if it's really a part of a bigger negotiation with the Players' Association where we can come back to the Board [of Governors] and say we're recommending going to the Olympics and these are the reasons why. Part of it is tied to our labor situation and labor peace for an extended period of time."

-NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly.  Dab Rosen of NHL.com has more on the CBA talks which resume Tuesday.

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Afternoon Line- Bill Daly

"It's all tied into a broader conversation we need to have with the Players' Association on the international calendar."I've talked in recent days about our ongoing discussions with the Players' Association on a variety of collective bargaining matters. One of them has been the international calendar and kind of developing one, particularly now that we have some runway with at least three years, and hopefully when we get to the end of this process potentially longer, maybe six or seven years, to build out an international calendar. And World Cup would be part of that conversation."

"I'll say, because I think I need to say, from the NHL owners' perspective, Olympic participation is not seen as something that's either essential or even useful to our business. It's highly disruptive to our season, puts our players in jeopardy of injury with no financial benefit to the NHL or the clubs," he said. "So it's not something that in a neutral environment is anything we would elect to do. Having said that, we also understand how important it is to our players. We've heard it loud and clear that if the conditions are right, they would like to participate, and we certainly respect their view in that regard. So I'm not ruling it out. But I think it's part of a broader discussions not only with the Players' Association, but with the [International Olympic Committee] as well."

-Bill Daly, Deputy Commissioner of the NHL.  Adam Kimelman of NHL.com has more.

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Do You Want To See The NHL Expand To European Cities?

from Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic,

During an appearance on TSN 1050’s Leafs Lunch with Dave Feschuk and host Andi Petrillo, I asked Daly about the potential of having an NHL division in Europe one day. It was a question that had been raised by European media to both Daly and Gary Bettman during the recent Jets-Panthers games in Finland. 

“Do I see it happening some day? Yes. Do I see it happening in the short term? Probably not,’’ Daly said. “There’s a lot of factors associated with that. I don’t think you can expand by just one or two teams in Europe. I think you have to have some medium number of teams that can play each other and make travel and schedule far more efficient than it would be with one or two teams.

“The number of our players who are born and trained in Europe and add to the talent level of the National Hockey League, the interest in the sport, in a number of countries in Europe, make it almost inevitable that at some point the National Hockey League will have teams in Europe.’’

Hold on, did he just say “inevitable?’’

more (paid subscription)

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Gary Bettman On The State Of The NHL Plus Bill Daly Joins Q & A

transcript provided by the NHL PR department

GARY BETTMAN: Welcome to the 2018 Stanley Cup Final. On this Memorial Day, as we gather for the crowning event of our season, we also pause to thank and honor the brave men and women of the military who sacrifice their lives in the service of their country.

Before Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly and I take questions, I’d like to take care of a little business. First, I congratulate the Washington Capitals, who by virtue of their Game 7 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning last Wednesday earned the Eastern Conference championship for the first time since 1998. In the playing seasons since 1998, 11 different franchises have won the Stanley Cup, 10 others have reached the final, and all 31 NHL franchises have made the Playoffs, yet another reflection of our incomparable competitive balance.

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Bill Daly On European Expansion

from Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe,

The NHL, likely to name Seattle soon as its 32nd franchise, for years has eyed the possibility of expanding to Europe, as well as Scandinavia and Russia. It remains a curiosity, said Daly, but there are myriad impediments, including the obvious long-distance travel challenges as well as arena suitability.

“I think the biggest issue now is probably facility availability,” he said. “The facility is such a big part of the revenue of our sport now — the business and economics of our sport — and I just don’t think it’s even close to the same level in Europe in terms of arena sophistication and amenity standpoint.”

All sports leagues — except maybe the NFL because it only plays once a week — would need “a core number of cities” added simultaneously overseas to make such an expansion viable.

“I don’t know what that number of cities is,” said Daly, “but it’s more than one.”

more topics including the Vegas Golden Knights and the NHL/China...

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Bill Daly On The Outdoor Games

from Andrew Bottomley of Sportsnet,

Regardless of whether or not you like them, the outdoor games popping up each year are good for both the NHL and its players.

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly appeared on Prime Time Sports Monday to discuss the polarizing outdoor games that have been occurring more frequently each year, the most recent of which was Saturday night’s Stadium Series between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Washington Capitals.

“By in large, almost universally, [the players are] supportive,” said Daly. “They really enjoy the experience of playing in that kind of environment in that kind of atmosphere in front of those fans. It energizes their game and it can create a nice diversion from one of your normal, run-of-the-mill NHL games in an arena.

“They’re also very valued to our sponsors, which I think is important at the end of the day — both for the league and for the players.”


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Bill Daly’s Day

from Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic,

It is around 9:15 am as Bill Daly approaches his seat before a news conference is set to begin, and he greets the NHLPA’s Steve Webb and Columbus Blue Jackets star defensemen Seth Jones with an important piece of information.

“You should have been here for breakfast, the bacon was off the charts,” chuckles the NHL’s deputy commissioner.

Don’t let the warm smile and relaxed demeanour fool you, though, it's already been an active day for the busiest man in hockey.
Just like every day is.

“It’s endless,” Al Young, Daly’s security detail, said Wednesday. “His days flow into the next.”

Most days begin with a 5:15 a.m. workout in his suburban New Jersey home before a 6:30 a.m. departure for Manhattan.

continued (paid subscription)...

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Afternoon Lines- Bill Daly

via Liz Mullen tweets at a Sports Lawyers Conference,

NHL's Bill Daly: 1 thing they will look at in next CBA "our definition of hockey related revenues."

"From an owner's standpoint, anything that generates revenue is of interest."-- NHL's Bill Daly

NHL's Bill Daly wouldn't answer if players who go to the Olympics will be fined.

Bill Daly said sending players to Olympics is a cost-benefit analysis. "In this case we felt the costs outweighed the benefits."

added 12:47pm,

NHL's Bill Daly on hockey-related revenues in next CBA: Not a matter of expanding or shrinking but making definitions "more precise."

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Jakub Voracek peeved about NHL’s Olympic stance

From TSN and CSN Philly's Tim Panaccio:

Philadelphia Flyers forward Jakub Voracek pulled no punches when it came to the increasing likelihood that National League Hockey players won't be taking part in next year's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

"Absolutely ridiculous," Voracek told CSN Philly's Tim Panaccio on Thursday of the situation.

As it stands, the NHL won't be releasing its players for the Games that get underway on February 9. During this past week's general managers meetings in Boca Raton, Florida, league commissioner Gary Bettman indicated that there was no appetite from the teams to participate, despite interest from the players.

"Unless something changes we're not going," deputy commissioner Bill Daly added to the Canadian Press.  "We've said that consistently for three months so there's nothing new about that."

Voracek, who has represented his native Czech Republic nine times internationally including at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, found that tack to be unaccpetable.

"We have it once every four years," Voracek said. "I read something that Bill Daly said we're not going. Nobody wants you to go. The players want to go. Why you're saying you're not going? You're not part of the players association. ... Nobody wants you there. They want the players."

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How disciplinary, video and coaches challenge decisions will break down at the World Cup

According to Yahoo Sports' Greg Wyshynski, the major stakeholders in the World Cup of Hockey--the NHL, the NHLPA and the IIHF--will be taking part in the decision-making processes regarding supplementary discipline, video replay and coaches' challenges, but to different extents. Supplementary disicipline is a tri-party issue:

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly tells Yahoo Sports that suspensions and fines in the World Cup of Hockey tournament will be determined by a three-person panel. The first person is a representative from the NHL’s Department of Player Safety. The second is a representative from NHL’s Department of Hockey Operations. The third is a representative from the IIHF.

Those three are the judge and jury, but there will also be an NHLPA representative “in an observer’s role,” according to Daly.

Under IIHF rules, players that are suspended in one tournament can have those suspensions carry over to other tournaments. Please recalled the knee-on-knee hit from Swedish defenseman Alex Edler on Canada’s Eric Staal, which resulted in a four-game suspension that bridged between the 2013 IIHF world championships and the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Would suspensions in the World Cup of Hockey carry over to other international tournaments?

“Absent extraordinary circumstances, discipline would be for the tournament only with no carryover,” said Daly, who added that “in extraordinary circumstances, each organization can treat as it sees fit.”

Wyshynski continues, explaining that the NHL's situation room will handle video review, and that a combination of NHL and IIHF referees will deal with penalties and coaches' challenges.

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Bill Daly On Numerous Topics

from Mike Zeisberger of the Toronto Sun,

The John Scott fiasco.

Drug use, both performance-enhancing and recreational.

A new format — some would say “gimmick” — in the all-star game, namely 3-on-3.



The 2018 Olympics — to go or not to go.

A push for bigger ice surfaces.

On the eve of all-star weekend here in Music City, there seems to be as many issues facing the National Hockey League as there are Honky Tonks sprinkled along Nashville’s famed (and, at times, wicked) Broadway strip.

In order to address some of the pressing situations looming over the league, Postmedia went 1-on-1 with the NHL’s second-in-command, deputy commissioner Bill Daly, grilling him on a wide variety of subjects.

This is Bill Daly, unplugged.


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Expansion draft might become a collective bargaining headache

From the New York Post's Larry Brooks:

The next battleground between the NHL and NHLPA — and perhaps the first significant confrontation between the league and union since Owners’ Lockout III was settled — can be expected to be fought over rules of an expansion draft that could be held in June 2017.

There likely are to be myriad issues, but specifically, the PA will insist players with no-move clauses be exempt from exposure to the draft, a source with knowledge of the union’s philosophy told Slap Shots.

The league has not declared its position on the matter, but it is important to note that Article 11.8 (c) of the CBA states: “A no-move clause may prevent the involuntary relocation of a Player whether by Trade, Loan or Waiver claim.”

According to an email correspondence from deputy commissioner Bill Daly, the concept of including expansion draft claim in the no-move clause “was never discussed” in either the 2004-05 or 2012-13 collective bargaining negotiations.

Asked if the NHL would register a contract in which exemption from expansion draft exposure was written into a no-move clause, Daly responded: “There is standard ‘no-move’ language that is contemplated by the CBA. We wouldn’t be inclined to permit a variation of that.”

Brooks continues, and Brooks duly notes that the expansion draft rules are CBA issues--and as such, must be negotiated through collective bargaining...

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Bill Daly Today On Numerous Topics

via Sportsnet,

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly talks to Hockey Central @ Noon about chief operating officer John Collins leaving the organisation, the timeline to find a replacement, how Collins’ departure affects the growth of the game internationally, the latest regarding expansion, financial issues with the Arizona Coyotes & Florida Panthers, updating the drug testing policy, and the initial response to the new overtime format.

Listen to the interview...

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Bill Daly Statement On Patrick Kane Decision

NEW YORK (Nov. 5, 2015) – National Hockey League Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly today issued the following statement in response to the decision reached by the Erie County District Attorney’s office concerning the Patrick Kane investigation:

“In light of the statement issued today by the Erie County District Attorney’s Office, as an internal League matter, we intend to promptly review the information that may now be available to us.

“We will have no further comment until we have completed that review.”

added 12:34pm, Blackhawks and Kane statement below...

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Afternoon Line- Bill Daly On The Mike Richards Settlement

"The League actively monitored each stage of this dispute from the time of the initial contract termination to the point at which the case was settled, during which time we were in frequent contact with both the Club and the NHLPA. If the settlement was simply a disguised way to get favorable Cap treatment, we certainly would have considered it to be a circumvention and acted accordingly. But this wasn't that. Far from it. There is absolutely zero concern that anything that transpired here could in any way be considered a 'circumvention' of the CBA. Anyone who believes to the contrary is clearly not privy to the facts."

-Bill Daly, NHL Deputy Commissioner, on the Mike Richards settlement.  More from Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.

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Friedman’s 30 Thoughts: On ‘expansion limbo’

From Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman:

[A] few things haven’t stopped nagging at me since the commissioner’s afternoon media conference. If you go back to the June announcement explaining the process, Bettman and Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly confidently revealed a defined plan.

Now, we’re in a kind of limbo. No one — aside from Bettman, Daly and a few confidants — really understands where it stands and, more importantly, when (or how) it ends.

The obvious answer is: look, there’s at least $500 million to be made here, so don’t kid yourself. Money talks. But Tuesday’s announcement did create some doubt. In three months, we’ve gone from “Step Right Up!” to “Hold Your Horses.”

Despite that, there are some who privately believe Las Vegas is a slam dunk. I won’t go that far, because anything can happen, so put me into the “I believe it’s going to happen” category. It’s in the west, which is shy two teams right now. It’s bold, it will create major buzz, it’s got an owner who wants to get going already and it’s the anchor tenant in an arena owned by people who know how to stage events. If the NHL doesn’t do it, the NBA eventually will.

No matter the concerns about how many hockey fans are there and who will actually attend the games, I’ll be shocked if they don’t say, “We’re going to try it.”

Friedman continues with "30 Thoughts"...

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“The Expansion Process Is Going Well”

from Mike Zeisberger of the Toronto Sun,

Of all the sales pitches Quebec City and Las Vegas have made in attempting to woo NHL hockey to their respective markets, the ones they make Tuesday stand to be their most important to date.

According to NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly, representatives for both parties will be on hand to pitch their cases to the NHL’s executive committee prior to Sept. 29 Board of Governors meetings in New York.

While a final decision on potential expansion will not be rubber-stamped this time around, don’t be surprised if an announcement comes as early as the league’s BOG meetings in Pebble Beach in December.

“The (expansion) process is going well,” Daly said in a phone interview Friday. “All of the intial submissions of the three phases of the application process have been completed. We’re in the process of the evaluation of those submissions now.


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Audio/Video- Bill Daly On Expansion

via Sportsnet,

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly joined Prime Time Sports to talk about potential expansion in the league, and what makes Las Vegas such a unique market.



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Sympathy or smarm?

So, uh, "Meanwhile in Winnipeg" (and George here, reporting on his least favorite person)...

Hm. Even I'm going with sympathy here. Kidney stones are awful, and I hope that the chairman feels better ASAP.

I can't believe i just said that, but you don't wish acute human suffering upon your worst enemies. Away from the rink, anyway.

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Bill Daly On A Few Topics

from Mark Spector of Sportsnet,


On the falling Canadian dollar: “The Canadian clubs have all prepared themselves for this … eventuality,” he said. “I’m not saying it isn’t a hardship. It is a hardship. But, it’s not as if the sky is falling.”

Our take: Canadian teams will survive, but they make up nearly half of the Top 15 revenue teams in the league. Fifteen to 20 per cent off of their bottom lines will have a tangible effect on the cap, and league revenues overall.

On Tanking: “I certainly agree that there has been a higher focus than I have ever seen it. Having said that, I don’t think it’s an overriding concern for the league. I don’t think any of the teams are actively tanking, and we have new rules. The odds of the lowest finishers have been reduced dramatically to win a top pick, and beginning next year you could finish last and still pick fourth. We’ve taken steps to address the perception.”

Our take: Depleted rosters in Arizona, where its top centre is Mark Arcobello, and Toronto suggest tanking on an organizational level. But Buffalo’s win over Boston, Edmonton’s 47-shot night versus Columbus, and the Jackets’ win at Vancouver Thursday reaffirm that the players and coaches are never part of any tanking process.

more including Las Vegas...

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Intriguing observations from the ‘Hockey World’ and ‘Three Periods’

The Edmonton Journal's Jim Matheson's main Hockey World column is a good read, discussing the post-firing life of coaches who rebounded in their own ways in Tom Renney and Rick Bowness, but his "Short Shifts" are probably more pertinent:

- St. Louis Blues phenom Vladimir Tarasenko, who just turned 23, has 20 goals on the year, but he might have scored 30 if he had shot more. He’s got 113 shots but that only puts him seventh behind Ovechkin, Karlsson, Seguin, Giroux, Pavelski and Pacioretty. “He could be more selfish,” said an NHL pro scout, marvelling at the Russian youngster’s release. Tarasenko, who may get to the $5-million to $6-million per season range in a new contract this summer, has 16 even-strength goals, second only to Tyler Seguin’s 17. “Twenty goals before Christmas? That’s special,” said teammate Steve Ott.


- If Vincent Lecavalier is playing right wing with Zac Rinaldo and French rookie Pierre-Edouard Bellemare in Philly, this is the end of the line for him, no?

- It should be noted that Roberto Luongo has a much better (2.35) goals-against average and way higher (.925) save percentage than Ryan Miller (.267) and .900 in Vancouver right now, but Miller has 16 wins. His team gives him way more run support than Luongo’s (11 wins) in Florida. Miller’s numbers are five-alarm stuff, but he is in the first year of a three-year, $18-million deal and he’s 34, not, say, 28.

This is probably true of more general managers (and coaches) than not, too:

-New Jersey Devils general manager Lou Lamoriello is almost always around his team, home and away, but he knows exactly what’s going on with his farm team and their prospects. “He gets tapes of the games and the practices,” said former Devils defenceman Mark Fayne.

Matheson continues, and while we're doing short quips and quotes, Yahoo Sports' Nicholas J. Cotsonika penned a superb "Three Periods" column discussing the Blue Jackets' resurgence and Patrik Elias' pluck, but the "Third Period" sticks:

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Bill Daly doesn’t believe that sliding Loonie will yield a declining salary cap

The New York Times' Jeff Z. Klein wrote an exhaustively comprehensive article regarding the decline of the Canadian dollar as it applies to the NHL's salary cap, the health of Canadian and small-market American franchises, the Forbes valuations of NHL teams, possible expansion and/or relocation and the long-term health of the league in wide historical context, factoring in the NHL's TV deal with Rogers, the percentage of revenues coming in from Canada and the league's growth in American revenues by staging Winter Classics and Stadium Series games. It's a helluva article.

The most intriguing part comes from NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly, who suggests that the 88-cent Loonie should not negatively impact the salary cap for the 2015-16 season:

“I expect there to be a healthy rise in the salary cap for next season,” Bill Daly, the deputy commissioner, said last week. “The Canadian dollar would have to continue to fall in a material way for that to change.”

For the N.H.L., a strong Canadian dollar means strong business growth. But with the Canadian dollar skidding, speculation is rife that the league’s bottom line may suffer, triggering a cascade of side effects, including a stagnant salary cap for the 2015-16 season.

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Teams Will Have Issues With The Cap Recapture

from Michael Russo of the Star Tribune,

The NHL’s “cap recapture” bothered me, which is why I sat down with NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly in New York last Monday, to have him explain why this concept is kosher.

Cap recapture is a punishment clause jammed into the 2013 NHL/NHLPA collective bargaining agreement. Basically, teams that operated under the rules of the 2005 CBA are punished in the new CBA for what was an otherwise legal activity — back-diving a contract.

Wild fans might one day become all too familiar with this. If Zach Parise and/or Ryan Suter retire before their contracts expire in 2025, the Wild is in trouble.

Let’s say one retired in 2020: The team would be charged a $3.938 million salary cap penalty in each of the next five seasons. Let’s say the other retired in 2021: The Wild would be charged a $5.038 million cap penalty in each of the next four seasons. It gets much higher in 2022-25.

There are several scenarios (even if traded) that force teams to pay back the cap advantage they received if a player with this type of contract retires prematurely (see www.capgeek.com). It affects about 20 players.

continued plus more hockey topics...

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Your 2014 Lester Patrick Trophy Recipients

NEW YORK (September 16, 2014) – Accomplished NHL executive Bill Daly and former player, coach, current Flyers executive Paul Holmgren have been named recipients of the 2014 Lester Patrick Trophy for outstanding service to hockey in the United States.

The award, one of the most prestigious in hockey, was presented to the National Hockey League by the New York Rangers in 1966.  It honors the memory of Lester Patrick, who spent 50 years in hockey as a player, coach and general manager and was a pioneer in the sport’s development.

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Bill Daly On The Latest Expansion Talk

from Patrick Caisse of TVA Sports,

The rumor that an expansion team soon moved to Las Vegas raged Tuesday night.

In fact, a reporter from The Province has even write that it was a "done deal" and that it was only a matter of time before everything is formalized.

Bill Daly, the right arm of the Commissioner of the National Hockey League, Gary Bettman, however, categorically denied this rumor on Wednesday morning.

"It's not in our plans, there is absolutely nothing new in that," he has admitted to TVA Sports.

And if it were an organization struggling with financial difficulties, as the Florida Panthers, who moved rather in the "Sin City"?

"We have no move in sight, whether in the case of the Panthers, or any other team besides," replied Daly.

continued (translated)

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Video- Bill Daly On A Few Topics

via Sportsnet,

Bill Daly, the Deputy Commissioner of the NHL, spoke of the league’s fiscal status, growth in America and Canada, and how the You Can Play movement has progressed.

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All Bill Daly (On Fighting)

from Craig Custance of EPN,


I'm not sure I can even envision the premise. I'm not sure, regardless of what rule changes may over time be made, I'm not sure if fighting is ever eliminated from the game. I think fighting will continue to be part of the game regardless of what your rules are and it is parts of other games as well. 

I really can't envision it from that perspective but I'm also not in a position [to] really hypothesize it. It's something that's been part of the game for a long time. Regardless of what our rules are, it's going to remain part of the game in some form or fashion. It's not a question that's easy to answer. 



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Bill Daly On The Lawsuit Filed By Former NHL Players

NEW YORK (November 25, 2013) -- Bill Daly, Deputy Commissioner of the National Hockey League, today released the following statement in response to the filing of a class action lawsuit by a group of former NHL players:

"We are aware of the class action lawsuit filed today in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia on behalf of a group of former NHL Players. While the subject matter is very serious, we are completely satisfied with the responsible manner in which the League and the Players' Association have managed Player safety over time, including with respect to head injuries and concussions. We intend to defend the case vigorously and have no further comment at this time."

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NHL Watching as Seattle Arena Inches Forward

The NHL is apparently watching closely as Seattle's Downtown Design Review Board gets ready for tonight's public review of the design for a proposed NHL/NBA Arena spearheaded by local investor Chris Hansen.

Sources with intimate knowledge of the situation, believe the NHL is now watching the status of the project, and gauging corporate and fan interest in a potential expansion franchise.  Hansen has been seeking a partner who could be a tenant in a new building.  Sources say NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has been quietly pushing owners to award a franchise to Seattle, perhaps as early as next year.  The NHL has denied that any talks have taken place, and sources suggest nothing has been finalized.

The NHL's Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly previously told KING5 there is not even a "handshake agreement" on a deal for a team.  But he told fans in Vancouver this summer "I think Seattle would be a great market for the NHL."  Ray Bartoczek and Anthony Lanza both expressed interest in buying the Phoenix Coyotes earlier this year, and relocate them to Seattle.  The NHL has said repeatedly that playing in Key Arena, on a interim basis, would not be an issue.

(Full Story)

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Bill Daly On The Phoenix Coyotes Sale Process

NEW YORK (Feb. 1, 2013) -- National Hockey League Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly today released the following statement regarding the Phoenix Coyotes sale process:

“We remain hopeful the Coyotes sale process will be resolved successfully and we will continue to work with the City of Glendale to move the process forward.”

added 12:04pm,

GLENDALE, ARIZONA --- Phoenix Coyotes President and COO Mike Nealy has issued the following statement regarding the Coyotes ownership situation.

“Today, we were informed by the National Hockey League that Mr. Jamison was unable to close on his purchase of the Coyotes. Mr. Jamison will continue to work with the NHL and the City of Glendale to close a deal that will keep the Coyotes in the Valley. Although there is no set timetable, hopefully it will be soon. The Coyotes will continue to be owned by the NHL and nothing changes for our organization. We will work hard on and off the ice to provide our fans with a winning team that they can be proud of. We would like to thank all of our great fans and corporate partners for their incredible patience and loyalty throughout this process. We know it's been difficult and we appreciate their support.”

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All Bill Daly

from Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun,

Bill Daly hasn't lost hope for a resolution.

As the NHL Players' Association prepares to announce the results of its vote to dissolve Friday, the NHL's deputy commissioner told QMI Agency in a one-on-one interview Thursday he's still hopeful for a season.

QMI: You caused a stir in Canada Wednesday by saying on Hockey Night in Canada radio that 'Yes' you thought there would be a season.

DALY: "I only had two choices: Of course, I was going to answer 'Yes'. Yes, I do (have optimism). That's more my nature. I don't understand to a large extent why we're where we're at. I still think at the end of the day we should be able to get deal."

QMI: Are you concerned about the devastation of cancelling a season for the second time in eight years?

DALY: "I would clearly not understand why we would be in a position of having to cancel the season over the issues that separate us."


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Fehr And Daly Talk

Both Donald Fehr and Bill Daly were on SN590 The Fan in Toronto today.

Fehr joined the Jeff Blair Show and Daly appeared on the Hockey Cetnral @ Noon Show.

Listen to Fehr.

Listen to Daly.

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Video- Both Sides Talk After Monday’s CBA Meeting

First up is Donald Fehr, followed by Bill Daly below...


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Daly Discouraged

from Chris Johnston of the CP at the Winnipeg Free Press,

Pessimism is growing around the NHL's stalled collective bargaining talks.

With no future negotiations scheduled, the league is getting close to another round of game cancellations that will further shorten any potential season.

Asked on Thursday if the labour dispute had put the entire year in jeopardy, deputy commissioner Bill Daly replied "I hope not."

"But I'm more discouraged now than I have been at any point in the process," Daly added.

The league and NHL Players' Association appeared to be putting on a push to make an agreement last week when they met over six consecutive days in New York.

continue for a recap of the latest CBA talk...

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Should Bettman And Daly Attend The HHOF Inductions On Monday?

from Jesse Spector of The Sporting News,

With negotiations on hold—Fehr said on Sunday he did not know when talks would resume—Chris Johnston of the Canadian Press reported that Bettman and Daly "are still expected to attend the Hockey Hall of Fame induction."

Sure, why not? Bettman and Daly already have teamed up with their NHLPA counterparts to bring down hockey in the present, and seriously hinder the game's future. Might as well go for the hat trick and spoil a day meant to celebrate the past.

Make no mistake, if Bettman and Daly show up at the Hall of Fame on Monday—a day that is supposed to be about Sakic, Pavel Bure, Adam Oates, and Mats Sundin—they will steal the spotlight. Newspapers and television stations only have so much space and time to devote to hockey, and the presence of the NHL's head honchos would require chronicling at the expense of the Hall of Famers. Even if Bettman and Daly refuse to speak to the media at the ceremony, their no-comments would merit a story.

These men are supposed to be the guardians of hockey, above all else. Even in labor negotiations, as badly as they are going, Bettman and Daly can at least say that they are working in the best interests of hockey, trying to keep the NHL on solid financial footing. Showing up at the Hall of Fame inductions, at a time when they have to know their presence will distract from the celebration, is not in anyone's best interests.


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Video- Fehr And Daly After Their One Hour Meeting Today

First Donald Fehr and Bill Daly is below...


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CBA Meeting - Back At It Tomorrow



added 7:50pm,


added 7:51pm,


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Bill Daly On The Proposed 50/50 Deal

TORONTO (October 18, 2012) -- Bill Daly, Deputy Commissioner of the National Hockey League, released the following statement regarding the third Union proposal:

 “The so called 50-50 deal, plus honoring current contracts proposed by the NHL Players’ Association earlier today is being misrepresented. It is not a 50-50 deal. It is, most likely a 56- to 57-percent deal in Year One and never gets to 50 percent during the proposed five-year term of the agreement. The proposal contemplates paying the Players approximately $650 million outside of the Players’ Share. In effect, the Union is proposing to change the accounting rules to be able to say ‘50-50,’ when in reality it is not. The Union told us that they had not yet ‘run the numbers.’ We did.”

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Bill Daly Talks Upcoming CBA Meetings

from CBC,

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly joined hosts Gord Stellick and Craig Simpson on Sirius Channel 207 to address a range of issues. Daly also confirmed more scheduled talks between the two sides are set for this week – on Wednesday and Thursday in New York.

continue reading for a recap of the interview or listen to the inteview below (autoplay is on)...

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Video- Bill Daly And Steve Fehr Talk After Today’s CBA Meeting

Sometimes you can get a better feel of how things are going by actually seeing the parties talk instead of just reading what they said.

First Bill Daly (5:00 minutes) followed below by Steve Fehr (also 5:00 minutes).



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Afternoon Line

We remain a long way apart. We need to hear again from the Players' Association before this can move forward.

-Bill Daly today at Sports Business Journal via The Sporting News.

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No Play, No Pay

from Chris Johnston of the CP at the Winnipeg Free Press,

None of the top executives involved in the NHL's collective bargaining negotiations will continue to be paid if the league enacts a lockout next week.

Donald Fehr, the executive director of the NHL Players' Association, says he stopped drawing a salary on July 1 and a source told The Canadian Press that commissioner Gary Bettman and deputy commissioner Bill Daly plan to follow suit if a new agreement can't be reached by Sept. 15.

It's a practice Fehr adhered to during his time at baseball's union and one his predecessor at the NHLPA, Bob Goodenow, also followed when the 2004-05 season was wiped out by a lockout.

"It's both a measure of solidarity and uniformity of interest," Fehr said in an interview Thursday. "You want the players to understand you're in the same boat they are — you don't have interests different than they do. We think it's important."


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CBA Talks Have Been Different Than 2004

from Pierre LeBrun of ESPN,

"I think it's been different in a lot of respects," NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly told ESPN.com in an interview Wednesday. "At least with respect to a lot of the issues that need to be discussed and worked out, we ploughed a lot of ground in that area and made some progress. I think we have some tentative agreement to some things, we have teed up issues in other areas -- so from that perspective we had a good summer of negotiation. Each side was also able to express where they are on the economics of the deal, some of the system issues, those still need to be resolved. There hasn't been a lot of movement on those issues. And they are the critical issues to setting off all the dominos. We're focused on those issues exclusively right now."

While they remain far apart on the key economic issues -- the percentage the players will get in the new CBA -- at least both sides used the summer sessions to get ahead in other areas.

"My approach is really very simple: you get up every day, you try to find a way to work through the issues, you organize the group of things you want to talk about so that they have some nexus with one another to the extent that's possible," NHLPA executive director Don Fehr told ESPN.com in a separate interview Wednesday. "If you can have things discussed in smaller groups without everybody being involved in every meeting, sometimes that can be helpful. And you follow through 'em, you have your discussions and sometimes they go well, sometimes not, sometimes they get heated, but so what, you got to do that. You get it done. To the extent that you can get through that kind of stuff, that's helpful."


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Talking With Bill Daly

from Michael Russo of Russo's Rants, 

Daly still considers formal talks “stalled -- at least temporarily. Hopefully that changes soon, but it certainly does create a much higher risk that camps won’t be opening on time.”

Next week in New York, more than 200 players are expected to arrive for two days of meetings with NHLPA Executive Director Donald Fehr. Also on Thursday in New York, Commissioner Gary Bettman will hold a Board of Governors meeting.

It’s been reported by some that Bettman would seek approval there from the Board to lock the players out if no agreement is in place by midnight Sept. 15. Not entirely true, actually.

“Gary really already has authorization of the Board to lock out. I’m not sure he needs another vote of the Board,” Daly said. “It’s to update the Board on collective bargaining and we’ll see what they have to say.”

The damage is already being done to the business. The league never scheduled games to start in Europe because of the threat of a lockout. Last month rookie tournaments were cancelled. Today, the league scrapped the media tour where high-profile players come to New York prior to the start of training camp to meet with big media outlets and do all sorts of publicity.

Daly also said that just the possibility of a lockout is affecting teams’ ability to do business – i.e. sell tickets, suites, corporate sponsorships, etc.


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Bill Daly On The Phoenix/Glendale Situation

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Bill Daly Responds To Fehr’s Statement

Bill Daly joined the gentlemen from Sportsnet tonight.

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Morning Line

“The only way you’re going to totally eliminate concussions from the game is to stop playing the game.  We’re not inclined to stop playing the game, and players aren’t, either. There’s a certain level of risk that everyone accepts in any profession. If I’m a construction worker, I’m more likely to have health issues than if I’m an office worker. It’s just the nature of the job.”

-NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly.  More concussion discussion plus other topics from Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.

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