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Video- Jack Edwards’ Call Last Night

from Chad Finn of Boston.com,

With 12 minutes and 56 seconds remaining in the second period of the Bruins’ season-opening 2-1 win in Dallas Thursday night, Stars defenseman Roman Polak crashed into the boards awkwardly while trying to check the Bruins’ Chris Wagner. Polak’s right shoulder hit the boards, then his head. He did not move and was eventually taken off on a stretcher.

But a few seconds after the play, as Polak remained face down on the ice, Edwards commented that there was “a little bit of bad hockey karma’’ in the play, a reaction that has drawn the ire of many, including Polak’s agent, Allan Walsh, on Twitter.

“I have tremendous respect for the Bruin players that sent best wishes. All class,’’ wrote Walsh. “As for Jack Edwards, to say Roman’s injury was “bad hockey karma’’ while he was laying on motionless on the ice, you are truly a piece of [expletive] and an absolute disgrace.’’

Edwards’s comment does require some context.

Polak had attempted to shove Wagner in the back on the play, but the Bruins center turned away from him, leading to Polak’s awkward collision with the boards.

Color analyst Andy Brickley noted that the collision looked like it was “self-induced’’ from trying to make a questionable hit.

more with a comment from Edwards standing by his call.  Watch the call at the link or below.

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Morning Line- Allan Walsh


Make sure to check out his recent Twitter timeline for more opinions from Walsh.

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Evening Line- Allan Walsh

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Questioning The Concussion Protocol In The NHL

from David Schoen of the Las Vegas Review-Journal,

Allan Walsh and the NHL have a long and contentious history together on the topic of concussions.

Walsh, whose client list includes Golden Knights goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury, sent out a series of tweets from his verified account specifically aimed at the NHL’s concussion spotter system.

“I just want to be very clear. I am not in any way, what I said yesterday, referencing any specific client or in any way referencing any specific club,” Walsh said Saturday. “It is the league-wide implementation of the concussion spotter protocol that I am criticizing because it is not being applied properly.

“And, like I said, the way the NHL is allowing players to remain in games is a joke.”

read on

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All Allan Walsh

from Craig Custance of ESPN,

The NHL announced this week that it won't send players to the 2018 Winter Olympics and the league is still dealing with a concussion lawsuit. On both fronts, Walsh isn't thrilled with the decision-making at the NHL's highest levels.

I chatted with him about these topics -- and a few others -- during a phone conversation on Tuesday. (Note: the text has been edited for length).

ESPN.com: Let's dive right into the Olympic debate. What kind of reaction did you get during conversations with your players?

Walsh: The players are disappointed ... we have a lot of clients who expected to be Olympic-bound. Those who were Olympic-bound are very disappointed. The general feeling among all players, whether they expected to play in the Olympics or not, is that the Olympics are good for hockey.

I don't agree with the narrative that the NHL gets nothing out of it. You have the unprecedented situation, never to be seen again probably in our lifetimes, where you have two Olympics within four years of each other in Asia, an area the NHL has targeted for future growth. To turn around now and say, "We're not going to South Korea because we don't get anything out of it," is so shortsighted. It's mind-boggling.

ESPN.com: The league argues that it hasn't found a metric that shows a quantifiable benefit from playing in the Olympics. Where do you see the benefit? Are there hard numbers you can track?

Walsh: Some of our greatest memories, going back the last five Olympics, have become ingrained inside hockey lore. Take the Czechs' dramatic win in Nagano. I happened to be back in Prague when the Czech team arrived and went and celebrated in Old Town Square, where a half a million people inside the Czech Republic were chanting and cheering. They said it was the largest crowd since the Velvet Revolution. That's not bad for hockey....


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Afternoon Line- Allan Walsh


See Renaud Levoie's recent Twitter timeline for the Bill Daly quotes...

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Afternoon Line

The players are fed up. This is the third time in a row he’s resorted to a lockout without bargaining beforehand in good faith and even trying in any way to make a deal. The strategy is ‘lock the players out, force them to miss paychecks, soften them up and then see if they’re willing to surrender. And if they are, make a deal in November or December on our terms and if they’re not, we’ll just cancel the season and start again in the summer and see if they’re softened up then’. This is the players’ livelihood and it’s more than just the paychecks. The players truly love the game. 

When you get to the point we’re at now, after three consecutive lockouts, I think the players are ready to take a stand. The players that I talk to and I do it on a daily basis – our agency represents approximately 100 players in the NHL right now – and what we’re hearing is Bettman cannot continue in his job. I think one of the things that’s going to come out of this lockout, whether we make a deal this year or not, is that Bettman will be gone because the players will refuse to deal with him going forward.

-NHL player agent Allan Walsh when basically asked by Tom Love of SportsPro what the future of Gary Bettman is.  Read more Q & A at SportsPro.

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Player Agent Allan Walsh On The Lockout

from Dave Feschuk of the Toronto Star,

To Walsh, the truth behind the lockout goes like this:

“It’s clear to most people that the NHL has been planning this lockout for a long time. It’s clear, with the way the NBC deal was negotiated and the $200 million payment whether games are played or not, that the NHL has been laying the groundwork for this lockout for a significant period of time. Based on the best offer on the table before Sept. 15, it’s clear the NHL never made a serious attempt to make a deal before declaring a lockout,” Walsh says. “The powers that be in the NHL feel they will get a much better deal from the players once the players are softened up and locked out over a period of time. And there was no serious interest on the league’s side to make a deal.”

How will it end?

“I have no idea,” he says.

It’s here that Walsh points out that when he tweets or speaks, he’s not doing so in the name of his players or the players’ union. He’s giving his opinion, sharing what he feels is pertinent information. He says that, judging from the responses he gets on Twitter, some fans erroneously consider him a spokesman for the NHLPA.

read more on the once deputy district attorney Allan Walsh...

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The Tweeting Player Agent

from Greg Wyshynski of PuckDaddy,

It’s become a running joke in hockey circles: Allan Walsh, player agent for Octagon Hockey, pimping his players’ exploits on Twitter with a familiar adjective before their names:

“‘Client’ Jaro Halak with the most epic Mtl goaltending performance since Patrick Roy in 86 and Ken Dryden in 71. Good company!”

(Walsh, of course, is infamous for his opinionated use of social media, like when Martin Havlat split with the Chicago Blackhawks last summer.)

Walsh has had plenty to tweet about in the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Montreal Canadiens goalie Client Jaroslav Halak has been one of the League’s postseason MVPs, backstopping the Habs to an enormous first-round upset of the Washington Capitals and continuing his mastery in the second round.


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Another Twitter Attack

from Michael Russo of the Star Tribune,

Agent Allan Walsh continues to call out the Wild via his Twitter account.

Less than a week after tweeting that coach Todd Richards is “treating [Petr] Sykora with less respect than a rookie,” Walsh sent out a string of Sykora tweets from http://www.twitter.com/walsha Friday reciting statistics, such as 302 career goals, 677 career points, 10 consecutive 20-plus goal seasons ... “leader, winner, intense competitor.”

Although this wasn’t a direct attack, make no mistake: Walsh is taking aim at Richards. Sykora has been scratched five games in a row, most recently Thursday in St. Louis when Richards dressed James Sheppard, a scratch the previous four games.


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Player Agent Allan Walsh Talks Twitter

from the Globe and Mail,

Outspoken Octagon Sports agent Allan Walsh believes the National Hockey League has always failed to properly market its players, so he’s encouraging his clients to lead the NHL’s social-networking movement.

“What the NHL has never really understood and will never understand is what the fans want is to interact with the players,” said Mr. Walsh in James Mirtle’s Saturday story. “The league’s philosophy over the years has always been: Fans buy tickets to see the team, to cheer for their team and that they’re more concerned about the logo than the name and the number on the back on the sweater. But as many times as they say it, it’s not going to make it true.

“What really drives numbers, attendance, TV ratings, are the personalities.”


I do hope Mr. Walsh addresses deleting his ‘Halak’ tweets from a few weeks ago.

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Gainey Disappointed In Walsh Twitter Incident

from Elliotte Friedman of CBC,

Not surprisingly, Bob Gainey does not use Twitter. He hasn’t personally seen what Allan Walsh tweeted last weekend. But, he’s aware of the controversy, and Jaroslav Halak won’t be held responsible for his agent’s thoughts.

“I thought it was infantile ... ‘My dad is bigger than your dad,’ kind of thing,” Gainey said Tuesday after session one of the annual general manager meetings in Toronto. “It’s disappointing.”

“I don’t know [about] Halak ... but if this happened to you, you might want to pick up the phone and let your agent know that he’s not doing the best for you.”

continued plus more hockey talk…

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Did Player Agent Go Too Far?

from Dave Stubbs of Habs Inside/Out,

Allan Walsh, agent for Canadiens goalie Jaroslav Halak, knowingly or otherwise smacked a hornet’s nest on Twitter last night immediately following the Habs’ 3-1 loss to Tampa Bay with his tweet: “Interesting stat of the night…. #Habs’ Price is 10W, 32L in last 42 starts. Hmm.”

Whether an agent should so publicly be promoting a client at the expense of someone else – that would be Carey Price – even between the lines is subject to debate. The Internet has changed all the rules (some would say significantly lowered the bar) of credibility, professionalism and even common sense.


Stubbs mentioned Kelly Hrudey was not happy with the the remark from Walsh and you can watch what Kelly had to say at about the 6:15 mark in the video below…

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