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Video- Zdeno Chara Hit On Max Pacioretty

Chara received five for interference, a 10 and game misconduct.

The video is from the French feed for Montreal.

Update 9:45pm ET: via CKAC, Pacioretty was apparently conscious on the stretcher, while still on the ice.

Update 9:49pm ET:: via Francois Gagnon on Twitter

#Habs le transport de pacioretty vers l’hopital se veut d’abord et avant tout une mesure préventive…

(Translates roughly that Pacioretty is being transported to the hospital, intended first and foremost as a preventative measure…)

Update 9:59pm ET: more tweets from Francois Gagnon (These translated via Google) -

Habs # Crusader as it exits the locker room, the CEO Pierre Gauthier was still angry, but seemed relieved by the positive news


NHL should impose a minimum of 10 games. unless Bettman still talking about bad luck ...

More video below…


From the Bruins feed:

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Down River Dan's avatar

An unfortunate outcome on the play, but the real problem is with the design of the glass, not on the hit Chara made on the play. The glass should curve away from the playing surface, so that any impact would be into a curved surface rather than a “tree” as the current setup does.

Posted by Down River Dan on 03/09/11 at 12:06 AM ET


It does not seem like a dirty play to me, if the hit would have occurred anywhere else on the ice he would have been fine.

Posted by wingsnut25 on 03/09/11 at 12:07 AM ET

Evilpens's avatar

UMMM breathlessly waiting for the same people who ripped Cooke for his hit on Savard to rip Lurch for that hit!! NoI am not holding my breath cause it won’t happen

Posted by Evilpens on 03/09/11 at 12:13 AM ET


Unfortunate outcome, but I don’t see how that is a game misconduct much less a penalty.  If that were on the other side of the ice where the the glass is flush, Pacioretty wouldn’t have been injured and there would have been no penalty. 

I do enjoy the fact that this video is in French.  It just doesn’t convey upset feelings or feelings of outrage.  All I can picture is Louis de Fune in the broadcast booth…

Posted by Unicorn Force from DC (but like everyone here, I'm not a local) on 03/09/11 at 12:13 AM ET

KohoDonuts88's avatar

I tend to agree the problem is more where the hit occurred than the hit itself.
On a lighter note, seeing Gomez staring up at Chara put me in the mood for Addams family reruns (Gomez… Lurch… anyone?)

Posted by KohoDonuts88 from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada on 03/09/11 at 12:15 AM ET

Itrusteddrrahmani's avatar

I dunno, I think with the way it looked + it was blatant interference + the NHL trying to send a message = Chara gone for 5-10 games.

Posted by Itrusteddrrahmani from Nyc by way of A2 on 03/09/11 at 12:17 AM ET


Posted by Evilpens on 03/08/11 at 10:13 PM ET

Please hold your breath?  Please?

Posted by Unicorn Force from DC (but like everyone here, I'm not a local) on 03/09/11 at 12:19 AM ET


I think the refs got the call right on the ice by calling it interference.  The 10 and the game misconduct seem a bit excessive unless they were assuming intent to injure, but the NHL officiating has always been reactionary and the severity of the injury has always factored into the calls (and subsequent suspensions or lack thereof).  Seems like an otherwise innocent play that had an unfortunate outcome based on where they were in the ice and the location of the glass.  Was almost an identical play by Lovejoy on Tyler Ennis in the Buffalo/Pittsburgh game tonight and there wasn’t even an interference call; the difference is that Ennis hit the glass with his ribs and skated away while Pacioretty hit his head.

Prediction: no suspension because it wasn’t even as egregious as some of the other issues that have gone before Campbell this season that have gotten off without further punishment.  And, of course, it’s Chara, who always gets away with more than most oher players in the league anyway.

Posted by Dan from Pittsburgh, PA on 03/09/11 at 12:19 AM ET

phillyd's avatar

I think it was interference and worth 2 minutes but I don’t see how it was worth what Chara got. The guys leaning over the boards to avoid the interference while skating hard and as was said above pretty much hits a tree head-on.

Posted by phillyd from Southern New Jersey on 03/09/11 at 12:21 AM ET

Evilpens's avatar

He didn’t have to drive him in to the Glass like that. that was dirty Max wasn’t going to get by that Monster

Posted by Evilpens on 03/09/11 at 12:22 AM ET

Alzy's avatar

Suspend Chara five games minimum. That was incredibly reckless and dangerous, he threw Pacioretty head-first into the fuching boards for god sake. It’s basically another Lemieux/Draper incident.

Posted by Alzy from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada on 03/09/11 at 12:25 AM ET

Evilpens's avatar

They supposedly had a run in at the end of a game earlier this season so maybe Chara was looking to get him? that is what people are saying on other boards

Posted by Evilpens on 03/09/11 at 12:28 AM ET


I don’t see it being reckless. He had the puck and Chara hit him. It seems like a freak accident.  Its no where near the Lemieux-Draper incident.

Posted by Stuck in the Soo on 03/09/11 at 12:31 AM ET

Itrusteddrrahmani's avatar

nowhere near Drapes/Lemieux in my opinion, but blatant interference on a defenseless player on a time where head injuries are at their most talked about?  5-10 games, closer to 10 and rightfully so I think.

Posted by Itrusteddrrahmani from Nyc by way of A2 on 03/09/11 at 12:46 AM ET


Was Pacioretty really hurt?  Those Montreal pussys dive so much you never know what is legit and what isn’t

Posted by creep from boston on 03/09/11 at 12:55 AM ET


I think the question is how dangerous or reckless was the initial act?  Chara didn’t hit him from behind and didn’t hit him in the head, which have been the two big bugaboos (and rightly so) in the NHL of late.  Yes, Pacioretty subsequently hit his head on the stanchion, but is Chara responsible for that if his conduct is otherwise not overly dangerous?  If he is, then whatever Chara gets, Lovejoy should get as well: looking at the highlight on NHL.com (http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/console?hlg=20102011,2,995&navid=sb:highlights) Lovejoy engages in the exact same play as Chara does.  Puck goes by him on the wall, Ennis tries to go around Lovejoy, Lovejoy interferes with him (considering Ennis never touched the puck), and puts Ennis into the stanchion.  But for a foot difference, Ennis is hitting his head rather than his shoulder.  The Lovejoy hit didn’t look overly dangerous or as though there was malicious intent, but rather just to be at an unfortunate portion of the rink.  Does Chara get suspended and Lovejoy get away without a penalty simply because in one instance the player hit his head and in the other the player only hit his shoulder?

Posted by Dan from Pittsburgh, PA on 03/09/11 at 12:55 AM ET


Join this facebook page: Chara has to be ban forever from the NHL.

Posted by Nicolas on 03/09/11 at 12:56 AM ET

J.J. from Kansas's avatar

UMMM breathlessly waiting for the same people who ripped Cooke for his hit on Savard to rip Lurch for that hit!! NoI am not holding my breath cause it won’t happen

Posted by Evilpens on 03/08/11 at 10:13 PM ET

You are so incredibly terrible at comparing things.

Here’s a comparison to the Cooke hit on Savard - Richards on Booth.

This is not a comparable.  It was not blind-side, Chara did not target the head, and I don’t think Chara intentionally finished him into the badly-designed glass there.

Freak accident involving one of the freaks of the game.  Moving right along…

Posted by J.J. from Kansas on 03/09/11 at 01:06 AM ET

Chris in A^2's avatar

When I was playing hockey in high school, I got checked into one of the bench stantions;  it’s pretty much like running full speed into a wall.  I really can’t fault Chara for what otherwise would be a routine play if not for the design of the rink.

Posted by Chris in A^2 from Nyquist Puck Control on 03/09/11 at 01:07 AM ET


Ummm, pretty sure if a strecher s involved he’s really injured so you can go f yourself, you were probably *#$%@& number one when savard went down so get a life.  As for the hit had it been on the other side of the ice he likely woulnd have been injured, but that doesn’t mean it wouldnt be a penalty. The puck was lOng gone, so anyone who says it wasn’t a penalty can see that it is obvious interference, which combined with the place on the ice that it happened makes it extremely reckless.  and to the pens fan, I hope cooke dies.  And this hit is 1000 times worse and more illegal on hockey than the one on calclitterbuck which got the person who hit him 10 games, in fairness he was a repeat offender but that hit wasn’t even bad, so Im of the opinion that chara should get half that or 5 games minimum!

Posted by Kevin1244 on 03/09/11 at 01:16 AM ET

Nate A's avatar

I’ll echo. Interference, yeah. Intentional or head-shot? I don’t think so. Chara possibly could have been a bit more aware of where he was in regards to the glass, but he didn’t lay a check either. It was more of a typical shoulder/box out move to attempt to get position than a hit. Anywhere else on the ice and that’s just a another play

Is that a single pane of glass all on its own or is there one perpendicular as well forming a full corner? No doubt Its gonna hurt either way, but I hate those arenas that have what is basically guillotine glass all by itself. At least if there’s a full corner you’ve got a bit more surface area to hit and the head cant keep moving forward while the neck bends over the single edge.

Pretty brutal to watch.

Posted by Nate A from Detroit-ish on 03/09/11 at 01:18 AM ET


The problem was that chars knew exactly where her was if you watch closely (however uncomfortable that may be) you can see him at the last minute take two hands and shove max’s upper body over the boards, that is not only blatant interference but it is undoubtably reckless and intent to injure.  It wasn’t really a shoulder box out at all as there was no shoulder it was a 2 Hand shove.

Posted by Kevin1244 on 03/09/11 at 01:29 AM ET

Paul's avatar

Damien Cox on the hit.

Posted by Paul from Motown Area on 03/09/11 at 01:43 AM ET


Maxie was the Third Star!  Gotta love the Habs fans.  Next week, I think they’ll vote for the goal post, Gatorade the week thereafter and Pied du Cochon sometime before the post-season.

Posted by Unicorn Force from DC (but like everyone here, I'm not a local) on 03/09/11 at 01:46 AM ET


he threw Pacioretty head-first into the fuching boards for god sake

Really?  Cuz his head didn’t touch the boards anywhere, so I don’t know where you get that…

Posted by Garth on 03/09/11 at 02:48 AM ET

Alzy's avatar

Really?  Cuz his head didn’t touch the boards anywhere, so I don’t know where you get that…
Posted by Garth on 03/09/11 at 12:48 AM ET

Really? THAT is what you choose to comment on from my post. Fine. i’m SO fuching sorry that I said “boards” instead of “stanchion.” Maybe it’s because I was imn disbelief at the inexcusable act that is the topic of discussion.

and after re-watching it again on my computer, I still think Chara was unbelievably reckless. Look at his hands in the RDS feed. He comes at Pacioretty’s side, and with both hands he simultaneously pushes Pacioretty up, and turns him into the bench. To me, it looks awfully like he’s on purpose trying to send Pacioretty face-first into the stanchion. Chara’s arms don’t even stop moving forward until Pacioretty is twisting around.

I’d like to take back my previous statement of 5 games, this should be 15+. Chara put him into a defenceless position and then made sure to ram his head into the stanchion. It was unbelievably reckless and dangerous.

Posted by Alzy from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada on 03/09/11 at 03:39 AM ET


Hard hit, unfortunate spot.

The people trying to compare this situation to any of Cooke’s numerous attacks are beyond clueless.  Not remotely the same thing in intent, type of hit, location of contact… any of it.

If the Chara hit happens five foot further up the boards it’s one of those funny ‘hey he’s in the bench’ situations.  If it happens five feet later it’s any of a dozen rub-outs along the glass that happens in a game.

Those numerous Matt Cooke dirty hits could happen anywhere on the ice at any time and they’d be just as dirty and violent because he targets the head or the knee.  Chara shoved a guy while they were both skating in the same direction.

All of that said, since the NHL disciplines based on appearance rather than anything resembling sanity I’d imagine Chara will get 3 games.

Posted by HockeyinHD on 03/09/11 at 05:12 AM ET


I think he gets 2 games, and here’s why:

Chara violated the rules by committing an interference infraction, and in doing so, seriously injured a player.  Logically speaking, that should merit a suspension of at least a few games.  As a veteran player with a generally clean reputation, I think the NHL would suspend a similar act committed by an Edmonton player for 3 games.  Murphy won’t want to push too hard suspending a key player on his boss’ son’s team, so I think he’ll go with 2 games.

The fact that the hit would have been a minor almost anywhere on the rink, and the fact that Chara doesn’t have a history of thuggery must be balanced with the fact that a player was badly injured as a result of an opposing player violating the rules. I can’t see this hit resulting in a face to face meeting in Toronto, and I think 4 games might be a bit stiff.  3 games strikes me as about right.

Posted by iwearstripes on 03/09/11 at 06:02 AM ET


That’s horseshit! Chara’s fully aware of that partition between the benches. The puck is in the Bruins zone when he runs him in. This is not finishing your check! He’ll probably get 8-10 games. And yes, earlier in the season Max P. gave Chara a nudge right after a win and Chara went after him. So that’s probably still fresh with Chara. I’ve lost respect for Horton, Lucic and now Chara just this season.

Posted by Jesters Dead on 03/09/11 at 06:42 AM ET

Nathan's avatar

I don’t think there was any intent to injure.

What it comes down to is, should the existence of the stanchions along the benches be something the players have to be aware of and compensate for? In other words, is hitting a guy by those gaps akin to an unintentional high-stick—doesn’t matter if you didn’t mean it, you’re still automatically getting a penalty?

I say yes. It’s all about making the game safer for the players’ heads.

With that said, it’s hard to punish Chara for something like 10 games when there’s no previous precedent on hits like this.

I don’t envy Campbell… this might be the toughest decision he has to make in a long time. I can totally see reason in arguments that say he deserves nothing to the arguments that say it should be 10 games.

Posted by Nathan from the scoresheet! on 03/09/11 at 09:33 AM ET

Primis's avatar

Unfortunate accident, nothing more.

Anyone arguing otherwise is worthless piece of sh*t wanting to leverage this hit to somehow justify something one of the dumb stupid f**ks on their team full of moronsand a**holes has done and gotten caught for.

Chara is allowed to make this hit.  If it’s not him making this hit, everyone would just be saying “Oh geez, what an unfortunate thing”.  But because he happens to be huge, he gets criticized.  Stupid.  His size is not a reason to penalize him.

Did he hit from behind?  No.  Did he strike him in the head?  No.

Was it interference?  Possibly.  Last I checked that’s a 2 minute minor.  The fact he got a major is a disgrace enough.

Posted by Primis on 03/09/11 at 09:49 AM ET

mrfluffy's avatar

Keep in mind this should have nothing to do with Chara’s size…

That said, Chara did hold him against the boards with intent to ram him into the sanction. There’s no denying it after watching the Montreal feed. 40 seconds in. Chara knew damned well what he was doing. However, I highly doubt Chara was trying to decapitate the man. 5 games would do well here, 10, while vastly overkill and unfair, might show the league is actually serious in protecting the players and demanding more respect.

Of course in getting more respect, they should just remove most of the pads from players….but that’s another subject.

As far as rink design goes, Montreal better figure out something different and quick, or this will happen again.

Posted by mrfluffy from A wide spot on I-90 in Montana on 03/09/11 at 11:19 AM ET


Max had taken 3 strides or more since touching the puck, the puck was long gone and then came Chara. He guided Max, like a steer to slaughter along the boards and deliberately into the stanchion. It weas brutal. Was it pay back for the nudge, Max’s early second period hit on Sedenberg or McQuaid, or just Chara sending a message; doesn’t matter. Just like your stick, you have to be in control and if you are not there are consequences. As to the morons who who quip, well on the other side of the ice it would have been different - right - and if Charlie Sheen did not have a ton of scratch he’d be a different guy! but that is NOT the case morons. It is waht it is. Chara pushed the envelope (Max’s head) and the result is what happens when you drive a human skull into a steel object. I can hear Chara saying, any other night and thar would have stopped before hitting that kid in the crosswalk BUT because of the ice on the road, the car didn’t stop and I ran over the kid. Didn’t mean to, I am not that kind iof person. Well Chara - YOU ARE! and you paly for that type of crowd! cause when Boston plays hockey - they loose!!!!!!!!

Posted by Lofriendving from Avonmore on 03/09/11 at 11:26 AM ET


Unfortunately, I think that 80% of the comments here are made by people who are either blind or stupid or both. Come-on guys, Chara is a PROFESSIONNAL hockey player. Do you know what this means? These guys could skate, blindfolded, around a rink and tell you exactly where they are and what they see. Pro,s they are. If you watch the video time after time, you can tell that the giant sees what,s in front of them, for *#$%@& sakes he,s looking right at the stanchion and makes the move to lift Max upper body and head to come in contact with it. Unfortunate you say? Didn’t hit his head from behind you say? What,s the difference between hitting you in the head with a baseball bat and throwing you head first to a speedy incoming car bumper? Unintentional? I don’t care which team you,re on, a vicious attack stays a vicious attack and until the clowns regulating this sport come out of their coma and apply the rules, we will see more and more of this abuse. I,ll bet you any money that if you saw your son in place of Max Pacioretti getting hit like Max did last night, the comments would be a little different than what we,re reading right now.

Posted by JC from Montréal on 03/09/11 at 11:31 AM ET

J.J. from Kansas's avatar

We have a lot in common, JC.

I also happen to think that people who disagree with me suffer from blindness, stupidity, or both.

Posted by J.J. from Kansas on 03/09/11 at 11:36 AM ET


ah, Habs and Bruin’s fans are always good for a laugh… habs so protective of their players now, then when they play bad the players get thrown under the bus instantly, boo’d on ice, etc.

Bruins fans, so devoid of realizing violence and dirty play when it’s their team dishing it out.

#1. The rink’s design is the main blame, most NHL arenas DO NOT have a partition of 6 feet worth of glass in the middle of the benches. (fine the rink?)

#2. This incident is not comprable to the Cooke/Savard, Lemuix/Draper.  Anywhere else on the ice, this is a 2 minute penalty tops.

#3. there should be a small suspension, just to piss off both sets of fans while really accomplishing nothing.

#4. player size shouldn’t have anything to do with how a call is made, they’re all grown men playing a physical sport.

#5. happened in Montreal to a Habs player… wouldn’t matter who it was doing the hit, they’re now worse than Hitler, Stalin, and Satan combined.

personally, wrong place, wrong time, bad luck…

Posted by skhockeyfan from saskatchewan on 03/09/11 at 11:58 AM ET

redxblack's avatar

clearly a dirty hit. He intended to run him into that post. I’d like to see him miss the remainder of the season. Max could have had his neck broken by that hit.

Posted by redxblack from Akron Ohio on 03/09/11 at 01:55 PM ET


Posted by redxblack from Akron Ohio on 03/09/11 at 11:55 AM ET

ASBOLUTELY fuching ridiculous…

Posted by Garth on 03/09/11 at 03:24 PM ET


I only played high school hockey, but I knew where those corners were.
Say all you want about bad design, the layout is like that in 99% of rinks and players know about it and use it.
Chara knew exactly where he was and what he was doing - trying to destroy an opponent.
Unfortunately, what he did isn’t against the rules.

-not a Habs or Bruins fan, BTW

Posted by Bill Kaupe on 03/09/11 at 05:45 PM ET


Are some of you people stupid, or just Boston fans?  Look at this photo of Chara literally driving the head into the post. Pacioretty’s body diodn’t hit the post, just his head, because Lurxh leaned him over into it.  Look at the forearm on Pacioretty’s head, the NHL statement was “no targetting of the head”, what is Chara doing with his forearm driving Pacioretty’s head into the post.  Unbelievable there was no suspension,

Posted by Grant from Canada on 03/11/11 at 12:10 AM ET

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