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Video- You Make The Call

Goal or Not?

added 8:51am, via Jeff Miller of Ducks Blog,

Asked what Martell told him by way of explanation, Boudreau, who confronted the official near the bench, said, “Well, I didn’t really give him much of a chance to say too much. I was ready to hit him.”

More Boudreau: “What do you want me to say? It cost us. It cost us the game. Sure they got another goal, but, I mean, we would have played completely different if it was a 2-2 tie with 10 minutes to go.

“I don’t know. I give up trying to figure these guys out.”

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Primis's avatar

As much as I hate the Ducks and enjoy seeing them suffer…. that’s a goal.  Unless you’re going to outlaw screens now too.

I hate this concept that if a skater is already in a spot on the ice, the goalie can go to that spot and somehow cause interference on the skater.  He went into the crease, but came to a complete stop with no more motion, and Turco then jutted himself out into him.

This league is a mess right now.  The off-ice officials have no more an idea what they’re doing than the on-ice ones.  We’ll let goals be scored with pucks out of play and with too many men on the ice, but then turn around and create interference in instances where there is none.

Posted by Primis on 03/26/12 at 09:46 AM ET

Rdwings28's avatar

answer: Brad Watson

Posted by Rdwings28 on 03/26/12 at 10:17 AM ET


The inconsistency is maddening. Some games you can run over the goaltender and in other instances if there is no contact, but the ref believes the goaltender didn’t have room in the crease it is no goal.

Posted by hockey1919 from mid-atlantic on 03/26/12 at 10:29 AM ET


Posted by Primis on 03/26/12 at 08:46 AM ET

I agree 100%.

Posted by Garth on 03/26/12 at 10:30 AM ET


Im really tired of seeing goals waved off when there is no contact before the puck crosses the goal line.

I know the league dosent want replay on goalie interference, but i think it would be pretty easy to use it to confirm that contact actually occurred, before disallowing a goal.  There dosent even have to be any judgment from off ice officials, just a simple yes or no, was there contact before the puck crossed the goal line. 

And from the overhead view, its pretty clear he isnt keeping turco from taking the position he wants, he isnt even screening him from this shot.  He clearly distracts Turco, but that cant be a reason to wave off a goal.

Posted by jwad on 03/26/12 at 10:40 AM ET


I don’t think this was a terrible call. Watching it at full speed it does look like Turco gets interfered with.  A good example why Goaltender Interference should be review able.

Posted by wingsnut25 on 03/26/12 at 10:48 AM ET

Matt Fry's avatar

That’s a terrible call.  They’re bitter rivals with my team but they still deserved that goal.  One more reason why referees shouldn’t be held up as infallible.  They make mistakes.  That could have gone to the Replay Office in Toronto and they could have easily said, “That’s a goal” and that’s it.  Hold the refs accountable.  We realize they make mistakes from time to time but replays should be the final word, especially on one as easy as that.  How did the officials even explain that one to the coach?  Probably pretty flimsy reasoning.

Posted by Matt Fry from Winnipeg on 03/26/12 at 11:03 AM ET

The Hurricane's avatar

Bad call…it was a goal…didn’t this happen to Holmstrom a while back?

Posted by The Hurricane on 03/26/12 at 11:10 AM ET


I don’t think this was a terrible call. Watching it at full speed it does look like Turco gets interfered with.

Yeah, but when the guy right by the net calls it a goal, everyone further away should STFU and not be able to overrule him from centre ice.  If the initial call was no goal then that’s one thing, but you can clearly see the ref by the net calling it a goal.

But yes, it should absolutely be reviewable.  If you can’t review goals like that then what’s the point of having video review at all?

Posted by Garth on 03/26/12 at 11:22 AM ET

Wings_in_NYC's avatar

It’s like these refs are gearing up for playoffs. Get ready for the annual BS Call Seminar. Hate the ducks, but that was a goal.

Posted by Wings_in_NYC on 03/26/12 at 11:40 AM ET

NIVO's avatar

definite goal. This is the job #96 should take once he retires. Doesnt he have the most experience here?

Posted by NIVO from underpants gnome village on 03/26/12 at 11:46 AM ET


It was a marginally bad call at full speed.  It was a terribly bad call upon review. 

100% of questionable goal scoring plays should be reviewed, including every incidence where a goal is waved off by an official… and all of those reviews need to happen from the league offices, not by an additional official at the stadium.

Posted by HockeyinHD on 03/26/12 at 11:56 AM ET

DocF's avatar

Not a goal.  A skater cannot get in the crease before the puck.  He was in Turco’s face, in the crease before the puck.  No goal.  I hate to say that Watson got anything right, but he did this time.  I loathe the Bruins almost more than the Ducks, so I am prejudiced against both.

Posted by DocF from Now: Lynn Haven, FL; was Reidsville, NC on 03/26/12 at 11:57 AM ET

mrfluffy's avatar

Marty Drama Turco.

Posted by mrfluffy from A wide spot on I-90 in Montana on 03/26/12 at 12:00 PM ET


A skater cannot get in the crease before the puck.

I can’t find any mention of that in the rulebook.  The only mention of players being in the crease under rule “78.5 Disallowed Goals” is this:

(v)  When an attacking player has interfered with a goalkeeper in his goal crease.

Posted by Garth on 03/26/12 at 12:03 PM ET

perfection's avatar

absolutely atrocious call. especially because the ref right on top of the play seemed to not hesitate. the review must have come from up ice. I think goalie interference should absolutely become a reviewable play. Too much is on the line and clearly the game is just too fast for these mere mortals to get it right.

Posted by perfection from LaLaLand on 03/26/12 at 12:07 PM ET


There use to be a rule like that Doc, its not anymore.  Goal.

Posted by T on 03/26/12 at 12:20 PM ET


It’s pretty rich that Boudreau is complaining about officiating. I didn’t see him making a fuss about the refs awarding the 5 on 4 powerplay on which Teemu scored, even though Rolston was high-sticked in the face during the delayed penalty. Would the Ducks have scored on a 4v4 situation? Maybe, maybe not.
The zebras giveth, the zebras taketh away.

Posted by Ken on 03/26/12 at 12:54 PM ET


Brad: Missed calls happen all he time. Waiving a goal off becuase you think a guy hit the goal tender when he didn’t is completely different. that was a gaol and I can’t stand the Ducks!!!

Posted by Jason on 03/26/12 at 01:01 PM ET

redxblack's avatar

I hate Ducks and strongly dislike Turco, but this is a goal. The refs are using the pre-lockout rulebook. Had turco not been backed into his net LONG BEFORE a skater arrived, he would have been able to have that position on the ice. He was hiding under the crossbar and gave up a goal. This is bad officiating covering for bad goaltender positioning and negating good offensive play from a team I love to hate.

Posted by redxblack from Akron Ohio on 03/26/12 at 02:18 PM ET


No goal. Turco had no ability to challenge out if he had wanted to be cause the player was there. If he was smart he would have initiated contact and flopped.

Redxblack he was deep in his net because the play originated out of the corner below the goal line. It wasn’t bad goaltending on that play.

Posted by moocat on 03/26/12 at 02:30 PM ET


moocat: are you serious??

Posted by Jason on 03/26/12 at 02:39 PM ET

Primis's avatar

definite goal. This is the job #96 should take once he retires. Doesnt he have the most experience here?

Posted by NIVO on 03/26/12 at 10:46 AM ET

Oh THAT will end well…

REF (*picks up phone*)  : “Homer, we need your judgement on this one, was it inter—.... what?  I know but….  Well that’s not a very nice thing to say about any goalie, Homer.  But the go—... Jesus Homer, was that even a real language or are you just slapping sounds and syllables together?.... Homer, we’ve been over this, it wasn’t the league that put you in a santa hat, it was FoxSports Detroit… Why does it matter how big the skater’s butt is?... No, no Homer…. I’m not yelling at you, I just…. no no, I promise I won’t tell Scotty, ok?....  Yes, I see, but this isn’t about whether the skater was getting slashed repeatedly in the legs before th—... ......  *sigh*  Look, I uhhhh, I gotta’ go…uhhh, I have a game to c—.... ok, bye…”

Posted by Primis on 03/26/12 at 02:49 PM ET

Ducksworth's avatar

NHL officiating is a joke…

Posted by Ducksworth from Brownstown, MI on 03/26/12 at 02:53 PM ET

tuxedoTshirt's avatar

I loathe the Bruins
Doc, I love ya.

Posted by Primis on 03/26/12 at 01:49 PM ET
I peed myself.

Garth is right.  Crease or no crease, if there is no contact there is no interference.  A guy could even be in behind the goalie.

Posted by tuxedoTshirt from the Home of the 1937 World Champions on 03/26/12 at 03:01 PM ET

bezukov's avatar

I’d be more upset if the Ducks didn’t have mountains of karmic comeuppance coming their way after years of goalie crashing and dirty play.

That said…  Dear NHL,

If you don’t want goals like this, bring back the “no standing in the crease” rule.  It’s that simple. 

I’m tired of the players being saddled with this grey area in the rules.  I’m tired of the differing interpretations of this rule among the referees.  I say just bring back the crease rule and get rid of this shit entirely.  Change the rules to read that when a skater is in the crease there is no goal and when a goalie leaves the crease, any contact (outside of charging or the like) is self incurred.  That makes it black and white (or blue in white lol) and almost idiot-referee proof. 

I like players being able to move through the crease, but after years of waived goals and phantom interference calls on Holmstom (to cite the example nearest to my heart) I’d rather just skip the whole affair and go back to the old rule.  It kills me every time I see Detroit’s momentum killed artificially by the referees.  I respectfully submit that killing the Wing’s momentum is the job of the other team, not league officials.

Otherwise, waived goals should be subject to a coach’s challenge and instant replay.  And the refs should be made available to the press after the game, so at the very least they have to stand by the stupidity of their decisions in a public forum. 

As much as I hate the Ducks, its clear that Turco initiated the contact and the Ducks were robbed by Brad Watson.  Boudreau is right to demand justice.

Posted by bezukov from the kids are alright. on 03/26/12 at 03:24 PM ET


moocat: are you serious??

Posted by Jason on 03/26/12 at 01:39 PM ET

Yep, but I’m a goalie so I’ll admit bias.

Posted by Moocat on 03/26/12 at 04:13 PM ET


I think it’s a goal because most refs call this a goal given the current rules.  On the other hand, I wish all refs would waive off these types of goals.  You can’t have players standing inside the crease yet not interfering with the goalie’s ability to make a stop. (unless the skater is behind the goalie.)  Goalies should be given the chance to a make a save with no opponent skater in the crease.  Especially now that the crease is no longer a complete semi-circle, bringing back the old rule actually should be fine.

Posted by Kel on 03/26/12 at 04:22 PM ET

J.J. from Kansas's avatar

Make it reviewable and then still call it a no-goal.

You don’t have to make contact with a guy in order to interfere with him and I’m in favor of making the rules in relation to the crease a lot more black-and-white. I’d happily trade this one for a no-goal because the skater is keeping the goalie from pushing off to the top of his crease to challenge the angle if we can have back all of the calls where a goalie will push off into a skater outside of the crease and get the benefit of the call.

Goals like this one should count and if we can make goaltender interference reviewable with the understanding that the crease is absolutely where the goalie is always going to get the call whereas he absolutely will not get it outside of the crease (especially when he initiates contact).

Posted by J.J. from Kansas on 03/26/12 at 04:36 PM ET

J.J. from Kansas's avatar

Finishing sentences FTW…

If we can do that, then I’m happy.

Posted by J.J. from Kansas on 03/26/12 at 04:37 PM ET

Paul's avatar

from Kerry Fraser of TSN,

Since Marty Turco was content with the position he assumed within his goal crease I would have allowed the goal to stand just like the referee on the goal line. In this case, with Anaheim 11 points out of a playoff spot it might appear as though it just water off a Duck’s back. Good luck trying to convince coach Bruce Boudreau of that!

much more

Posted by Paul from Motown Area on 03/26/12 at 04:39 PM ET

Primis's avatar

If you don’t want goals like this, bring back the “no standing in the crease” rule.  It’s that simple.

Posted by bezukov from The Darkness with Harkness Redux on 03/26/12 at 02:24 PM ET

As Brett Hull proved though, even if that rule is in writing they’ll still botch it.

Rules aren’t the problem.  Judgement (or lack thereof) is.

Posted by Primis on 03/26/12 at 04:52 PM ET

bezukov's avatar

As Brett Hull proved though, even if that rule is in writing they’ll still botch it.

Rules aren’t the problem.  Judgement (or lack thereof) is.

Posted by Primis on 03/26/12 at 03:52 PM ET

Hey shit happens, but one exception to my point doesn’t make it wrong.  I’d take that one mistake in x number of years, as monumental as it was, over 15-20 or more per season.

Posted by bezukov from the kids are alright. on 03/26/12 at 08:06 PM ET

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