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Let’s Welcome Another Hockey Blog to the Community

Here at The Goal Line Report, I like to promote hockey blogs of all sizes - big, small, entrepreneurial, etc.

With that said, I’d like to introduce B.D. Gallof’s HockeyIndependent.com. Mr. Gallof was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to talk about his new site.

PH: What made you decide to expand HockeyIndependent.com?
BD: I always felt that a hockey blog, from my perspective, was essentially…behind all the bells and whistles, about the teams. No matter how entertaining, insider, or just plain straight stats, that I as a fan, basically wanted team information. Team insight. Team-centric humor. My belief, is that most fans want the same…plus some extra. But all go on that basic principle.

Hockey fans all follow a team or two. So basically, blogging needs to come from a team angle…and never stray from that concept.

So, as I had IslandersIndependent.com doing rather well with the hits, RangersIndependent.com was looking to expend some energy, despite some quality posts in the offseason. At the same time I had been approached about the NJ Devils, and knew some Flyer guys ready to make the blogging jump. So, one day mid-summer, the three Gallof brothers had some beers and cigars at a BBQ and really re-thought what we were doing.

It seemed silly to separate the audience. Especially when my site had a lot of NHL readers from Montreal, Toronto, Rangers, and other areas. NJ bloggers followed Scott and RangersIndependent also.

So, we realigned ourselves to a new goal. NHL-wide team blogging that understands that bloggers have day jobs and that this is a love and hobby. All HockeyIndependent.com’s bloggers will attempt to do 2-3 blogs a week if they can. We feel the reading public will be well-supplied by having multiple bloggers able to support one another and appease fans hunger for information, insight and some fun.

Once we decided that, it was time to make it happen. So we methodically went about it as we do in our workplace. Action plans. Goals. All three Gallof brothers made this site. I handle the direction, site overall mission, bloggers and promotion. Scott, the former NY Rangers blogger of Hockeybuzz and I got together to figure out the look and feel. Scott then applied his CSS skills and HTML mettle to make it work. Phillip, the third brother and another NY Ranger fan, did all the key backend plugin setup and research work.

Between the three of us, and some help from various friends, coworkers, and bloggers to leverage information, it all came together quicker than we thought. Of course, we still have a lot of work to do. But word was out about the site, so we are aiming to have this live September 16th, completely finished or not.

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