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Myself and my assistant GM for KK’s EASHL Club System had a meeting the other day, to discuss the current status of the Club, as well as how the EASHL itself is looking this year. The conclusion that we both came to is that things kind of suck at the moment. As it’s looking like we are going to end up sending about 95% of the Main Club’s current roster down to the Farm Club for now, since “training camp” is about wrapped up for us.

The EASHL seems to taken a bit of a dive in general this year, as the new Club Cool-down has turned into a doubled edged sword of annoyance. Making it even harder to put a new Club together from scratch, which was already no easy task to begin with. So we decided to look for a decent player-run league to satisfy our own personal needs for some good competitive 6v6 online hockey action. Personally, I had little faith in this, given past things I’ve heard about some player-run leagues.

Then we found the Moose Hockey League.


First off, I just want to make it clear that I’m not shutting down KK’s EASHL Club System… for now at least.

I do however, want to talk about what might just be the most awesome, best managed, best organized, and just downright cool player-run league I’ve ever seen.

For those of you might be in the dark about what a “player-run league” is, I can offer you a pretty simple answer. Player-run leagues are an alternative to the EASHL, which has had more than its fair share of problems over the years. Problems that only seem to be growing, despite EA’s best efforts… they will still not quite ever be able to offer all of the awesomeness that comes with a good player-run league.

The problem with most of these player-run leagues, is the “good” part. As currently, the most popular of these leagues is the VHL, but they have a number of just plain stupid rules and regulations that have kept people like me far away from them as an alternative to the EASHL.

However, I may have finally stumbled upon the best player-run league out there that many people may not have heard of yet. Although they are by no means “small-time” and they mean “serious business”. As they have an ever expanding player base, as well as several other things going on that have earned my stamp of approval… and I have pretty high standards. So much so, that have kept myself away from other player-run leagues, until now.

Enough rambling though, let me get right to the heart of this thing, and tell you why the Moose Hockey League (MHL) is the league to be in this year in NHL 12 and throughout the future of EA Sports NHL Franchise.

The following are some of the main features of coolness that you’ll find in the MHL.

Live Player Draft
At the start of every season, the MHL holds a live draft where each team captain selects their roster for the season. Each draft features an hour long pre-draft show video special. Accompanying the actual draft itself is a live radio show, as well as a chat room with an automated draft script. So members in the MHL can watch the draft go down, and not only talk about it in the chat room, but also call-in to the live radio show to be a part of what I’ve heard is one of the most exciting nights in the MHL, as they usually crack 100+ members in the chat room on draft night.

MHL SportsCenter
Every Monday through Friday, the MHL hosts their own internet video version of SportsCenter, which recaps everything that went down the night before in the MHL. Including featured players of the night, complete box scores for games, and more. Members are also encouraged to send in their own highlights, to be featured on the show.

Flan Fan Show
Also every Monday through Friday, at 5:30PM EST, the MHL hosts their own live radio show, to talk about everything going on in the MHL, from the latest scores, news, transactions and more. MHL members are also encouraged to call-in and be a part of the live show as well.

Live Streams
The MHL has over 10 capture cards in rotation to ensure that nearly every game is either streamed live, or recorded and uploaded for later viewing, so you can keep up on all the MHL action even if your don’t have a game scheduled that night. During playoff season, nearly every series is streamed live for people to watch and chat about in the chat room.

MHL on iTunes
If you miss an episode of MHL SportsCenter or the Flan Fan Live Radio Show, it’s no problem, as the MHL has it covered with all of their content available for download on iTunes. All audio / video files are also available in a format for listening / viewing on your computer or mobile device without any additional encoding required.

MHL Mobile App
The MHL features a mobile app available for Android, as well as an optimized mobile website for iPhone, iPod, and iPad, that act as webapps, so you can keep tabs on the MHL when you are out and about.

Of course I could have saved myself some writing by just showing you their promotional video for the upcoming season. Which was all I had to see before I was sold on the MHL.

As you can see, Jim mentioned plenty of other things that I didn’t even get into, as there is a TON of awesome stuff going on the in MHL, and it only looks to be getting better season after season.

Like Jim just mentioned in the video, the live draft for season 12 of the MHL will be held next Thursday, September 29th. So I highly recommend to anyone currently in KK’s EASHL Club system, or anyone looking for some awesome, fun, and competitive 6v6 online hockey to head over to the MHL’s official website (www.mooseonice.com) and get registered for the upcoming draft.

It’s a very simple two step process. First, in the upper right hand part of the site, you’ll see a “New Users CLICK HERE” link, which is where you sign up for the MHL forums. I highly suggest you use your actual gamertag as your username, as it helps out with the draft process and player scouting. Once you are registered with the site and logged in, just hit up the season 12 draft signup link on the main page, which will take you to another page where you can go over the quick list of basic league rules. Which there aren’t that many of, aside from how to handle things if a player gets lagged out of a game and other minor things. There is nothing wacky and dumb like most other player-run leagues I’ve seen before.

There is one little rule that applies to MHL rookies, like myself, which is that you are not eligible to be drafted in the main MHL draft in your first season in the league. The MHL of course has their own minor league system, the MAHL, which has a separate draft about two days after the main draft, which gives the MAHL captains time to scout players. This second draft is for all the players who went undrafted in the main MHL draft, as well as all of the new members to the league. The MHL media team has all the bells and whistles for this draft as well, it’s just generally not as populated as the main draft.

The only reason they put this rookie rule in place was so that someone couldn’t pull up out a “ringer” friend of theirs, and then draft them in the late rounds because no one else knows who they are. Personally, I don’t have any problem with this rookie rule, as I think it makes plenty of good logical sense to help keep the league as fair and balanced as possible.

In terms of flexibility for both preferred player position(s) as well as game schedule attendance, I don’t think anyone can touch the MHL, who makes this process very simple when you register for the draft. That way you can generally play the position(s) you want to play, when you are able to play. Although, like most player-run leagues like this, it will probably help your draft stock a bit if you are willing to play more than one position if need be, and are available to play on a “full-time” basis. Although their schedule isn’t that demanding, to allow as many players to be able to play when they can, while still offering up enough games to keep you busy if you’re active full-time.

If you want to get any additional info (which there is plenty of), or have any questions about the league, I recommend heading over to the MHL Website (www.mooseonice.com) and singing up on their forums and just asking at the “Help Desk” section. As I had a few basic questions, which I quickly got good answers to.

Plus, as things seem to be these days, I tend to get a little extra attention where ever I go, likely due to being a part of the excellent staff here at KK. So a few of the guys who run the MHL wanted to talk with me, and it looks like I might end up helping them out with some of the media stuff, given my 10 year background in the field.

Although, I was going to write this blog promoting the MHL anyway, since it was one of those “hey guys, I found an awesome player-run league you should check out” kind of thing. It looks like I might be working directly with the MHL on some level in addition to being a full-time goaltender in the league.

I know a good thing when I see it though, be it here at KK, or over at the MHL. I have the feeling it is only a matter of time before they take over as the biggest and best player-run league for the EA Sports NHL Franchise on Xbox. Some people, like myself, could argue that they are already there, even though I’ve yet to play a single game.

I’m sure some of you might still be a bit skeptical, which is fine. Because I’ll be reporting about my MHL experiences throughout the season as a part of my general EA Sports NHL-series coverage, as they are getting my personal endorsement as the one and only player-run league that you should join and play in. Personally, I love all of the stuff that they are doing. I’m very excited about the upcoming draft and getting involved in this awesome league as an alternative to the rather constant annoyance that is the EASHL at times.

On a final note, another reminder to those of you in KK’s EASHL Club System that might be worried about myself joining the MHL. I’d just like to assure you that it won’t affect the current EASHL Club System I have running at the moment.

Although we’ll see how everything ends of playing out over the next several months. At this point I’m not going to guarantee that the EASHL Club will be around forever, especially if the MHL turns out to be all of what I expect it to be.


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you forgot about the moose store too

Posted by XxXseigleXxX from nj on 09/23/11 at 05:10 PM ET

Doug Miller's avatar

you forgot about the moose store too - Posted by XxXseigleXxX from nj

I forgot plenty of things, there is so much MHL stuff to talk about I could probably write a book on it.

I do wanna get myself an MHL t-shirt when I have the money though. wink

Posted by Doug Miller from Wyandotte, MI on 09/23/11 at 05:24 PM ET


Hi Doug,

Love the article thank you fam.  Look forward to your presence in the MHL!  Keep up the great work!

Love Always,


Posted by GIANT918 from Clifton, New Jersey on 09/23/11 at 05:27 PM ET


Awesome article man!  I’ve been in the MHL since day 1 and can tell you that while it has its quirks and idiots, it’s the best league around and it’s accessible to players of all levels.  I guarantee that once you start getting into it, you’ll care a lot more about your MHL team than any club you might be part of smile

Posted by Jeembo2k from Minnesoooooooota on 09/23/11 at 05:42 PM ET

Doug Miller's avatar

Thanks for the compliments guys, but it’s just what I do around here.

Find cool stuff or interesting stories in the large range of stuff I currently cover, and talk about them.

Glad you guys liked the post though.

Posted by Doug Miller from Wyandotte, MI on 09/23/11 at 05:55 PM ET


Great wrote up, thanks Doug!  Can I borrow your blog name for my MAHL team this season? The Cluster Pucks, has a nice ring, and fits me well!! LMK

Posted by Boston999 from VA on 09/23/11 at 06:19 PM ET


Excellent article, and thank you for the kind words about our league. 

As a player who’s been in the MHL since day 1 also, I can say it is a TON of fun to play in this league.  I could never play the NHL series any other way and still have as much fun as I do in the Moose.  It offers a competitive atmosphere while not being OVERLY competitive like MLG or the “other” hockey league you mentioned (i.e. 50 billion rules and suspensions handed out for using the board play feature and using wrist shots in the 3rd period).

The standard EASHL sucks due to all the quitters, cheaters and other morons so it’s nice to have an organized league to play in.

Again, thank you for speaking awesome of our league and great write up, this article was done well.


Johnnyy Blaze

Posted by Johnnyy Blaze on 09/23/11 at 06:35 PM ET

Doug Miller's avatar

Great wrote up, thanks Doug!  Can I borrow your blog name for my MAHL team this season? The Cluster Pucks, has a nice ring, and fits me well!! LMK - Posted by Boston999 from VA

Hmm… that’s a tough question, as “Cluster Pucks” has always sort of been my thing, as I’ve used it for everything from fantasy teams to EASHL Clubs of mine for years now.

I’d be okay with you using it if there was some way you could guarantee to take me in the MAHL draft, or make every attempt to make a trade for me, as I would feel very weird playing against my own team. Plus, should I ever become a captain one day, that is the team name I’d be using.

So it’s all a bit messy. Since I have no idea what my draft stock might be in the MAHL draft, and I think I might be one of the only “Goaltender Only” players on the MAHL draft board, although it’s yet to be updated with my info the last time I checked.

We may have to discuss this issue further in the future with the MEC, as I’m not sure what the regulations are for team names… as I said, I’d be fine with it, as long as I was on said “Cluster Pucks” team.

Posted by Doug Miller from Wyandotte, MI on 09/23/11 at 06:45 PM ET


I don’t have you on my draft sheet but send me a XBL pm. I would love to see what you have in net. I hope to run a scrim/scouting games tonight @ 8pm EST if I can get enough guys on (I know it’s Friday night, but I work tomorrow so it might as well be Thursday to me :().

I totally understand about the name thing, but if you have what it takes I would love to draft you. My goalie position is wide open!

MEC does not mind the name, I have seen worse, I mean better. lol This group is not uptight about that kind of stuff. Heck I was on “Touched by an Uncle” last season! To make matters worse we had 5 uncles and one “nephew”. It’s all in good fun. Ultimately this is a game and it should be FUN!

Posted by Boston999 from VA on 09/23/11 at 06:54 PM ET

Doug Miller's avatar

I don’t have you on my draft sheet but send me a XBL pm. I would love to see what you have in net. I hope to run a scrim/scouting games tonight @ 8pm EST if I can get enough guys on - Posted by Boston999 from VA

Well, that’s super ironic, as I was literally just in the process of sending you a friend request and a message on XBL right before I got the email about your comment.

I’m planning on brushing up on my netminding skills A LOT between now and the draft. I’ll be on tonight if you want to see what I currently have, although it will probably be better by draft time, as I’m going to be working on trying to get my Legend 3 rank as a goalie before the MAHL draft, currently sitting on Superstar 3 though.

As for the name and the MEC, I know they wouldn’t have a problem with it. I was talking more along the lines of if you could have an alternate team name setup, so that you could use “Cluster Pucks” should you land me in the draft, or something else if you don’t.

Posted by Doug Miller from Wyandotte, MI on 09/23/11 at 07:04 PM ET

Matt Fry's avatar

Already signed up.  Right after you I think.  Looks promising.

Posted by Matt Fry from Winnipeg on 09/24/11 at 12:49 AM ET

Matt Fry's avatar

Reading up on their history, I actually remember being in that 2k8 League shortly.  Is Hugh Laurie 88 still around in there?  I think he was the guy that initially invited me to it.  I’m pretty sure I sucked and it was short lived (for me at least) but it was a good time.  If this is as well run as that league was, I think we have a winner.

Posted by Matt Fry from Winnipeg on 09/24/11 at 12:59 AM ET

Doug Miller's avatar

Reading up on their history, I actually remember being in that 2k8 League shortly.  Is Hugh Laurie 88 still around in there?  I think he was the guy that initially invited me to it.  I’m pretty sure I sucked and it was short lived (for me at least) but it was a good time.  If this is as well run as that league was, I think we have a winner. - Posted by Matt Fry from Winnipeg

Yeah, Hugh is still around, he’s a captain in the MHL now.

It’s even better run now than it was back then, as I’ve read up on the history too. The media coverage just puts it over the top.

I played in a bunch of scouting/scrimmage games tonight, and even held my net against some of the top MHL forwards, granted I had some excellent defense to help back me up and make my job a hell of a lot easier.

Those games were by far the most fun I’ve had with NHL 12 yet, and even that little stuff tonight was very well run and very well organized. Also, everyone I met was pretty awesome as well… very good times indeed. So I have the feeling I’m really going to enjoy the MHL, as I hope some other readers will as well.

As I said in this blog, I tend to have an eye for something good when I see it.

The MHL is a winner, there is no doubt about that.


Oh, and a quick PS to those of you in KK’s EASHL Club, don’t be freaking out because I left the Club for the moment, I’m just going to be running with some of the MAHL captains to try and up my draft stock for the next week or so.

Besides, the majority of people will be getting sent to the Farm Club over the weekend,  which will offer you a lot more freedom, and for a few of you, GM spots, to help manage the Farm Club.

Posted by Doug Miller from Wyandotte, MI on 09/24/11 at 06:42 AM ET


Hey Doug, Awesome writeup! I"ve been in the MHL since day 1. Can’t believe how much it’s grown. This is pretty much the ONLY reason I buy NHL12. I don’t get into the whole “going to Vancouver” club thing and OTP, as we all know, is a joke. The MHL is where it’s at.

Thanks again for the awesome write up.

Posted by OchoSpyko on 09/24/11 at 12:35 PM ET


Good blog post man! Been in the mhl since season 4, this league is very accomodating to players like me who can only play during the summer season. I think you’ll be a good addition to the media team.

Posted by TuckerFan1 on 09/24/11 at 06:33 PM ET


Nice article buddy. This is some interesting info on the mfl. I’m gonna have to do some more digging now…

Posted by My Free iPad from United States on 01/20/12 at 11:01 PM ET

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