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NHL 12 Review Follow-Up and EASHL Club Update

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a few days. Feels like a lot longer for a guy who is so used to writing so often. Anyway, I just had a few things I wanted to add/correct/update from my NHL 12 review. As well as update everyone on how the first few days of KK’s EASHL Club System is going, as well as how the first few days of the first season (September) have been in the EASHL in NHL 12.

First up, a few things I need to correct from my original NHL 12 Review - since some information just came as a surprise or changed after release.

- EA has released the first roster update.

Nothing major, just cleaning up some trades/retirements that were done after the game was finalized. Still no new Jets uniforms though, I’m guessing we’ll see those closer to the season.

- HUT Legend Cards

My original report in the review that Legend cards in HUT only had 5 game careers was wrong, that is just what the ones you get from the reward pack have. The actual real Legends cards have 180 game careers, except Gordie Howe, who has 200. I was correct about them being ultra-rare though, as I bought a ton of packs… enough to build and fully train a 5 star team, and didn’t get a single Legend, and the few that I have seen on the trade market are usually going for several 100 thousand pucks, usually averaging between 200K and 400K at the moment, depending on the Legend, although those prices will come down as more of them slowly hit the market over the the next month or so. Position Switch Card are also pretty rare too, which seems fair, considering how powerful they can be.

- Club Cool-Down

When EA first announced Club Cool-Down, it was set at 3 hours, for when you leave a Club before you can join or create a new one. They had said this would drop quite a bit before release though, which it did, as shortly before release it was down to 1 hour. Then after release it’s shot up to a whopping 12 hours. I don’t know if they have plans to tone this down anytime soon, but I could use a few contacts I have to try and find out. Also, everyone gets one “freebie” as the first time you leave a Club you will not be subject to cool-down.

I think that’s everything, but I’ve been somewhat sleep-deprived the last few weeks, so I could be forgetting something. Anyway, moving on to some updates about KK’s EASHL Club System.

I’ve decided that I want each Club in the system to have a 12-man roster. Six forwards, four defensemen, and two goaltenders, since not everyone is always on to play at the same time. This should also make for some good inter-Club competition for players to push each other each month to decide who will be the starting 6 (or less in some cases) when the Playoffs roll around at the end of each month. Although in some cases, there will be some utility players, who are capable of playing more than one position well, which at the moment, are very useful to have as we try and put rosters together.

Also, despite the initial number of requests I’ve gotten,  few of them have yet to officially join the roster for one reason or another. I know many people haven’t gotten the game yet, and that is all fine. Some players have played a number of games, but without my Assistant GM and Head of Player Scouting, Mike (cookiesnow) around, it’s hard to get an idea of what the roster might be looking like, as he has a better eye for certain things than I do. Although Mike and I have both agreed that even the two of us need to improve our own games more before we go looking to recruit players outside of those that have already contacted me via KK or through other means. It’s not looking like it’s going to be an easy Main Club roster to crack, as both of us want to have a Club capable going toe to toe with the best Clubs in the EASHL.

As I’ve said before though, nothing will officially be decided until the end of the month. Plus at the moment both of us are trying to progress to getting our respective Legend cards at our positions, myself at goaltender and him at skater. So we are likely to be a bit picky about our ranked games the next week or so, as we want to try and improve our overall grade averages. No fear though, as I’ll still be trying to give plenty of people ice-time in games to show what they’ve got, I’ll just likely be doing it as a forward, until I can nail that Legend card at goalie, which looks like it is going to be quite the challenge. Anyway, just as a reminder, if you need to contact me over Xbox Live about requesting a Club invite for this month’s training camp / pre-season period, my gamertag is Doug IVI (eye vee eye at the end there). Sometimes I get busy with things, so I can’t get back to everyone right away, but I do my best.

In some other EASHL news. Nothing much seems out of he ordinary considering the time of year. It’s a short season in which several Clubs have jumped out way a head of everyone else because of the 3 day early release download. We’ll just have to see if these Clubs can maintain their ranks as the month continues. What should be interesting is the new EASHL All-Stars system, as well as not only are the leaderboards split up finally for Club and OTP, but so are your stats to some extent, as they are tracked separately for Club and OTP, but combine for your overall progression. Although for the All-Stars, I’m pretty sure only Club games count towards this ranking.

It’s also a little interesting to me to see the majority of top goaltenders SV% has dropped quite a bit compared to last year. As even the top guys seem to be stuck in the mid-800s for the most part. I’m not sure if it’s got something to do with the game being new, or the fact that goaltending is harder now (in my opinion). Another interesting fact, is that I’ve yet to see a goaltender with a higher overall grade than a B+, and if it’s anything like last year, you are going to need to manage to eventually reach A- to acquire a Legend card. Which is already making me wonder how very few “legit” Legend goalies might ever be out there over NHL 12’s year life-span, as goaltending grades are pretty harsh, and it’s tougher to get that grade average up and maintained than you might think. At least they fixed it for goalies so that not only do desperation saves count now, along with penalty shot saves and breakaways saves, they also seem to be a factor in goalie grading now.

It’s all still new though, so who knows how things will end up after some time has passed, and these are very busy times for me, but I’ll try to keep updated when I can.

Plus I know I’ve got the some QMJHL and WHL action already going on, expect an update about that after the weekend. The OHL drops the puck on their season next week, on Wednesday.

In some fake OHL NHL 12 news though, the 15-year old virtual version of myself is dominating the OHL in scoring as a left wing sniper with Kingston, already having racked up nearly 50 points and almost 40 goals in the first 12 games of the season or so, including an insane 10 goal game, played on default authentic settings, and I just got promoted from the 3rd line up to the second line, and am now on the first PP unit as well. The next great legend is in the making, haha. However, I won’t be talking about that silly stuff though, as to not confuse any readers.

Do expect to hear me talking about the EASHL as if it were any other real hockey league though. As I said before, it’s a short season this month, so we’ll see who establishes themselves early, and how things play out from there.

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