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Hockey Hate

Stumbling around on YouTube the other day, I think I came across The World’s Most Insecure NJ Devils Fan.  A collection of 26 videos, 15 of those are fully dedicated to the topic of hating Canucks fans (sweet geezus, Vancouver… what did you DO to this guy??) and most of the rest dedicated to hating the fans of other teams. 

While I can appreciate the pleasures of hockey team hatred (i.e. the Avs shall forever remain the “Evil Empire” in my mind, and the Wings aren’t far behind…) I’m not sure I’ll ever grasp the self-delusion of I’m-a-real-hockey-fan-and-you-aren’t. I mean, hell, a few of my favorite people are Avalanche and Wings fans. I worry about their mental health (obviously) but to each his own.

Regardless, I can still respect a good Photoshop effort as much as the next


hockey fan… and this screen capture of Roberto Luongo (created by The World’s Most Insecure NJ Devils Fan) has some potential:

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The NHL Bites Back?

[Updated below, with a response from the NHL.]

I happened upon something interesting last night: Madison Square Garden’s Youtube account, MSG Online, has been suspended. And from what I can tell, no videos have been posted to that account for about a week or so prior to this suspension.

It’s hard to say what’s going on—and my requests for an explanation from both MSG and the NHL have yet to provide an explanation—but it’s a curious situation.

First of all, an account suspension is how Youtube has previously responded when a copyright holder has erected a challenge to the content carried by one of its members.  And secondly, the NHL itself has enforced their copyright claims with Youtube in the past.

So it makes me wonder: did the NHL claim a copyright violation by MSG and the New York Rangers, and request Youtube suspend their account?

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