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Join The Crazy Canucks

From The Crazy Canucks website:

The crew is going mobile for an upcoming episode of The Crazy Canucks podcast.

On Tuesday February 17th we’ll be heading to The Score on Davie for brews, banter, and to watch the Canucks take on the Flames on their big 70 inch screen.

The puck drops at 6:30pm so we’ll be there shortly before. Feel free to stop by and say hi if you’re in the neighbourhood, then kick back and catch the game with us in this super-comfortable sports bar (with wifi) [Google Map].

I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to join my cohosts, but I’ll be in Vancouver so I’ll do my best.  And if so, I really hope to meet some readers/listeners there. Shared misery and/or euphoria are some of the best things about watching a hockey game.

Plus, I know how much you all want to give me free beers… smile


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The Crazy Canucks This Week

A new episode of The Crazy Canucks is up and episode #69 obviously features a lot of groin talk.

Although touted as the super groin spectacular due to Luongo’s injury being the top story in Vancouver news [recently] this episode is pretty much about a team united (and happy to boot).  All of the co-hosts join together to talk lines, recent wins, upcoming road trips, and to try and figure out the meaning behind the end of game hoots and hollers for Sanford.


Here are some tidbits we mentioned during the show:

TCC Epsiode #69 [46:58m]
*photo is from John’s Flickr stream

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The Crazy Canucks and Wellwood Mania

We finally got together last night and recorded a new episode of The Crazy Canucks:

Everyone gathered this evening for a quick episode where we discuss Luongo’s early November shutout streak, the third jersey, the Canucks making their film debut, and some making their debut in Manhattan. Third jersey talks, and a whole lot of Wellwood appreciation round out this edition of The Crazy Canucks.

Warning to Leafs fans: There’s a point in the show where I was trying to defend your honour (truly!) but that effort went a bit south when I sorta likened the flood of your jerseys onto the streets of Vancouver last Saturday to some sort of gay pride parade. (whoops…) smile

P.S. Incidentally I also spent a few minutes on this episode of The Rink Podcast last week, hosted by James (of Jerseys and Hockey Love) and Tom (of AOL Fanhouse). Their podcast is a great show covering the NHL in general, which I suggest everyone check out sometime.


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The Crazy Canucks—New Episode

The Crazy Canucks had a small gap in our podcasts this month (John is our mighty producer, and he’s been recovering from some dark & mysterious illness) but a new episode is now up.  Check it out.
In addition to hockey talk, we were also pondering TCC sitings around Vancouver and the photo here made my day.  That’s J.J. and DaveO from our crew, plus Richard Loat (of Facebook) in the middle.

I’ve yet to see the bus(es) featuring my own sorry self (though I’ve seen other stuff) but I did get this text message from Miss604 earlier today:

“I just passed you on a bus!”

I’m not sure, but I think she sounded a bit scared. (And god knows, I am…)  smile

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A Surreal Moment in Hockey Fandom

It’s sort of surreal, spotting giant posters of yourself on the wall of a Vancouver Skytrain station…


Thanks to the Vancouver Canucks for including me (and the rest of The Crazy Canucks) in their new marketing campaign.  Freakin’ cool. smile
*image belongs to miss604’s flickr. click on the photo or here to enlarge

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Canucks Contests & Chicanery


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The Crazy Canucks - Season Three

Last night we recorded the first episode of Season 3 of The Crazy Canucks:

We’re back. Season three of TCC kicks off with a quick gathering of the crew to has out what to expect for the coming season as well as some cool things going on with each of our various projects. We take a look back as who we’ve lost, the new faces (that we kinda think we know something about but don’t know half as much as we’d like), hash out the who does what for TV and radio play-by-play, and take assignments for new names of the team for show and tell later.

Listen to the show at TCC or just pop it into iTunes. There’s a lot more news as well, so Canucks fans be sure to listen.  Also check out J.J.‘s new site CanucksHockeyBlog.com (no more blogspot) where he’s preparing to give away two tickets to the September 23rd preseason game against the Oilers.

The five of us will all be attending that night as well, so maybe we’ll get a chance to pelt the winner with popcorn. smile

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I Am A Canuck

Yesterday I had the surreal experience—along with the rest of The Crazy Canucks podcasters: Rebecca, John, J.J. and DaveO, plus Richard Loat who created the very successful Canucks Facebook application—of participating in a photoshoot for the Vancouver Canucks “I Am A Canuck” advertising campaign. 

Here are a couple behind-the-scenes pics I stole from Rebecca’s iPhone:


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Vancouver Canucks 2008 Pre-Season Schedule

The Vancouver Canucks released their pre-season schedule yesterday. (Isn’t that timely of them? They’re only behind some 27 other teams or so, releasing this…)

Anyway, the team’s first preseason game is September 22, opening with a home-and-home match-up against the Forces of Evil. 


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If You’re in Vancouver, Say ‘Hi!’

A busy weekend ahead, as Sunday is the time for the Vancouver Canucks’ annual Open Practice.  Last year, the team was nice enough to allow The Crazy Canucks podcasters to record throughout the building—and it was a great experience, but this year might even be even more fun

We (“we” being myself, J.J., Rebecca, John and Dave)  were kindly asked to participate in the events surrounding the team’s search for The Ultimate Canucks Fan

And that’s just for starters…

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Naslund In the Zone

Brad Ziemer at CanWest News called Markus Naslund “Captain Fantastic” this morning.  There are plenty of good reasons for the exuberance—as Ziemer points out:

...it’s not just that Naslund is scoring, it’s the way he’s scoring. We’re seeing more signature Markus Naslund goals, like that quick-release wrister from the left faceoff circle that beat Anaheim Ducks goaltender Jean-Sebastien Giguere on Tuesday night.  After that game, Naslund said his head is now in “the right place.”

It would appear so.

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Listening to Canucks Fans

I wasn’t around to contribute but The Crazy Canucks put out two great episodes of the podcast this week. 

First was a short, mobile episode where John and Rebecca tell entertaining stories of visiting a Canucks/NHL legends event; Bobby Hull sounds like a great guy.  And the next episode recorded Thursday ran down everything in Canucks land.

Gotta say—hearing Gino Odjick’s voice on our own podcast saying “You’re listening to The Crazy Canucks!” is pretty damn cool.

Note: For my own audio efforts this week, I interviewed former Capital/Avalanche/Flyer player Keith Jones (a.k.a. “Jonesy”) for Kukla’s Korner.  Nothing to do with the Canucks, but Jonesy had a rather unusual journey to the NHL and was a total pleasure to chat with.

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Canucks-Related Transactions

[note: transactions updated 4:25pm PT at bottom of post]

For once, the NHL’s disciplinary committee hit fast and (I think) pretty hard:

Philadelphia forward Jesse Boulerice was suspended 25 games by the NHL on Friday for cross-checking Vancouver’s Ryan Kesler across the face, matching the largest suspension in league history.

For a comparison to other major suspensions, check here.

Personally, I have no problem with the length of this, but I fully expect there will be plenty of impassioned opinions—that it’s either: (a) not enough, or (b) too much.



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A Bit of Canada/Russia Hockey History

My brilliant hockey friend and podcasting colleague DaveO (of Hockey Northwest) has issued a special, solo edition of our usual podcast. What is normally the The Crazy (Vancouver) Canucks, DaveO turned away from the Vancouver team to look at the national sport, providing a brief hockey history of the competitive relationship between Russia and Canada.

It’s a short, informative episode, looking at some events related to 1972 and 2007.  Be sure to check it out.


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The Crazy Canucks #41 - Interviewing CBC’s Shanel Pratap

Another episode of The Crazy Canucks  is out.  From the show notes:

In this special episode, J.J. and Alanah take control of the podcast to interview Shanel Pratap from CBC Vancouver. He does the sports for the noon news hour and weekend sports anchor on the CBC. Shanel also spent four days at Canucks training camp in Victoria, B.C. Our crew chats with him, gets inside his head a little, and look ahead at what we can expect by what he saw at training camp.

The truth is, J.J. took over the episode. I mostly hung around and looked pretty (hey, it’s radio—even I can pull that off).  But it was great hearing from Shanel - a respected member of the local media and extremely well-informed on the team. 

P.S. Expect two more short episodes of The Crazy Canucks —with more interviews—to come out in the next 5 days. Time we all get pumped up for the new season… even if the damn team is going down like flies every time we turn on the news.


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Episode #40 - The Crazy Canucks

imageThough there were a few summer episodes, a new season officially kicks off at The Crazy Canucks podcast this week, with a small collection of segments we recorded last week and on Monday night.  It runs about 25 minutes and it can be downloaded or listened to on a player at the TCC blog:

Hockey is back! Well, we’re almost there, but the puck is dropping in pre-season action all around the NHL, and September 17, 2007 is when it started for the Canucks.

This episode ended up being a mix of content, mostly due to technical difficulties in the recording process. Everyone gathers online to discuss more of the jersey debate, but this is probably the last we’ll really hammer this topic. Then Dave and John hang out for a brief chit chat before the first game against Anaheim, and Rebecca ends this episode with a report on going to the game.

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