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Fit Sharks

From Matthew Sekeres at the Globe & Mail:

The Vancouver Canucks pride themselves on physical fitness.

It’s an organizational staple of general manager Mike Gillis, who introduced nutrition plans and player-specific conditioning programs upon his hiring three years ago. In that time, players who have been imported from other NHL organizations have consistently failed to match existing Canucks in the battery of fitness tests conducted at training camp.

Some, like current San Jose Sharks forward Kyle Wellwood, fell woefully short of the mark, while others are close but not quite up to the snuff.

Forward Manny Malhotra and defenceman Christian Ehrhoff were exceptions. Both came from the Sharks, and both fared well against their new teammates at first blush.

For that reason, it’s easy to believe Sharks head coach Todd McLellan when he says his team’s conditioning is “very good” and doesn’t have “any doubts that we can play deep into games, and well into overtime if we have to.”


More from McLellan in this interview transcript from today’s media session.

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Making Fun of the Enemy

imageI’m starting to think Sharks fans are sorta cool—or at least have a bit of a sense of humor about their team, unlike too many other people. Aside from getting nothing but polite and thoughtful comments from them personally, I also noted this photoshoppery thread at their message boards, making fun of the Canucks, but also openly inviting Canucks fans to do the same. 

Which is where I found this image of (H/D?) Sedin.  Posted prior to Sunday, but a nice epilogue for game 1, I think. smile

Of course, appreciating their willingness to spar means taking a few hits ourselves.  And while the whole tiresome “Sedin sisters” theme continues on boringly, there’s also some more unusual and entertaining efforts.

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Not Bitter, Just Stressed Out

Shortly after Roberto Luongo was first injured—beginning a new era I shall henceforth refer to as Our Tragic Miserable Journey Into Darkness—I erected an on-the-fly guessing game for readers to speculate on his return date.

Looking back at that contest, I see the winner was Max Cekota of Victoria.  I hadn’t decided what prize I would offer initially, but I’m thinking I might send a book. Last I looked, I think Gallowglass Books had an old Mark Messier biography hanging around—and I’m feeling bitter enough to send it, so watch your mailbox, Max. smile

Why bitter?

No reason at all. None. Nothing to worry about. Certainly not Clod freakin’ LeMoo.

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NHL Flea Market Saturday

Noted in the Mercury News the other day,

The Sharks are clearing out for the summer, and that’s where you come in. The team is holding an equipment sale from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday at Sharks Ice, 150 S. 10th St. Among the items for sale are game and practice jerseys (washed, hopefully), sticks, skates and “protective equipment.”

• Also: one trophy case, like new, and an unused can of silver polish. OK, not really.
• The champagne isn’t for sale, either, because that stuff is going to be goooooood by the time they get to open it.

The Dallas Stars are selling off their goods today as well. There’s a caution on the flyer below noting “Limit 12 sticks per customer,”  but at least there’s no mention of washing anyone’s practice jersey. Eau de Brendan Morrow can be yours for a bargain basement price:

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What, Me Worry?

imageSo last night, the AHL’s own Vancouver Canucks managed to whoop the reigning Stanley Cup Champions (well, technically it was maybe 30 minutes of “whoop” and 30 minutes of “please don’t kill us” but it worked out, so, whatever…) and tonight they face the Sharks.

What, me worry? Never. For one thing, the Canucks have the formidable, daunting superstar-to-be Jason Jaffray on their side (26 year old former ECHLer, first NHL game of his career last night, first NHL goal, and first star of the game. What’s not to love?).  And then there’s Curtis Sanford (a.k.a. “the second coming of Patrick Roy”, a pronouncement that both pleases and nauseates me). Looking good.

But of course the Sharks deserve respect.  Even forgetting their hockey skills for a moment, I was perusing San Jose’s game day notes today and was well-entertained by some random trivia. Such as:

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Canucks Freak Us Out with Mysterious “Scoring Talent”

Game one against the Sharks wasn’t so hot. 

Friday night marked the 150th consecutive sellout in Vancouver.  Less than a minute into that first game of the season, Yo! Luongo made a big save, the crowd roared “Louuuuu!” and a new season began to great expectations. (So, that part was sort of fun.)

And then of course, much of the rest of that night sucked like a hoover. 

Jeremy Roenick scoring two goals felt like some kind of curse, for one thing.  So in order to banish the curse,  I thought I’d republish the image below that I created as an homage to Roenick a few months ago:

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