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Speculating on a New Coach in Vancouver

I was working on my job application letter this morning—applying for the soon-to-be-available position of head coach of the Vancouver Canucks—but I got stuck early. (After all, when you start with “Dear Dumbasses…” there’s really nowhere to go with it that’s going to salvage that job application). So with me out of the mix, I’ve opted to focus my energy on second-best choices.

First off, will there in fact be a coaching change? They played better last night but is it too little, too late? My feeling is that it is, but I could be wrong. This is the Canucks, after all, a team which gave Vigneault an extension last season, rather than just let him play out this final year on his previous contract to see how things go. And given that the team missed the playoffs last year, you’ll have a hard time explaining the logic of that move to me.

But let’s assume that Mike Gillis is ready to pull the trigger and knock Vigneault off his bench. If so, this 7 day break over the All Star weekend is the ideal time to do it—so if it does happen, who are your favorite options?

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Quebec/Canadian Media Always Looking for a Fight

This is the sort of thing that’s liable to get one of my favorite coaches in hot water.

“A lot of players are falling on the ice on purpose.  That means our team looks more like a soccer team. This style of play is often practised in Quebec, where players fall down easily and good body checks are often penalized.”

Pat Quinn quoted in the National Post and citing Radio-Canada

The National Post story headlines itself with “Quinn offends Quebec by saying its hockey players are divers.”  And while we can debate ad nauseum whether the Quebec junior hockey system encourages diving—and frankly, I’m more inclined to run with Quinn’s other cut about soccer—here’s the first thing that should be kept in mind about Quinn’s words: they were stated originally in English, then translated into French, then translated back into English. 

That’s a whole lot of mutilation for a quote that I don’t think is all that incendiary to begin with.


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Talking with Pat Quinn

Pat Quinn might not be front and center of the NHL these days, but he’s certainly stayed in the public spotlight. 

imageWhile the pundits like to speculate endlessly about his suitability for various league coaching positions as they become available, Quinn himself stays plenty busy without worrying too much about the NHL. 

In addition to being part-owner of the Vancouver Giants, Quinn helmed the gold medal winning Under-18 Canadian men’s team in Russia this past April, and just last month was awarded the distinguished position as head coach of Canada’s Junior team. Additionally, he also donates time to causes like Making the Connection, an organization dedicated to bringing awareness to issues of cardiac health.

Given his busy schedule, I was especially appreciative that Mr. Quinn took a few minutes to answer some questions.

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