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Boston Must Be Stopped

imageQuoted in the AP today (via the Miami Herald), Jerry O’Connell has had enough:

“I’m sick of Boston winning so much. It’s like a monopoly,” the actor told The Associated Press on Saturday as he partied with friends at Maxim magazine’s sprawling pre-Super Bowl party.

O’Connell, who stars in ABC’s comedy “Carpoolers,” jokingly called for some serious intervention if Boston’s teams monopolize all sports championships.

“It looks like the Celtics are going to win the season as well,” O’Connell said. “If the Boston Bruins, the NHL team, wins, the federal government has to break them up. They have to take a team away - they have to.”

Geez… If he thinks Boston deserves the attention of the U.S. Federal government, just imagine how he’d feel if the Detroit Red Wings were on his radar…

(And they should be—O’Connell looked a bit like an Anaheim Ducks fan last June…)

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Monday Top Ten

Top 10 Reasons Why Hockey is Better
Than Other Major League Sports

10. No one notices when you have a labor stoppage.

People say that it’s particularly bad for the NHL, of all sports, when they go off the air for an extended period of time. Well, that’s rubbish.  The only people that even know about NHL labor stoppages are hockey fans themselves. But if NFL goes on strike? People are liable to get genuinely freaked out about that.

The NHL is much better at keeping such things under wraps…

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