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Mason Raymond Improving

“At the end of the day, it could have been worse.  I’m lucky to be standing here today with arms and legs moving. I’m still having some discomfort with some soft tissue, but it’s coming along well and I’m happy with the process.

“Whenever you have something in that [spinal] area, you have a serous risk of having additional problems. So, yeah, I feel lucky.”

—Mason Raymond, Vancouver Sun, September 22

But Sun columnist Ian MacIntyre notes that there’s still no certainty Raymond will ever play again, having broken a vertebrae in his back after a check from Johnny Boychuk in Game 6 against Boston in the SCF.

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Rome & Boychuk: Debating the NHL’s Punishment Policies

From what Mike Gillis said tonight, Mason Raymond has at least five months of recovery in front of him. Gillis as much as described the injury as a “broken back” in his press conference, and the horror of this whole situation will certainly go down in the history books as a terrible addendum when we recall this Stanley Cup Final, whoever wins it.

About the non-suspension of Johnny Boychuk, I have no objections to that ruling. (At least in an ideal world where common sense rules the day, anyway.) I don’t think Raymond’s terrible injury was either Boychuk’s intent, nor anything he could have forseen by following through on his hit into the boards. A one-in-a-million terrible result.

However, the hit was certainly worthy of an interference call—no puck anywhere around—and that’s where the NHL ends up looking ridiculous in this whole mess. Mike Murphy, widely lauded as “finally getting it right” with the harsh Rome suspension, now looks like a man who was flying by the seat of his pants when he made that call earlier in the series.

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Transcript: Canucks Practice Day Quotes

Transcript from today’s Q&A with Daniel Sedin, Maxim Lapierre, and Mason Raymond.  The official transcript starts out without a question for some reason, hence the opening remark from Sedin.

Update: Alain Vigneault transcript now added below.


DANIEL SEDIN: I think if we play the way we can, we don’t have to take penalties because we’re going to be in the right position all the time.

It comes from being sharp, playing good as a team.

Q. What have you learned from the last two years about Antti?

DANIEL SEDIN: He’s a winner. He hasn’t lost a playoff series yet. You have to respect that.

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Q&A Game Day Transcript: Vigneault, Raymond, Burrows, Edler

From today’s media Q&A with Canucks coach Alain Vigneault, Mason Raymond, Alex Burrows and Alex Edler.

Q. Mason, when you look at the games, highly entertaining in the regular season. Is that the type of hockey you’re expecting?
I think so. Regular season is regular season. Playoffs is a whole ‘nother level now. They’re going to be obviously heated battle games. We’ve had some good rivals with these guys. As a group, we’re looking forward to starting off Game 1.

Q. Alex, just a couple of emotional rollercoaster rides. How easy is that for you to put that behind you?

ALEX BURROWS: I think we’re a pretty mature group in that locker room. We’ve approached games the same way all year long, that’s one game at a time. Obviously I know it’s cliché, but that’s exactly how we approached things all year. I don’t think that’s going to change. Chicago series was great, Nashville, too. That’s behind us now.

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Canucks Broadcasters Know More Than You

Prior to yesterday’s game against the Ducks, John Shorthouse predicted Cory Schneider’s shutout.  Did you? Probably not. He’s just smarter than you.

On the other hand, if Sportsnet made a habit of posting video on the front page of their site pointing out all the times they were wrong about stuff, it’d be more impressive. (God knows, I’ve paid the price for plenty of my erroneous predictions over the years.)

[Updates Below—Ducks goalie Dan Ellis offers his assessment of the Canucks]

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Vancouver Odds and Ends

Jason Botchford wants Kesler to get some beauty sleep before the playoffs.  And on a bigger issue this week, mentions that Daniel Sedin is apparently nervous about messing with the team’s chemistry—so if you’re hoping for a Mason Raymond trade, he’s not on your side.  For more, Canucks Hockey Blog weighs Raymond’s season here.

Ben Kuzma has more from Sedin and some quips from Cory Schneider about tonight.

And last but not least… Earlier this week it was noted that Vancouver is the best city on earth! Well, if you don’t mind dreary winter rain, the constant annual presence of Twilight movie actors traipsing around in all-black with sunglasses on at midnight, real estate prices that’ll make you cry, and, of course, hockey tickets you’ll need to remortgage that over-priced house to pay for… (But ASIDE from that, awesome!) smile

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Canucks Picture Book

The Canucks this week, told in various imagery.

First we’ve got “Brian Burke” who apparently discovered Twitter today, broadcasting this disturbing message.



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Sedin Line Getting Raymonized

From Canucks Nation at The Province:

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

In the Canucks case, that looks like it means the the end of the Steve Bernier-on-the-first line experiment.

It was flawed from the start as Bernier’s style never meshed with the Sedin twins. Now, the twins get something they desperately need — speed.

Admittedly it’s not been working very well lately, but was it really “flawed from the start”?  One of the first things that was apparent about the Sedins partnership with Bernier was that he gave them a physical presence where they’d never had one before. And for a couple games it seemed like it might work.

Anyway, onwards and upwards to LA, where Daniel and Henrik Sedin will now be hitting the ice with Mason Raymond.  More details on lineup changes at The Province.

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How I Met Your Canucks

The American television show How I Met Your Mother seems to have a strange fascination with Vancouver Canucks hockey.  It began about a year ago with this reference to Mason Raymond:

The character Robin, who is Canadian, told a story about going on a date to a Rangers game. “I got to meet Mason Raymond,” she said, to which her friends gave her blank stares. “The Canucks left wing.” Still no response. Finally, Barney (played by Neil Patrick Harris) said, “Is that the opposite of name dropping?”

But it doesn’t end there. It seems the show has moved on to other Canucks, specifically the team’s captain Roberto Luongo.  Here’s a video clip:


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Even When Vancouver Wins, They Lose

imageFrom TSN:

The Vancouver Canucks big win over the Phoenix Coyotes Monday night was a costly one.  The Canucks lost winger Mason Raymond mid-way through the third, when he was hit knee-on-knee by Coyotes defenceman Keith Ballard. Early reports have Raymond out of action for four weeks with an MCL sprain.

There was no penalty called on the play, but Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault thinks the league should look into what he called ‘a dirty play’.

Was it a dirty play? That wasn’t my impression.  Ballard was just moving fast and missed his target.  While the results are terrible—and it probably should have drawn a penalty—it didn’t appear to be purposeful, just a case of bad timing when trying to connect an awkward hit.

Video is below.

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Canucks Scoring Power

Mason Raymond back in town. From the Vancouver Sun,

The Vancouver Canucks have recalled forward Mason Raymond from the American Hockey League’s Manitoba Moose, the Canucks announced Wednesday.

Going the other way are forwards Mike Brown and Rick Rypien, who are headed to Winnipeg.

Mike Brown was solid for his time up, but I don’t have any real theories why Rypien even came to town.  The roster shifts to accommodate the acquisition of Kris Beech shall remain a mystery to my bottle-blonde hockey brain.

But regardless, it’s a good thing Raymond’s back—he has 3 goals in 23 games for the Canucks this season. 

And on this team, that’s good enough to rank you in the Top-10 scorers.

Unrelated Update:  Apparently David is curious about my reaction to this.  Well, I haven’t got much to say… except I can’t figure out how he got video footage of my European tour… smile

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Everybody Loves Raymond

Mason Raymond? Oh yes, indeed—he’s got a Hollywood future.

But more on that in a second…

First, a quick review of the conga line of trashed hockey players filing their way off the Vancouver Canucks and into various health care facilities this week.  As Vancouver assistant GM Steve Tambellini commented yesterday, “It seems to be coming at us in bunches.” 

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