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Liveblog—Canucks & Wild

Canucks vs Wild—5pm PT

imageI’ll be a member of the Mod Squad tonight (alas, I enjoy saying that far too much for it to be cool) moderating the Canucks.com Liveblog in the Fanzone.

I’ll be in the company of several other fine bloggers, including my old friend Mike the Yankee, (yankeecanuck.com), Humming Giraffe, (humminggiraffe.wordpress.com), and Thomas Lupton, (fans.nhl.com).

Other bloggers, fans and foes (yes, I’m talking to you Wild fans!) are welcome to join in with commentary or just to read along. 

Liveblog Start time: 4:45pm PT

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We Can Haz Goalies

imageIs there a goalie nightmare brewing in Vancouver? We hope and expect not—“we” being the hosts of The Crazy Canucks—but perhaps we’re overly optimistic.  Nonetheless, episode #70 was fun for a few reasons.

For one, when I interviewed CBC’s Jim Hughson last month he was good enough to record a show liner for the podcast, so he’s the one that opens this episode. (It sounds great.) And for another, conversation on the show gave me an excuse to dredge up this photo of my husband (Jeff) with Stan Smyl back on Raise-a-Reader day in September. (A favorite since we’re big fans of Steamer plus because we also happen to own a bookstore.)

We also have some personal requests (*do you wish to share some memories of Trevor Linden? .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)), announcements (*Rebecca and I are part of hosting some inaugural liveblog action at Canucks.com on Thursday and Friday) and prizes (*answer a skill-testing question and we might be sending you a book!).  So check it all out.

Meanwhile, here’s a possible sneak-peak at Trevor Linden’s new banner:

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Vancouver Canucks vs Minnesota Wild

It’s Hockey Night in Canada, a.k.a. The Luongo Shut-out Streak, continued with the Vancouver Canucks and the Minnesota Wild tonight.

I’ll be joining a livechat/blog with Waiting for Stanley and (possibly) the Yankee Canuck.  The feed of our chat is available below and will allow readers of all our blogs to add their observations throughout the game.

P.S. The Canucks are providing the pre-game feed here. And as for the game itself… if you can’t access CBC TV coverage or get through to the CBC stream online, you might be able to access the game at this link come game-time. (*knock on wood*)

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Canucks-Liveblogging For Cash

Canucks and Coyotes  touchdown at 7pm PT for what will probably be the Biggest Game of the Year... if not the decade. In any sport. Ever.  (On the other hand… yeah, there’s always a chance it could be a snoozer.)

Anyway, we’ll be liveblogging it either way—myself and a special special guest. A true superstar of Canucks fandom. A celebrity of such status I’m a bit nervous about even mentioning his name… smile

So we’ll see you at 7pm.

P.S. Don’t worry about the cash. Free admittance for anyone with a Gretzky joke.
P.P.S. There are no celebrities. (I lie a lot.) But there is a guest!

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Amusing Ourselves at the Expense of the Islanders

Canucks vs Islanders —7pm PT

Canucks.com indicates that back-spasmic Alex Edler might actually play tonight. Not much more to add but that (1) the Islanders (or their beat writers) are nervous, and (2) Canucks fans already appear to be intoxicated.


And on that note, Mike the Yankee Canuck will be joining me here to contribute his deep thoughts throughout the game, teaching me everything he knows about hockey, the nation of Canada, the city of Vancouver, and the soulful music of Bryan Adams (it’s his favorite, I’m almost positive).

Join us only if you wish to share complex and thought-provoking “analysis” of Rick DiPietro.  (Really, you could tell me almost anything and I wouldn’t have a clue if you were just making it up…)


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