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The Economy and Sports Fans

Yesterday, Cam Cole at the Vancouver Sun wrote an article on the potential impact that the economy may have on the NHL.  In the course of his writing, he happened to speak to Chris Zimmerman, President of the Vancouver Canucks, who had this to say:

“Ticket prices, whether for us or for a U.S. club, are generally a function of demand.[...]  We have no illusions that we are immune to the impact [of a recession]. We are a discretionary entertainment value, and ... we recognize that we have to hunker down and work that much harder to justify people spending their discretionary dollars with us…”

Zimmerman understands his job better than most, I think.  Rather than simply relying on the fact that he helms the hottest ticket in town, he also knows that the real trick is making it stay that way.



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Breaking Up with the Maple Leafs

A PR mailer I received tonight pointed out the video below (tied to the entertaining URL: I’m Breaking Up With The Leafs.com) claiming it was aired on CTV News tonight.

I hadn’t seen that myself, but whatever—Scott has something to say, and I don’t see any compelling reason to stop him:

The time has come for me to end this abusive relationship I have had as a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs….... [...] It’s not pretty, but it had to be done.

Scott “A fan with no team” Stratten

So… meet the newest Ottawa Senators fan:


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Calming Leafs Fans

Dave Stubbs at the Montreal Gazette’s great hockey blog, Habs Inside/Out, posted an entertaining piece of audio earlier today.

It’s recorded by Joe Bowen, the voice of the Toronto Maple Leafs, to help fans of our rival down the 401 calm themselves as they gear for their ninth win of the season – whenever that comes.

Such a great find, I had to hijack it…

powered by ODEO

*originally found at chillcasting.com

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Friday Night with the Avs

Vancouver vs Colorado

For a fair-and-balanced view on The Team That Even God Must Hate, I decided to get the perspective of a couple of friends:  DC, who educates the patriotic souls of America as to why they shouldn’t believe anything they see in the media; and Greg, whose day job it is to corrupt those same patriots by way of his own profession.

But each shares one embarrassing reality—they both seem comfortable believing that Avalanche fandom is not a mistake of nature, but actually some kind of positive aspect of their personalities.

So we did a fast Q & A before game time:


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Stop the Bleeding

Nashville vs Vancouver: 3-0.  And it was already 2-0 for the Predators just 9 minutes into the game, Nashville’s first two shots ending up on the scoreboard. 

But it improved, Roberto Luongo facing 3 more shots by the end of 40 minutes, rocketing his save percentage up to a delightful .600.  (Ugh.)

Thursday night was Vancouver’s delayed Halloween performance: a bloody mess of a game, and in more ways than one.

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Free Canucks Tickets… If You Dare

From an advertisement that hit Craigslist in Vancouver today, an opportunity to see a free Canucks game—and flirt with committing a cardinal sin.  A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

So, c’mon, ladies, help a guy out.  There’s just a few “requirements” if you want this date to work out…

I know there are always lots of people looking for tickets, so I figured I would post on CL, and see if there was anyone else that would like a FREE ticket to go to the game with ME…..meet a complete stranger, and spend a harmless evening watching the Nucks. I am sure the conversation will be somewhat more interesting, entertaining, or at the very least, better to look at than one of my clients or beer drinking friends.

So here is the criteria and what I propose…….I am looking for an attractive, fit, married or single, classy, BUSTY female to join me as my guest for an upcoming Canucks game. No game in particular…whatever fits both of our schedules. Ideally you would wear something classy, but with a little edge to the outfit…

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Cautionary Tale for the Canucks

From News1130:

Canucks CEO Chris Zimmerman was asked how regular fans will be able to afford to take in a game at GM Place. Zimmerman says when you compare the Canucks to other NHL franchises, ticket prices are quite reasonable. “Some of the pricing is driven by supply and demand, and then we obviously assess the ticket prices against all the other Canadian teams. We tend to be in the bottom half of the prices, looking at the prices across Canada.”

Hmm.  The increase in ticket prices for this season was pretty bloody substantial. But even assuming that Zimmerman is correct in simply following the theory of supply and demand (after all, the Vancouver fan base has clearly been willing to pay) there is a cautionary tale out there that the Canucks might want to keep in mind as well: the Detroit Red Wings.

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