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Ron MacLean Rockin’ It

Photoshop or not? Regardless, life is too short not to post this. From Deadspin:

There’s a photo of Hockey Night In Canada host Ron MacLean making the rounds on Twitter and HFBoards, and the hockey community is split on its legitimacy. (The awesomeness community is unanimous on its awesomeness.)


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CBC Knows Which Side Its Bread is Buttered On

The provincial elections in Ontario are set to happen on October 6th. The problem is, the Toronto Maple Leafs season opener with the Montreal Canadians (plus a Vancouver Canucks/Pittsburgh Penguins matchup) are going off on the same night. 

CBC has historically cancelled most regular programming on election nights, to keep viewers informed as the results come in.  But knocking out the season-opening game for the Leafs?  In TV-ratings land, that’s seriously bad politics. 

And so…

Toronto.com reports on election night Oct. 6,  the CBC will broadcast the season-opener between the Leafs and Montreal Canadiens, followed by the Vancouver Canucks-Pittsburgh Penguins matchup.

Precipitating this decision was the Toronto Star’s online poll, to find out what viewers wanted.  Hockey won, with 65% support.

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CBC Television Ratings

Friday’s Game 5 delivered a new ratings record for CBC’S Hockey Night in Canada, with an average audience of 6.1 million Canadians tuning in. That’s the most-watched NHL broadcast in CBC history* – edging out the 5.6 million that watched earlier in this same series.

The game, which saw Vancouver defeat Boston 1-0 to take a 3-2 series lead, reached a total of just over 14 million different Canadians, and peaked at 10:53 pm ET when 8.9 million viewers tuned in to see the dramatic ending.

(Source: BBM Canada, Total Canada, Preliminary Overnights, Ind.2+, 2011)
* Based on metered television audience data only

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Prime Minister Harper: “The Canucks are my team.”

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, attending Game 4 of the SCF in Boston with his daughter. 


Wondering: Are the dudes in Canucks jerseys in front part of his security team? I may not be Harper’s biggest fan, but that seems worrisome!

Below is the interview Harper gave to CBC’s George Stroumboulopoulos earlier this week.  Good stuff. And fun fact: he doesn’t PVR his hockey… he books the nation’s business around the NHL’s schedule, when necessary.

Now that’s hardcore. smile


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Canucks Lead Series 2-0—VIDEO


Lots of video here. First, downtown Vancouver errupts…

Next, Alex Burrows’s game winner, called by CBC:


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Math with Sidney Crosby

Apropos of nothing, an old press conference prior to the last Olympics, where Sidney Crosby is confronted by the crazy numerical theories of Shaun Majumder from This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

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On the Air with CBC: Pregame Canucks/Blackhawks Game #1

CBC was kind enough to have myself and Joe Pelletier on their pre-game afternoon talk a little while ago.  Here’s the audio.

Go Canucks!

P.S. For anyone having problem with the player above, audio can also be downloaded. Click here.

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The Canucks-CBC HDTV Kerfuffle

Numerous Canucks fans have written with their complaints that CBC won’t be broadcasting Canucks/Blues games #3 and #4 in high definition. I’ve also seen the same concerns expressed on Twitter this morning, where Brian Wawryshyn of Canucks Corner finally explained to us that:

“Jim Hughson was on the @TEAM1040 and stated it’s logisitics with the truck. They could rent one but they won’t. Budget cutbacks!”

Sadly this makes some sense, given the cutbacks at CBC are massive this year and the cost of those satellite HD trucks are exorbitant. 

But while Canucks fans continue to mobilize an effort to press the CBC into finding some way to get an HD feed for those road games, it’s fair to say Calgary Flames fans are even more annoyed at some CBC-related issues today.

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2009 Playoff Preview on CBC: Hockey Bloggers

Tonight, CBC‘s Hockey Night in Canada playoff preview special featured a segment with three gentlemen many of you are very familiar with: Tom Benjamin of Canucks Corner; Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy; and our own Paul Kukla.  I’ve taken the liberty of popping the video onto YouTube so more people might have a chance to see it. 

Great job by all… although there is a disturbing lack of trash-talk for a bunch of bloggers during playoff time. wink

*The complete show is worth watching, but I couldn’t find the video on the CBC website. Perhaps it’ll be available later.

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The Hockey Media’s Conflict of Interest

Sports reporting is news reporting, and if you doubt that, I would argue that you’re not paying enough attention.  But while much is made of the roles of new media and their (or ‘our’) impact on the standards in journalistic coverage, very little is ever mentioned about the accepted standards within the mainstream media itself.

And there are some potential conflicts of interest that should be demanding more attention.

That’s why

Lisa Smedman’s

* Fiona Hughes’s article in the Vancouver Courier today is worth a mention. She was spurred to write about potential conflicts of interest in Canucks broadcasting coverage after witnessing the last Canucks/Habs matchup back on February 15th. She outlines the problem as she saw it, here:


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We Can Haz Goalies

imageIs there a goalie nightmare brewing in Vancouver? We hope and expect not—“we” being the hosts of The Crazy Canucks—but perhaps we’re overly optimistic.  Nonetheless, episode #70 was fun for a few reasons.

For one, when I interviewed CBC’s Jim Hughson last month he was good enough to record a show liner for the podcast, so he’s the one that opens this episode. (It sounds great.) And for another, conversation on the show gave me an excuse to dredge up this photo of my husband (Jeff) with Stan Smyl back on Raise-a-Reader day in September. (A favorite since we’re big fans of Steamer plus because we also happen to own a bookstore.)

We also have some personal requests (*do you wish to share some memories of Trevor Linden? .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)), announcements (*Rebecca and I are part of hosting some inaugural liveblog action at Canucks.com on Thursday and Friday) and prizes (*answer a skill-testing question and we might be sending you a book!).  So check it all out.

Meanwhile, here’s a possible sneak-peak at Trevor Linden’s new banner:

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Welcome to the Big Leagues

Cory Schneider is the Vancouver Canucks star-of-the-future and he’s been tearing it up in the AHL so far this year to prove it.  Still, Schneider has never played a regular season game in the NHL but that’s all about to change: he’s up tonight against the Flames on Hockey Night in Canada.

“I’m definitely excited, but at the same time I’m focused and worried about the game tonight because it’s a big divisional game so we need the two points.”

—Cory Schneider in the Vancouver Sun

I’ll bet he’s excited… especially if “excited” is code for “I nearly threw up when Coach told me. Oh my god, there’s gonna be how many cameras??

Good luck to Schneider. One of the only upsides to Luongo’s injury was the opportunity for us to see what he can do in the NHL. I think I’m almost as excited as Schneider is. smile

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HHOF Inductions Remind Us of Pavel Bure

In The Hockey News, Ken Campbell argues that Glenn Anderson’s induction into the Hall of Fame today should bode well for Pavel Bure eventually.  When considering Bure, Campbell notes:

The two arguments against Bure are that his career was cut short by injury and he never won a Stanley Cup, but both of those are quite easily debunked.

Those two arguments may indeed be easily debunked. But unfortunately for Campbell (and Bure) those aren’t the only two arguments.  And it’s important to note that the ‘character’ issues that have dogged both Anderson and Bure through the years aren’t exactly the same thing.


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Interview with CBC’s Jim Hughson

So much going on in the puck world these days and I couldn’t think of a better person to sort it all out with than Hockey Night in Canada’s Jim Hughson. Jim was kind enough to give up a good chunk of his time and we covered a few topics on the audio clip below, including:

  • The Hockey Hall of Fame inductions are happening this weekend.  Jim reminds us of how fast a player Glenn Anderson was back in his day, plus Pavel Bure‘s name comes up in the discussion.
  • What Does October Teach Us? That if you’re a member of the New York Rangers with dreams of a Stanley Cup, statistically you might have history on your side.  Plus some words on why the NYR had to say goodbye to Brendan Shanahan and why Markus Naslund has found a perfect fit at MSG.
  • Head Injuries: Should there be a special penalty for hits to the head? The issue came up again this week. There are no simple solutions, but Hughson shares his thoughts on the topic.

Plus a few more odds and ends.  Listen to the complete conversation below.


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Dick Irvin Gets His Due

From CBC:

The CBC Sports Hall of Fame announced Monday that Dick Irvin, Gordon Craig, Tom Fisk, Bob Moir and Fred Walker have been selected for induction this November.

“We are proud to honour these five outstanding individuals and are looking forward to welcoming them as members of the CBC Sports Hall of Fame,” said Scott Moore, executive director of CBC Sports.

Irvin is already a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame (btw, we’ve got a cool HHOF contest going on) and has been retired from broadcasting since 1999.  Which is remarkable to me, since I can still hear his voice perfectly in my head.  (Have you noticed that about the great hockey broadcasters? You can always remember their voices, even years later.)

For more on Dick Irvin, Stu Hackel at the NY Times Slap Shot blog did a nice feature on him earlier this year.

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Canadian Gold

I saw that The Puck Stops Here mentioned this earlier, but I thought I’d also pop up the CBC video which announced the winner of CBC’s Hockey Theme contest. The winning tune is titled Canadian Gold. (And I like it. It’ll definitely grow on me.)

Incidentally, while the winner took home $100,000 and major bragging rights for all time, the ‘loser’—the second finalist—wasn’t so lucky.  His compensation amounted to a piece of Patrick Roy paraphernalia, a custom-made guitar.  Admittedly, it sounds like a cool bit of paraphernalia, but still, it’s Patrick Roy -related.

How freakin’ brutal is that?! wink

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Opening Night Lights Up Vancouver

imageLast April, Vancouver finished the 2007-08 season with a dreary 7-1 loss to the Calgary Flames. This year they opened their new season by returning the favor, handing the Flames a 6-0 beating

The pre-game ceremony honoring Luc Bourdon was emotional (as expected) and a well done affair by the Canucks.  And Tom Cochrane’s Big League was the perfect tribute. (You can watch the video the Canucks produced here; to see the whole ceremony at GM Place, go here and fast forward about 2 minutes). 

It was a bit of an emotional-overload transitioning from that to watching a hockey game, but once we did, what a great game it was.  Here are some meandering observations:

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Itty Bitty Canucks Swag Contest

Contest closes on October 11th… before the first game of Jim Hughson’s opening CBC Canucks HNIC season.

Please leave your name and email on this post. By random draw you may win one of the three prizes I mention on the video, and I’ll ship them wherever you want. (Even if you’re not a Canucks fan—as if that’s even possible…!) smile

*originally posted 7:40am ET

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HNIC’s Summer Musical Interlude

The Hockey Night in Canada theme contest has drawn a ton of entries—and while rather a lot of the submissions sound more like rejects for upcoming Star Wars movies, there are many entertaining efforts in there as well.  (And keep in mind: it’s much easier to criticize these compositions than it is to actually write and submit one, risking obnoxious remarks from hockey fans.)

One entry which caught my attention, I’ve embedded on the video player below.  It’s entitled the “Jazzy Hockey Night” and its unlikely composer and performer is 11 year old Addison Leigh of Ajax, ON. 

I didn’t even know how to tie my shoes properly when I was 11 years old, so color me impressed.

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Two Sides to Every Story

For a story of such uniquely-Canadian relevance, the controversy over The Hockey Theme leaving the CBC had a notable international tone. 

Madeleine Morris lives and works in Vietnam and also happens to be the daughter of Dolores Claman, the much-discussed (and frequently reviled) composer of the The Hockey Theme who currently resides in the UK.

It was Ms. Morris who was left to undertake the task of defending her mother’s position, and with all the wailing despair over the loss of Canada’s de facto national anthem, I don’t think many people were listening.

In my own case, it was only after a former CBC employee contacted me with more information that I got curious enough to seek out Ms. Morris and ask for her side of the story.

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Because I Just Can’t Ignore It…

The CBC notes:

Stephen Colbert is every bit as passionate about The Hockey Theme as Canadians it seems, promising to license “the most precocious Arctic treasure of all” for use in the United States.

Video is below—and it’s fun but this whole continuing saga really makes me wonder what TSN/CTV was thinking, buying this theme music up. While people may one day come to identify the jingle as being associated with their network, I’m not sure hockey fans will ever hear it without thinking of Hockey Night in Canada.  After all, the music is nearly-synonymous with that iconic Saturday night game, not simply the NHL. 

So at the end of the day, didn’t TSN just spend whatever-number-of-millions to buy a song that advertises their own network rival? Just a thought.

Anyway, without further adieu, the madness of Stephen Colbert:

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$100,000 For a Song

From TO411 Daily:

CBC, in conjunction with leading music producers Nettwerk Music Group, will conduct a nationwide search, inviting Canadians to write and record an original song for CBC’S HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA. Then, in a debate that is certain to dominate conversations throughout the country, fans and a jury of experts will choose the best new composition.

CBC will offer $100,000 for the winning song, which will then become the new “official theme song” of CBC’S HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA and will be heard in every broadcast. A portion of the new theme song’s royalties will be donated to minor hockey in Canada. Details surrounding the contest will be announced next week.

Awesome.  I’m as sorry as the next fan that Canada is losing its de facto national anthem, but this is exactly the right way for CBC to replace it; if the fans choose it, they can’t freak out about the choice.

Besides, it’s like a hockey fan’s version of Canadian or American Idol—except in this case, I actually give a damn.

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Because Canadians are Insane…

The PR war between the composer of the HNIC anthem and the CBC is no longer just a negotiation for the hearts and minds of Canadians in a panic about losing their favorite Saturday night pop-song.

Nope. Now it’s a political matter.

From the opposition Liberal Party’s own press release:

Conservative Heritage Minister Josée Verner must stand up for one of Canada’s most famous musical traditions and do what she can to ensure the CBC keeps the Hockey Night in Canada musical theme, Liberal Heritage Critic Denis Coderre said today.

“The Hockey Night in Canada theme is a part of Canada’s culture that goes beyond sport,” said M. Coderre. “This is a great opportunity for the Heritage Minister to finally get off the bench by defending an important Canadian tradition.”

But before I make too much fun of the Liberal Party, I’ll point out that Denis Coderre’s wish already came to fruition yesterday… at least the level of provincial politics.  In Alberta, Conservative Premier Ed Stelmach already tackled this critical, national issue…

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The Replacements

imageThe news that CBC probably doesn’t intend to renew their long-time licensing agreement to play the Hockey Night in Canada theme music, will have some people freaking out a bit. Or a lot.

But others already have ideas for replacement songs for the famous broadcast.

So first here are some musical options for next season to start us off, then hopefully readers can provide other brilliant ideas.

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Quit the Whining

From Rory Boylen at The Hockey News:

And, yet, there are still complaints raining in about Hockey Night in Canada, the premiere hockey production.

Bias coverage.
Don Cherry is a hot-air-filled loud mouth. 
Bob Cole can’t keep up with the play.
P.J. Stock, the bubble boy, is uninformed and irrelevant.

Give it a rest. Next thing you know people will be complaining how Foster Hewitt welcomed the hockey fans from Canada and Newfoundland, but not Quebec or any other province, in the opening sequence.

The fact of the matter is, HNIC is the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the hockey fan’s weekly spiritual gathering, if you will.

Couldn’t agree more.

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Habs en Français

From the CP via Yahoo:

In the excitement, French-language sports channel RDS has reeled in more Quebec viewers than CBC has nationwide with its Habs broadcasts. And even many English-speaking hockey fans are tuning in to the French coverage.

Some Anglos in Quebec say they’re choosing RDS over the CBC’s English coverage, and many believe the public broadcaster should stick to what it knows best - Toronto.

“The announcers are better, they’re not as biased and they don’t care who’s winning - they tell it as it is,” Pat Wychocki said of RDS…

This reminds me—as a kid out living out west, we almost always watched (or listened to) the Montreal Canadiens and the Quebec Nordiques on a French language broadcast, when it was available.

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Some Canadian Playoff Hockey Stuff

On the eve of the race for the 2008 Stanley Cup, the award-winning CBC Digital Archives Website has launched the Top 10 NHL Playoff Moments—an online collection that pays tribute to some of the most memorable playoff moments in National Hockey League history.  Some really amazing footage there.  (And unlike some other video material on CBC, it can be viewed by browsers outside of Canada, which is nice.)

Also at CBC, some stuff that probably won’t make it into history’s digital archives:  What’s Your Playoff Ritual?  (It was this video caught my eye especially; the world ugliest—and yet most awesome?—hockey basement.)

Anyway, to open up the first round of the playoffs, below you’ll find the scheduling info for TSN (sharp new website design, btw) and CBC.

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Naslund is a Good Catch

From Craig Simpson at CBC:

With 749 points as a Vancouver Canuck, Naslund is the franchise scoring leader. He is the longest serving captain in team history. His nine straight 20-plus goal seasons is also a franchise best. He has led the team in goal scoring, six out of the last eight years, and been the team’s top point getter seven out of eight. He’s durable, and has played through various injuries, missing only six games in the last six seasons. His work with numerous charities is admired in the community. In all, Markus Naslund has been a great player for the Canucks and an inspirational leader in the community.



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Jim Hughson Signs 6 Years with CBC

From CBC:

CBC Sports announced Tuesday that it has re-signed Gemini Award-winning announcer Jim Hughson to a six-year contract.

The new deal goes into effect immediately and runs through to the end of the 2013-14 NHL season.

Hughson, from Fort St. John, B.C., will continue to work on two of CBC’s major sports properties, Hockey Night in Canada and Blue Jays baseball, during the course of the agreement.

Since Hughson has been fairly clear he will not be working both at Rogers Sportsnet and CBC in the future—it was to be one or the other—it seems Canucks fans are now awaiting word of a new play-by-play man for next season. 

Any nominations? Hughson’s tenure will be a tough act to follow.

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Leafs Fans Need a Safe Haven

Toronto fans: Are you looking for a team to make it through the long, cold nights ahead?  William Houston at the Globe & Mail inspired me tonight when he questioned: Whatever will CBC do without Toronto on the schedule?  And it’s coming.

Despite the cheery optimism of Mats Sundin & Co., the Toronto Maple Leafs are unlikely to make the playoffs.

Still, the conversation on the most recent Hockey Night focused almost entirely on the Leafs, 12th in the Eastern Conference.

The national hockey media’s preoccupation with the Leafs is hardly news, but it does encourage me to extend an olive branch to Leafs fans.

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Feel Like Giving Someone $100,000?

And that’s Canadian dollars… real money! (Oh, cut me some slack—you American readers have been making fun of our currency for years!) smile

Anyway, CBC and Kraft’s Hockeyville voting booth will be closing in about 3 days, narrowing down the Top-10 to the Top-5. And ultimately, the winner is going to do very well:

Winning this title includes, hosting an NHL® Pre-Season Game in their community arena as well as a CBC Hockey Night in Canada broadcast plus $100,000 in arena upgrades from Kraft. Your votes will decide who will be crowned Kraft Hockeyville 2008! The other 4 lucky finalists will also win $20,000 in arena upgrades from Kraft plus host a CBC Hockey Night in Canada broadcast from their community.


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Play-by-Play Man Needed

From the Canucks/Wild game last night, on Sportsnet Pacific:

JOHN GARRETT: Do you think Alexander Edler ever gets excited? I don’t think so.
JIM HUGHSON: No. Typical of the Swedish defensemen… I don’t think they get excited when they get a paycheque.

Speaking of Jim Hughson, I always had a feeling that CBC was a threat to Canucks fans.  And so finally it comes to pass… bad things are on the horizon.


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The Instigator Charlie Teljeur’s comic editorial at CBC:


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The Swedish Canadian

CBC’s Satellite Hotstove just wrapped up with a few words on the Mats Sundin


situation that might be of interest to Canucks fans.

Al Strachan made the comment that Sundin may be leaning towards Vancouver, in part because staying in Canada is his preference—he doesn’t want to leave Canada due to the nature of his investments.  However he also emphasized that John Ferguson is asking for a lot in return.

Pierre LeBrun’s perspective is that more than anything, Sundin really wants to stay in Toronto.

I guess we’ll see. Sundin has a NTC after all—he can go wherever he wants.  And with the Leafs having only 44 points, almost zero hope of making the playoffs at this rate, and their captain a free agent this summer, JFJ and his bosses really don’t have much choice here.

Update 6:10pm PT: Spector also summarizes the Hotstove talk above with his opinion that, as long as the Leafs are in the playoff hunt, Sundin won’t be traded. 

No doubt, true, and so it’ll probably all come down to where the Leafs rest in the standings by trade deadline day, late February.

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Running Down MVP

imageI was looking forward to the debut of CBC’s series MVP last night, after Kukla pointed out to me, “You review it, you’re the girl!”*  But being true to all stereotypes possible, I botched the recording with my PVR and only caught about 20 minutes of the show.

Turns out, that was plenty.

The program was called “titillating trash” in the Globe & Mail the other day, which appears accurate.  In a mere 20 minutes, I witnessed a bit of violence, a bit of sex, a few broken laws, a couple of jackasses, a girl too-innocent-to-be-of-this-earth, and a touch of evil. 

It was like a modern version of Dynasty for puckheads.  And, lord help us all, it’s going to be a huge hit.

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