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MySpace Pyatts

Taylor Pyatt's little brother Tom Pyatt just signed a professional contract with the New York Rangers today. Tom is 20 and has won the Gold medal twice with Canada's national junior team. He was the Rangers' 4th round pick back in 2005 and has been playing in the OHL since 2003. As Canucks fans know, big brother is often nicknamed MySpace. So while snooping on Tom's social networking world (I found nothing) I discovered that our Taylor has yet another MySpace page -- the second added by a fan who felt, apparently, that ONE Taylor Pyatt MySpace page simply wasn't enough. Poor Tom -- no Space of his own. I look forward to someone taking care of that very soon. Perhaps an Islanders' fan could have some fun with the idea.

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The Mystery of the Vancouver Canucks

Some fun from Charlie Teljeur on THN’s Loose Change today, confused as he is about the rise of the Vancouver Canucks this season:

It’s that whole Vancouver Canucks leading the Northwest Division thing that has me puzzled. How did that happen? As far as I’m concerned, they’re just one Italian guy and a trio of Swedes which, to me, sounds more like a cheesy adult film than a hockey team.

He also goes on to list “TOP 12 THINGS I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THE VANCOUVER CANUCKS”, including such gems as,

7. Microsoft Word will not accept the word Bieksa but will accept Beaks or Bikes

6. The Canucks’ logo is a whale breaking free from a tray of ice cubes

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Hockey and the Blues

1. Last night the Canucks won; tonight they'll win again. It's Roberto Luongo's chance to become the winningest goalie in Vancouver Canucks history as he looks for that 39th win. Seems like a challenge he's more than prepared to answer. And after scoring his 6th goal in 4 games, Jeff ("C-Cup", "Brabarian", etc.) Cowan is almost certain to be skating through a sea of lingerie next time he hits the ice at GM Place. Says the Associated Press, "Even when he misses on a shot, he scores." In other words, when you're hot, you're hot. Cowan has never scored more than 9 goals 11 goals in an entire NHL season. (note: thanks to Trevor for pointing out my error in the comments) 2. Last night on the Canucks pay-per-view broadcast we got a run-down of the Canucks annual charity even, Dice & Ice. A ho-hum little feature I was barely paying attention to, until I saw this little scene go down: A stage performance featuring the musical stylings of The Boys Blues Brothers. En francais, give a warm welcome to Dany Sabourin, Marc Chouinard, and Alex Burrows, as they sing their hearts out for you...

I love stuff like that. Well done, Blues Boys...

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C-Cup Podcasting

imageYesteday, Temujin mentioned 'C-Cup' (in the comments) as a reasonable new nickname for new Vancouver Superhero, Jeff Cowan. I like it. Anyway, The Crazy Canucks Episode #24 is online. We do the usual rundown of the previous week, but in the end, it all comes down to a whole lotta talk about women's lingerie and how many bras we figure will be hitting the ice next home game...

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When the Cow Came Home

Vancouver vs Tampa No prequels or sequels to this game -- I'm somewhat convinced these two teams only take the ice together at GM Place about once every 47 years. Because of this rarity, I had grand ambitions of deconstructing the mystery that is The NHL Player That Succeeds Despite Being 5'0", but my plans were drastically upended yesterday.1 However all is well now -- here's a game flashback for those who don't require complicated "factual information" with their sports news:

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Backhanded Compliments

"Roberto Luongo for MVP. That trade by GM Dave Nonis in Vancouver has had more impact than any other in the league this season. Luongo has helped the Canucks change their whole organizational mindset. They really are New Jersey West, and that is a compliment."
Geez, I never thought the day would come when that would sound pretty good. But the Canucks aren't as boring as New Jersey... are they???

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Wild Nights

Last night's game between Calgary and Edmonton presents conflicts that I don't enjoy -- that is, hating both teams with nearly equal passion, yet having to accept that at least ONE of them will be getting points. And even worse than that, admitting that I prefer Edmonton be that team. (*If, you know, someone pointed a gun to my head or something). Not that Edmonton rewards me for this reluctant alliance.

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The Hockey Gods Love a Good Joke

imageI've always loved Todd Bertuzzi and want him to do well, so I'm glad he's being embraced in Detroit. But hell, some of this stuff is hard to stomach. From Helene St. James at the Detroit Free Press:

Draper joked that now that Bertuzzi is a Wing, he'll "get a lifetime supply of Cheli's chili, just like all the rest of us in here," a jovial dig at Chelios' penchant for promoting his restaurants. Chelios followed through, though, promising, "I'm getting Todd some coupons, T-shirts, hats, whatever he wants." Already the Wings are embracing a guy described by Naslund as a great teammate. "Ask anyone that's played with him," Naslund said. "He's well respected among his own teammates." It was respect for Chelios that prompted Bertuzzi to enter that restaurant last year and pay homage to a kindred player. "Cheli is that consummate warrior," Bertuzzi said. "He's that guy that when you think of the NHL, you think of him. You've got to pay the guy respect, man. We had some wars, and everything I would give, he would keep coming back for more."
God, I'm gonna gag on this Cheli Chilli Crap sooner or later. ____________________ *photo by Julian H. Gonzalez/Detroit Free Press

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From Manitoba to Vancouver to Hell (and back again)

Josh Green was injured in the Phoenix game Friday -- though I don't believe anyone watching the Sportsnet feed actually saw the injury. (What was going on with the cameras that night?) Anyway, about that Green thing:
The game wasn't three minutes old when Canucks winger Alex Burrows rattled defenceman Nick Boynton with a heavy end-boards check. He responded by punching Burrows and then Cowan and Josh Gratton fought. Four minutes later, Burrows was levelled by a heavy check by Keith Ballard before winger Josh Green awkwardly collided with the Coyotes defenceman. Green suffered a second-degree right knee sprain while the Coyotes lost winger Owen Nolan to a second-period shoulder injury. "He [Ballard] kind of submarined me a bit and it was kind of a dangerous play and nothing good can come out of that," said Green, who will be sidelined four to six weeks.
So who's coming up from the Manitoba Moose to replace him? So far no transactions have been filed with the AHL returning anybody to the Canucks.

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Shock Value

#1. The Crazy Canucks Episode #22. We talk for over an hour and somehow manage to change the face of hockey forever. (Or maybe not, but it's fun.) #2. Game tonight, Canucks vs Coyotes. If the Canucks lose, I wouldn't be surprised. If this game is exciting, I definitely would be. #3. Oilers Gestapo Hold Fans Hostage. Or something... Courtesy Battle of Alberta, the full story is here. #4. Unsuspecting Canucks fan opens the Detroit News today and...


*Photo found via a link on Behind the Jersey. Geez.. thanks, Christy.

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