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Friday Canucks: Alain Vigneault Transcript

Q.  Any sort of update on Manny?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  Manny is day to day (laughter).

Q.  How did he look to you today?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  Skated well.

Q.  There was a little bit of confusion.  Last weekend you said he was cleared to play.  On Tuesday Mike said he wasn’t cleared to play.
COACH VIGNEAULT:  No, nobody said that.  He’s cleared for physical contact, which is cleared to play.  We said, I said at that time, he was day to day.  He was monitored every day.

Nothing has changed.

Q.  I don’t want to ask you about Dan Hamhuis.  I might know the answer.

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Burrows, Biting and Breastfeeding

There’s a title I don’t want to write ever again. But that’s where we’re at, thanks to the illustrious Jack Edwards and his unfortunate access to a radio signal.

So, yes, Alex Burrows wasn’t suspended and it seems like everyone’s pretty ticked about it.  (Message received. Gross miscarriage of justice, etc etc.)  But that’s cool. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. And at least no one’s written me anything as insane as in the audio below, kindly provided by Matt Yoder at Awful Announcing.

I’ll let him set it up:

This audio from Jack addresses Vancouver’s Alex Burrows biting the hand of Boston’s Patrice Bergeron.  Surprisingly, Burrows was not suspended by the NHL.  Thankfully though, the entire incident has given us this video of Jack Torrance… err… I mean Edwards, providing a poignant social commentary on the matter complete with some kind of circus music.  By the way, congrats if you spun the Jack Edwards Wheel of Insanity and landed on Breastfeeding.


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Dave Bolland: Sad to Get Beaten by “Little Girls”, I guess

Blackhawks’ Dave Bolland isn’t enjoying his summer vacation much yet, still thinking about the Canucks.

“It does get pretty painful watching and seeing that team in it,” Bolland told Fred Mitchel, of the Chicago Tribune.

“It sucks seeing them there.”

And on the brouhaha about Alex Burrows and Patrice Bergeron:

“Typical, pulling hair and biting people. Sort of like a little girl,” Bolland said.

Poor Bolland: So much anger, so much free time to spew it around…

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Thursday Canucks: Alain Vigneault and Daniel & Henrik Sedin

Several videos below showing the press Q&A’s from earlier today, with coach Alain Vigneault, and Daniel and Henrik Sedin in the NHL Network and in the press conference.

First, Vigneault:


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No Suspension for Alex Burrows

Regarding the Alex Burrows incident [VIDEO] with Patrice Bergeron last night, Burrows has already been in contact with MIke Murphy of the NHL and Pierre LeBrun is reporting this via Twitter:

Hearing no suspension for Burrows.

Update 11:36pm PT: via the NHL—

National Hockey League Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations Mike Murphy today announced that there will be no supplemental discipline on Vancouver Canucks forward Alex Burrows.

“After reviewing the incident, including speaking with the on-ice officials, I can find no conclusive evidence that Alex Burrows intentionally bit the finger of Patrice Bergeron.”

P.S. If anyone’s interested, Chris Iorfida at CBC reports there’s apparently a good chunk of history in the NHL when it comes to biting allegations.

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Stanley Cup Finals Game 1 scores big in US Ratings

Let’s go back a few days, to Sunday, when Bruce Dowbiggin wrote the following at the Globe & Mail:

The Stanley Cup final matchup last year was the best thing to happen to the NHL in the United States since Wayne Gretzky dried his tears on the pier at Santa Monica, Calif., in 1988. The meeting of the Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers, the third- and fourth-biggest media markets in the States, produced substantial ratings…[...].

The Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks pairing in 2011, by contrast, has been compared by some to the Fox TV glowing puck as a broadcasting non-starter. Ratings from the local Vancouver market don’t count in the U.S. Nielsen ratings. To Americans, Vancouver might as well be Vladivostok at this time of year. The Sedin twins, likely to win back-to-back Hart Trophies, rival the GOP presidential field on the invisibility factor. Boston is dropping as a major U.S. market.

But in reality, an entirely different picture emerges, as ratings from “Vladivostok” give NBC a whopping 14% increase over last year, and are, in fact, the highest game 1 ratings in 12 years.


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1 Down, 3 to Go

Exciting start—Vancouver getting the win, that is; though the game overall had it’s dull stretches.  But really great, great goaltending.  And the goal by Raffi Torres, not to mention Ryan Kesler’s steal and Jannik Hansen’s assist, was off the charts.

UPDATE: Highlights video below—
UPDATE: Interviews with various Canucks added at the bottom.


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Burrows Suspension Possible?

NBC’s footage at the end of period one in the Boston/Vancouver game shows this scene between Patrice Bergeron and Alex Burrows.


Burrows gets a 4 minute roughing minor to open the second period.  Everyone seems pretty sure that Burrows bites down on Bergeron, though is that 100% clear enough for suspension, do you think?

Something for the Canucks to be worried about anyway, as illustrated by this comment from Darren Pang, who remarks:

End I’d 1st period, Burrows appears to bite finger in scrum of Bergeron. Brendan Shanahan has history to look at. JRuutu got 2 games in 09

CBC video below (not very good, though) if you want a comparison.

(UPDATE: More NBC footage added at the bottom of post, discussing the situation)

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Game 1: Canucks & Bruins—The Ghandi Edition

imagePaul keeps telling me I’m supposed to be a shaking, freaked-out mess of stress and hormones going into this series.  (Apparently that’s how they roll in Detroit.) But so far, cool as a cucumber out here. 

Maybe my composure will head south at about 10 seconds after puck drop, but for now I’m like Ghandi… calm and philosophical about it all.*

Enjoy the game. And this is an open post, if you want to check in. It should be fun: No doubt I’ll be having a complete f&#king nervous breakdown in the comments by about 5:24pm PT. 

(*that is, if Ghandi was a masochistic Canucks fan; and had no moral problem with salty orange snacks and cases of beer stacked 2 feet high on the kitchen counter…)

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Reasons I Would Celebrate the Stanley Cup

On this opening day of the Stanley Cup Final, this was meant to be the place I dropped down my series preview, looking at the Canucks’ depth, the Bruins’ depth, their strengths and weakness (blah blah blah). But after writing it, I started thinking… who cares? At this point, we’ve read this stuff everywhere.  For anyone looking, there are some great series breakdowns by my old friends at Nucks Misconduct or Canucks Corner or the Canucks Hockey Blog. And on many other Canucks blogs. So many great writers, all with educated and interesting reflections on this series.

But you know what else they have in common?  They all have their whole hearts in this Stanley Cup Final.  They care about this series right down to their bones, like a thousand (or a hundred thousand, or more…) other Vancouver Canucks fans. Like me.

I don’t know why the Stanley Cup matters to each of them, just like I don’t know why it matters to you. I’m not even 100% sure I understand why it matters to me sometimes—it seems so trivial in the broad scope of things in our lives.

But it does matter. It matters so much it makes us all a little bit nuts at times. It matters because even if we’re not all Canucks fans, we’re still all hockey fans.

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