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A Good Day at the NHLPA

The work of Charlie Teljeur at CBC Sports this week:


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Northwest Division Previews

Putting in my time at The Crazy Canucks over the last couple weeks, I had a chance to chat with some popular bloggers/writers covering the other NW Division this season. Here are the episodes:

To check out the individual columns and blogs of everyone who participated in the above episodes: Battle of Alberta, Jerseys and Hockey Love, Hockey Rants, Post-Pessimist Association, and John Shipley at the St. Paul Pioneer Press.


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Hockey Players Can’t Act

As a hockey fan, I’ll admit that I have a tendency to act morally superior to fans of all other games—as if “my” sport and “my” players are better than all others. 

I’m told I suffer from Arrogant Hockey Fan Syndrome to some extent (which might be defined as: “the rabid belief that no other sport is anywhere near as fun as a hockey game” or “hockey players can do no wrong” or “everyone seems to hate us, but we know we’re better than you” etc).  But who can blames us? If nothing else, the NFL, NBA and MLB certainly make it easy for an NHL fan to feel morally superior lately.

But there is one arena in which being a hockey fan really doesn’t provide one with much to brag about: acting. And nearly all related efforts at self promotion have been downright scary.  Which brings me to Exhibit #1…

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A Bit of Canada/Russia Hockey History

My brilliant hockey friend and podcasting colleague DaveO (of Hockey Northwest) has issued a special, solo edition of our usual podcast. What is normally the The Crazy (Vancouver) Canucks, DaveO turned away from the Vancouver team to look at the national sport, providing a brief hockey history of the competitive relationship between Russia and Canada.

It’s a short, informative episode, looking at some events related to 1972 and 2007.  Be sure to check it out.


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The Crazy Canucks #41 - Interviewing CBC’s Shanel Pratap

Another episode of The Crazy Canucks  is out.  From the show notes:

In this special episode, J.J. and Alanah take control of the podcast to interview Shanel Pratap from CBC Vancouver. He does the sports for the noon news hour and weekend sports anchor on the CBC. Shanel also spent four days at Canucks training camp in Victoria, B.C. Our crew chats with him, gets inside his head a little, and look ahead at what we can expect by what he saw at training camp.

The truth is, J.J. took over the episode. I mostly hung around and looked pretty (hey, it’s radio—even I can pull that off).  But it was great hearing from Shanel - a respected member of the local media and extremely well-informed on the team. 

P.S. Expect two more short episodes of The Crazy Canucks —with more interviews—to come out in the next 5 days. Time we all get pumped up for the new season… even if the damn team is going down like flies every time we turn on the news.


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Episode #40 - The Crazy Canucks

imageThough there were a few summer episodes, a new season officially kicks off at The Crazy Canucks podcast this week, with a small collection of segments we recorded last week and on Monday night.  It runs about 25 minutes and it can be downloaded or listened to on a player at the TCC blog:

Hockey is back! Well, we’re almost there, but the puck is dropping in pre-season action all around the NHL, and September 17, 2007 is when it started for the Canucks.

This episode ended up being a mix of content, mostly due to technical difficulties in the recording process. Everyone gathers online to discuss more of the jersey debate, but this is probably the last we’ll really hammer this topic. Then Dave and John hang out for a brief chit chat before the first game against Anaheim, and Rebecca ends this episode with a report on going to the game.

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How to Make a Canucks Fan Puke

image(aside from throwing a Mark Messier Canucks Invitational Golf Tournament, that is…)

The Vancouver Canucks opened training camp in Victoria on Thursday, and while anticipating that—all things considered—I expect Canucks’ fans would prefer that this is NOT a thrilling day-to-day ride.  Yet one of the opener’s events clearly violated such good common sense:

A few hearts stood still at Vancouver Canucks training camp today when Canucks winger Jeff Cowan piled into star netminder Roberto Luongo only a few minutes into the first set of drills.

Cowan lost his balance during a routine one-on-one and slid hard into the Hart Trophy finalist at high speed. The two became entangled in the net and it seemed like eternity, although it was only seconds…

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Canucks Season Speculation

From NHL Digest, The Neil Show interviewed Elliot Pap for a Vancouver Canucks season preview:

TheNeilShow - In your opinion,what does Markus Naslund need to do to get his “game” back?
Elliot Pap - Naslund needs to get hungry and drive to the net more
TheNeilShow - Do you expect Jeff Cowan to produce at the same level as last season?
Elliot Pap -Yes, I expect Cowan to produce at the same level

Check out the entire interview here

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Losing Your Shirt

Hockey isn’t cheap.  In fact, for a sport with a blue collar image, it demands a whole lot of cash to enjoy. 

J.J. at Canucks Hockey Blog prepared a chart the other day (copied below) highlighting the price increases in Vancouver this season.  His comment: “Canucks fans can’t be too happy with this increase, especially one that averages in double-digit percentages. Including service charges, the cheapest tickets - yes the cheapest - will now cost more than $100 for a pair.”

Holy hell…

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The Russians are Coming

Despite all signs to the contrary, there is more going on in hockey than the mysteries of the new Canucks logo; or questioning whether anyone who wears it will be able to score a goal this coming season. Next week is the start of the new Canada/Russia Super Series. I put up a post on Kukla's Korner if you care to check it out. Exciting to have an intense major hockey competition while we're still waiting out the summer. Now, if someone would just re-energize the Cold War for us, it might be as much fun as the original '72 series...

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