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We Win in 7—Then and Now

imageOn Tuesday night, Dev won the “prize” for the best freaked-out comment from the game thread. His prize/penance was to write Canucks’ fans a few words of encouragement as Vancouver faces Anaheim in tonight’s must-win game.  Good sport that he is, Dev dug deep and found inspiration for us by flashing back to the past, to predict the future.

I’ll put up some game notes later, but I loved Dev’s contribution to start the day.

By Devin S.

Ok…so I’ve started drinking early in preparation for tonight’s game.  And I still find words that restore my faith in the hockey gods hard to find….so instead, I’ll just write the result of game 7 on May 8th and maybe some special voodoo will make it a reality.

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Road Report: Canucks Fan in Anaheim

imagePre-Series Notes: Intro to 'Disney Gone Bad' C&B Game #1 Notes: Optimism and Reality The following post was contributed by Canucks fan and Vancouver-to-Los Angeles transplant Jeff Z. Jeff and his wife endured the game in Anaheim in person last night, and he was kind enough to write his thoughts about both the game and his experience in "enemy" territory. Not a fun assignment after that nightmare, I'm sure, but an awesome job.

By Jeff Z. Just got home from Anaheim. The drive wasn't that bad, though it probably helped that my friend agreed to drive. We got to the game in plenty of time. Good thing too, since the Canucks decided to only play the first 7 minutes. I don't have much to say about the game itself. You saw it yourself. But it was amazing to see up close how little the guys were trying after the first period. They weren't fighting for pucks and weren't skating hard into corners. It was almost like they were afraid to get hurt. You can't play that way in the playoffs. So much could have gone differently if Nazzy had just buried that breakaway. But he just seems to have lost that killer instinct. My one big note: Dustin Penner is massive. Standing in front of Luongo, the poor goalie could barely see. That's going to be a problem.

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Road Trip to the Shark Tank (Cue Jaws theme!)

imageThis piece is written by Canucks fan and season ticket holder, Trini Day. At my request, Trini was nice enough to offer some words about her recent road trip to San Jose where she got to enjoy the Canucks beating the Sharks in overtime, all while surrounded by 17,000 unhappy Shark fans. She also includes a pile of great photos (just click on images to enlarge) and 6 handy "rules" at the end for all fans lucky enough to experience a game in enemy territory. Enjoy!

By Trini Day It took 17 hours straight by car but me and my hockey buddy made it just in time to watch the Canucks kick Shark butt on Friday March 9. Why a road trip? Why not! Visiting the enemy is always a fun experience.

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