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Sarcastic Moment of the Day


*photo credit: imagehaven.net ; dumb joke credit: me.

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Mats Sundin Interview

I finally got my first interview with Mats Sundin who graciously agreed to chat on video while preparing for his imminent return to the NHL this week.

This was his first interview with a hockey blogger which might be what led us to discussing some rather unconventional topics.  The conversation touched on everything from Kyle Wellwood to Sean Avery to… well, you’d better see for yourself.

Anyway, video is below and I think it went quite well, honestly. (Well, except the part where I mispronounced “Canucks”... oh, and all the talk about “skanks”... no idea how that came up…) smile

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Dancing with the Canucks Stars!

What happens when you get a couple superstar Vancouver Canucks hockey players—Sundin & Luongo—alone in a room with me, a bunch of fancy Christmas lights, and a boatload of Jägermeister? Well… DISCO of course!

What can I say? Them boys like to party…

Merry Christmas from Mats, Roberto & Alanah!

P.S. If you can’t see/use the player above, you can view the movie here. Merry Christmas, all. smile

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A Farce United… In the Depths of Depression

As The Universal Cynic reminded her readers this morning, I was featured as one the members of the “We Are All Canucks” ad campaign around Vancouver the last few months.  But TUC mentions this not simply to mock me (she’s nice that way) but because she and her band of Senators bloggers were inspired:

The OBC, familiar with this marketing scheme and depressed by the state of its own franchise, decided it was time for a bit of a Sens-flavoured spin. Six photos, one from each member, representing our current state of mind—however pathetic and alcohol-soaked it may be. We’ve entitled this pictorial monstrosity, “A Farce United”. (This is a play on the Sens’ current slogan, “A Force United”. Get it? Get it? Oh, Christ…)

You have to check out A Farce United, as it unfolds at The Universal Cynic, Scarlett Ice, Sens at Land’s End, Five for Smiting and Hockey Schlock.

A marketing campaign gone hilariously awry.


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I’m Not Feeling the “Zen”

Since most of the Vancouver media and blogosphere is no doubt talking about how much the Canucks suck today, I’ve decided to leave the topic alone. Instead, I’m focused on something of more immediate importance:  a new Canucks Blackberry theme gone awry.

Here’s a screenshot from the new “Zen Theme” for your Blackberry Bold.


Not bad, but then the problems begin…

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Hockey Bears

I’ve been watching “Bears Playing Hockey” this morning. 

There is no point in sharing this except that, well, it is freakin’ bears playing hockey.  Get me some cocktails and I’d watch this video all day long.

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Pastries and Hockey Jerseys

Last night C&B posted the new Canucks jersey photos and about 90% of poll respondents voted positively—it broke down as “Not Bad” (48%) or they “Love it” (42%) with “Hate it” taking just 9% thus far.  A small sampling, but that’s some pretty positive feedback all things considered, given the frightful history of Canucks jersey unveilings.

But Joseph Ruttle at The Province‘s Canucks Nation is wondering about copyright infringement when he looks at the shoulder logo and compares it to Vachon bakery.


Oh my. Can’t really argue with the inspiration for Johnny Canuck looking at that. Although for the record, I’d never even heard of Vachon before today, and yet now I’ll probably be thinking of the May West every time I look at this new logo.  So maybe this’ll work out pretty well for the bakery either way.


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A Slap Shot Moment

My friend Rebecca Bollwitt had a chance to talk to the cast of Slap Shot 3 yesterday. And as much as I disapprove of the sequelization of the original Slap Shot, at least it all stems from hockey movie goodness of days gone by. (R.I.P, Paul Newman). 

imageWhen [Hunter] Elliott got the call about being cast in the film, he was “through the roof with excitement,” noting that it was one of the best days of his life, knowing he’d be a part of this franchise. “I pretty much grew up on Slap Shot, my dad played hockey in high school and got a scholarship for Brock University for goal tending so I have a pretty intense hockey background.” [...]

Slap Shot 3 also sees roles and cameos from hockey stars such as Doug Gilmour, who McDonell admits was one of his childhood icon, “sitting behind a bench and watching them do the scenes was pretty surreal.”

More at Miss 604 and E! Online

And a P.S. from Rebecca: Both Hunter Elliott and Ryan McDonnel—the film’s stars—are Vancouver Canucks fans. Which is clearly a sign of their excellent character… smile

*Apparently it’s Canucks Movie Day around here.

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No Excuses, Refs!

Pr-Canada.net issued a press release today on behalf of Dr. Cary Silverman‘s eye clinic.  image

Dr. Silverman is a frustrated sports fan, so from now on he will now be offering free LASIK surgery to any referee or umpire of the NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL who is a good candidate for the procedure.

In a letter written to the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL official’s union, Dr. Silverman writes:

Dear Sir:

With the recent rash of missed calls adversely affecting games, you’re probably sick and tired of hearing fans and sports announcers complaining about officials making bad calls. We all know that instant replay is not always going to correct all bad calls. I feel strongly that we should minimize the chance of officiating errors in the first place. Correcting an official’s vision is certainly a step in the right direction. Why not consider LASIK for your officiating members?

When it comes to the NHL, Dr. Silverman was particularly motivated by last years playoff series between the San Jose Sharks and Calgary Flames, apparently.
*image is from the Blind Referee Costume Kit. The internet is such a magical place… smile


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Protecting America’s Hockey Moms

Frank Cipra has designed a new mask dedicated to American V.P. candidate Sarah Palin, which will be presented to her at a rally this week.


“I had a blast (making it),” said Cipra, who has created unique masks for the likes of NHL netminders Curtis Joseph, Vesa Toskala, Andrew Raycroft and John Grahame. A few years back he made two U2 masks while the famous band was touring in Canada. One of the masks sold for $30,000 with the money going to charity.

Very nice, and evidence found at The Onion would suggest that the protective equipment might come in handy next time Ms. Palin finds herself in this situation:


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