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‘Worst Goalie Ever’ Doing 17 Years for Bank Robbery

From the truth-is-stranger-than-fiction files:

The worst goalie in the history of professional hockey is spending his 40th birthday in prison.

Not for atrocious goaltending, mind you - though Attila Ambrus once gave up 23 goals in a game, and 88 in a memorable five-game stretch - but for robbing banks during a post-Iron Curtain crime spree that became the stuff of legend.

Seven years into a 17-year sentence, one of his few regrets is that it’s become harder than ever to follow the just-launched NHL season. So quit complaining about trying to find “Versus” on your cable system.  “The only time I can see clips,” Ambrus lamented in a recent jailhouse interview, “is through the state-owned Hungarian television channel.”

I just love stories like this; dude even has a MySpace page, for godsakes…

And 23 goals given up in one game? People really need to start laying off poor Cloutier.

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Country Music is ALWAYS a Bad Idea

imageIn the Tennessean,

Nashville Predator Jordin Tootoo may have just learned an important country music lesson: Never cheat on a woman with a microphone and an audience.

The Predators wild man had been dating singer Kellie Pickler since early this year, but apparently that’s on the rocks. “Jordin knows what he did,” she said Monday. Apparently her fans do, too.

While performing in Michigan on Sept. 22, concertgoers say, Kellie told the crowd that Jordin cheated on her, so her theme song now is Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats.”

While she joked that she hoped his teeth were knocked out during that night’s game, her attempt to laugh through her pain didn’t last long: She cried onstage while singing “Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You.”

Tootoo couldn’t be reached for comment… but Alanah could be: “Country Music ALWAYS Sucks.”

End of story.


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Hockey Players Can’t Act

As a hockey fan, I’ll admit that I have a tendency to act morally superior to fans of all other games—as if “my” sport and “my” players are better than all others. 

I’m told I suffer from Arrogant Hockey Fan Syndrome to some extent (which might be defined as: “the rabid belief that no other sport is anywhere near as fun as a hockey game” or “hockey players can do no wrong” or “everyone seems to hate us, but we know we’re better than you” etc).  But who can blames us? If nothing else, the NFL, NBA and MLB certainly make it easy for an NHL fan to feel morally superior lately.

But there is one arena in which being a hockey fan really doesn’t provide one with much to brag about: acting. And nearly all related efforts at self promotion have been downright scary.  Which brings me to Exhibit #1…

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Alexei Kovalev’s Bad Day

I’m not sure what the story is behind this photo (original source is here) but it deserves a caption.  Not the most graceful moment for the Montreal Canadiens’ star. 

But hell—at least he can afford a quality chiropractor.


*thanks to David for dropping this photo in my email.

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Nothing Says “I Heart You” Like a $100,000 Car

imageFrom GossipGirls.com (...because apparently I have no shame):

What do you get for the girl who has everything?  No, really, when you’re buying for Hilary Duff, that question must ring especially true.  And her boyfriend decided to take a trip to the Mercedes dealer to celebrate her birthday.

And oh what a present he got her!  Duff’s boyfriend, Mike Comrie, called her up to say that he’d purchased an early 20th birthday present.  “I hope you like them,” he told her, faking her out totally.  The singer/actress told press she was thinking, “Okay, it’s shoes or something.” But when she went to her sisters house to get the gift, she was awestruck.

Rather than shoes or earrings, or matching hockey pucks with their names on them (Comrie is an NHL player) she found a $100,000+ Mercedes Benz G-class SUV with a big red bow on top.

You know what my coolest birthday present was this year? A book, Canucks Legends, by Jeff Rud.  And it’s great, but perhaps dating Mike Comrie is a better idea than I had previously considered.

Meanwhile, these maniacs have only been dating for 2 months. Imagine what Christmas will be like.

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Players We Love to Hate

From ESPN, a collection of 100 athletes with a bit of a reputation problem.

The underachiever who always looks disinterested. The loudmouth who complains from Day 1. The choker who lets his team down when it matters most. These are the players who drive their fans nuts.  In honor of these boo magnets, I set out to find the 100 players most hated by their home fans during their playing days in that city.

Includes only seven NHL players, so that’s good news. For example:

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Aging Gracelessly

Paul spilled the beans. So did Rebecca. Thanks for the best wishes from everyone. I'm touched. I have to say that my favorite so far comes from Rebecca, who wrote me today: "Happy 25th Birthday!" I must say, turning 25 gets better every year. But then again, I've had a lot of practice at it.

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Summer Song Diversion

Because Greg is the devil (he's an Avs fan, for chrissakes) he's dropped me into a meme: five favorite songs. I love music but I can't be sold on the idea of "favorites" -- too tough to narrow it down. So what I propose instead is something far easier for me: the 5 WORST songs you can play anywhere in my vicinity. They're older tunes so they've had a chance to irritate me for far longer, thus impossible to avoid adding to this list. Click the links and experience the YouTube videos of Alanah's personal version of hell:

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Improving on Bad Ideas

I seem to have started the hockey blogosphere on their way to a drinking problem, for which I take NO personal responsibility. (Regardless, I'll take credit). My original post of "Players I Want to Have a Beer With" suffered by missing many other great choices. Fortunately, the drunken hockey bloggers I love have made sure that my oversights were amended. So here are some more contributions to this utterly immature (but highly enjoyable) theme: 1. Are You Drinkin' With Me, Tik? by Greg at Hockey Rants 2. Getting Legless and Chucking a Sickie by Mike, the Yankee Canuck 3. (Anyone else want to contribute to this worthy cause? Send me a link to your blog post).

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Players I Want to Have a Beer With

imageI wasn't surprised at all to read that Mike Keane was re-signed to another contract with the Manitoba Moose, despite being 40 years old. A leader and competitor to his core, Keane's in no rush to move on from the game he loves, and continues to perform at a high level. In his words:

"I've been fortunate enough to be stealing money all these years. I don't want to have to go out and work for a living yet. I've been doing this for a long time, and I'll keep on doing it because I don't want to face the real world."
Well hell, who can blame him? For a lot of reasons, this 3 time Stanley Cup Champion is on my list of Players I Want to Have a Beer With. And speaking of which, there's a few others. Here's a short list of some current and former players that come to mind:

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