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Merry Christmas and All that Jazz

I'm totally shameless -- click here or the image and I'll do a Christmas dance on command.

Best of the season to you all. Whatever celebrations you're enjoying, I hope you have a brilliant time. Now... time for egg nog. And wine. Lots of wine. smile

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Help For Philly Fans

Philadelphia figures that the shame of being a Flyers’ fan isn’t quite enough. To truly suffer, they’re asking a little bit more of their overburdened fanbase:



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Sugar for Christmas

A while back, David Singer at HockeyFights.com did an interview with tough guy Brandon Sugden. Along with the interview, HockeyFights.com also had a draw to give away a couple signed Sugden bobbleheads and I was one of the winners. Well, my wobbly-headed fighter boy arrived in today's mail, and I couldn't be happier. But despite being very well-packaged, the postal service wasn't so gentle and Sugden didn't survive the trip quite the way he would've liked. In fact, he took a bit of an ass-kicking... His trademark salute? Well, one arm broke off. And his head? Ummmm... that bobbly bit just won't stay on.

But I ask you this: Could there be ANY more perfect Sugden bobblehead than this one? No way. And even missing his left hook and his head, I'm guessing he would still kick someone's ass in a fight. So I'll get out some glue and patch him up as many a team doctor has done before, no doubt. (Thanks, David. I love this thing.) Sugden announced his retirement only a couple weeks ago. For more about his career, check out his fight cards here and some other stuff on YouTube. It's amazing the guy survived long enough to retire voluntarily. Three cheers for Sugar!

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Hockey Speak: Quips & Quotes

By Alanah D McGinley

Welcome to the first edition of Hockey Speak: Quotes & Quips, a somewhat-random collection of 10 oddball, profound or otherwise interesting quotes from the world of hockey.  This feature will appear every Thursday and hopefully provide y’all with a bit of entertainment.

Note: Feel free to submit quotes you think would be interesting additions each week. I’m liable to miss a lot of good stuff without a bit of help…

“If he saw a house that cost $400,000, he figured he needed to pay $400,000 on the spot.  It’s been tough trying to explain that he doesn’t need that much money right away.”

Nashville Predators Darcy Hordichuk teaches rookie teammate Alexander Radulov that living life buried under the norms of Western-style mortgage debt is good. The Tennessean’s John Glennon commented, “It seems Radulov believed asking prices were more like price tags.”  (Ummm, how is $400,000 not a price tag?  Maybe Radulov should give up hockey and become a North American financial counselor to the rest of us.)


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The Crazy Canucks—Episode #12

The new edition of The Crazy Canucks podcast is up and ready for download or play online. As always, featuring John, Rebecca, J.J., Dave and me. From The Crazy Canucks website:

This episode caught some of us off guard, but anytime you throw a bunch of Canucks fans together, it’s not hard to talk hockey for a half hour. The whole gang was here, but our connection to Dave cut out towards the end. That didn’t stop the podcast, you can count on that. Record as of this episode: 17-16-1 (5th in the Northwest Division) We cover the last three games, but we only played two teams during that stretch; Calgary and Minnesota. Luongo takes center stage for some discussion, we pick out the rag of the week(only because it seems that whoever we pick on tends to start doing better), and wonder what the heck is going on with the officiating during some of the games. Dave also gives a first hand report on venturing out for a Vancouver Giants (WHL) game, J.J. gives us a Vote for Rory update(listen to an interview with Rory on the website under “Rory Speaks!”), and Alanah is live with her new blog, canucksandbeyond.com. [Running time for the podcast is 35:06m]

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Marketing NBA Style

For all the NBA idiocy in the news this week, they do know how to do some stuff right. Witness this Christmas video production for NBA fans. (Click here or the image,  and it will download and open in WMP.)


What might be the NHL equivalent? I’m thinking… a nice, nuclear family of four, a couple of hot cocoas and a cozy sit-down to watch a hockey game after the meatloaf is put away. Then Mom turns on the Christmas tree lights, Dad says, “Time for hockey!” And then the kids (as well as the rest of us) immediately pass out from the boredom of it all.

C’mon, NHL. Gimme something fun!  Rumor has it that “sex sells”, ya know. 


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Robin Bawa Back with the Canucks?

From the Wikipedia -- achieving great heights in journalistic accuracy and breaking news as it is known to do -- we have this little tid-bit:

Oh yeah, just what we need. And a comment from the sicko Avs fan who tipped me about this: "Good news, Canucks fans. Someone thinks a 40-year-old ex-goon who hasn't played in seven years is coming back to the Canucks next season!" SMART ASS!

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Feed Me

Finally got this sorted out. Click the nice orange button below and the magic of RSS feeds shall be yours. You can add the feed to whatever blog reading software you already use and subscriptions cost only $40/month! Yeah, yeah, I'm kidding. It's totally free, of course. Usually well worth that price, too.

Also, a great big thank you to the friend who got this feed up and running. Without him, we'd all go hungry. (Get it? No feed... go hungry...?) Oh, never mind. I swear, some days I might as well be talking to myself. Hell, maybe I am...

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Leave the NHL Out of Your NBA Lunacy

By happenstance, I came across this opinion piece by Phil Reggio -- an article about the Knicks/Nuggets brawl last weekend in the NBA. Specifically, the article questions the role of racism in the NBA, but that isn't the relevant part. What caught my attention was actually this little gem:

Todd Bertuzzi (NHL) is an alcoholic, he is Canadian. Maybe we (the media and society) can blame his actions a few years back on two many Heineken’s. Seriously… Who in their right mind would swing a stick purposely into the face of an opponent, injuring the opposing player with such severity that the local police pressed charges? The media coverage surrounding the Bertuzzi incident went on for months and is still talked about today, and not once did I hear race become an excuse to justify Todd’s misguided actions. Bertuzzi took responsibility for his actions and moved on. I guess this is the difference between the NHL and NBA?
Excuse me, but wtf? 1. Should we be offended or grateful for this back-handed 'approval' of NHLers. Reggio goes on to argue that race was not a factor in the NBA suspensions the other day. Well, okay. Whatever. I know nothing about the NBA, nor do I want to. For all I know or care, they could be playing with puppets under the hoops, feeding each other caviar on camera. (Perfectly good fare for ESPN2 these days, actually).* But when you make an argument that NHL players are somehow 'better' -- if indeed that's what this guy is doing, and I'm not agreeing with that, either -- is it really necessary to highlight the worst example of on-ice behavior in recent NHL history? And that leads me to... 2. Since when did Todd Bertuzzi get labeled an "alcoholic"? He drinks socially but I've certainly never heard the accusation of alcoholism made in any serious way, much less thrown out there in a matter-of-fact this-is-the-way-it-is way. Besides, what does alcohol have to do with anything that Bertuzzi was ever accused of? And just one more final point -- what is that stuff about swinging a stick at an opponent's head? Oh, wait... I think someone mixed up their Bertuzzi/Moore low-lights with their McSorley/Brashear low-lights. Tsk, tsk! Just keep your crazy NBA analysis off my NHL. Thanks muchly. _______________________________________________ *No serious disrespect intended to NBA fans. Just on a rant here.

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Vancouver vs Minnesota

Game Recap: The. Suck. 5-2, Wild over the Canucks. If you want to re-live it in detail, then write your own freakin' recap in the comments. But why would you want to do that? Why? Note: One line from the Vancouver color analyst Tommy Larscheid was a classic that bears repeating: "If more Canucks players had the work ethic of Jan Bulis tonight, they'd be in better shape." Wow... Bulis should print and frame that sucker -- bet he hasn't heard that too often.

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