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Jes Golbez throws down a challenge to Oilers fans (and Messier-lovers) everywhere:

"Don't they recall Mark Messier's 9-hour suckfest with the Rangers? If there is anyone who has never reached out to fans, it's Mark Messier. Try getting an autograph from Mark Messier. You're more likely to win the Super 7 jackpot. "Why does this dick-headed fraud continue to get the Royal Treatment? Are Oilers fans actually dumb enough to pay $350 for this crap? Fans jamming a downtown square? Where's a firebomb when you need one? If any of the Oilers bloggers actually attend this, I'm going to smack them around more than a few hundred times."
Not hockey-related, but here's a tribute to one of the most important sports figures of the 20th century. Please take a minute to cruise through the press clippings and video of one of my own all-time favorites:
"As everyone probably already knows, today is Muhammad Ali’s 65th Birthday. It’s been a little over 25 years since Ali last stepped into the ring, yet is still one of the most widely talked about boxers today. I was listening to the radio this morning and they said the only thing Ali wanted for his birthday this year was a trip to his favorite magic shop to buy a couple of new things. Still the same kind of guy after all these years…"
The Tennis News Person of the Year. And you only think you don't care...
Peter Burwash, 61, of Carmel Valley, California, generally recognised as the premier global tennis coach to millions, has been named the Tennis News Person of the Year. [...] Burwash, a former NHL draftee hockey player had a career-ending injury that switched his attention to tennis and has since played and coached in 135 countries, more than anyone in the history of the game.
Hockey to Tennis -- who knew? Perhaps there's a future for Jose Theodore after all...

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On the Hockey Blogs This Week

A round-up of the odds and ends found in the hockey blogging world this week. From expansion teams, to NHL porn, to a hockey blogger wedding, I’ve got it all…

If you’re a fan of social networking you’re probably familiar with Face Book. And if you’re not familiar with it, you’re missing out on being BFF with all your favorite hockey players.  (Tragic.) So Scarlett Ice has picked up the screenshots from the FaceBook pages of Kyle Wellwood and his 294 friends.  FaceBookBoys like: Erik Cole, Evgeni Malkin, Maxim Afinogenov, Dion Phaneuf, Wayne Gretzky, Alexander Ovechkin... the list goes on. 

Find out which of these real & fake players are looking for “love!” or to “just be friends!”  Or maybe they just want to exchange pirated Eminem cd’s, so help ‘em out—NHLers need friends, too.

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Where Canucks Fans Go to Cry

Yesterday, the news came out that Roberto Luongo was injured in practice, struck in the throat by a Daniel Sedin puck. All indications were (I thought) that Luongo was going to be okay... but it's not looking good today. From the Globe & Mail, I just choked on this afternoon update from Grant Kerr: "Luongo's Status Remains Uncertain"

The Canucks also were uncertain of the status of No. 1 goaltender Roberto Luongo following the morning skate. Luongo wore a throat protector during the workout for the first time this season after being struck in the throat during practice Monday from a shot by Daniel Sedin. Luongo had rejected wearing a dangling throat protector beneath his goalie's mask previously because he felt uncomfortable and had problems locating pucks in his skates. Related to this article Should Luongo be ruled out, backup Dany Sabourin would start for only the fourth time this season, sporting an 0-3 record. Luongo has been in goal for all 25 Vancouver victories.
Tonight's game against the Canadiens looks be complicated even more, given the absences of both Willie Mitchell and Taylor Pyatt due to injuries. P.S. Once Luongo recovers from this, he'd better not practice without a throat guard ever again. Shouldn't that be a condition of the Canucks' insurance on him, for godsakes? Geezus...

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Canucks Legend: #16 Trevor Linden

image*Part of a series on the 7 Greatest Canucks of all-time. *Previous post, Harold Snepsts.

"He was something Vancouver fans had never seen before: a draft pick who paid immediate dividends." *narration from the video included below
How true that is. Trevor Linden was picked 2nd overall in the 1988 draft and in his first season with the Canucks, picked up 30 goals and 29 assists. He led the team in power play points, was the first rookie in Canucks' history to be named team MVP, and was the runner up for the Calder Trophy that year.

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The Crazy Canucks—Episode 16

It's the "Trevor Linden episode," said Rebecca, though I don't think we mentioned #16 at all. Oh well, it is still the Sweet 16 edition on January 16th.

Dave is a healthy scratch for this recording as the rest of us gathered together to record another episode. We lost the streak against the Wild, but the Leafs were our next victims as the Canucks took them down on Hockey Day in Canada over the weekend. Record as of this episode: 25-19-1 Northwest Division: 2nd Western Conference: 7th There was a lot to chat about even though there hasn’t been much action since the last episode. We take a look at some of the younger guys on the team, review some of the ways that we celebrated Hockey Day in each of our own special ways, why it should be a national holiday, wander down the scheduling trail again, and dissect the NHL All-Star Game selections a little bit. J.J also drops some bombs at the end of the episode with some injury reports, and we all agree that nothing else matters since we spanked the Leafs, 6-1, on national TV, no less.
Listen Online or Download

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Sean Avery on Romance

imageA friend of mine eagerly awaited February’s issue of Stuff Magazine last week, and when it finally arrived he was quick to pass on a bit of news. 

So what could possibly interest me from an issue of Stuff Magazine? Well, this article had some potential: “What Song Did You Lose Your Virginity To?”

Various celebrities answered the question, including the L.A. Kings’ resident lady charmer, Sean Avery.  And his response?

“Love Hurts” because “I didn’t want her to get her hopes up,” said Avery.


Note #1: I’ll confess, Sean Avery is sort of growing on me over the years. He’s just the gift that keeps on giving…
Note #2: Lyrics to Love Hurts. (beware of pop-ups)

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HDIC Liveblogged? Okay, why not?!

It's Hockey Day in Canada and I doubt I'll move far from the couch today, equipped as I am with junk food, sandwich materials, pots of coffee and (eventually) a bottle case of ciders. Should be perfect. For basics on the schedule, go here. However, for the rest of the day, I'll be adding to this post with any odds & ends from the day that might be of interest to readers. For those people that can't get the HDIC broadcast and have a specific request, let me know and I'll do my best to make it magically appear on this post... at least for as long as I remain conscious. And of course, anyone who has their own HDIC stories or links to pass on, please leave that information in the comments. The more voices, the merrier, I say! See ya throughout the day. Updates will start appearing below shortly...

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Hockey Day in Canada Begins

From CBC,

It’s been called “Canada’s Second National Anthem.” It’s heard on backyard rinks, frozen ponds across the country, the asphalt tarmac of an air base serving Canadian troops in Afghanistan — wherever Canadians gather with sticks in hand.
Come Saturday, the Hockey Night in Canada Theme will echo in the Selkirk Mountains around Nelson, a city of about 10,000 people in B.C.‘s Southern Interior.

And so finally, Hockey Fan Christmas officially begins.  Here’s some stuff on the schedule:


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The 80s: Like a Jungle Sometimes

It's Friday, so let me go completely off-topic for a moment. I just read about some bands getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year, and holy hell, Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five are on the list. Flashing back to 1982 (please don't bother telling me if that's before you were born...) here's The Message, a song which hung around for years too long. Still, "Don't push me 'cause I'm close to the edge" was a great riff.

More 80s, for no reason: Worst Television Shows of the 80s Best Songs of the 80s (*essentially the worst music ever made, though AC/DC keeps it from being a total disaster, imo.)

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Backlog of Information

I've been sick* and gotten a bit behind on a few things I wanted to mention:

(1) This David Beckham Meets Hollywood story is interesting. And does the situation remind anyone else of Wayne Gretzky, c.1988? The Gretzky move to the LA Kings was widely credited with bringing hockey to the American mainstream, to non-traditional markets in particular. Armed with a $250 million contract, Beckham is clearly meant to achieve the same thing in soccer. But check this headline: "David Beckham Moves To LA To Hang Out With Tom Cruise" Now, Gretzky has landed in his share of public relations mis-steps in recent years, but nothing that fu#ked up. (2) GZ Expat was on a mission a while back to collect hockey gear for some neighbourhood kids in China. I'm happy to report that things have worked out brilliantly on that score and now the kids are learning all the fundamentals of Canadian-style violence. I couldn't be more pleased. (3) Many things went wrong with importing subscribers from the old blog to this one -- my grasp of technology is more limited than I care to admit. So for those that never got the re-directed feed, click here to do it now, or click the orange button in the left-side column at any time. (4) George Malik has posted two stories on hockey equipment on Kukla's Korner today: all about hockey sticks and all about goalie equipment. A ton of great information on a subject I knew nothing about.
__________________ *translation: "feel sorry for me"

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