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Peca’s Suspension Lowered

(Alanah here—I’m just posting this news for Bethany’s readers as she’s unable to access her computer right now.)

According to Nick Kypreos on Fan 590, Michael Peca’s suspension will be dropped to anywhere from 3-5 games, instead of the expected 10 games.

Update 3:57pm:

The official word from the NHL is in and the suspension will be for 5 games. He’s already served two games, so he’ll be eligible to play next on Friday, October 24th against the NYR.  Peca will forfeit $35,349.46 of his salary to the Players’ Emergency Fund.

added 6:25pm by Pierre LeBrun of ESPN,

“Once the suspension is in place, you’re going to get suspended no matter what, so I was just hoping for the minimum,” Peca told ESPN.com Friday. “In the end, the league saves face by not having a Category 2, and by lowering it to five games from 10, it looks like I won and everyone is happy. The referee is good because it wasn’t lowered to three. Politically, everybody is happy except probably myself.”

more from Peca…

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Home Opener

The Jackets are opening up at home tonight against the Nashville Predators.  It should be a good game, I am heading up to the game and will be cheering on my boys, somewhere in the 200 level, I have no clue where our seats are.  But, if you see me, say hello! 

The Jackets always have a hard time with the Predators, don’t believe me?  We won exactly ONE game against them in the last TWO SEASONS.  The Jackets are going to have to play solid hockey, finish their checks, and ignore Tootoo (and stay out of the box) in order to win. It will be great to see Nikita on the ice, and to see how he does against a tough Nashville opponent.

I’m sorry that this post is so rushed but I have to get on the road.  Consider this an open post to let your frustrations about the Preds out, and to talk some Jackets hockey if you like.

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This is from Jim Kelley at Sports Illustrated.  He feels that we need to help Malarchuk.  While I agree, definitely, I do also think that we need to do what is best for our hockey club.  Scott Howson has a very difficult decision on his hands.  I would not want to be in his shoes when it comes to making it.  I really don’t know what else to say.  It’s a horrible situation, and all I can say is that I hope he gets better soon, and gets the help that he needs.

But what the Jackets could do is what Malarchuk has tried to do most of his life: they could acknowledge that a member of their franchise, a part of their extended family, has a problem. They could allow him the time and professional help he needs to deal with his latest problem and they could at least consider assisting him, after a suitable period of recovery, in not only continuing his work with their goaltending talent, but speaking out about the difficulties of coping with a type of illness that far too many of us try to ignore.

Surely that would take courage. It would also mean taking a road less traveled. Hopefully, GM Scott Howson’s recent visit to Nevada to assess the situation is a step in that direction.

There would be risks, of course, but helping Malarchuk wouldn’t just be the right thing to do, it would be the courageous thing. He might have setbacks that create a public relations problem. It’s also possible that Malarchuk, knowing he has no reason to fear for his livelihood, would understand that he is no longer alone in his fight. He could take strength from that and perhaps recover faster and more completely than if he were to be abandoned at a time when he needs his hockey connection most.

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Nothing Yet…

Expect a ruling on Peca tomorrow morning.  Michael Peca, his agent, Don Meehan, Scott Howson, the four on-ice officials, members of the NHLPA, and NHL representatives met today to discuss Peca’s suspension.  Apparently there was a new over-head video of the incident, which showed Peca grabbing the officials arm.  Never once was it mentioned that Peca hit the ref with his stick, which is good news.  I will post more when the verdict on Peca is out.

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Three games in, let’s talk about it…

The Blue Jackets have now played three games and are getting ready to open up at home tomorrow night, against the Nashville Predators.  Let’s talk about the things that are working for the Blue Jackets.

The “goat” line, I am a huge fan of that name for the record.  Chimera, Brassard, and Voracek are absolutely tearing it up for the Blue Jackets, that line is working, and they look great together.  Brassard has two goals and one assist and is a plus-3.  Chimera is leading the team in assists, and is a plus-2, and Voracek has a goal and an assist and is a plus-1.

Rick Nash has taken it upon himself to carry the team, the only problem is he can’t score.  He has had four breakaways and has been unable to capitalize on them.  Knowing Nash and how his goals tend to come in spirts, He has scored one goal, and has sixteen shots on goal.  Against San Jose the Nash, Umberger, and Huselius line had 19 shots, the team as a whole had 33.  They are bound to get hot and start scoring.

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Welcome to the NHL, Nikita!

Nikita Filatov is being recalled, and will be playing in the home opener on Friday!!  This is HUGE news for Blue Jackets fans, and of course it doesn’t come without a cost.  Jared Boll is out with a head and neck issues, I’m with Portzline when he says Boll hasn’t been right since the fight in Dallas. 

Now, onto the game last night.  We had a good night on the power play, we were able to score two goals, which is a great thing.  HOWEVER, when your power play allows TWO short-handed goals you have a serious problem on your hand.  Pascal Leclaire wasn’t as good as he should have been, but he can’t be blamed for all the goals.  The Jackets were able to keep the penalties they took at a minimum, but that did not help.

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Late Games Make Me Tired

The first meeting of Jody Shelley and his old club has come and gone, but we still enjoy seeing Jody.  He still has quite the fanbase in Ohio.  By the way, congrats Jody and Mandy Shelley!!  They will be welcoming their first child into the world sometime around November 14th.

Michael Peca has his hearing on Thursday at 11 a.m. and according to Aaron Portzline who met with Rimmer between the first and second period, it is probably going to be reduced to a three game suspension, which is great news for the Blue Jackets.  The final word will come on Thursday though, so let’s not get our hopes up just yet.

And, Machinehead is now retired…from Blue Jackets games at least.  Hooray!!  They are not revealing what the new song will be, but apparently the players had a say in it.  I will let you know Friday what I hear!

Now, onto the game.

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I had every intention of talking more about the Malarchuk and Peca situation, but with the death of Alexei Cherepanov it all seems so irrelevant.  He was too young to die, and had so much ahead of him.  My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and the New York Rangers organization.

On that horrible note, here’s what is going on in the world of the Blue Jackets.

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Jackets Lose to Coyotes

The Blue Jackets missed Michael Peca right from the beginning as one by one the Blue Jackets headed to the penalty box.  The game was practically handed to the Coyotes, without much of a fight from any of the Blue Jackets players.  The Jackets couldn’t get anything going, and the only bright spots were Pascal Leclaire who made some great saves, Rick Nash who tried to carry the team but had no luck getting anything into the net, and Derick Brassard who scored the lone goal for the Blue Jackets.  Luckily, it’s a long season and we still have 80 more games to go and if we keep taking all these penalties it’s going to be a REALLLLLY long season.

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Peca is in Trouble

Puck-Rakers is reporting that Michael Peca is facing a multiple game suspension for the incident that occured last night in Dallas.  Apparently he made contact with an official, it was not shown on the air so I have not seen what happened, and Cat who was at the game doesn’t remember anything either.  The suspension is supposed to be announced later on today and Peca is apparently going to appeal the decision.  I will update this post as I get more information.

UPDATEPeca has been suspended indefinitely by the NHL.  He has appealed that decision and will have a trial early this coming week.  He could be suspended a minimum of 10 games.  Peca claims he only grabbed the officials arm to slow him down, the official is claiming Peca hit him with his stick.  Here’s Peca on what happened:

“The only contact was me grabbing his arm to slow him down,” Peca said, “because he was skating away and I wanted to plead my case.

“They’ve claiming I hit (a) linesman with my stick after I hit the glass with it, which is completely false.”

“I was so worked up,” Peca said. “We poured our hearts into that 5-on-3. When the guy who commits the foul ends up scoring the goal … you have that much energy and pride invested in that situation, you get a little heated.

“For me, I’m pretty mild mannered. For me to get that upset … it takes a lot to get me that upset. I don’t like to think that I talk to officials like that. I regret some of the things I said. But I can’t regret anything to do with abuse of an official, because I didn’t abuse an official.”

If he is suspended for the 10 games or more, it’s going to be rough on the Jackets.  Peca is not the type of player to strike an official.  I suppose now we wait.

UPDATE:  Puck Stops Here has a video of the incident, you can barely see Peca touch the official.

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