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Dear NHL,

Waiting for the NHL and NHLPA to get their act together on the CBA is a lot like watching water boil; the more you stare at it, the less progress seems to be made. Too bad there's not a Hockey Fan Association at the table. If we had anything to say about it, this would be long past over and done by now. Which got to me thinking, what if fans had a say in the CBA negotiations? If you could plead the fans' case for working it out, what would you tell them?

For my part, I think it would go something like this:

Dear NHL and NHLPA,

I'm sure you'd like to get on with the season the same as loyal, hockey related-revenue paying fans. That is why I'm writing to you today.  I hope that you will consider what hockey means to us and why we hope you will work out your differences, post-haste.

Hockey is money. The league goes to work at the start of the season and fans go the ATM. It's money well spent and it's a win-win for fans, the league, and players. We buy everything from tickets, food and jerseys to hats, coffee cups and Center Ice packages; all to show our support and love of the game. All of which generate little things called hockey-related revenue and TV ratings. Lose even part of a season, and you lose not only our money, but our trust and confidence in your ability to run your business. Think about it this way: fans have many things we can do with our hard earned money in a down economy. We choose to spend it on hockey. My point here is simple: You start the hockey season on time, we start spending. I think you'll agree it's a no brainer. 

Hockey is beauty. 'Tis true, non-hockey appreciators may argue that hockey is crude, rude, ugly, loud, and of course, smelly. But when played at its highest, purest and best level, hockey is a sport of uncommon grace and truly staggering beauty. I'm guessing right about now, the bargaining tables you are sitting at fall more into the "crude, rude, ugly, loud" bucket. The next time you want to rip off the head of the guy across from you, I urge you to take a moment and remember why you go to the rink. And that somewhere out there are fans whose reasons for doing so are the same: Because we love this game more than life. Because we believe it brings balance and harmony to the universe. Because hockey is honest and real and when played to its fullest potential, it makes us believe in our own potential for greatness. And finally, because it gives us something that can't be bargained, bought or paid for: hope. We must place our hope and faith in you that you will find a way to work it out. We only ask that you give us a reason to.  

Hockey is life. Here in Portland, Oregon, Winterhawks fans believe in "hockey first, everything else second." Hockey isn't just a weekend hobby. It's not just something we do because there's nothing else happening around town. It's who we are, it's what we live for and it's why we do everything else in our lives. Like work, so as to earn the above mentioned hockey-related revenue. My point is this: I discovered hockey at a young age so it's hard to imagine a world without it. Unfortunately, in the 2004-2005 season we didn't have to imagine a world without hockey. We had to live it. There is nothing more tragic in life and a hockey season than getting to the end of it and wondering what might have been. That is what the 04/05 season was and will always be, one giant "what if?" And that was one too many.  Nobody wants to imagine life without hockey and nobody wants to regret things that can't be undone. You still have time and opportunity to prevent another "what if" season. In short, you have the chance to be the hero who does the equivalent of scoring the game winning goal in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. Take it.


Your Fans

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Dispite it’s accuracy, that was just way to articulate and pretty and polite.

We are talking about hockey negotiations so there needs to be violence & blood & mayhem & vulgarities.  Not only do I want fan representation at the CBA meetings, I want to be the one that goes all Donald Brashear on Bettman’s pea-sized brain every time he offers up an unrealistic contract proposal.

I hope the players get fed up, tell Bettman to blow it out his ass and just walk away from the NHL permanently.  Maybe that will open up the owners eyes and make them realize how valuable the players they have really are, and how full of crap Bettman really is.

Why he thinks taking more money away from the players is going to magically make Phoenix a profitable city I’ll never know.  Retail chains that have poor performing stores have enough sense to just close those stores or maybe find new locations.  If the league can’t support 30 teams (pfff ... I said IF) then contraction can NOT be ignored as a viable option.  Players will agree with contraction because, when teams are shut down, roster size for existing teams goes up to 25 or 26 players (from the present 23) so few NHL level jobs will be lost, just relocated.

I don’t see this season starting on time and, if I read Bettman’s poor attitude correctly, the entire season will be gone if nothing is settled by the first of the year.  Damn shame too because this seasons scheduled Winter Classic woulda been the best one yet.  A true ‘classic’ in every sense of the word.

Does Bettman care ?  NOOOOOOOOO ... he calls us fans ‘loyal’ .... like we’re sheep or something.  If it doesn’t happen this year then we’ll try again next year and you’ll spend a bazillion dollars as if there wasn’t a lockout.

Keep dreaming Gary .... your day is coming .... soon.
You don’t want to see what it will be like when the fans union up and demand a voice at all contract negotations.

Posted by Hockeytown Wax from West Bloomfield, Mi. on 09/01/12 at 05:22 AM ET

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