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Really?  Okaaaay.

This isn’t Pittsburgh. It’s not Chicago or San Jose.  It’s Minnesota.  And it’s where Zach Parise and, more humorously in a sad way, Ryan Suter will languish for the next 7, 10, 13 years. 

Family Circle and Oprah, the Lifetime Channel and “hockey-mad” Minnesota can point to this as a wondrous decision made by two men who want to be friends forever and enjoy the solitude that a small market affords them.  Family first.  Friends always.


What a flawed decision.  We’re going to hear about a pipeline of talent coming to Minneapolis. They’ve been building it for years and years.  It’s right there on the cusp, ready to explode and join Parise and Suter.  Contenders, by god. Contenders.

And happy.  Happy together in Minny, where the expectations are low, the glare is dull and the Cup shall never visit.

It’s funny.  Were this the Pens, it would be disgusting. Heartbreaking.  Chicago? Terrifying.

It’s Minnesota. And that’s literally funny.

This is going to be interesting, to see the steps made by legitimate hockey men to kiss these two asses.  Mike Ilitch flew to Madison and came away with nothing. That makes me sick. Who the hell is Ryan Suter to turn down Mike Ilitch in favor of…Craig Leipold?  Your call, big boy.  Own it. Live with it.


Next Kenny?  Semin.  Doan.  A deal for Yandle.

Money to spend. Holes to fill.

I don’t blame Holland. Not one bit.  These two ladies wanted to play together in a quiet patch of daisies.  They got what they wanted.

Minus the Cup that never mattered.

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The Hurricane's avatar

Any chance Kenny is betting on a lockout? The man IS brilliant, after all…..
p.s. I still say it’s Nash.

Posted by The Hurricane on 07/04/12 at 04:42 PM ET

Leo_Racicot's avatar

Posted by Valek on 07/04/12 at 02:29 PM ET

Understood, thanks for the follow-up.

Posted by Leo_Racicot on 07/04/12 at 04:47 PM ET

SYF's avatar

Wings need to get going on finding a replacement for Jeff Blashill as well.  Preferably someone who knows what the fuch they’re doing on special teams.

Posted by SYF from Twerkin' with Anastasia Ashley on 07/04/12 at 04:54 PM ET

Primis's avatar

Any chance Kenny is betting on a lockout? The man IS brilliant, after all…..
p.s. I still say it’s Nash.

Posted by The Hurricane on 07/04/12 at 02:42 PM ET

If Holland trades for Nash, what he gives up is going to be a fleecing.  And not in the good way for DET.

Pray that it isn’t Nash.

Pray that Kenny just decides “F*ck it” and plays the kids.

Posted by Primis on 07/04/12 at 04:54 PM ET


Pray that Kenny just decides “F*ck it” and plays the kids.

Is this really a realistic option? People have been clamoring for this organization to give their youth more of an opportunity for YEARS…it’s not Holland’s style, for better or worse. I’m STILL not convinced that Smith will be on the opening day roster. As it stands he should have been playing more last season to better prepare him once the inevitable retirement of Lids happened and still didn’t get a shot.

Posted by godblender on 07/04/12 at 05:01 PM ET


Was it public knowledge Suter and Parise were that tight?  I know there was mention they could land in the same place but I assumed it would be a team pushing it.  Good for Minnesota, bad day for Nashville/New Jersey.

Pens going to have to figure out another move.  Doan perhaps?

Posted by tbassett on 07/04/12 at 05:19 PM ET

shanetx's avatar

Is this really a realistic option? People have been clamoring for this organization to give their youth more of an opportunity for YEARS…it’s not Holland’s style, for better or worse.

I agree with you, but I do think the end of the Lidstrom era will change things in a lot of ways- and one of those ways will be determining Holland’s “style”.  The wings have been a contender for years and still have the potential to be, but it might be time for something other than “plug the hole, keep chugging”- ie, playing youngsters, shaking things up via trade/coaching moves if the results are not good- whereas while they had Yzerman, then Lidstrom, in the twilights of their careers, there wasn’t going to be any of that.

Posted by shanetx from Floydada, Texas on 07/04/12 at 05:49 PM ET

Hippy Dave's avatar

I can’t say I’m that surprised.  One was from there and the other lived 5 hours away.  Must have been tremendous pressure from the family to get them to stay at home.  I wasn’t all that comfortable with the term being thrown around either.

Best of all worlds in my book: offer sheet to Weber (with the condition Z gets one good head-slam back at him the moment he signs) and a trade for Ryan, plus a depth pickup for D.

Now we get to see Kenny really work.

Posted by Hippy Dave from Portland by way of Detroit on 07/04/12 at 06:32 PM ET

cigar_nurse's avatar

Have finally caught up on the blog after 4 days of free agent chaos and working without accessibility of the internet.

MInnesota. Really?  Well Pariese will never come as close as he did to getting a cup ever again .These were 2 veeery smart guys or smart agents who prolonged the wait to drive the price up.

I don’t blame Kenny for not paying 98 mil for either of these guys or for both. Time to implement the trade route to fix the log jam of 3 rd and 4th liners or as Monkey put it, too many nickels and not enough quarters.

Tick Tock

Happy 4th to all and try to be safe ya reprobates

Posted by cigar_nurse from On The mend for next season Greenville Pylons on 07/04/12 at 06:33 PM ET


Any chance Kenny is betting on a lockout? The man IS brilliant, after all…..

If there’s a lockout and if there’s a salary rollback with the next CBA, it’s Minny that will look like geniuses.  I don’t expect it, but if there were a 25% rollback (for the sake of argument), they’re shelling out nearly $50M less between Parise & Suter, over the course of their contracts.

Posted by Garth on 07/04/12 at 07:36 PM ET


It’s why they just got 98 million and are not taking shots at people on websites.  It’s a free country and they’re free agents.  No one knows who’ll win the Cup anymore.  Who predicted Los Angeles?  Not even during the playoffs.

Posted by 13 user names on 07/04/12 at 09:22 PM ET

The Hurricane's avatar

Maybe so, Garth, but this pool of free agents was crap…I am wondering if there is no season this year because of a lock out whether or not there will be a deeper pool of opportunity to choose from. I’ve heard no one talking about the free agent pool for NEXT season. Could the game be to simply let this year be a big development year for the young ‘uns and let next year be the construction year with FRANCHISE type talent?
Wishful thinking for sure, but I’m not putting it past Ken Holland.

Posted by The Hurricane on 07/05/12 at 01:02 AM ET

Leo_Racicot's avatar

Maybe so, Garth, but this pool of free agents was crap…
Posted by The Hurricane on 07/04/12 at 11:02 PM ET

Not to take anything away from your point, because I’m in full agreement.  The problem is that we’ve been saying the same thing every July since the cap era went into effect.

The majority of teams that have good assets are either re-upping with said players or they are moving them via creative deals to address other points of need on their respective rosters. 

With regards to next season, take the balding one as an example:

If Anaheim has an inkling that Getzlaf is gonna walk next summer, they’ll do all they can to unload him in February or in the days leading up to July 1.

Posted by Leo_Racicot on 07/05/12 at 01:12 AM ET

Red Winger's avatar

IwoCPO… Trying so hard to be edgy, yet such an epic fail smile

Posted by Chris on 07/04/12 at 12:39 PM ET

How does that even make sense, you mo^@****@#$#(&^%%$^^$$#$##!!!!!!!!!

Minnesota ... REALLY???????

Posted by Red Winger from Sault Ste Marie, MI on 07/05/12 at 02:53 AM ET

PaulinMiamiBeach's avatar

Ken Holland failed.  Period.

you know this isn’t NHL 12 where you press X and the transaction happens, right?  there are actual, real, breathing, thinking people involved on both sides.  multiple teams made offers to them, some damn good offers.  they made their choice on personal reasons.  none of the GMs failed.  it’s not possible to fail in a situation where you don’t control it.

Posted by PaulinMiamiBeach on 07/05/12 at 02:04 PM ET

wedge56's avatar

I don’t think Holland failed.  I would not want to be paying 7.5 million for 13 years for either of those guys.

It sucks that they chose the money over the Wings, but I’m glad Holland did not give them contracts that only would have been “good” contracts for about half of the contract length.

Suter is no Lidstrom.

Parise is no Z.

Hollands offer of 6.9 mil for 13 years was already stretching things to the upper limit. 

I was hoping to improve this off season, but it sure looks like we will be treading water unless one of our youngsters steps up in a big way.

Posted by wedge56 on 07/05/12 at 06:23 PM ET

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