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This is classic Holland.  He should patent this line.

"I'm OK where we're at," Holland said.

He said that to Helene St. James some time in the last 30 hours, via text, Facebook message or in person over Tabs.  I just don't know.  But, remember, it's not just Holland making the big decisions that a real-life GM is, you know, paid to make. Oh no.  Don't forget.  There's a committee to take the fall should the Wings do, I don't know...absolutely nothing at the deadline.

...like always, general manager Ken Holland will work the phones. He'll have his front-office staff assembled at Joe Louis Arena, ready to run any potential moves by trusted associates.


I've never seen anything like that.  This consistent reminder that it's not just Holland making the calls.  We've got it.  We know.  Holland, and Nill, and the Capologist, Draper and Chelios.  Kirk Maltby's analyzing spreadsheets, breaking down the numbers, giving Tick Tock subtle head shakes.  Holland's taking it all in, ruminating, a phone in each ear, a hotline to Mr. I, Babcock peeking in, everyone weighing the options, boy.  A beehive of hockey activity.  Discussing, collaborating, dialing.

And doing a whole lot of jack shit.

But that's ok, because...and don't you think for one second she wouldn't write this if Holland didn't tell her to...St. James says the Wings don't have a shot anyway.

The Wings aren't elite, not like the Penguins, Blackhawks or Los Angeles Kings. But they are a good team with a lot of young players who bode well for future success. But this isn't a year to sell the farm for a shot at the Cup.

"We're trying to make the playoffs but at the same time rebuild the team," Holland said. "I like our depth up front. We're set in goal. We're younger on defense. We have to be patient."

Just for the record, LA's elite.  She said it, and so...apparently indirectly...did Holland.  

Really?  Look at both rosters and even take into account LA's one month record of success, and tell me they're "elite"?  Ok.  If they are? So is Detroit.  

These are the Detroit motherfuching Red Wings.  Just the name is elite. Just the way it rolls off your tongue.  The scent is elite.  The colors are elite.  The history is elite. 

If there isn't a deal to be made? Got it. We're used to that, believe me.

But don't tell me that with Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Kronwall, Howard, even Franzen and Filppula...don't tell me that there is no chance at a deep run. Don't you dare use that as an excuse not to do anything on Wednesday or before.

This is a live blog, yes.  Yes it is, bitches.  But it's a mandate at the same time.  I'll be flying cross-country and missing everything. The Wings. UM. Easter treats.  That's probably why I'm testy.  

Beat the Hawks, Wings. Do it and remind Tick Tock what elite means.

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cigar_nurse's avatar

Sounds like I missed a stinker. They were overdue with the opening game and this one. Glad it was on national Tv.Hopefully they stop picking up our games so we just get Mick andKen.

Posted by cigar_nurse from On The mend for next season Greenville Pylons on 03/31/13 at 05:19 PM ET


twoCPO’s rant reminds me of another obnoxious wannabe GM who has anger management issues and says little on the hockey side but finds the time to drop some obscenities for good measure and juvenile emphasis.  While I agree Holland has made some bad moves and has tended towards complacency and spin in recent seasons,  you have to still enjoy it for what it is;  the Detroit Redwings. No, not the M’f’‘’‘’‘'ing Detroitwings , which I imagine is what either mindless rappers or those with a few too many beers in them must refer to the team as.  Holland has himself in a pickle for sure.  Should he make some moves?  Yes ofcourse, but what if the asking price for Bouwmeester is Nyquist and second rounder?  Do you pull that card?  What Filpulla and Smith for Yandle?  Do you pull that card?  Its easy for us fans to sit in the bleachers and say yes but more difficult for those making the calls.

The trouble is no one is going to want Franzen, Samuellson, Emmerton, Quincey, Cleary, Gustavvson, Miller,  White,  Bertuzzi.  In fact most of the roster has little trade value.  So if Holland wants something good he is going to have to part with something good and he really has no history of doing so except for the first round pick he squandered on the likes of Quincey.

So lets hope Holland makes some moves but I am not counting on it.  And if he doesnt theres no need to kick and scream and shake your rattle and pee in your diaper.  Still time to appreciate the hockey for what it is.

Posted by karlander on 03/31/13 at 05:48 PM ET

monkey's avatar

except for the first round pick he squandered on the likes of Quincey.

A terrible move.  He gave up a first round draft pick to acquire a player he had waived just a few years earlier.  Terrible, terrible, terrible.  Quite apart from whether Quincey was/is worth a first rounder, they never should have let him go in the first place.  Very short sighted move.

but what if the asking price for Bouwmeester is Nyquist and second rounder?  Do you pull that card?  What Filpulla and Smith for Yandle?  Do you pull that card?  Its easy for us fans to sit in the bleachers and say yes but more difficult for those making the calls.

I would say no to both those moves.  I would like the Wings to acquire both Bouwmeester and Yandle, but for picks and prospects a little further down the depth chart.

Ken Holland is taking the long view, and this is what the Chief and those that agree with the Chief’s position are really against.  They want to make moves designed to win right now, while Holland doesn’t see the benefit of making moves like that.  He sees the right now as what it is, a seventh place team at best.  He wants to make moves that make us better down the road, because he’s working to win in the future.  We’re in a rebuilding phase, so Ken Holland is trying to rebuild.  The Chief, on the other hand, wants to reload.

Holland may not succeed in his plan.  Things may get worse, maybe way worse.  But the plan he is attempting to execute is the correct one at this time.

Posted by monkey from Prague on 03/31/13 at 06:22 PM ET

WestWing's avatar

Posted by karlander on 03/31/13 at 05:48 PM ET

I basically agree with you.  The horses are long gone from the barn.  The place is empty and the barn door is wide open.  The window of opportunity essentially closed the minute No. 5 walked away.  Holland’s screwing of the pooch occurred last year, and the year before, and the year before that when the roster was allowed to slowly deteriorate.  Nothing to be done now but re-build.  Trading away prospects for a shot at a slug like Bo-Mister or some other has-been-who-never-really-was would be a dumb, reactionary move that amounts to little more than pissing in the wind at this point.

Now, do I get an award for maximum use of mixed metaphors?

Posted by WestWing from Portland, Oregon on 03/31/13 at 06:22 PM ET

monkey's avatar

And if he doesnt theres no need to kick and scream and shake your rattle and pee in your diaper.

Wait, wait, wait…  where are we supposed to pee?  On the floor?

Posted by monkey from Prague on 03/31/13 at 06:34 PM ET

gt500x's avatar

If he really does have his eyes on the long term he needs to shed the players on this team with no more upside.  Holland is trying to have his cake and eat it too.  He wants to rebuild AND win.  He’s taking a gamble by keeping our prospects buried down the depth chart and waiting till they’re out of options to play, trade, or waive them.  Now is the time that this log jam should be cleared up.

People want a move—a trade—but those trades don’t have to be for high caliber players.  IF Holland truly wants to win a cup which he seems to want, he should make those trades and pay the price.  Forget this “just get in” bull crap.  Play to win or take your ass home.  If he wants to rebuild, he needs to shed the team of its dead weight by trading what players he can for draft picks and releasing those that have no trade value. 

I can’t agree with him trying to walk this fine line between rebuilding and trying to win.  That will lead to mediocrity in the long run, not becoming a better team.

Posted by gt500x on 03/31/13 at 07:51 PM ET

Jennemy of the Skate's avatar

NyQuist:  the hockey-time, skating, scoring, checking, assisting, heads-up, passing, so-you-can-relax medicine.

Ftr, I’ve been trying to post this for about half an hour. KK doesn’t play well on iPad.

Posted by Jennemy of the Skate from the bar car on the stress train on 04/05/13 at 09:43 PM ET

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