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It’s Just 4 Million

I mentioned this in a typically vague way this morning, but now I’m going to ask it outright.  Why does Khan(!) continue to insist…

Last night

The Red Wings, with nearly $20 million projected in salary-cap space…

13 June

with roughly $20 million in salary-cap space…

6 June

That would leave ample cap room, approximately $20 million…

The last two “20 million” references were before Helm signed.  Cap Geek tells me we sit at 24.  Can someone smarter than me, maybe even on a pharmacist’s level, explain where the disconnect lies?  It’s kind of important.

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The theory is that it will take $4 million to re-sign Justin Abdelkader and Kyle Quincey.

Posted by George Malik from South Lyon, MI on 06/23/12 at 04:47 PM ET


I believe he’s taking into account the resigning of Abdelkader and Quincey.

Posted by Andrew on 06/23/12 at 04:47 PM ET

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I’m not taking the signing of Abdelkader into account unless it’s a signing at 1 million and no more. He hasn’t earned more than that.  Quincey is still a subject I’m not emotionally prepared to discuss.

I do, however, see your smart pharmacist’s points.

Posted by IwoCPO from Sunny San Diego, bitches on 06/23/12 at 04:51 PM ET

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Khan isn’t factoring in the rise in the salary cap, I think.

Posted by J.J. from Kansas on 06/23/12 at 04:54 PM ET


As a restricted free agent, the Wings have to give a qualified offer to Quincy of at least the $3 million+ he made last year. Plus Afrogator at $1-1.25 million or so.

But even thought the current CBA doesn’t expire until Sept, we don’t know if the league will even set the salary cap for next year until its agreed to. The league could lock out the players before July 1, to prevent a free agent frenzy that has detrimental impacts if the salary cap is less than what it seems.

Posted by CJBear71 on 06/23/12 at 05:01 PM ET


I too think it is the rise in cap that is not accounted for

It was previously about 64 million, so with 20 million left pre Helm, once they signed him it was 18 mil left, then with the 6 mil rise of the cap, that would mean 24 mil left.

Posted by Pete on 06/23/12 at 05:08 PM ET


I too think it is the rise in cap that is not accounted for

I don’t think so because in his articles he keeps saying “project cap space” which implies that he IS taking the rising cap into account.

I think he’s just a dummy.

Posted by Garth on 06/23/12 at 05:30 PM ET

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If you look at all of khans(!) articles since early february the number 4 is missing from all his articles. After much research, I found out his 4 key has been missing since early february. So there’s your answer.

Posted by Keyser S. on 06/23/12 at 05:41 PM ET

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From what authoritative source did the “projected $70M” salary cap come?  Can’t remember.

Posted by RWBill on 06/23/12 at 09:28 PM ET

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In the next CBA I would like to see the span from spending floor to ceiling be a percentage and not a fixed number.

For estimates, when this cap era started the range from floor to ceiling was $15M, and as the ceiling has been raised so has the floor on a dollar for dollar basis.  They should have established the floor at “60%” (approx.) of the ceiling.  Next year, if the ceiling is $70M, the floor, minimum, would be $42M, instead of $55M if that fixed span of $15M is used.  That’s an additional $13M per team that low spending teams are forced to award in salaries.

This has artificially forced the salaries of middle to bottom line players up as lower spending teams had to boost their payrolls to meet the elevated floor.

This is good for some players I suppose, but forces undesireable roster churn, as well as putting more financial stress on lower income teams, athough fans of Detroit and Philly and the NYR line the pockets of those “poor” owners.

Posted by RWBill on 06/23/12 at 10:10 PM ET


http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/hockey/nhl-salary-cap-to-be-temporarily-set-at-703-million/article2449267/?utm_medium=Feeds: RSS/Atom&utm_source=Home&utm_content=2449267

Link to article about Salary cap boost for ‘12-‘13 season.  Actually interesting about the 10% inflator for the offseason and seeing that teams clearing space for parise/suter when they could sign them and dump salary once they lock them up.

Posted by milburyneedstobeslapped on 06/23/12 at 11:45 PM ET

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After they sign Quincey and Abdelkader, they’ll have about $19-20 million in cap space. I thought that was pretty clear (you can see the RFA label on them on CapGeek.com) and didn’t need to be pointed out again and again in every story that mentions cap space.

Direct quote from Khan! regarding this issue.

Posted by Hootinani from the parade following Babs out of town on 06/24/12 at 02:04 AM ET

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Rumour has it, for instance, that the league’s first offer in negotiations will be under 50 per cent. That kind of a drop in the players’ share would mean a cap of $63-million or lower under the current system.

Does anyone else think this is ass-backwards?  You tell GMs the cap figure is one thing all summer for the FA period, then tell them “you’ve got two weeks to lose $7M”  before the season starts.

I realize that is the unfortunate timing of the expiration of the current CBA, but this seems like the constant change and randomness that NHL, Inc. loves to inflict on its franchises.

If the Cap does drop, I hope they impose an across the board cut on everyone’s salaries so that GMs don’t have to go in and F with their rosters at the last minute.  In this case if the cap dropped from the $70M figure by 10% to $63M, my hope is they would declare “every player stays in place at a standard 10% reduction of salary”.

To force last minute dumpings or buy outs would be cruel, but not unheard of by NHL, Inc.

Posted by RWBill on 06/24/12 at 11:09 AM ET


over 3 mil/yr for Quincey?  He’s not worthy of the Big Rig kind of pay.  However, if the Wings don’t give him a qualifying offer, he becomes Unrestricted on 1 July.  Which means it looks like another D spot to fill.  You payin attention Commodore?

Posted by cementslinger from Midland MI on 06/24/12 at 01:38 PM ET

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While waiting for actual news, you may remember this discussion.  How’d this work out, again?

There was fret and doomsday about the power play of Detroit, clearly struggling late in the season, but when at 18%, panic and ignorance went over the top when one of the The 19 posted “if the PP doesn’t get fixed it’s a certain first round exit.”

For once maintaining an even keel, I went against the panic and boldly stated that PP efficiency has rarely had any correlation to playoff success, that 5x5 GF:GA ratio was the key factor, along with GAA.  At the time Detroit was #1 in 5x5 scoring, but promptly tanked for the rest of the season.

18 out of 19 accepted this, with just 1/19 calling it dumbassery.


So, yet again, what key factor propelled the 2 teams to the Stanley Cup Finals?  Yes, 5x5 scoring ratio GF:GA, finishing 1 and 2 in that category, and NO coincidence, the SC Champions had the best 5x5, and the runners up the second best 5x5.  The SC Champion Kings in fact matched the Red Wings early regular season 5x5 ratio of 1.5 goals for, for every 1.0 goal given up, ranking #1 in the playoffs in that category by a wide margin, not coincidentally racking up an incredible 16 W and just 4 L.

So, how did the teams with the Red Hot Playoff Power Plays fare, so critical according to 1 of the 19?  2 of the top 3 exited in the first round, with the #1 playoff PP exiting in the second round.  How could that be, 1 of 19 is still confused in asking.  Because they gave up 4.00 GAA and were 0.73 in 5x5.

Yes again, as I said, key to Detroit’s playoff success was 5x5 success, so how did the Red Wings fare?  No surprise, dead last out of 16 teams, 0.36 GF:GA.  In fact 4 of the bottom 5 in 5x5 play exited in the first round.  This is no surprise to 18 out of 19.

YeahBut YeahBut YeahBut Detroit’s horrible Power Play was also critical in losing, wasn’t it?  Detroit had the #6 PP in their short playoff appearance, so, no.

YeahBut YeahBut YeahBut surely the SC Champion Kings had an ass-kicking PP in the playoffs?  No, the Kings PP finished 12/16 at just 12%.

But, the Kings GAA and 5x5 were #1 in the playoffs.

18/19 recognize this, 1/19 is still angry and confused.

Posted by RWBill on 06/24/12 at 02:29 PM ET


Direct quote from Khan! regarding this issue.

Great quote except that none of us know what Quincey and Abdelkader will be getting so it makes more sense to say how much space the Wings ACTUALLY have rather than making assumptions about what they might have.

Posted by Garth on 06/24/12 at 03:13 PM ET

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Posted by RWBill

Nice work.

Posted by HockeyTownTodd on 06/24/12 at 04:08 PM ET

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Goals for, goals against, goal differential. That’s all that really matters.  Special teams are a subset of those stats.

Posted by monkey from Prague on 06/24/12 at 04:11 PM ET

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Special teams are a subset of those stats.
Posted by monkey from

Only if penalties are being called.

Posted by HockeyTownTodd on 06/24/12 at 04:39 PM ET

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Posted by monkey from Prague on 06/24/12 at 08:14 PM ET

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Rumour has it, for instance, that the league’s first offer in negotiations will be under 50 per cent. That kind of a drop in the players’ share would mean a cap of $63-million or lower under the current system.

Players response: No.

Posted by monkey from Prague on 06/24/12 at 08:21 PM ET

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Well, the Jim Blashill experiment is already over.  This gives credence to those who argued that Babcock’s decision to hire coaches with no NHL experience (in Blashill’s case, no professional experience) did not work out well.

Posted by monkey from Prague on 06/25/12 at 09:27 PM ET

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