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24 hours later…Redolent Greg(g)s

Greg(g) Krupa is smarter than you and he'd like to use 2000 words to prove it. Daily.

Not bad for a general manager whom some lily-livered folks around town unjustly have accused of borderline incompetence, as the Red Wings attempt one of the most difficult managerial tasks in sport, rebuilding on the fly.

That would be me.  And a few of you.  Not quite 19, but a few.

I stand by every criticism I've had of Ken Holland the last five years.  Every one of them.  While I'm at it, I also revel in the shrewd way he's conducted himself the last two weeks.  Letting LeCavalier go to Philly, where rich people go to die without Cups, turned out to be a good move.  When everyone was saying (including all of our Diggers) that Weiss would come in no lower than 6? Holland gets him for 5.  And Alfredsson? That was a gas-station phone call type of deal (see Hossa in '08), but he still had to so some work to pry him away from Boston.

Krupa, though, says we're "lily-livered" if we dare to do what he doesn't have the nuts to...and that would be question the Wings.  He never has. St. James, Kulfan, Khan(!)...they lay dormant when the Wings do, spouting and spewing the company line as summer after summer passed with nothing to show for it.  Nick Lidstrom last final three years were wasted by management's inactivity.  But, hey, if you dare toss a dart in Tick Tock's direction, you're "lily-livered."

And he's not done.  Oh no.

And as for the folks around town who think players desire not to play for the Wings because Babcock is too intense?

I do not have the space for that in this column. I will save it.

He doesn't have the space.  Gonna save it.  You do that Greg(g).

According to George the Wings have like 8 million left to spend before camp ends and by then they've got to do some shaving.  @helenestjames says Brunner's looking for 3.5 over 2 or 3 years.  If all that is true? We may see the Swiss kid back, despite the claims to the contrary the Diggers have typed at Tick Tock's direction. Naturally, we still have to get the Griffs signed too.  I'll leave that to you, Kenny.  And your management team.

A few other items:

Greg Wyshynski is not happy. Not one bit.  He, the keeper of the league's integrity, feels Alfredsson would have been better suited in Boston if he's serious about a Cup run.  You're Daniel Alfredsson. You're going to leave Ottawa and take massive abuse in doing so. You know this.  You have a choice between Boston, Detroit and a few others.  It's not about the money because the money's gonna be the same no matter where you go. About 5 for 1.  So you pick the team you feel has the best chance to win with you on the roster.  You're Daniel Alfredsson and you've played in the Eastern Conference for 17 years.  You kind of know the league.  But, seriously, Greg Wyshynski knows better. You should have listened to him Daniel. 

Personally, I don’t think Alfredsson made the right decision. First, because the Boston Bruins are closer to a Stanley Cup than are the Detroit Red Wings, due to something called “defensemen.”

Know this. Wyshynski has no knowledge of how strong Detroit's D is. None.  The only thing he's doing there is what he's done for years and built a blog around: subtle, or outright, digs at you, Wing fans.  If not at you, specifically, 19.  

I'll take Kronwall, Ericsson, DeKeyser, Quincey, Kindl and Smith over Chara, Seidenberg, Boychuk, Krug and whoever else they've got.  By a large margin? Nope.   But Lambert's daddy couldn't come up with anything else because the Wings are clearly better offensively, at least equal in net and behind the bench, and so he blindly points to the D.  Ok. Wait for it.  As much as Detroit's blue line matured in a span of two months, see how good it is in December.  

But hey, Greg.  I'm sure you've done your research, as usual.  You're right.  Alfredsson was impetuous, hasty. Misguided.  

So Rosby called Cleary?  See that.  I read it. So it's true. Then they re-signed Adams so he's probably not going there.  Which brings us to Brendan Morrow.  Similar players. I'd like Cleary back because he's ours.  But I dig Morrow. I just do. I like his grit.  Doesn't have the "pace", of course.  But I'd like that signing.

Back to Krupa and Holland for a minute. I get it. I waffle on Holland every day.  But, that's what we--fans--do.  Krupa can suck it if he finds that to be "lily-livered."  Just because I criticize Ken Holland doesn't mean I think he's garbage. By and large, I understand he's what's best for me and my family. What I don't like is yet another tool with "real journalist" in his auto signature telling me what I'm supposed to like or dislike.

So, yeah. Suck it Greg(g). 

Soon we need to talk about how weird it is not being in the West.  I love seeing St. Louis miss out on everyone but 8th tier UFAs. But it's strange that it doesn't really affect us.  We need to discuss that whole dynamic soon.  Enjoy your Saturday, bitches.

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J.J. from Kansas's avatar

Wysh is mad that Alfredsson didn’t go to Boston and help build their dynasty.

Posted by J.J. from Kansas on 07/06/13 at 03:57 PM ET

The_Firebird's avatar

Cleary’s back, and Wings personnel are scattering like roaches when the lights gets turned on. And yet we dare to question Tick-Tock the Tire Kicker.

Posted by The_Firebird on 07/06/13 at 04:28 PM ET

Hank Scorpio's avatar

Wysh is mad that Alfredsson didn’t go to Boston and help build their dynasty.

Isn’t Wysh a Devils fan?

Posted by Hank Scorpio on 07/06/13 at 04:28 PM ET

SYF's avatar

Hola, Amigo.  How are you and the shooters, Sir?

After reading this sPECTACULAR nEWS out of the Wings front office, this is shaping up to be a helluva lot bigger summer than anticipated.  I don’t know what to make of it.  I just know it’s not familiar.

Posted by SYF from Twerkin' with Anastasia Ashley on 07/06/13 at 04:29 PM ET

J.J. from Kansas's avatar

Isn’t Wysh a Devils fan?

Yes, but he’s also a fan of speculating whether teams are dynasties long before they come close to earning that title.

Posted by J.J. from Kansas on 07/06/13 at 04:54 PM ET

Down River Dan's avatar

I may be letting my conspiracy addled mind get the best of me and may be giving Murray far to much credit, but here s what I think happened.

If the senators were to have traded their captain away the fans would have burned Murray at the Stake. So, the Ryan deal was in play for weeks ,according to Bob Mckenzie. Murray new he had Alfredsons replacement , younger & grittier , so he drags his feet a little and Alfie makes the decision for him. Sure Murray takes a little heat for letting his captain get away, but Alfredson takes the brunt of the fans anger, as the guy who jumped ship.

That’s my theory. Could Murray be that cagey???

Posted by Down River Dan on 07/06/13 at 05:01 PM ET


Who cares what the Orson Wells look alike has say?  And genius holland will have ven more work to do, think teams knowing their cap situation aren’t going to throw out some offer sheets, someone like Bryan Murray?

Posted by bababooey on 07/06/13 at 05:02 PM ET

Hank Scorpio's avatar

Could Murray be that cagey???

Nope.  If Murray had been straight with Alfie up front, Alfie would still be in Ottawa.  By screwing around on money and term, he gave Alfie time to think about his options. 

Murray’s now trying to cover his behind and point fingers. 

That being said, I’d be furious if one of our cornerstone players left for another team and said they had a better chance to win elsewhere.  I was ticked off when Federov left and when Shanny (who was coming off a 40 goal season, if memory serves) left.

Posted by Hank Scorpio on 07/06/13 at 05:12 PM ET


No, the Ryan deal was being worked on in tandem with re-signing Alfresson.  Murray had discussed this with Alfie when trying to convince Alfredsson to stay.

Posted by bababooey on 07/06/13 at 05:39 PM ET

redxblack's avatar


Posted by redxblack from Akron Ohio on 07/06/13 at 06:50 PM ET


I stand by every criticism I’ve had of Ken Holland the last five years.

Of course you do.

Posted by HockeyinHD on 07/06/13 at 07:25 PM ET


Wysh’s favorite player?  Ray Bourque.  Watching a potential battle between Wysh and the Chief over fan/player integrity would be like watching two kangaroos play scrabble.

Posted by HockeyinHD on 07/06/13 at 07:29 PM ET


Boston is better on offense clearly and better in goal until jimmy gets out of 2nd round

Posted by jkm2011 on 07/06/13 at 09:34 PM ET

Primis's avatar

Eugene Melnyk’s money is gone.

The story broke several days before free agency opened..  It’s bad enough that Melnyk had to approach possible arena sponsors after bailing early on a sponsorship, which is not normal business (sponsors approach the team, not the other way around).  Melnyk is getting desperate.

I said it before:  Melnyk can say all he wants that he told Murray to fill in a blank check for Alfredsson, but that check could bounce honestly.  And that’s not a joke.

Everyone is ignoring this aspect of Alfredsson’s sudden change of heart because honestly it’s not as good of a narrative.

There is nothing else to the Alfredsson story:  he bailed on a sinking ship.  OTT can’t admit it of course, so they try to demonize him.  But OTT is a mess and could be looking for a new owner yet again, or the league could be running OTT in the near future.

Posted by Primis on 07/06/13 at 09:37 PM ET

Primis's avatar

As for defense?  Wysh isn’t wrong I guess, but yes it’s trolling more that truth.  BOS’s defensive corps is better NOW.  Maybe I guess.

Of the near future?  Dunno.  BOS has Krug (a stud) and Dougie Hamilton.  DET has young guys still though that look to be as good or better maybe.

Alfredsson has also prooooobably been informed that Holland is trying to bolster the blue line.  I’m just sayin’...

One other thing to remember:  Wysh (lie so many other writers) has no clue about the Wings.  He doesn’t watch them, or at least he hasn’t.  He watches the East.  Wysh is going to be in that pool of media who is suddenly going to find themselves exposed to DET for once now that they’re playing Eastern teams.  It’s going to be fascinating to watch these Eastern media types suddenly get exposed to DET constantly for the first time.

Krupa can suck a big one.  The Alfredsson/Weiss signings are the biggest signings since Hossa, and Weiss is the biggest “work” signing since before that even because Weiss did not fall into Holland’s lap.  Holland’s track record of the past 5 or 6 years blows.  Completely blows.  He deserves every shred of criticism he’s received, and if that offends poor Krupa he can suck it.  Suck it long, and suck it hard.

Posted by Primis on 07/06/13 at 09:50 PM ET

Rumbear's avatar

I don’t get out much…...who the hell is Greg Krapa and why should I care? Jeebus, ya already quoted Mandingo this week…......

Posted by Rumbear from Top O the Hasek, Czech out my recliner..... on 07/07/13 at 02:09 AM ET

The Hurricane's avatar

Primis….I would normally agree with you except for the Bobby Ryan trade. Do you imagine Ryan is jumping to a sinking ship unwittingly? Ottawa is LIKELY better poised without Alfie and WITH Ryan…whatever their financial situation, Bobby Ryan gives them a future Alfredsson couldn’t.

Posted by The Hurricane on 07/07/13 at 03:23 AM ET

stayouttamalibu's avatar

Oh Wyshynski…I guess Boston has those “defensemen” that the Wings don’t have. Those “defensemen” that allowed more goals to Chicago than the Wings did, and in less games. What a stupid idiot.

Posted by stayouttamalibu from California on 07/07/13 at 05:38 AM ET

Primis's avatar

Do you imagine Ryan is jumping to a sinking ship unwittingly? Ottawa is LIKELY better poised without Alfie and WITH Ryan…whatever their financial situation, Bobby Ryan gives them a future Alfredsson couldn’t.

Posted by The Hurricane on 07/07/13 at 03:23 AM ET

Uhhh, I’m pretty sure Ryan didn’t have a NTC or NMC.  So he really didn’t get any say in the matter whatsoever.  He got traded, so he goes.

Nor would I put any stock in Ryan’s own evalutations and opinions anyways.

Posted by Primis on 07/07/13 at 11:55 AM ET


Do you imagine Ryan is jumping to a sinking ship unwittingly?

Bobby Ryan doesn’t have a NTC so he doesnt control where he plays.  He’s not upping by here, he was thrown.

Posted by Garth on 07/07/13 at 11:58 AM ET

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