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This story is so good that I can’t give you just a few quotes.  But, I’m going to give you two relevant ones, and hopefully they will be enough to get you to read the rest. 

He’s so modest that during an interview with a reporter, he never mentioned a recent tribute from Chris Pronger, the ex-Blues captain now with Anaheim. Pronger invited Gassoff, then stationed in California, to a Ducks home game.

Bob said Chris had them show him on the JumboTron,” said Diana, his mom. “They interviewed Chris on the bench, and he said, ‘This is a great friend of mine, and he’s going to war.’”

Brett Hull is confident that the stick boy he once knew can take care of himself and his men. To the point that worries about Little Gasser’s current shift are almost misdirected.

“All I know,’’ said Hull, “is there’s going to be a lot more enemy casualties over there.’‘

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Drew Sharp’s Nemesis

Foiled again.  By now you’ve all read Drew Sharp’s column from last week suggesting the Wings should stop at fiscally nothing to lure JSG away from his comfortable Disney surroundings. 

The bidding might reach $5 million a year. It doesn’t matter. Get it done and the Wings remain serious Cup contenders for at least the next two years.

Might reach 5 mil Drew?  Might?  Sharp says quite a bit.  Lots of words.  Except two: salary cap.  Have no fear, though, little Drew.  Spector’s here to help you…again.

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Prepare To Shake Chelios’ Hand

Oh, the angst this is sure to cause. Via Kukla's.

NEW YORK (May 30, 2007) – Detroit Red Wings defenseman Chris Chelios has been named the recipient of the Mark Messier Leader of the Year Award, presented by COLD-fX for the 2006-07 season in recognition for his outstanding performance as a player, his vast leadership skills and his dedicated humanitarian efforts.

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More Perspective

On the eve of Game 1 versus the “favored” Flames we wrote a post with a similar title to this one, mentioning the fact that one of our A2Y readers was dealing with the pain of losing a grandparent: a WWII vet.

Today, something similar.  A sportswriter from my hometown of Saginaw made a trip to Norfolk, VA this week and realized sports is a nifty hobby, even a pastime for some.  But nothing when compared with real life.

Suddenly, worrying about whether the Detroit Red Wings were going to beat the Anaheim Ducks to earn a berth in the Stanley Cup Finals—they didn’t—or the Detroit Pistons will dispatch the Cleveland Cavaliers and move on to the NBA Finals—the jury is still out on that one—didn’t seem nearly as important. Instead, the only thing that mattered was walking up to my son on that pier in Virginia , grabbing his extended right hand and pulling him to me to give him a long, hard hug.



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Do We Need An NHL Owners Relief Fund?

I’m a big proponent of staying in your lane.  Talk about what you know, or shut the hell up because you run the risk of proving to many people that you are dumber than they believe you already are.

That’s why I tend to restrict my comments to the Wings.  I don’t talk NHLPA stuff because I don’t care and therefore don’t know much about the legalities of the Saskins, Klatts and even Chelios’ of that world.  I don’t talk Cap issues because numbers higher than $9.95 (twelve pack of Rolling Rock) confuse me and make me get dizzy and scared.

And typically I’ll stay away from league-wide topics that the Big Headed Bloggers like Mirtle and Benjamin and McErlain tackle because, well, they’re smarter than me and better equipped to open the scope wide enough to handle those discussions.

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Wednesday Digging

Updated at 0530 EST because I love the run-on sentence and thought I was the king of it, especially used in times of emotional duress, but now realize I’m just a frigging pawn in the big run-on scheme of things when compared to Steph at No Pun Intended who—based on the Pronger rant posted below—is truly the master.

According to former Deep Digger captain Ted Kulfan, our Miracle of Insanity met with the Boy Wonder yesterday and all the expected bribery, begging and ass kissing took place.

Detroit News

“Dom told me the same thing he’s been telling everyone else,” general manager Ken Holland said Tuesday after an exit meeting with the goaltender, 42.

“He said he wants to discuss it with his family, give it some thought and he’d come to a final decision in the next few weeks.”

It’s not just Holland or coach Mike Babcock who wants Hasek to return.

“I told Dom that many players have expressed that they want Dom to return, they enjoy playing with him, and have a lot of confidence in Dom,” Holland said.

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I’m An Elitist and I Pay No Attention To Rumors

But this one, if you believe in counting sources among the MSM, seems to have a pair of legs.  Slava Kozlov returning to his rightful home amongst the banners of Hockeytown?

Wing blogger George Malik at MLive found this in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Now, right now it is more media speculation suggesting he’d be a good fit with the Red Wings, but it’s not out of the question. Before he re-signed with the Thrashers in 2003, Kozlov was interested in returning to Detroit but the Red Wings never made an offer. If they’re interested in the veteran winger this time around, I think they’d have to be the front-runner.

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Monday Administravia

Good morning all. Finals start tonite and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. I've been considering this matchup for a week and provide you today with an in-depth analysis. Feel free to add your own, but don't embarrass yourselves. If yours doesn't compare to mine both in depth and seriousness of thought, don't post it. This is no place for half-assedness. Sens in six. Please. A few changes to the port sidebar. I've begun compiling a series of rants that will serve as the 2007 Season in Review. You'll find it under the heading "Reviewing 2007: Sarcasm for the Sarcastic." About halfway done. The rest should be complete within 48 or so. There are also a few subtle modifications to the blogroll: I've added the Wing blog Yzerman Is God to the "Head to Hockeytown" section and Spector's has changed URL's. Find the new one here. Enjoy your Memorial Day, and please take a few to remember the reason most of us aren't working today.

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One More Reminder That The Playoffs Suck

Having a nifty holiday weekend.  Looking forward to going into DC tomorrow and actually visiting the memorials of some fallen heroes.  It is, after all, Memorial Day, in case some of us have forgotten that.

But that’s not my point tonite.  Nope.  As stated, the weekend was going well until an A2Y reader sent met this article…and now I wouldn’t mind throwing up in mass quantities.  Overall, it’s not a bad read.  But a few lines stick out that make me curdle.

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Summer Campaign Starts Today: Sign Ryan Smyth

Handshakes and grades and free agents and insanity.  All hot topics as we peruse the Diggers today, five days after the elimination and a full week since the Kick To The Groin.

The Wings spent the weekend cleaning out their lockers, while Sasquatch makes final preps to play Game 1 of the SCF.  Neat, eh?  Needless to say, I’ll be pulling for Ottawa.  The thought of Corey Perry lifting the Cup is just not pleasant.  And that’s mild compared to how I feel about Pronger doing the same.

But I’m past that.  It’s time to move from the crushed to the hopeful, the soul-wrenched to the analytical.  And I’ve got a plan.  Oh yes.

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