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Game 10: As Expected

We pretty much saw that coming. Yesterday.

Zetterberg had warned us. The pharmacists showed us stats to predict it.

Goalies are good. Offense is not.

Vanek is still out.

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Game 9: All Signs Point To Sadness

All the smart kids are saying the Wings are winning in spite of themselves. Outshot. Outchanced. Saved by the goalies. Weak offense. Leaky defense.

Clearly the Wings are in a bad spot.

Clearly the Wings have no business extending this thing to 7.

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Game 8: The Bitter Blues

Well, by my math the St. Louis Blues are in the midst of the longest Stanley Cup drought in the history of hockey.

You can't really call it a drought because they've never won a damn thing, so they can't really thirst for something they've never tasted.

And they hate your asses.  I mean they despise you. The team? Nah. They don't know you exist.

But the fans? Oh. My.

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Game 7: What Team Is This?

How could they possibly look so disgusting the first two games (plus the Ranger game), then so damn good the other three?

Are we allowed to get our hopes up? Larkin still hasn't scored.  Zetterberg either. Datsyuk is still in Russia even though Tony, Rocky's trainer, is dead so he's not winning chess games in that stinky barn Balboa trained in like a damn mule before his unbelievable victory over Drago that essentially saved us all from nuclear winter and the Politburo isn't there and Putin is but Putin is probably related to Peter Straub who wrote the book Gorky Park which turned out to be a pretty good read considering he's always been kind of a JV Stephen King who is from Maine and, hey, so is Nyquist, kind of, or at least he knows some chicks from there like Hudler knows chicks from down river and he, Nyquist, is on fire.

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LB- Going For 4 In A Row

Hello, I am back and all i know it must be one heckuva barbecue.

Bur all is well, I stand at 1-0 in the live blog standings so why not make it 2-0.

The rest is up to you and let's make the last regular season visit by the Sharks a memorable one.

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LB- Yes, There Is A Game Tonight

Text to Bill- LB?

Response- F#%*! Please post this pic with my apologies. Dammit.



Normally Kate is the backup for the LB but too late to reach her.

You're on your own tonight but at least you did not forget about the game.

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Game 4: It’s a Live Blog Bordering On Anarchy

Well. This is sure to be a shit show.

All the signs are there. The first few hinted at it. Tonight could and most likely will be an embarrassment.

Two camps. There is no middle ground. Each of you refusing to budge, no matter the facts or opinion presented by the others.

It's who we are. We created our agenda over the summer.  Actually the circumstances created themselves and we've been along for the disgusting ride.

And this will take place in a city known for grime. Known for the dregs to rise to positions of influence.

Perfect. And pathetic. It's where we are with the winter looming.

Naturally I'm talking about the third debate.

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Game 3: Must Win? Yup. Just like the other 78.

Here's what you do.  You keep a guy like Andreas Athanasiou (First time I spelled it right without copying and pasting. Thank you). You keep him because he proved himself to be the type of player who can break a game open.

You keep that guy and then you sit him in Game 1 against Tampa.

You play him against Florida and you watch as he gets 14 minutes of ice time and one shot on goal.  Good minutes. We applaud that. Shitty production. That makes us sad.

But, he's young. You keep throwing him out there, right? You keep putting him in a position to succeed because you've seen that he can do it and you figure that with confidence he'll blossom even more. It's why you kept him up right?

Wrong. For Game three you put him on the fourth line.

It's the Red Wing way. 

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Game 2: It’s a Live Blog

"Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what there is."

Yup, a little Hemingway for you. 

It should be our mantra, because nobody's coming in. The Wings will live or die with who they have. 

A little pushback today. Not a lot. A bit.  I suggested trading Petr Mrazek. In fact, I suggested trading the whole damn team (minus Larkin and AA). 

A few of you questioned my sanity, and I dig that.

Here's the thing.

Why not?

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81 More Just Like That

Your fastest, arguably most explosive, player sits a game against the arguably fastest, most explosive team in the league.

Healthy, but sitting.

You get a quick two-goal lead but no one, and I mean no one, expects it to last. It doesn't.

Two too many men on the ice penalties. Again. 

Three power play goals against.

Weak goaltending. Another two-goal lead vanished.

Most lines shuffled. Defensive pairings re-aligned. After one game. 

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