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Breaking: Wings Now Suck

Unconfirmed reports out of Detroit are disturbing at this hour.  Events are fluid and happening fast and could rapidly change even as we bring you this report.

Here's what we know so far:

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Streaking? Hell Yes

And away we could go. Again.

But this one is much tougher if it happens.

Because truly, genuinely, honestly. This little one stops tonight.

Surely, it must.

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Let’s Talk About The Gales

41 years to the minute.

The puck will drop at JLA exactly 41 years after the Edmund Fitzgerald and the saltwater vessel Avafors had the following radio exchange.

Fitzgerald: "I have a bad list, lost both radars. And am taking heavy seas over the deck. One of the worst seas I've ever been in."

Avafors: "If I'm correct, you have two radars."

Fitzgerald: "They're both gone."

Minutes later, more than the radars were gone. The entire ship and all 29 crewmembers. 

Gordon told us the rest a few years later, of course.

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Ugliness Awaits

All I'll say is this: there was a logical choice for a guy with a job like mine, whose national priorities are fairly clear. I made my choice, didn't discuss my choice on facebook, opting to post pictures of PBR cans and miserable Chief Selectees the last few months. I voted. I do not believe my candidate will win and I believe this country will be worse for the choice of the majority.

And that is honestly all I'm going to say about that.

As for the other issue preying on our minds?  Not. Much. Better.

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“This Is Your Team.”

Norman Dale said that in 1954, addressing a restless crowd a few nights before the Hickory Huskers opened their season against Terhune, a turbulent loss that featured Dale putting 4 men on the floor as a testament to "system."

Jimmy Chitwood watched that pep rally from an isolated corner of the bleachers, with the intention of sitting out the season because Myra Fleener, the homely, bitter, teacher who'd informally adopted him, thought it best. 

"This is your team," said a defiant Dale. 

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LB- Will The Streak End Tonight?

Not Detroit's losing streak but rather my undefeated streak this season for the live blog.

So let's get one more win and put some pressure on Bill for his next live blog.

Jets played last night, lost in OT to the Capitals while the Wings took yesterday off.

All signs point to a Wings win, but these days who knows.

Turning it over to the 19.

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Game 11: Bipolar Behavior Is Authorized

Six days ago we were thinking about puppies and Charleston Chews, fire trucks with happy clowns, not the sadistic bastards running our streets with bad intentions. We were wondering what down river prices would be in June, because a Cup winning June usually means, you know, discounts down river.

But not now. Oh no. 

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Game 10: As Expected

We pretty much saw that coming. Yesterday.

Zetterberg had warned us. The pharmacists showed us stats to predict it.

Goalies are good. Offense is not.

Vanek is still out.

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Game 9: All Signs Point To Sadness

All the smart kids are saying the Wings are winning in spite of themselves. Outshot. Outchanced. Saved by the goalies. Weak offense. Leaky defense.

Clearly the Wings are in a bad spot.

Clearly the Wings have no business extending this thing to 7.

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Game 8: The Bitter Blues

Well, by my math the St. Louis Blues are in the midst of the longest Stanley Cup drought in the history of hockey.

You can't really call it a drought because they've never won a damn thing, so they can't really thirst for something they've never tasted.

And they hate your asses.  I mean they despise you. The team? Nah. They don't know you exist.

But the fans? Oh. My.

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