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Khan(!): Implosion Seems Unlikely

There's a reason Ansar Khan(!) is the Captain of the Deep Diggers. You may recall that the Detroit News' Ted Kulfan used to hold that title. Seasoned, professional, straight-laced and certainly credible...at least as far as the organ-I-zation is concerned. But Khan(!)...well, he's a little closer to our style. From time to time our boy moves a little outside the edge of the envelope and strays toward our kind of innuendo and sarcasm. Today's one of those days. MLive

If the Detroit Red Wings are in decline, if they're fed up with their hard-headed coach and are on the verge of imploding, they have a strange way of showing it.
Aha...nice. Familiar with the "imploding" reference? No? Here you go.

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Torres Hit Still Being Felt

Despite the grumblings from some far corners of Wing message boards, Rafi Torres' hit on Jason Williams Wednesday was clean. Brutal, but clean. Williams had the puck...well, it had just left his stick. Torres kept his feet. Williams' head was down. Torres drilled him. Every reaction from every Wing (players, coaches, execs) testified to that. But, man it looked like it hurt. Danny Markov, well known for dishing out similar exhibitions of violence, said that the hitter is often as affected as the hittee. Detroit News/Ted Kulfan

"You want to hit people, you want a good hit, but you want to see the guy get up," Markov said. "When something like that happens, the guy falls and there's a lot of blood on the ice, nobody is moving, everyone is scared. "Nobody in the league wants to hit anyone on purpose, to injury guys. It's a physical game."

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And In Rode Bubba

What a coincidence. The first full day A2Y is back in operation and who should come a callin? Ahhh, yes. Little Brother Bubba. The headline in the Daily Tennessean this morning? "Predators Have Strong Disdain For Detroit." Nice alliteration, Arlo. But, see, 90 percent of your audience has no idea what it means. It's ok. It's going to be ok. I'm sorry for teasing. As strongly worded as that headline may be, the story does nothing to back it up. I expected to read a quote from Steve Sullivan, mush-mouthedly making grand claims that the Central belonged to Bubba. Nah, this is as strong as it gets. Daily Tennessean/Jessica Hopp

"They are a good team, and no matter what they do in the offseason they are good," Vasicek said. "They have showed that in the last 10 years."

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Clement: Leadership Voids In Detroit

Bill Clement's spent about as much time as I, or Andy Strickland for that matter, have in the last year. But that's not stopping him from saying a lack of leadership may be the Wings' downfall this year. MSNBC

I like many of the components of Detroit's team, but when it comes to crunch time there is no longer a Steve Yzerman, a Brendan Shanahan or a Brett Hull to count on. So while I like a lot of the Red Wings' pieces, there are some definite voids to be filled leadership-wise.
Despite that line, it's actually a pretty complimentary article. Read more.

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Fischer: “Williams was lucky.”

George Sipple writes in the Free Press Wing blog today that Jiri Fischer was relieved to hear that Jason Williams' injuries were less serious than they first appeared. Detroit Free Press/G. Sipple

"He's a lucky guy. That situation could have been so, so much more dramatic than it fortunately turned out to be." Told that some of his teammates said Williams’ injury brought back memories of Fischer’s seizure, Fischer was able to joke about his own tragedy, saying: “Well, I was out that day.” Fischer said Wednesday night was the first he had ever witnessed a player being taken off the ice on a stretcher and taken by ambulance to a hospital. “I saw Jason today and that sure made me feel a lot better,” Fischer said.
The Wings did take the step to place Williams on the IR today, though...recalling Brad Norton from Grand Rapids. MLive/Khan(!)
Williams is doing fine but will miss at least the next two games. He spent the night in the hospital but was released and came to Joe Louis Arena briefly on Thursday to pick up his car.
Bright side? Norton's back just in time for Bubba. Wouldn't mind seeing him rattle some cages Friday night.

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And So It Begins

After a two-month layoff, which we guardedly refer to as "the absence," Abel to Yzerman has returned. If you're reading this you're obviously aware of our new location and A2Y's new Godfather, Paul of Kukla's fame. And by way of showing thanks, Paul has the honor of being the first addition to the A2Y Glossary. From henceforth....Corleone'. Speaking of the glossary, you'll find a link to it on the left sidebar soon. Still working on it. What else is new? Well, the style is different as you can see. Your Wing bloggers can be found in the "Head to Hockeytown" section, along with the links to the Deep Diggers. I've also added Gloveside.net as another great source of Wing news and opinion. Below that are links to notable bloggers from around North America. Bloggers: if I've missed you, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or leave a comment. Unfortunately the guys who hosted A2Y are being Roy-like and it's a frigging negotiation to get my files.

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