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Khan(!)‘s Just Blowing Stuff Up Now

We stopped wondering long ago what motivates our young corps of Deep Diggers.  It’s a mystery.  But I know this.  After a day of speculation and hand wringing? 

Ansar Khan(!), our DD Captain, got to work.

Unfortunately, all he may have done is muddy the waters a bit. 

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Are Those Gypsy Leathers? You Sick….Oh, It’s A Live Blog

And one of the more exciting days we’ve had here recently is capped off with a barnburner at the Staples Center.

My god.  What kind of life do we lead? Have you asked yourself that?  Don’t you have jobs?

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Friedman on Toronto 640:  Discussing Zetterberg Contract And Today’s Blog

Talks about the Zetterberg situation, plus how this whole thing kind of came out of nowhere today….

Toronto 640: Friedman interview.

Plenty of good stuff.  Click on the Friedman interview link in the center of the page.

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Wow…That Must Have Taken A Lot Of Energy

Look. I will never deny a bit of bitching here when Gary’s refs burn the Wings.  Are we proud of that? No. It is what it is. 

But this is taking it to a whole new level. 

It’s hard enough to beat the Detroit Red Wings. But when you have to beat the officials as well, it becomes a huge undertaking.

That’s Adam Brady, Director of Publications & New Media for the Anaheim Ducks and Honda Center.

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DENIED: Hank Says He Hasn’t Rejected Jack Squat

Well, well. This day got interesting fairly quickly, eh?

I’m sure this had nothing to do with anything…but we have reaction from the Zetterberg camp.


Red Wings center Henrik Zetterberg denied a report by CBC’s Elliotte Friedman claiming that he has turned down a 10-year, $75 million contract offer from the club.

“No, it’s not (accurate). Usually I don’t want to comment on that but that’s not true,’’ Zetterberg said Thursday. “I haven’t turned down an offer of $75 million.’‘

Zetterberg wouldn’t say how far apart the sides are in negotiations.

“We’re talking, as we’re getting closer and closer to the trading deadline I think the talks will increase and hopefully we can find a deal,’’ he said.


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This Will Take Us To Full Capacity

Updated 1223 with a reminder of Z’s stance back in ‘07, and the latest speculation (not from the Diggers, naturally) from the middle of last month at The Hockey News.
Stress Train.  Boarding.  Now.

If you’ve seen this, sorry. I hadn’t until just now.  Looking over this Elliotte Friedman blog post, kinda grinning over the fact that the Pens are screwed due to the Cap…and I came to this.  I’m not grinning anymore.

Henrik Zetterberg, Marian Hossa, Johan Franzen and Jiri Hudler (restricted) are all up, and Zetterberg is testing the Red Wings’ limits. (They gave Hossa a one-year deal equal to Nicklas Lidstrom’s $7.45 million, and a 10-year, $75 million offer to Zetterberg has apparently been rejected.)

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Why Live Blogs Are Important To You And Your Families

I found this comment from Voox last night to be especially appropriate.

Chief, if you think any contest will lead me to contribute anything of value, you don’t know me very well.

Could have been any one of you.


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O.C. Register:  Wing Hangover Is A Mild One

Count Mark Whicker of the Orange County Register as a fan of the Red Wings.  Well, maybe not a fan, but a writer who’s seen his share of hockey this year and knows what kind of team he watched last night.

...the Red Wings’ heads are clear enough to go 29-7-6. That’s just a faint headache and a fairly dry mouth.

You want hangovers, check out Pittsburgh this year, Ottawa and the Ducks last year, Edmonton and Carolina the year before that. At times they all looked as hellish as John Daly at a 7:15 a.m. teeoff.

Since the lockout, no club has visited the Cup Finals one spring and won as much as a playoff series the next. Expect Detroit to end that streak, this April.

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Feel Like A Number?  As A Matter Of Fact, I Do….13

Hugely important evening in our world. 

The gutters have been overflowing the last few weeks with your obscenity and grade-school humor.  How could a family-oriented, well-intentioned, mild-mannered hockey blog turn into something so immature, so reeking of juvenistickidness?

I just don’t know.

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Has Time Run Out For Kirk Maltby?

Scratched. Again.  2 goals given up by a line that’s supposed to stop that crap.  Not quite as abrasive or irritating as he used to be.  Never much of a scorer and in the middle of his fourth consecutive negative +/- season (after going +24 in ‘03).  Almost a million bucks/year (883K but 950 next season?).  A hero to the masses and an example of the almost pathological organ-I-zational loyalty? Yep. Along with Mac…and, yeah, along with Chelios.

Well, we’ll see because there are options. 

Mike Babcock was not happy to see the fourth line on the ice for two goals by Dallas in Monday’s 5-4 overtime loss.

“That can’t happen,’’ Babcock said.

He added: “I think Meech is playing real good and he’s playing real hard. The other thing is depth, gives you a chance to say, ‘Hey, we got to get this fixed up here.’ ‘’

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