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Call Your OT Winner

Oh, what the heck.  Supersitions aside.  Predict the OT winner.  Me? I’ll say Cleary, despite the fact his slapper off the post probably sealed our fate.  Anybody but me consider how sweet it would be to win a series-clinching Game 6 in front of that crowd?

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McLennan, Lebda

The NHL has suspended Jamie McLennan 5 games.  Whatever.  Of larger concern is the condition of Brett Lebda, who appears to be out for tonite…at least.


Wings defenseman Brett Lebda (concussion, knee?) skated briefly, for a couple of minutes, Sunday morning at the Saddledome. He left the ice limping noticeably. There is no official word from the Wings, but it’s highly unlikely Lebda will play in Game 6 tonight. Kyle Quincey was recalled from Grand Rapids and was scheduled to fly in from Winnipeg, where the Griffins played Saturday night.

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HNIC: Hypocritical Nimrod In Canada

Anyone wonder what Don Cherry's reaction would have been if an evil Euro goalie, Dom Hasek for instance, had tomahawked a golden Canadien boy? Oh, I'm sure the torches would be lit. Don Cherry's a buffoon, an idiot with a soapbox. Unfortunately, he's got a following...kinda like Don Imus did. Yeah, I'll compare the two. Why shouldn't I? Explain to me what the difference is between Cherry's blatant anti-Euro biases and Don Imus' comments that got him fired from two separate media organizations? McLennan slashes a Swede and Cherry shrugs his shoulders and says, literally, "so what?". Whatever, the guy's Dwayne Klessel without the wedding singer gig.

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If It’s Ok With You…Let’s Just Avoid That Whole Game 7 Thing

As you know, I went ahead and decided to miss Game 5.  So that was nifty.  Actually, the Emperor emailed me updates from the second period during a layover.  He wrote something like, “cleary, shorthanded, penalty shot, goal”.  My reaction, of course, was mild.  A slight nod of the head, or a shriek…I can’t remember.  A few minutes later, “2-0, Zetterberg, pp”.  Sitting on the tarmac, waiting for the plane to taxi, plane full of people.  So, I’m wary, cautious.  Just a double fist pump and a sharp kick to the seat in front of me. No big deal.

Then…radio silence.  Check the blackberry as we go wheels up.  2-0 Wings. 9:35 left in the second.  And there it stood for three hours until I landed back here in DC.

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Panic Express De-railed

I hinted at this last night during the live-blog torture session but was already too stressed to address it fully.  I’ll be missing Game 5 altogether….no tv, radio, blackberry, telepathy, nothing but the friendly skies.

In fact I’ve been out of the loop all day and will be until tomorrow night. Feel free to use this as a conversation thread, as if I had to tell you that.

And, remember, there is nothing fun about the playoffs. Nothing. All they do is suck.

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Stress Train Has Left, Panic Express…Arriving

Getting on a plane today to Florida, and I’m not even going to tell you what time my departure flight leaves tomorrow. I’m going to do something today, partly because I’m in a hurry and partly because it’s warranted.  Your boy Khan(!) has a must-read blog entry this morning.  It’s, as the Brits and a few naval officers tend to say when they’re feeling haughty, “spot on.”

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Ill Fated At Best…Live Blogging Game 4

0004: Let's not kid ourselves. There is going to be plenty of talk about 5-3's and hooking calls and generally poor officiating. But here's the bottom line: the Wings got into a wide open game with the Calgary Flames, of all teams, and couldn't capitalize on the opportunity. Kiprusoff was fantastic, but not so good that he stole this game. Hasek, the Wings, the Wings power play and penalty kill gave this game away. Back to Detroit on Saturday and every ounce of pressure, every ghost of the last four seasons, rests on the Wings' shoulders. Playoff stress, what a surprise. I'll be hopping a plane tomorrow so expect postings to be minimal until late tomorrow night. 2344: Just happened to get a look at Zetterberg as he joined the second PK unit, three strides off the bench and pulled up. He's hurting. 2330: You don't spend the entire year in the bottom third of the league in PP and expect it to improve in the playoffs. Pathetic display with the man-up this game, this series. Almost makes you wish Jason Williams was bringing the puck up...almost. 2321: I just got my first opportunity to watch Teamdub's first intermission video tribute. Disturbing, yet classic in a raw, unedited A2Y kind of way. A recap: his girlfriend pretending to like hockey, but not afraid to flash the A2Y readers/viewers if it means distracting us from the antics of her boyfriend. Good on ya. Wing action figures, dogs, a midwestern garage and alcohol. All Abel to Yzerman staples. Check it out in the comment section. Teamdub, you are the man. 2316: Does anyone remember the days when playoff hockey meant the whistles were pulled out conservatively? The Wings have been killed by penalties thus far, butchered. Hasek's call, while he did embelish, was total crap. Lidstrom's and Datsyuk's were worse. But it's not the Wings getting the shaft, it's both teams. Of the 9 penalties called, 6 have been hooking. 2307: I've decided to increase my alcohol intake by 1/3. Statistically, and that's what we're all about here at A2Y...hard facts buttressed by stats, there can be no valid reason that shouldn't work on a variety of levels. Tell me a convicted man slaughterist couldn't kick the ass of anyone named Dion. 2301: For those those of you not reading the comments the prevailing phrase is "FU Dom". Who just went off hurt? Amazing play by Chelios to clear that puck then draw the penalty on Jarmoe. Injured Wing was Lebda, Wing on PP...nifty, disjointed as ever. 2239: Franzen now playing with Malts and Draper. Good, good line. Jimmy D must have come down to the lockerroom at intermission and slurred his way through some sort of motivational lecture. 2214: Taking a break for more beer. I guess we saw all this coming, eh? Fast paced, sloppy Dom...real sloppy. He looks bad. And you can go ahead and admit that you're wondering what the hell he's doing skipping the morning skate/practice if he isn't hurt? Bertuzzi looks, obviously, energized. Win this series and we have ourselves a real factor the rest of the way. 2207: Holy schnikes. Someone's healthy and happy. Welcome to the official Todd Bertuzzi return party. Anyone wanna bet that we see shades of the old violent 44 tonite? 2157: What? I'm sorry..what? Was that Bobby Lang to Don'tsnoozeonme? My, my...what a different dynamic that may have added. Great line Mikey boy. Hasek better have the game of his life tonite, because as Matt said, he owes us one. Make that two. 2152: Well, this is going REAL well. Our goalie's insane, but that was a BS call. Great play by Lilja wasted. I think the best part of this game thus far is that I haven't lost all control of my bodily functions. I truly view that as a moral victory. 2145: Encouraging start from Samuelsson on the point. One blocked shot that led to a rush, then a giveaway in our own end that took some sort of magic bullet route to the net that almost beat Hasek. I said earlier today that I'm lighting the torches if he doesn't come through tonite, and I stand by that one. I guess Hudler's the Wings' Kenny Rogers, only available for home playoff games. 2139: Holy Christ. Versus, you suck. we join 2 minutes in. Why? How does that happen. You rat f&* pieces of trash. Thanks Gary. 2120: I've decided I'm now the empire's pre-eminent Live Blogger. I know AlanaH has held the title for a long time. But change is good, and change has come. I now hold the title. Thank you. Here's what I worry about at the moment: Hasek's health, Teamdub's threat of a video tribute from his garage, Bertuzzi's mildness, Samuelsson's ineptitude, Babcock's state of mind, Lilja's streak of luck. More to follow. 2115: it would appear the aforementioned issues with Versus!!!!!!!!! won't be a significant problem. Roughly 9 left in Ottawa and approximately 20 left until faceoff in Cattletown. And it would appear I've lost a Stanley Cup finalist...Pittsburgh's done. The MSM bloggers are silent, so there is no clue as to whether the lines published by anyone with a Commodore 64 earlier today are going to be used or not. We can most likely expect the breathtaking continued presence of one M. Samuelsson though, and that makes me sad.

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ESPN Update:  44 seconds

1853 and Sportscenter makes their first NHL playoff mention.  Barry Melrose: it’s a good thing that Pittsburgh loses.  Everyone lost before they won. 

Then it’s on to NASCAR.

Thanks Gary.

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Alright….Thinking About A Liveblog

Updated 2055 EST: Big test for Versus!!!!!!!.  What are they gonna do when we’re halfway through the third of a blowout in Ottawa when the puck drops in Calgary?  I know what I’m gonna do if we join that game late.

Updated 1954 EST: Just got an email from AlanaH.  She said she may drop by, but the few times she’s conversed with Wing fans she’s been left adjusting to the fact that they are wittier than she is.  It’s tough for her.  Be gentle. 

[Alanah Note: Yes, IwoCPO, you are correct—frequently, when I think about your team, I laugh.  Hasek’s fashion clothing line probably has a lot to do with that…]

[Iwo Note: Oh AlanaH.  Don’t be bitter.  I’ve corresponded with all the regulars and they promise not to mention Cloutier if you hang out tonite.]

Updated 1953 EST:  Alright, alright.  You’ve spoken. I will attempt a live blog.  But if bad things happen…well, if bad things happen I make no guarantees.  I’ll start it out at 2115 and we’ll go from there.  And if Ottawa and Pittsburgh go into OT, I’m gonna be tough to deal with.

I’ll leave it up to you rat bastards.  If you’re in, I’ll make it happen. I make no guarantees though. If the stress gets the better of me and I go all fetal, it may be short-lived.

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Has there ever been a time we needed a Mike Babcock Consolidated Quote of the Day more than today? No? You agree? Yes? Ok. Overheard after the morning skate today.... "We've decided to go ahead and start Hudsyhudshuds. Every time I think of him up in that press box, eating those nachos and grabbing ass with Jimmy D I get pissed. I think why's that little bastard get nachos? So, we're going to change it up, get him out there, give him a shot, more minutes..definitely more than last game, eh Ansar? Ha. What? How much? 3 years, eh? Like I said, Sammy's our guy. We're going to stick by him skinny and thick. No matter what."

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