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“Celebrate The Stevie”

Pavel said we have to and so we will.

And check out who congratulates The Captain first in goal #2.  Irony.

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Bartender, Statesman, Instigator…Voox

JJ from Kansas is gonna be in Toronto this weekend because he won the right to go.  Knowing him, he probably would have gone anyway.

Voox, from what the interns have discovered, lives there and pushes the 19’s agenda at every opportunity.  How?  Thank you for asking.  He just posted this comment a few minutes ago.  Great stuff.

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If The Sun Refused To Shine…We’d Live Blog

Tough day and all our thoughts go to the Army families on Ft. Hood.  I’m kicking this thing off and bowing out.

Go Wings.

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Jimmy D: “We’d Be Happy With A Top Ten Pick”

Well, he didn’t say exactly that.  But pretty damned close.  You’re gonna love this one.


“We’re going to have to fight just to make the playoffs and it’s going to be a grind,” said senior vice president Jim Devellanno, the first person owner Mike Ilitch hired when he bought the team in 1982. “To get home-ice advantage would be a miracle. A miracle.”

A miracle, he says.  A miracle.

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Swine Flu Or Not?  The Levee’s Gonna Break And We’re Gonna Live Blog It

Pretty sure every one of you has H1N1, which is why I’ve kept my distance today.  Oh, I was tempted.  The discussion that just wouldn’t end about points and won/losses and hookers…a thriller. 

Thank god it’s almost game time on Little Gary’s Closed Circuit TV Station.

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Naysayers Beware

Whew.  It’s November 2nd and there the Wings sit…deep, deep, deep down in the 11 spot.  Obviously, the playoffs are out of the question.  Undoubtedly,  we should consider the merits of building through high draft picks. Consecutive 1 or 2’s. We should really lend credence to the inevitable talk of franchise moves to places like Kansas City or Hamilton. 

The fun is over.  Puppies will frolic no more.

But wait…

Jamie Samuelsen

They’re clearly in deep, deep trouble when you look at the standings and find them … uh … four points behind the Blackhawks for first place in the Central Division.

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Datsyuk: Scrawny No Longer

He may be “past his prime”, according to John Buccigross and any idiot Pens blogger with access to a computer in between PE and the day’s first recess, but as the Boston Globe found out…his conditioning is as good as any player’s in the league.

The Wings’ workout room is located next to the main dressing room. Several of the Bruins have remarked on Pavel Datsyuk’s strength, so I took a peek at part of the center’s workout. First, while lying on the reverse incline bench, Datsyuk ripped off a string of situps while gripping a 45-pound plate to his chest. Minutes later, Datsyuk took two 45-pound plates, held them over his head, and swung his torso in circles. It’s all about core strength, and given the glimpse at his workout, it’s not surprising that Datsyuk is one of the league’s strongest players on the puck.

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Halloween In Pittsburgh

A slow Sunday.  Kinda lazy.  Perusing the sports pages and various hockey blogs.  Thought this was unique from Pittsburgh last night.

Courtesy of Empty Netters, a unique costume…


Kinda weird.  But then…look closer at some of the male patrons?  Disturbing.

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Arrogant?  Hell Yes.  Still.  Always.

Just when you thought Pittsburgh fans and media had settled into comfortable acceptance that the Pens are actually Stanley Cup champs?  In rides another idiot to prove that this particular community of “fans” and media has no concept how to deal with success.


Nill added that “it goes on and on” with the Red Wings, but he’s wrong. History suggest it just ends one day for dynasties — often when they least expect it.

After all, it takes a lot of arrogance to believe that what goes up doesn’t eventually come down.

Paul posted a lot more at the main page, but it really boils down to that closing passage.

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The Feeling I Get When I Look To The West?  Nausea.  Let’s Wrap This MF’er Up With A Live Blog

We’re going early and I have my reasons.

With a win tonite, the Wings head home with 6/10.  Still…the most depressing, disgusting, hazardous-to-your-pets road trip any of us can remember. 


Nobody cares what the rival bloggers are saying, or the MSM.  Nothing would bring more joy to more people than a disastrous Detroit season.

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