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Downey or Mac?  Uncle Mike’s On The Fence. Or Is He?

The Anti-Digger deserves the benefit of the doubt. If Bruce MacLeod’s proven anything this year, it’s that his word is good—especially when compared to the Diggers.  Apparently, Uncle Mike’s playing it close to the vest as far as Downey and McCarty are concerned.  St. James, Kulfan and Khan(!) all say he’s waiting until after warmup to make his decision. 

MacLeod?  It’s a done deal.

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Beating Bubba: Keys To Round 1

Let’s be real clear here.  This series has nothing to do with how Bubba plays, and everything to do with what the Wings bring to the table every game.  Detroit can play good hockey and beat Nashville playing their absolute best.  Every game. 

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Pre-Departure Stress Train Footage

Updated 1300:  Footage below provided by jmara85.

Our crack team of engineers has been testing out different features of the Stress Train in preparation for today’s 1400 embarkation and departure.  A2Y passengers are in for more than they may have bargained for.

We’ve had a man on the ground documenting the work at the secret staging location all morning long.

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Comment of the Day

Screw it. I’m fine.  I’ll be just fine.  Starting something new and we’ll continue it throughout the playoffs.  Each day I’m going to determine which A2Y reader (of the 19) was the most brilliant, most juvenile, most something. 

Today’s is short, simple, to the point and yet slightly confusing.  How appropriate that it should come from AndrewfromAnnArbor.

From “Just Another Day”

God bless my mother-in-law because it’s 14:30 and I’m already drunk.


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Just Another Day

Has every year been like this?  Every postseason I ask myself that.  Was I this pathetically nervous last year? I must have been.  Playing Calgary in the first round?  All we must have been reading was how the big bad Flames were going to grind the Wings into the ice. Pound them into submission.

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Sammy Wants In

Updated 1355: HSJ says it’s Mac for tomorrow. See below.

Updated 1352: Teddy Kulfan squeezed a quality quote out of Uncle Mike regarding Samuelsson’s wishes to play Game 1.

Babcock said “he just told me if it was up to him he wants to play. But my kid wants to play for us tomorrow, too. He’s one of those guys that’ll skate again tomorrow and we’ll see how he reacts.”

Updated 1338:  We have a situation.  Deep Digging Captain Khan(!) says Mac’s playing.  Anti-Digger MacLeod says Downey is.  Thanks to solo16 for the pointer.

Al Sobotka better be putting reinforcements behind the end boards because William Tell says he’s ready to play.


Forward Mikael Samuelsson (groin) said he felt good after practice and believes he’s ready for Game 1 vs. Nashville Thursday. But coach Mike Babcock said the final lineup decisions on Samuelsson, Tomas Holmstrom and Brad Stuart won’t be made until Thursday morning. Babcock said there’s no reason to believe Holmstrom won’t be ready, but they just want to make sure. Stuart, coming off a broken right index finger, continues to maintain he’s ready to play.

No reason to believe Holmstrom won’t be ready, eh?  Translation: Homer’s not feeling good.  My words, not Khan(!)‘s. Just so there’s no confusion.


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2008 A2Y Stress Train Movie Trailer

I find it hard to believe anyone reading this isn’t already aboard the Stress Train, saddled up to the bar in The Hasek Club Car, counting down the hours until the real pain begins.

But…if you need convincing, if you’re still on the fence, or you’re just confused about what the idea behind the Stress Train is.

Then you must watch this, the world premiere of the official Stress Train Movie Trailer, debuting tonite in theaters worldwide; courtesy of Gabe.  Check the sidebar to the right.

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Introducing “Bubba” To The World

I’m pretty sure Bubba doesn’t read the New York Times.  I feel pretty darn comfortable saying that.  I’m also fairly certain they’ve never visited PensBlog, because Bubba’s a little sensitive.

So I doubt they’ve had a chance to see the serious-minded comments we made when asked to preview the series at each of those spots.

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Reflective Fedorov

Thanks to Peter Gower over at the MLive message board for the pointer to a great story in today’s Washington Post on Sergei Fedorov.

They were at MCI Center the following year. Konstantinov watched in a wheelchair as Fedorov and the Red Wings won their second straight Stanley Cup, defeating the Capitals in four games. Konstantinov was wheeled down to the ice afterward for the celebration.

“Scotty Bowman’s speech before the last game we play was, ‘Guys, I don’t know much to say about hockey but one thing I like to say is I’d trade all my rings for this win tonight, and let’s do it for Vladi,’ ” Fedorov said. “That was most incredible moment in my career in how humanly and great Coach was.”



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Good God I’m A Genius

I’ve considered some serious research the last two nights, scouring the geek stat sites, flipping through thumb charts, even dipping into the book report I did on the 2003 draft.  Wanna see it?  It’s right here for you to peruse.

My intent?  To provide you with some quality, unbiased, fact-based predictions you can take to the bank and impress your neighbors with.

That was the intent. But I got bored looking at stats, so I got wasted instead.

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