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Strike 3 For Holland?

He lies to the deep diggers, talks on tiny high-tech cell phones and it would appear that he uses a liberal amount of goop in his hair.  All these factors point to this: Kenny Holland’s a secretive, sneaky kid. 

And I happen to have a hunch that our boy Kenny has something up his sleeve.  What?  I don’t know.  I’m still recovering from being compared to Jiri Hudler yesterday, so my head is kind of reeling.  But, something’s nagging at me.

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You Don’t Deal With The Devil

And that’s exactly what the St. Louis organization is thinking.  Trading “within the division” is a minor consideration where the Wings are concerned.  The levels of hatred, bitterness and jealousy in that town, directed toward Detroit, is so pervasive that we should all be ridiculed for thinking for one second that Holland has a shot at Guerin, or that Tkachuk was a serious possibility.

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Stressing Out and Wacking The Chief

Dateline: Fresno, San Diego, DC and Norfolk.

Bastards.  I’m getting killed.  So, I get all replies sent to my little electronic leash, AKA the Blackberry.  In a meeting today, I get these two and start laughing out loud (LOL to Dique fans and Ozzie’s Bunny Brigade).

A2Y is the Robert Lang (Enigma) of Red Wings blogs. Flashes of greatness, made only more frustrating by long cold streaks.
Posted by Borat on 02/25 at 06:30 PM

At this rate maybe he’s more like the Jiri Hudler of Bloggers: some visible upside but never quite enough IT to know for sure… wink
Posted by Hockeyinhd on 02/25 at 06:37 PM


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Foppa, Floppa, Bubba Trouble

Dateline: Chicago

Frigging cold man. I’m telling you, this is cold.  I know, I know.  But, hey, it’s been a while since I experienced a true Midwestern February.  Using some public transportation yesterday around O’Hare Airport and almost got into it with the bus driver, who was wearing a Blackhawk hat.  I wasn’t cruel, just practical.  Let him know I was a Wing fan.  He became angry then said mean words to me.  We exchanged niceties for a few, but I took it easy because I have great sympathy for the Wirtz-afflicted Hawk fans.

Oh, and Bubba landed the big Swedish fish.  Yes, you know Floppa’s now in Nashville, a city that will welcome him I’m sure.  Not only is Nashville known for its love of Swedes, but hockey in general.

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Whither Forsberg?

Not real sure why I used the term “whither” in the headline.  Sounds all Shakespearian, so that’s cool.  Before we get into the second word used in that header, I thought I’d let you know about something I observed on the flight to San Antone yesterday.  I somehow got upgraded to first class.  Giddy up.  As a result I got to use the “executive head” in the front of the plane, not the coach stalls like the rest of you unwashed have to use when you fly.

Check this out.  On the mirror in the “executive head”  there’s a little sign that says something like, “for the convenience of your fellow travelers, please clean the wash basin before returning to your seat.”  I wasn’t into that.  In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever cleaned a basin, executive or otherwise.  But that’s not the interesting thing.  Written below the English version of that little suggestion was the same thing, I assume, in French.  I had a feeling. So I took a stroll back to the coach bathroom.

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Toughness?  Winners Are Tough

Dateline: San Antonio. 
Subj: Toughness

72 and sunny here on the River Walk.  Well, I haven’t actually been to the River Walk but I hear it’s cool.  The Alamo? Now that’s a sight to behold.  Well, I haven’t had a chance to visit it, but I’ll bet it’s, you know, historic.

Brooke Army Medical Center?  Never heard of it?  You should have.  I spent an hour there yesterday and met a few heroes.  This isn’t the forum for it, but I’ll say it anyway:  you have servicemembers all over this nation recovering in hospitals just like Brooke.  Every single one of them I met yesterday, no matter how badly injured they are, have only one wish.

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Inside Info

Good morning troopers. As Paul pointed out, I’ll be back on a regular posting schedule starting Saturday morning.  But for now, I noticed something interesting and thought I’d share.

You all followed the “Implosion” and “No, really…they’re going to implode soon” stories out of Klessel’s Boy Band Tribute Page.  Young Andy Strickland intimated that he had a “source” in the Wing organ-I-zation feeding him quality info pointing to disfunction in the Wing room.

Ok.  We disputed that, then shot it to hell thanks to help from our DD’s.

Here’s a little more evidence that it was crap.  Today Strickland posted a long manifesto on potential trades, showcasing the fact that he’s not just a Detroit insider, but that his ear is to the ground in a plethora of NHL cities. 

So, it struck me as odd that as he discussed Phoenix, Columbus, Boston and Edmonton (in addition to St. Louis) he made no mention of his adopted Red Wings.

Don’t you think that the same “insider” feeding him nuggets regarding the Implosion would also have a bit to say about trade talk in Hockeytown?

Back on Saturday.  See you then. 

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The Real Job

IwoCPO asked me to post a little note to the readers of A2Y. He stated his "real" job will keep him busy through this Friday, but posting will re-commence on Saturday. I guess in the meantime, you can twiddle your thumbs... -Paul

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Happiness Abounds

After last night’s comeback win at Nassau, according to our Deep Diggers, Mike Babcock was either “ecstatic”, “beaming”, or “happy as a school girl on pajama day at school.”  Ok, the last one was mine.

But he was a happy kid.  And Dom Hasek said the win was at least partly a result of a passionate Babcock pep talk between the second and third periods.


Hasek said Babcock’s second intermission speech lit a fire in the team.

“The coach came in and said we have to find a way, this is not Red Wings hockey, we have to go in front of the net and pay the price to score the goals,” Hasek said.

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DD’s Dig In On Implosive Rumor

Updated 0650:  After a month-long walkabout, the Acid Queen has returned and returned with a flourish.  I mention it here because her first post-walkabout topic is the generator of this particular disussion, Boy Bander Dwayne Klessel.  Read her thoughts here and take note of her pointer to a recent bloggers’ access conversation at the Atlanta Journal Constitution web site.  I think you’ll find that interesting.

Oh, the drama.  When Klessel’s boy wonder, Andy Strickland, posted his anonymously-sourced report of continuing friction in the Wings room yesterday a variety of reactions ensued.

First: we read it and wondered, naturally, if there was any truth to it whatsoever.  We’ll get to that.

Second: the A2Y correspondence staff went into overdrive, contacting Strickland and the DD’s, sharing a block of pleasing cheddar, and considering how to present the info flooding our Commodore 64’s.

Third:  we waited for the fallout from Hockeytown.

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