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Anyone Home? Anyone? Anyone?

JDunc, frequent A2Y reader and KK forum poster, turned us on to the fact that Zetterberg's been replaced in the all star lineup. Paul posted the NHL news release. The diggers have zip. No stories. No blog entries. No initiative. No worries. Khan(!) does report that Chris Osgood has the flu and won't start tonite.

Chris Osgood missed Friday's morning skate in Columbus because of the flu, but coach Mike Babcock said Osgood is still expected to back-up Dominik Hasek in tonight's game. Osgood was scheduled to start Saturday in Colorado, but if he can't play, Babcock said the club would recall Joey MacDonald from Grand Rapids (the Griffins are in Hamilton tonight and Saturday), where he was assigned last week on a 14-day conditioning stint.
Meanwhile, the team's co-most-valuable Swede is....what? Hurt? Tired? Kidding?

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Hottest Line In Hockey

Outstanding feature article from SI's Brian Caseneuve. He's taken considerable time to analyze the reasons behind the recent offensive explosion of the Dats/Zett/Homer line (anyone want to come up with a nickname for that line?).

Extra work: Holmstrom is a known pessimist, one who is especially hard on himself. Over the last few weeks, he's been staying late after practices working on deflecting shots on goal -- sometimes dozens in a stretch. Don't buy the stereotype about all Swedes being soft in the middle. For a player with skill, Holmstrom scores his share of garbage goals and has the marks on his ankles to prove it. Datsyuk scored three goals with his first 37 shots this season, but having Holmstrom on his line ensures that he will shoot through screens more often.
Makes you wonder a bit why the DD's haven't explored this a bit more. Makes me wonder why a certain blogger hasn't either. Yes, that's a self-referral.

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Worthy Cup Recipients

The Cup’s going to be raised by a few heroes a heckuva lot sooner than expected.  From a league press release,

NEW YORK (January 19, 2007) - NHL All-Star starting goaltender Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres is one of several players expected to join dozens of volunteers and loved ones in welcoming U.S. soldiers returning from a tour of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan on Tuesday, Jan. 23 at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). The Stanley Cup and six NHL mascots will accompany him during the visit.

During the visit, Miller will unveil two custom-designed goalie masks honoring U.S. and Canadian troops. The masks, designed by renowned sports artist David Arrigo, will be displayed in the terminal during the visit.

Outstanding move.


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Thursday’s With Cheli

Here's some cool news for you. Every Thursday Chris Chelios appears on Detroit sports radio station WDFN. Earlier today we've received permission from them to offline each segment and put it here for you. Look for that to start next Thursday. Typically, Chelios is on in the 5pm-6pm hour so expect it here no later than an hour after he is on.

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Friday Deep Digging

Happy Friday youngsters. Snow is in the forecast for the seat of government. Just the mention of it is enough to throw DC traffic patterns into chaos. I know that interests you so I'll keep you updated. Before we get to the deep digging, a few comments on some comments

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Oh…Well That Settles That

Yesterday we continued our abuse of reformed boy bander Dwayne Klessel and his Sewer of Trade Swill and Fiction.  I don’t enjoy making fun of Dwayne. Yes I do.  No I don’t.  It makes me feel dirty.  Yes, I enjoy it. It’s easy and fun, kinda like Crazy 8’s.

Well, Spector joined in the fun this morning when he blasted Dwayne’s rumors out of the water.

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Rednecks Don’t Like Swedes

And that's a fact. They just don't. I've never spoken with a Swedish person, and that's a character flaw. But I have had the opportunity to exchange very short, simple sentences with rednecks and I can tell you they hate them some Swedes. I don't like friction. I've tried to mend the fences between the Swedes and Bubba. Here at A2Y I've directed the staff to recognize similarities between the two groups and write accordingly. But clearly the cultures are just too different. Bubba hates the Swedes and he's not changing his mind. Unfortunately last night's events didn't help matters on the diplomatic front. I guess Tomas Vokoun was concentrating on Anaheim a bit more than Detroit, just before he was concentrating on sitting instead of playing.

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Conspiracies Abound!!

First, well not first…we’ll get to first in a minute.  A few months ago one of the chuckleheads over at The Site That Charges Idiots To Pay For Rumors wrote a column predicting The Implosion by Christmas. 

Not sure what Christmas he meant by that, or what his definition of implosion is/was.  But the Christmas I grew up ruining for my brother by waking him up with dirty socks in his mouth came and went without any of the predicted controversy in Wing camp.

I truly have no idea why anyone (blogger or mainstreamer) would consider adding their name to the list of knuckleheads who actually write for Dwayne Klessel, but they do and each thing they write is open for direct fire from yours truly.  Frankly, I occasionally visit the site specifically to see if a Wing blogger has been added to the column of lackeys who submit swill there.  Oh, I wait for the day he/she appears.

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Inward Singing

Yes, that's a reference to our nation's finest actor, Mr. Jack Black. And it kind of fits how this post is going to go...just kind of rambling, talking to myself. First, our boy Khan(!) reports that his daddy Mike told him Matt Schneider won't be back before the break.

Wings coach Mike Babcock confirmed on Wednesday that defenseman Mathieu Schnedier (strained right MCL) won't return until after the All-Star break next week. "It’s not going as good as we thought,'' Babcock said. “What they’re concerned with is it didn’t happen, recovery-wise, as quick, so any time that happens, you go back for more tests in case you miss something.’’

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Bubba Wants My Cheddar

I've decided the BJ's can no longer be OUR NEW RIVAL. I tried. For three weeks I tried. I worked up the hate, rallied the troops, lit the torches. But despite my best efforts, I just can't do it. I can no longer hate the BJ. But Bubba? Bubba offers something you can't deny. Bubba brings us players we hate: Steve Sullivan, Little Paulie Kariya, Tomas Vokoun. And he also brings an intangible that, as a blogger, I just can't avoid: the opportunity to tastelessly rip their fan base. But more than that, Bubba's good. Bubba's a threat to our happiness. Bubba wants to steal my cheddar cheese. He wants to take the whole block of it. I don't like people who try to take my Central cheese. In fact, and this may surprise you, but it harkens a Rocky III quote from the greatest Stallion opponent ever, Mr. Clubber Lang. "I pity the fool who tries to take what I got." Clubber Lang said that. Mike Babcock? Well, he's just a liar. George Sipple/Detroit Free Press

"We know we play Nashville, don't get me wrong," Wings coach Mike Babcock said. "But I don't think we concern ourselves with the standings. We concern ourselves with our team. Not their team."
You don't concern yourselves with the standings? Well, you'd damn well better buddy. Because that 4 spot looks bad. The 5 spot looks worse. The only spot we want is the 2 or the 1. So in rides Bubba high atop his donkey, swigging his shine, taunting you. He's looking right at you in that baby-poop colored sombrero. Bubba says the cheese is his, that he's waited long enough. Bubba says he not be big on the whole Phonics thing, but he's better than you. And Vokoun just irritates me. Pauk Kuharsky/Daily Tennessean
"They are right behind us, obviously a good offensive team and now good defensively too, so it's going to be a good test for us," Vokoun said. " … It's strange, you would think by now we would have played them more times. It's going to be a battle to the end I think."
Yeah. I think. Let me reiterate (that means repeat, Bubba) something: we can't have the 4. We can't have the 5. The 4 or the 5 means San Jose and San Jose means despair. The 2? Today the 2 means AlanaH's Canucks and the very idea of that makes me giddy (happy, Bubba). So, I've jettisoned the idea of the "hate the BJ" campaign. It was fun. It may return as early as this weekend. But today, at the beginning of the six-gamer that will decide the Central and absolutely determine our playoff fate? Gotta hate Bubba.

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