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Digging Mother’s Day

When the Wings scored first Friday night, I immediately fast forwarded to 2200 Sunday.  Heading to Anaheim up 2-0.  That’s how I roll.  If they’d fallen behind, I would have been fetal, rocking, sucking the thumb, humming.  It’s the mind of the hockey fan, at least this one.

Oh…your eyebrows are raised?  You’re thinking, “what a child.  What an imbalanced, juvenile little boy.”  Yeah. And?  You’re telling me, right now, you’re telling me that when the Wings get a lead you don’t start fantasizing about the best possible scenario? 

Liars. Lying liars.

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4 Minutes Of Pain

I have to tell you something.  I can do a lot of things in the span of 4 minutes.  In fact, some things I can do twice in that amount of time.  But tonite?  4 minutes was the definition of Hell, which is why the playoffs pretty much suck.

And yes, we’ll hear lots about fluke goals.  And Zetterberg’s was exactly that.

But Lidstrom’s? No way that puck sneaks in if Homer’s not there earning the attention of Giguere while the puck is trickling slowly toward the net.


Bottom line?  Time to bring in Terrible Ted.

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I Have An Idea

I’ve decided that every time Bob Lang starts skating toward the faceoff circle I’m going to start

punching myselfy in the face

pulling my fingernails out, one by one

, repeatedly

. (Thanks Gabe…didn’t want to tempt fate with a PITF reference).  I figure that pain will distract me from the torture of having to watch him slow dance his way to another faceoff loss.

One difference between Sasquatch of last year and chris pronger of this?  Ryan Smyth.  Without that pest in front of the crease on the power play, the Wings can pressure The Mayor Of Edmonton up top and take away his slap shot.

First glaring mistake of the playoffs by Lilja.  Ok Andres.  You’re our boy.  We trust you.  Don’t mess with us.

Nice to see two veteran refs, traditionalists…who are calling this game like a couple rookies with Gary Bettman in their ears on a remote hookup.

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All Aboard: Stress Train Will Be Full NLT 1900

Look.  You guys have to lay off.  Are you under the impression I stress less than you? Haven’t I proved that I’m the most pathetic stressor among us? 

Don’t I come up with silly juvenile phrases that indicate just how unable I am to function this late in the season?  Yet….you comment. You email me.  Some of you have called me.  More posts, you demand.  More fodder.  More childish wit to keep our minds off the game.

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Uncle Mike On WDFN

Mike Babcock was just on WDFN and discussed the upcoming Poultry series and his time spent in Anaheim.  Listen here.

Special thanks to the Jamie and Brady show for the rights to the interview.

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Name That Idiot

Here’s a fun game to keep the Stress Train at the station.  Just a little family fun I invented all by myself because I enjoy entertaining you.  Gather the kids.  Grab yourself a warm one and a block of cheddar.  Yes, Wing fans…it’s time to play:

Name That Idiot!

Here are the rules.  I’m going to give you a few short passages from a renowned idiot’s latest babbling effort, and you try to Name That Idiot.  It’s easy, fun and rewarding.

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Your Thursday Dose Of Cheli

Chris Chelios just got off the air in Detroit and thanks to WDFN, here’s what he had to say about playing without Mathieu Schneider, against Sasquatch, with the Miracle of Insanity and the demise of Ted Saskin.

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Wings Address Media

Mike Babcock, Kris Draper, Pavel Datsyuk and Hank Zetterberg all addressed the media via conference call today.  Transcript of the whole frigging thing is below.

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Note To Anaheim: There’s Hockey In Your Town

Sometimes things confuse me.  My head swims and I get scared and clammy.  Right now is one of those times.  I’m used to a situation where we have to convince our writers that hockey exists.  In LA? Exactly the opposite.  The media is trying to explain to the public that the Poultry aren’t some sort of urban legend.

The Ducks barely register as a blip on the SoCal sports radar, hidden as they are in the National Hockey League and marooned as the only major tenant in Anaheim’s arena.

Then there are the name changes. From Mighty Ducks of Anaheim to Anaheim Ducks, and the place-name changes. From the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim to The Pond to the Anaheim Arena and the Honda Center. It’s enough to confuse less-than-casual hockey fan, which is most of us.

I know. I know.  Hockey’s a niche sport.  The Duck fan base may be small, but they’re loyal.  But, c’mon.  3 out of 4 years in the Conference Finals and the media still has to beg the lefties for their interest in that team?  Did I say “lefties?”  Woops. 

Oh…and check out this quote from Mike Babcock today on Leaf’s Lunch.

On the holes the Ducks may see in the Wings defense, “They plan to run the crap out of our D, we plan to do the same.” 

I’m starting to feel an anti-Pronger post coming on.  It’s in its infant stages, but I think that’s what I’m sensing.


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Afternoon Reading

With approximately 30 hours until the WCF kick off tomorrow night in Hockeytown, you’re bored and restless.  I can’t offer you anything to combat those ailments, but I can provide you a few links because I like you all so very much.

Dan Wood of the OC Register writes about the life and times of Duck legend Travis Moen.

The LA Times explores one of life’s amazing coincidences; the tie three of the four Conference Finals coaches have to the historic Anaheim Duck franchise.

Pierre McGuire offers four defensemen who will impact the Conference Finals.

And here’s a friendly little quote J.S Giguere spit out yesterday about his friend Teemu.

“He’s just a very elegant player. He’s got a very nice stride to his skating, he plays with a lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm. You can tell he’s having fun, and it’s always fun to see him around. He just loves interacting. He makes everybody in a better mood because he’s such a goodhearted person. He’s just a great teammate.”—Ducks goaltender J.S. Giguere on Teemu Selanne.

I’m glad he’s having fun.  Hopefully that fun will continue after Todd Bertuzzi plows him through the end boards at the Joe tomorrow night.


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