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GDT - Game # 63:  Red Wings at Predators (8:00)

Detroit travels to Nashville tonite after beating the Kings at the JLA Friday, 2-1, behind an improbable performance by Ozzie who stopped 30 of 31 shots (0.967). DET is only 3 points behind SJS for 1st in Conference.  NSH sits 11th in Conference, but only 1 point out of a playoff spot.  DET is looking for their third straight win over NSH.  NSH is trying to match a season-high fourth straight win.  DET is 9-2-1 since their 5 game skid in January.  It has been noted by the Diggers this week that Conks is to start tonight.  NSH is offensively challenged, averaging 2.37 g/g (29), and their PP is an anemic 13.6%. However, NSH have held opponents without a single power-play goal in seven of their last eight games.

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I Told The Fellas Out Behind The Bar…That It’s A Live Blog…And It’s Gonna Be A Train Wreck

From:  Abel To Yzerman
To:    Paul Kukla, Proprietor and Emperor of Kuklas Korner

Subj: 27 February 2009 Live Blog and “Hit Me Mick” Extravaganza

1. I take no responsibility for anything.
2. If I don’t post anything for 48 hours, send help.


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Rules of Engagement: “Hit Me Mick”

Update….Update….Update:  Added one to the “finish it” category.

Here we go.  The rules are finished, but still a work in progress.  Meaning, they will evolve as we go along from game to game.

And, no, we’re not doing this every game.  I won’t be responsible for tardiness, firings, domestic “issues”, etc.  As of now, we’re restricting “Hit Me Mick” to Fridays or Saturdays and maybe Sunday afternoons, with the occasional weekday game thrown in perhaps 9 or 10 times per month.  But that’s it.

Now, the rules are below and I’d like to think this will spread quickly through Red Wing nation. I expect this document to be plastered on refrigerators, dorm rooms, coffee tables and tattoo’d on the lower back of every Upper Pensinsula woman over the age of 18.

Oh, alright…the trolls can “stamp” it too.

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Hit Me Mick: Specific Phrases Will Follow This Afternoon

Update:  I know I said around noon, but we’re going to have to push it back a bit later.  Hopefully, I’ll have them posted around 1500 EST.

Here’s what we know…

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GDT - Game # 62:  Red Wings host Kings (7:30)

Red Wings hosting the Kings tonight, who currently sit 13th in the W.C (but only 4 pts behind 8th).  This is a game which you would think the Wings should win comfortably.  But not this game, not tonight, in the words of Lee Corso:  “Not so fast my friend(s).”  Ozzie is in tonight.  You can look at his numbers below, just so long as you haven’t eaten yet.  UGLY.

I have a question, Conk has won like 12 straight at home, and he puts up ridiculous numbers at home (he likes playing at the JLA).  You’d think then, the Wings would want to win as many remaining games as possible so that they have the home-ice advantage for as many rounds as possible; right?  So why doesn’t Ozzie get the call tomorrow when DET goes to NSH?

Kirk Maltby plays in his 1000th career game tonight, congratulations to the 4 time Stanley Cup winner!

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Question:  What If Osgood Still Sucks?

Everybody’s saying the right things, and every single one of you is seeing right through every quote.  It’s almost funny. 


The time off, Osgood said, was planned.

Really?  When?  Was it planned in October?  Did Ozzie and Uncle Mike and Tick Tock and Jimmy Bedard all sit down and say, “hey…how ‘bout a little siesta in late February?  You know, to rest the body, soul…and most definitely the mind?  How’s that sound?”

Or was it frigging planned about eleven days ago when nothing else was working and the only, final, recourse was to put Osgood on ice.

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San Jose…The Recap

I know you’re excited about the first-ever “Hit Me Mick” game debuting tonite here aboard A2Y.  We’ll have the rules posted around noon, then it’s up to you to prepare as you see fit.  I’ll tell you this, the suggestions about limiting relevant phrases to around ten is a good one.  I’m going with that.  All I’m saying for now is that you’d better be ready and cracked by the first wink.

Now, on to something I would have liked to do yesterday but I got all scared and distracted.  We need to discuss the San Jose game.

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Lap This Up Dive Fans

We saw this coming the other night when reports out of Atlanta had Wing reps scouting the Thrash/Dive game.  The Wings need grit and a certain Dive has plenty of it.


You can take this one to the bank - the ones that aren’t soon to be run by the government, too: The Detroit Red Wings are interested in Ian Laperriere as a deadline rental.

You better believe the sad little Dive fans are in a Denver tizzy over that.  But get this…the Pens fans might be a wee bit irritated too.

The Wings are said to be interested in a gritty, grinding winger, and that of course is our Lappy. Gary Roberts is another player the Wings are looking at, too.


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Start With This…

Later this morning, maybe mid-day, maybe even this afternoon…a post discussing the importance of this game, of home ice advantage should these two teams meet again before next fall, the rise of Diggler and the certainty that there is no tandem that comes close to what we have in Datsyuk and Zetterberg.

But that’s later. For now…do me a favor and help me with something, would you?

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Turned From Hunted Into Hunter

Time to, I don’t know, hunt somebody down maybe?

Let this serve as a fair warning.

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