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Chances Are…


Paul likes to mess with me. When he sends me texts gently reminding me that I may want to do a live blog because it's game day, he sometimes taunts me.

"As of today the Red Wings have a 5.2 percent chance to make the playoffs."

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40 Games Until…What?

I only know it's 40 games because Paul said it to me the other day. Paul's words, verbatim, were: "The Wings have 40 games left and I believe they'll win 32 of them and finish 2nd in the division. I also believe they'll reach the conference finals. I also believe Wayne Fontes will come back to coach the Lions and people are going to get tired of talking about politics on Facebook."

It was weird and he didn't actually say any of that, except for the 40 games part.

I think it's 39 now.

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What We All Want

As fans of this storied franchise, what we all want is for our team to win. These days however, it's finally starting to sink in on what to expect. Watching so called professionals skating helter skelter all over the place, making passes to no one, leaving gaping holes for other teams to skate right through and score. Running around in our own end with seemingly no concept on how to play hockey.

It's beginning to look a lot like a new Dead Things era, and really, how much more we can take? It's no fun when what used to be anticipation before any game, has instead become dread.

This organization has got to give us a reason to keep watching.  Eh?

It's a Live Blog! Bitches!

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Dong Returns, Minus Stiffness

Before Tiberius went down with what we now believe was "minor knee stiffness", he was on fire.

The Diggers tell us he'll be back today, in Pittsburgh, facing off against Tristan Jarry.

The Wings always, and I mean always, do really well against unknown, unproven, goaltenders.

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Dinged Dong

I've said it before, way before many considered it appropriate to do so.

The Red Wings are a better team with that a strong dong in net, a dong belonging to James Tiberius Howard. A potent, dependable dong, a dong with staying power and strength and confidence.

But that dong can't stay strong. That's a problem modern medicine can't seem to fix.

So, that's a problem for the whole family.  

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Moving Four-ward

We all know what it takes to win in this league. Some skill, talent, determination, decent coaching, pride, and a bit of luck too. Some nights the Wings seem to possess those attributes.

Keeping that in mind, on any given night, the Wings always have a chance to win.

19 of us, loyal beyond comprehension will be watching tonight, and, hope the Wings will keep moving four-ward.

Hope is our gig. Winning is their job.

It's a Live Blog! Bitches!

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Here we go. You've seen it coming. Sensed it.  You've trusted the process and now, by god, now it's happening.

The Wings are streaking.

Launching themselves upward and onward. Where? Why...to mediocrity, of course. Because mediocrity is the goal in Tick Tock's world.

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Moderation, Please

Welcome to the most overrated night in the history of nights, brought to you at LCA, a half-empty hockey palace built by the most overrated hockey GM in the history of GMs.

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Don’t Scare The Baby

My granddaughter, all eleven months of her, is in my lap as I write this. So, forgive me, but I'm changing the tone.

I can't have her introduced to this way of life in an honest fashion. 

I can't have her start this way.

Ken Holland will continue to thrive.

Jeff Blashill is everything we hoped. 

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Your Live Blog Will Feature A Side Order of Nuts for One Teddy Kulfan

Pick a coach, a manager, a general manager from any Detroit (or Michigan or Michigan State) team over the last ten years, to include Jim Harbaugh, who has not been discussed in the local media with a suggestion that they be fired soon or immediately.

One. Jim Leyland? Dave Dombrowski? Joe Dumars.  Every. Single. Lion head coach? Every GM but Bob Quinn, and his seat is getting hot.  

You can't name one, unless they've been associated with the Red Wings.

I can't explain it because Brad Ausmus and Leyland were ripped by both papers. Consistently. 

But where is the outward criticism of Ken Holland? 

Is it here, Teddy Kulfan?

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