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Wings Need A #1 Defenseman

Nick Kronwall was just on Sportsnet's Hockey Central at Noon and the talk was mostly regarding Alfredsson and 24/7.

After Krowall signed-off, Nick Kypreos made a statement something like this, Kronwall is a great defenseman, but not a #1.  Maybe a 2 or 3 and Holland needs to find a #1 defenseman.

Agree, disagree and as Kronwall said in the interview, the Wings' defense has tried to replace Lidstrom by committee.

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J.J. from Kansas's avatar

Yes. I think the Wings could really use a true #1 defenseman who would allow Kronwall to settle into more of a gambler’s role.

I’m not sure how many of those are going to come available this season or the price, but if it’s not absolutely insane, I think they should pay to get that.

Posted by J.J. from Kansas on 12/02/13 at 02:06 PM ET


I’m not sure how many of those are going to come available this season or the price, but if it’s not absolutely insane, I think they should pay to get that.

Posted by J.J. from Kansas on 12/02/13 at 01:06 PM ET

A true #1 D-man would cost an insane amount if we are talking trade. I don’t believe Holland should blow up the roster and/or future of the team for that.

Also, I am not sure I agree with the comment that Kronwall is not #1 D-man. Is he a #1 on a team that has someone like Lidstrom or Weber or Karlsson? Probably not, but he is still a #1 D-man. There aren’t enough of super-star D-men for every team to have one.

Posted by George0211 on 12/02/13 at 02:11 PM ET

bigdee89's avatar

I don’t know.  I think Kronner is the real deal.  Just look at his stats.  They need someone who can eat big minutes to support him.

Posted by bigdee89 from The Great White North Eh? on 12/02/13 at 02:11 PM ET

J.J. from Kansas's avatar

A true #1 D-man would cost an insane amount if we are talking trade. I don’t believe Holland should blow up the roster and/or future of the team for that.

It’s a manner of definition here as far as the differences between “not absolutely insane” and “not blowing up the roster and/or future.”

The Wings have a lot of prospect depth right now both in forwards and defensemen and I don’t see enough spots for all of them in the future.  I think the Wings are in a good position right now where they can trade off some of those assets without having blown up the future of the team.

I think Kronwall is a serviceable #1 D-man, but I think he’s a true 2.

Posted by J.J. from Kansas on 12/02/13 at 02:20 PM ET


Look at the stats baby. Top 5 in points and top 10 in +/-.
Them is some pretty high standards when being a great defenseman isn’t qualified to be a #1.

Posted by cementslinger from Midland MI on 12/02/13 at 02:23 PM ET


It would be great to have a superstar #1 D-man and put Kronwall second and Ericsson third and maybe put Smith there on the second line as an offensive threat. This implies that somehow the wings would also lost quincey in this trade, obviously.

I think the Wings should pull the trigger even if the cost IS astronomical. They have too many second pair guys coming up to use them all. Turn a few of them into a #1 a la nail 4 sheep together to get a grain if that’s what it takes.

Posted by teldar on 12/02/13 at 02:23 PM ET


It’s a manner of definition here as far as the differences between “not absolutely insane” and “not blowing up the roster and/or future.”

The Wings have a lot of prospect depth right now both in forwards and defensemen and I don’t see enough spots for all of them in the future.  I think the Wings are in a good position right now where they can trade off some of those assets without having blown up the future of the team.

I think Kronwall is a serviceable #1 D-man, but I think he’s a true 2.

Posted by J.J. from Kansas on 12/02/13 at 01:20 PM ET

J.J. the problem is that if you’re going to trade for a super-start D-man, you’re talking about a player with a probable cap hit of 6-8 mil a year. That means, Wings have to shed about the same amount to be able to fit him under the cap. So it would have more a lot more than just prospects and draft picks. So who do you get rid of realistically and not blow up the roster

Posted by George0211 on 12/02/13 at 02:26 PM ET


Weiss goes.
$5M/yr for 4 more years at a currently terrible production level.
He’s made himself dispensible. Either trade or buyout would be awesome. Maybe trade him and pay the other team to buy him out then resign him for less. But getting rid of him frees up a roster spot for someone younger and better . Like Mantha.

Mantha could come up and score goals.
I think Mantha would be a good third/fourth liner for the wings.
Mantha would fit nicely on the team somewhere.
I think the goals Mantha scores would make a lot of people happy…

Not to harp on the idea of Mantha coming up to show what’s he got or anything though.

Posted by teldar on 12/02/13 at 02:30 PM ET



your comment makes no sense. First of all who is going to trade for someone who is not producing and costs 5mil/year. Probably not many teams if any.
Mantha is not going to be on the Wings any time soon.
Maltby was a goal scorer in juniors too. Why would you bring up a player who is still maturing to play 3/4 line minutes instead of letting him play 1st line mintues in minors

Posted by George0211 on 12/02/13 at 02:33 PM ET


Kronwall is probably one of the best 30 defensemen in the world and not one of the best 10.  Every team that doesn’t have one of those best 10 guys wishes it did and every team that does wishes it had two of them.  How many “true #1s” are in the 11-30 range is anyone’s guess.

If Detroit won a Stanley Cup with Kronwall as its best defenseman it would be something of an outlier, as most Cup-winners have had a better #1 defenseman.  You have to go back to the 2006 Hurricanes to find a team that did not have a better #1 and won the Cup.  That team had a good committee on defense but not a “true #1.” 

Detroit could probably do more to improve its chances by looking for an addition to its commitee than by looking for a true #1 in trade.

Posted by captaineclectic on 12/02/13 at 02:34 PM ET

EDJ's avatar

I think Kronwall has proved himself to be a legitimate first defenseman even if he isn’t a top one. Maybe on an ideal but realistic top five team he would be the second defenseman but I think many teams would be glad to have Kronwall as their best defenseman.

I do think Kronwall has shown a lot of progress after Lidstrom and Rafalski retired and I don’t know if he would benefit if he was given more freedom to gamble, though that is merely speculation.

I think in terms of acquiring an elite defenseman, I think any such trade would be a big gamble even more than is typical of a big trade because of two main reasons: first, the trade would have to involve some of Detroit’s top young players or prospects (the Red Wings will never trade a player like Franzen based on their trade record, although this trade is unlikely as it is), and trading any top prospect is a gamble since you don’t know how that player will turn out in the future. Second, any elite defenseman that is being shopped is being shopped because he either has some kind of defect (like he can’t really play defense), or because he is having problems with the organization, whether with the coach or with the management. Any such player is a gamble to take on since the same problems may reoccur after the trade. Edler kind of fits into both of these categories.

Only one other way I could see Detroit getting this type of defenseman would be an embarrassment of riches type situation, where a team has a solid first defenseman but has another elite one on the way, sort of like the Coyotes, or a situation like the Predators had with Suter and Weber. But Yandle isn’t the most solid defensively and I don’t see this kind of situation occurring often; it’s hard enough to get one elite defenseman.

Posted by EDJ on 12/02/13 at 02:38 PM ET

Nathan's avatar

I think he’s absolutely right.

I would call Nick Kronwall a 1B. He has shown he can eat the most ice time and play effective in all situations. But I still think there’s a difference between Kronwall, who I put in a 1B category with guys like Letang and Yandle, and the best-of-the-best, like Keith, Weber, Doughty, Karlsson, and Chara (and really we should probably include Subban and Ekman-Larsson in that category now, too).

I think JJ’s comment is great, too—it’s not so much that Kronwall isn’t handling the #1 role effectively… he is. It’s that Kronwall’s best attributes are his skating, stick-handling, shooting, and hitting in the neutral zone, and if he could focus those talents on the #2 ES unit, and top PP unit, it would probably maximize the value he can provide.

This discussion actually also shines a light on Ericsson—Kronwall has been so effective offensively of late in large part because Ericsson’s game has evened out the last two years. This year, we are finally seeing Ericsson and Kronwall playing under “normal” circumstances—a full regular season, and both players have been healthy thus far, and Ericsson seems to have gotten up the learning curve. Ericsson’s steady play gives Kronwall the chances to be that gambler that he’s so good at being.

And that has made them a real good top pairing. But is it enough to win a Cup… I don’t think so. I think they either need to cross their fingers and hope that in the next year or so, Brendan Smith develops into what Nick Kronwall is. If that happens, they can be a great team without having a singularly great defenseman. Otherwise, it’ll be hard. Then you start looking to what Almquist and Ouellet can be. Now you’re far enough in the future that even of those guys end up being as good as Kronwall, Kronwall is older and less effective, so you are in the same spot. You don’t have a PK Subban, Erik Karlsson, or Ekman-Larsson to anchor your team for the next decade.

Posted by Nathan from the scoresheet! on 12/02/13 at 02:39 PM ET


Kronwall is a #1 guy, I believe, but on a Cup team you need either a better #1 guy or you need 3 guys at or around Kronwall’s level and at least two others who are really solid guys. The Wings have Kronwall at #1, Ericsson and DeKeyser at #2 and 3, and then three guys who are a mixed bag and inconsistent, with the bottom guy, Quincey, being generally pretty bad. Kindl and Smith have been inconsistent and both have stepped back from last year. Lashoff has been steady but not great. He is a bottom 2 guy at best; not a bad one but one who definitely won’t drive the offense but is good enough against other teams’ bottom-6 forwards.

For the team to win a Cup with Kronwall at 1, they need to flesh out the rest of the top-6 with more high-quality guys.

The one thing that drives me crazy is that Kronwall is every bit as good as Dion Phaneuf. I would actually take Kronwall over Phaneuf. Yet somehow, Phaneuf is about to get paid in the neighborhood of $8M per year and has this brand name around the league as a superstar defenseman. That’s what the Canadian media can do for a guy. Pump up his reputation as a great defenseman when he has never been and never will be a Norris winner (he was a finalist once). Yet he is going to make as much or more than better defensemen, including Norris winners. Point being: Kronwall is a good player, doesn’t get the respect due but probably falls at or just outside the top 10 in the league.

The other thing is that the Wings have wanted a #1 defenseman since Lidstrom retired and they struck out on Suter. I believe the team will try to flesh out the roster with another strong player on the back end, but they won’t get a top-10 or top-15 defenseman. My prediction: they get Kulikov or Ehrhoff. And the guy who loses his job: Quincey. In fact, I think Quincey gets moved to take on the salary at the deadline. If Detroit wants to get someone, they have to dump salary. It will cost them more to get a high-end player than a team with excess cap space. “Oh, you want Ehrhoff? You’re at the cap - you can’t trade me a 1st-rounder and a good prospect or two and still get under the cap. How about you send me Quincey and an extra 2nd-round pick or prospect and we will do it.”

Posted by VitoLambruski on 12/02/13 at 02:47 PM ET

EDJ's avatar

I think that once Dekeyser gets back, Detroit needs only one more defenseman that can be trusted to play against an opponent’s top line to have a shot at the Cup. The top pairing is Kronwall - Ericsson and whether it’s Quincey or Kindl that pairs up with Dekeyser, if one of them can be put on the ice on a defensive zone draw and not scare us, I think that would be sufficient (I doubt Babcock will do a Dekeyser - Smith pairing). I’m losing patience with Quincey’s inconsistency but I also don’t know if Kindl has the defensive ability to lock down opponent’s top lines. Maybe if they make a trade for a player at Ericsson’s level….

If the top four defensemen can be trusted, I think the forward corps is more than enough to take Detroit to the Final. With Tootoo gone (I’m not quite ready to count out Cleary when I think about last year’s playoffs, but he’s probably got to go), and Datsyuk and Bertuzzi returning hopefully soon, I would trust any of Detroit’s forwards out on the ice to play offense and defense except Samuelsson and Cleary. That’s a pretty decent statement. If Weiss can regain his offensive touch then I would say Detroit is definitely good to go.

Of course, an injury to Howard or Zetterberg or Kronwall would probably change things, but that goes for just about any team.

Posted by EDJ on 12/02/13 at 02:59 PM ET

J.J. from Kansas's avatar

That means, Wings have to shed about the same amount to be able to fit him under the cap. So it would have more a lot more than just prospects and draft picks. So who do you get rid of realistically and not blow up the roster

It’s a good point because it’s hard to know how many more picks/prospects you have to throw in to sweeten the deal enough to make it worth it for the other team to take guys like Kyle Quincey or Mikael Samuelsson back in a cap-weighing deal (provided you get Sammy to waive that pesky NTC in the first place).

I’d consider Abdelkader an expendable piece to make room for a True #1 guy as well. I think he’s worth himself in trade as well, so they wouldn’t need to additionally sweeten the pot to make up for him being any sort of an albatross.

Like I said. I think we agree on concept, just disagree on definition here.  I wouldn’t go crazy and trade anybody higher than Quincey/Kindl on the defensive depth chart, nor would I trade any of the current top six forwards to make that happen.  I definitely wouldn’t trade Stephen Weiss after 22 games as a Red Wing because I think the batshit insanity surrounding that move is more than just “roster blowing up”.

I currently can’t conceive of a realistic trade scenario which fits all of these criteria. If one comes available, I think spending even a relatively high price would be a good move for the team.

Posted by J.J. from Kansas on 12/02/13 at 03:10 PM ET

pilgrim's avatar

Turn a few of them into a #1 a la nail 4 sheep together to get a grain if that’s what it takes.

Is that a Catan reference?

Detroit could probably do more to improve its chances by looking for an addition to its commitee than by looking for a true #1 in trade.

Right now I agree. But that might change when the trade deadline rolls around and we’ve seen more of Smith and DeKeyser. The collective feelings towards these guys may change by March. Both are young, both could go up or down. Everyone, including and especially me, is hot about DK right now, but the dude has played only 35 NHL games in his entire life. The way he plays the game makes it seem unlikely now, but his trajectory may not always go up. His play may dictate how big the Wings go in a trade.

But really what would fetch a bonafide #1D? Jurco, Sproul, Tatar and a 1st? More? I know we don’t know the market now, never mind in 4 months, but what would be a fairly realistic guess?

So depending on the d-corps performance by March, the Wings will go for a either a 2-3 depending on need. The cost and availability of #1Ds just doesn’t seem to make such an acquisition likely.

As Vito mentioned, the Wings had a chance to get a #1D. Missing out on Suter pretty much guaranteed that this team would have to defend by committee for the foreseeable future. 


Posted by pilgrim from the ice at the bottom of the world on 12/02/13 at 03:13 PM ET


I never said anyone would do it. I just think it would be nice.

As far as Manta coming up and not being on the top line, its not like the wings would ever bring up a high talent prospect and put them anywhere but on the top two lines. they’ve never done anything like that, right. I hope you realize this is sarcasm.

Yeah, it’s a settlers reference. I just don’t see the Wings management getting enough space to let the kids play. They would simply have to move too many players. Rather than let all their talent elk like they have in the past, why not trade it for something.

Posted by teldar on 12/02/13 at 03:46 PM ET


My point of trading Weiss was clearing cap space and I thin k the Wings have players who could replace him in a couple years. I think he’s a good player who has not hit his stride with a new team after missing a lot of time due to lockout and injury.

Posted by teldar on 12/02/13 at 03:51 PM ET

awould's avatar

To oversimplify, by definition, there are 30 #1 defensemen in the league. Maybe each team doesn’t have one, some have two. But there is room for 1 on each team. Kronwall is among the top 30 D in the league. He’s Detroit’s #1 D. Therefore, he qualifies. He is a #1 D.

Among D, he’s 5th in total points, 10th in +/- and 28th in penalty minutes. He’s 9th in shifts/game but 30th in time-on-ice. In short, he helps the team score, doesn’t take dumb penalties, uses his short shifts wisely. Not sure how that makes him an iffy-#1.

What I think the problem is, why we all wish we had an Erik Karlsson, Suter or Ekman-Larsson, is to free up Kronwall to do what he does best…. patrol the blue line and make Wings fans remember the bone-crushing hits of Konstantinov. Kronwall is 132nd in the league in hits. That’s crazy. His status as Detroit’s #1 D has caused him to change his game from where he can be most effective.

While not every team can have a Suter or Karlsson, not every team gets a Datsyuk either. But Kronwall is a #1 caliber D man, his style just suits a #2 better. A testament to his varied skillset, in my opinion.

So yeah, I’d give up a lot to get a “real” #1 to let Kronwall do what he’s great at.

Posted by awould on 12/02/13 at 03:56 PM ET

pilgrim's avatar

I’m not sure a “realdeal100%meat” #1 would really allow Kronner to do anything different.

He’s always played his best when he’s been paired with a steady defense-first partner. He’s got that in new Riggy and he’s off to one of his best starts, points-wise. He isn’t Kronwalling fools into oblivion anymore but there are likely two reason for that: guys know he’s coming (see: Clutterbuck), and those hits are no doubt hard on Kronner’s body causing him to strike strategically. So unless our new dream #1 replaces Ericsson on the top pairing and allows Kronner to be riskier, I don’t see Kronner casting off the #1D yoke and ass-checking wingers into the net, puck and all. However, I think most of the #1s we are imagining are a lot more offensively inclined than a super-Ericsson. I think Ehrhoff would be a solid addition to the second pairing: he fairly consistently provide good outlet passes, occasional rushes, and another threat on the point on the PP. The cost would be a little less dear than a #1. But again, I think Smith and DK’s play up to the trade deadline determines the Brain Trust’s move here.

Posted by pilgrim from the ice at the bottom of the world on 12/02/13 at 04:44 PM ET


I know this sort of dreaming is useless but if we would have signed Suter, we would have never made ridiculous trades/buys in the off season because we would have had less cap, which means our prospects would have been up here earlier. With our current team minus having signed cleary, Sammy, tootoo and probably Weiss, who knows where we would be. We might be top in the east… with solid defense, and a great set of lines. I was deeply disappointed when Suter signed with parise for the Wild.

Posted by Pasha1277 on 12/02/13 at 04:46 PM ET

IwoCPO's avatar

if we would have signed Suter

I started out Thanksgiving grace at our house with those exact words.

Posted by IwoCPO from Sunny San Diego, bitches on 12/02/13 at 05:25 PM ET

perfection's avatar

Suter. that is exactly what I was going to say. People forget how many years the Wings managed the cap specifically targeting the year either Suter or Weber became UFA’s to try and replace Lids. It is RARE for a true Norris contender to become a UFA, available to all for FREE.

the price of a Suter caliber player at the deadline???? good god. it’s going to take waaaay more than that player is worth that’s for sure. It’s not like many teams are looking to rid themselves of franchise defenders

the fact is, Suter choosing Minny over us was a burn that has resonated till this day. All of our worst contracts we absorbed essentially to cut our losses from missing out on those two guys. Holland was pretty masterful in saving enough room to make a high end offer to Suter, and to even have enough flexibility for the vanity contract to Parise that became ‘part of the deal’ somewhere in the game. The fact that Illitch flew personally to meet with Suter showed just how important they knew he was to the future of the organization. The team did nothing wrong. They gambled on the right player (he’s a perennial norris frontrunner), they had a realistic shot of getting him (came down to Wings and Minny… probably wife/family tipped the scale), but it just didn’t work out. It was a once in a generation opportunity. The team took one on the chin just like Dats and we’re still shaking off the concussion-like symptoms.

I hate to say it, but unless some #1 guy gets disgruntled somewhere or by some miracle another reaches UFA status, I think the team hopes to develop a true #1 top-10 type guy out of one of our many great prospects (ie. Ryan Sproul maybe?)

But if anyone is going to develop into a #1 guy my money’s on Danny DeKeyser… with the composure he has at his age at the minutes he’s playing, would it surprise anyone if he just keeps improving into a hall of famer? he sure seems to “get it”. He seems wise beyond his years. He has a hockey sense far beyond Kronwall had at his age and his skating ability can makeup for most of the bad decisions he does occasionally make.

In any case, I think we may be building a dominate defense from within and it may not be worth tinkering with that by selling the farm

though it is probably true we are a true #1A d-man away from being a solid cup contender. but then again I thought worse of last year’s squad and the proved to be a hell of a contender.

Posted by perfection from LaLaLand on 12/02/13 at 06:05 PM ET

Nate A's avatar

I’m not worried about our #1 guy. Sure Kronner is not top 3 Dman in the league, but I’m fine with that.

Its the bottom 5 that concern me. Big Rig has finally developed into something nice and solid, but the rest just don’t have the consistency needed for the team to be a contender at this point. There’s lots of promise there, no doubt, but the back end is gonna be a soft spot for a year or three here. 

Maybe next season with the cap expected to jump significantly we and every other team in the league will have the flexibility to make some moves and improve that a bit. But until then we’re stuck with what we’ve got and we can only hope the youngsters get better from this experience and Quincey gets shipped to Siberia.

Posted by Nate A from Detroit-ish on 12/02/13 at 07:40 PM ET

perfection's avatar

for what it’s worth, the playoffs last year and these last few games have shown when our team fires on all cylinders, even Quincey, Lash and Smith look like solid NHL dmen. They have it in them. They obviously don’t have the consistency yet, but when all is said and done, it’s going to come down to who’s firing on all cylinders at the right time. I’m with you though. The D is going to at least be a question mark for the next few years. Almquist is out of waivers next year and while I’ve loved watching him play for the Griffs, I’m not convinced at all he’s going to provide much help in the short term. My hope is that Kindl, Smitty, and Danny D keep improving by leaps and bounds. Kindl made his big leap last year. It’s time for Brendan Smith to make his big leap. If he starts to round out his game it will be a huge help. He seems to be the one high risk/high reward guy we’re developing. It’s one thing that makes Lash so useful. You just know he won’t hurt you. But he also isn’t going to swing games with incredible rushes and breakout passes. Smith clearly has that kind of potential. When his head’s in the game, he makes a ton happen.

Posted by perfection from LaLaLand on 12/02/13 at 07:48 PM ET

PDXWing's avatar

What I wonder is if the team makes a bolder move to try and win a cup with Datsyuk still in the fold. He’s signed for three more years and seems unlikely to re-sign once that contract is up. Both he and Z are nearing the point in their careers where their games starts to decline, rather than improve. I doubt they do anything foolish (a la Holmgren) that jeopardizes the long term plan.

My best guess is that they make another pitch for Edler. They know him, wanted to draft him, and have already tried to acquire him. Seems like a KH-type of move to me. Made easier by the fact that the Wings are in the East. If we were to acquire Edler, he could slot in any of the top 3 spots, depending on who has the best chemistry. I would guess a Kronner/Edler and Ericsson/Smith, DDK/Kindl top six would be pretty money. Maybe swap Smith with DDK in that setup.

Posted by PDXWing on 12/02/13 at 09:57 PM ET

DrewBehr's avatar

@PDXWing Are seeing how poorly Edler is playing this year? There are nights when even his own coach doesn’t want to play him… Not a guy I’d count on to be a 1-2 guy.

Posted by DrewBehr from The Mitten on 12/03/13 at 01:33 AM ET

awould's avatar

There are nights when even his own coach doesn’t want to play him.

Yeah, but think about who his coach is. Not exactly a great comparison to how he’d fit in with Detroit.

Posted by awould on 12/03/13 at 02:25 AM ET

Nathan's avatar

1. I don’t think Kindl has regressed. He hasn’t made any big leap forward this year compared to how he finished last season, but he is a solid top 4. If over the next year he makes some slight improvements in his ability to play the point on the PP, I we be thrilled with the player he is and think that he will be a fixture on this team for a number of years to come.

2. A lot of folks want to bash Smith, and I can understand why. He has huge brain farts in front of his own goal. I hate to sound like a broken record… but remember a guy that had the exact same problem, and also couldn’t stay healthy early in his career, but still got vaulted into top 4 minutes because of the physicality and offensive flair he had in his game? Smith, at this age and stage in his development, sure looks a lot like Kronwall did. And in fact, Kronwall “lucked” out and had more time in the AHL due to the lockout.

3. I’m as disappointed in Weiss as anyone, but the guy is on a long-term contract and you want to judge him as being a waste after 22 games in a Wings uniform? Nevermind that he’s only played 39 games in total since the end of the ‘11-‘12 season due to injury, and was even nursing injury during camp this year. He’s been almost unnoticeable in all of his 22 games as a Wing. But there’s 4.5 more years on this deal. Maybe we should give the guy at least the remainder of this season before we completely write him off.

That said, if Weiss, a top prospect, and a top pick could pull a true #1 D, I’m all for it. But I’d be all for that regardless of Weiss’ performance level being sky high or rock bottom.

Posted by Nathan from the scoresheet! on 12/03/13 at 10:03 AM ET

PDXWing's avatar

Drew - No, I haven’t seen much of him this year. I’m mostly just trying to connect the dots of a plausible KH move. I know he’s struggled a bit and didn’t play well at one of the international tourneys (where he hurt Stall).

I wonder how much he likes playing for Torts.

Posted by PDXWing on 12/03/13 at 10:30 AM ET

Kate from PA now in SC-made in Detroit's avatar

Z is out with herniated disc. FUCH!

Let’s Go Red Wings!!!!!

Posted by Kate from PA now in SC-made in Detroit on 12/03/13 at 12:17 PM ET

@TheJimP19's avatar

Kronwall’s biggest problem is he had to step into the # 1 spot that was vacated by one of the top 3 defenseman ALL TIME…  So now some folks are expecting Kronwall to be another Lidstrom ....

Posted by @TheJimP19 from transplanted in Nashville on 12/05/13 at 12:21 PM ET

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