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Let The Hate Flow Through You, Bitches, It Will Make You Powerful

I’ve only been back in the country for a short while.  Since then I’ve been catching up on hockey news as my post-Wings elimination, losing Stevie, losing Probert, depression has started to subside.

What started out as an enjoyable read through posts/comments at A2Y and the other Wings’ blogs, has slowly turned to anger.  Why?  Because all you bitches are obsessed with a 40 year-old dude with big teeth and a skank wife.

It’s not that I don’t understand your obsession, after all Chopper Willa was a great player.  Tick-Tock and Uncle Mike also think he will be a good fit for the team.  Typically that is enough to be gospel for me.  Seriously.  If it were up to me, all of Tick-Tock Holland’s quotes would be in red like a certain “good” book does it.

I think much free-agent obsession has to do with the reality of a salary-capped NHL.  Since the salary cap was introduced, hockey GMs’ hands have been handcuffed like Rosby to Li’l Gary Bettman’s bedpost.  There have been very few exciting player trades or acquisitions in the past several years.  Wings fans are used to Christmas coming thrice a year:  Dec 25, July 1, and Trade Deadline.  Back then, we’d see more action than Happy Hudler has been getting in Europe from all those happy hookers.  Not anymore.

It’s not Wings fans’ fault we have been obsessed with Chopper Willa, as the FNG McCosky is trying to assert, it is the overall lack of excitement at the time of year which used to be a spectacle of player movements.  If the FNG really understood us, he’d know that prior to the salary-cap Chopper Willa would be little more than an asterisk in our consciousness.  We’d have much bigger deals to discuss and debate.

Still, our latest obsession with Chopper Willa reminds me of our last free-agency obsessions:  Marian Hossa and Mats Sundin.  While touted to be the Mats-iah for our team, we were much better off without Sundin, as history has shown.  And as the salary-cap debacle in Chicago has proven, we really couldn’t afford to keep Hossa and not destroy the future of our team.

So enough is enough, bitches.  I am sick of talking about free-agents and obsessing over them.  In Tick-Tock we trust, all others pay cash.  Summer obsessions should be about all the sexy girls in sundresses walking around and not free-agents.

Taking the idea from a recent HFBoards thread, I’ve decided to shift the focus around here from Chopper Willa to those who really fill our hockey souls with pure hatred and loathing.

Who are your top 10 all-time most hated hockey players?

I’m not talking about just disliking someone, pure anger and rage should fill you at the mere thought of that player.  If you care to elaborate on the reasons for your hatred, please do.  Remember, there is no such thing as a wrong answer… except for Steve Yzerman.  If you hate Stevie, then the universe hates you.

My Top 10 All-Time Most Hated Hockey Players:

10)  Chris Simon - Among the dirtiest players today.  The difference between him and Bertuzzi, who didn’t make the list, is while the Unabomber has shown legitimate remorse and changed his style of play since the Steve Moore incident, Chris Simon shows no remorse or conscious and continues with his extremely dirty play.  He is a ticking time-bomb waiting to go off again, and for that he can go fuch himself.

9)  Mark Messier - The definition of over-rated.  Plus, the Mark Messier Leadership Award… need I say more?

8)  Mario Lemieux - From the moment I first saw him play live, I’ve loathed Mario.  He was a lazy, diving, goal-hog who only tried when it suited him.  I’ve heard that the NHL created the no-diving rule because Mario was such a prolific diver.  Recently he has been charging $999 for an autograph.  100% turd.

7)  Darius Kasparaitis - There are agitators that you hate to play against, yet would love on your team.  Then there is Kasparaitis.  A dirty, cheap, and obnoxious player he was a notorious coward.  Plus, he is one fugly mofo.

6)  Ulf Samuelsson - Over the years, I’ve lost a lot of brain cells.  And memories.  While my memories of Ulf have faded, my subconscious won’t let me forget that I hate him with a fierce passion.

5)  Peter Forsberg - While being on the Dive contributes to his high ranking, there is no denying Floppa is a pure douchebag.  He set the tone on the Dive, and the rest of the team followed him to become a group of douchebag divers.  Plus, Floppa always started shit and then ran away when there was hell to pay, leaving a teammate to take his lumps instead.

4)  Sydney Rosby - I started out a Rosby fan.  It didn’t take me long to hate him.  With Lemieux as his mentor, he quickly adopted Mario’s worst habits: selfishness, whining, and diving.  Voted the NHL’s #1 whiner (a landslide victory) by NHL players, Rosby further cemented my pure loathing and hatred with this incident.  At least when Bertuzzi hits a guy in the back of the head he has enough strength to knock him down.  Furthermore, Rosby is so egotistical he refuses to acknowledge the good play of opposing players, only providing backhanded compliments during interviews.  Rosby is still young and has many more years of being a douchebag ahead of him.  He may eventually end up topping my list of all-time most hated players.

3)  Patrick Roy - What’s not to hate about Roy?  For being a complete a$$hole and sensitive egomaniac, Roy is my definition of a Glass A$$hole.  At least the Wings were the team which handed Roy his all-time career lowpoints.  I derive much satisfaction from that.

2)  Chris Pronger - The frustrating thing about YES Pronger Fissix is not the headshots, hits from behind, or dirty stickwork, it is that because he is a talented player the NHL lets Pronger YES get away with all of that.  Without talent, the Sasquatch would be regarded as another scumbag repeat offender like Chris Simon.  Which he is.  YES.

1)  Claude Lemieux - Every game, every time, there has been no other player that could make my blood boil like Lemieux.  As fellow Wings fans, I don’t need to elaborate any further.  Fuch Lemieux.

(Dis)Honourable Mentions:
Gary Bettman - If he were a hockey player, I would pay another player to cross-check him in the throat until Li’l Gary’s windpipe was crushed.  Is that wrong?
Jordin Tootoo - I hate him, the way he plays, his face, and his lack of a neck.  He placed just outside my top 10.
Bobby Clarke - Mixed emotions.  First, I never saw him play as he was before my time.  Second, while he is a notoriously dirty player, his ankle-breaking slash did lead to the 1972 Summit Series victory by Team Canada over the Soviets.  As a Canadian, it is hard to hate on that.  It really is.

Your turn.  First, stop talking about Chopper Willa.  Then tap into your inner anger and let the hate flow through you, bitches, it will make you powerful.  Finally, share your top 10 all-time most hated hockey players with the 19.

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Baroque's avatar

In no particular order:

Jordin Tootoo
Chris Simon
That little bitch Corey Perry
Chris Pronger
Dany Heatley
Scott Neidermayer
Martin Brodeur
Patrick “Father of the Year” Roy
Anyone who hits Nick Lidstrom
The entire Minnesota Wild roster - just because they are in the same state as those freaking Twinkies and thus get the spillover bile from Nick Punto and Denard Span hatred.

Posted by Baroque from Michigan on 07/18/10 at 07:10 PM ET

Andy from FightNight's avatar

1. Claude Lemieux
2. Patrick Roy
3. Sidney Crosby
4. Patrick Kane
5. Adam Deadmarsh
6. Chris Pronger
7. Corey Perry
8. Sergei Fedorov
9. Ryan Getzlaf
10. Peter Forsberg

Posted by Andy from FightNight on 07/18/10 at 07:20 PM ET

calquake's avatar

Let’s see…
1)LeTurtle - no explanation needed
2)Roy - fine line between respect and hate
3)Sasquatch - no explanation needed
4)Schultz - definition of a “cementhead” Flyer
5)McSorley - see Schultz
6)Semenko - ditto
7)Eddie “Clear the Tracks” Shack - bitter rival from a bygone era
8)Carcillo - throwback Philly player
9)Brashear - noticing a pattern?
10)Anybody not in a Red Wing uniform

Posted by calquake from a.k.a. Uniquake, workin' on my manifesto on 07/18/10 at 07:30 PM ET

yreland's avatar

100% turd.  Absolutely awesome.  So true, and I also laugh everytime I hear “turd”.

Posted by yreland from Hockey's black hole South Carolina on 07/18/10 at 07:30 PM ET

Down River Dan's avatar

If I have to limit it to 10:

10. Patrica Roy

9. Mike Keane

8. Mark ( my head is too big for my helmet) Messier

7. Chelios ( in a Habs sweater)

6. Chelios ( in a Hawks sweater)

5. Esa Tikkanen

4. Al Secord

3. Tyson Nash

2. Eric ( my ego is bigger than Messier’s) Lindros

1. Chris ( I am the missing link) Pronger

Posted by Down River Dan on 07/18/10 at 07:36 PM ET

Baroque's avatar


Anyone from the city of Cleveland or its surrounding area.

Posted by Baroque from Michigan on 07/18/10 at 07:37 PM ET


1. Claude Lemieux
2. Sidney Crosby
3. Kane’s Cab Company
4. Chris Pronger
5. Corey Perry
666. Dany Heatley
7. Patrick Roy (once he ended up in an Avs uniform)
8. Sean Avery
9. Ryan Getzlaf
10. Todd Bertuzzi

Posted by TheNorm41 on 07/18/10 at 08:03 PM ET

Sullyosis's avatar

9)Brashear - noticing a pattern?

I almost went there, but I won’t.

My top ten:

10- Steve Ott
09- Darian Hatcher (HATED the Stars so much because it was the only games televised whilst growing up in the new Mexico.
08- Esa Tikkannen (I wonder why Finland never formally disowned him.  He’s so NOT Finnish)
07- Jeremy Roenick (Annoying as$hole.  I can’t believe he’s paid to be on camera.  I’d pay not to see him or hear him talk).
06- Patrick Roy
05- Ron Hextall (Criminally insane)
04- Ed Belfour (Remember his sh*t talk to Osgood during the ‘98 WCF?  Said he only had luck on his side.  Pah!)
03- Chris Simon (Revolutionized the ‘skate-stomp)
02- Rosby
01- Darren Garcia-Lemieux

Posted by Sullyosis from A hateful lair in Post Apocalyptic US (or Arizona) on 07/18/10 at 08:42 PM ET

pgoody's avatar

No particular:

*#$%@& Lemieux
Punk Ass Bitch Corey Perry

Posted by pgoody on 07/18/10 at 08:57 PM ET

yzer19man's avatar

I was force-fed a diet of Maple Losers growing up, so I can’t stand those total douches…

10. Adam Foote
9. Fats Sundin
8. Brian (McChicken) McCabe
7. Ryan “the Rat” Getzlaf
6. Chrissy Pronger
5. Patty Roy
4. Tie Dummy
3. Darcy T(F)ucker
2. Cindy Suckby

Posted by yzer19man from Chicago, IL on 07/18/10 at 08:58 PM ET

scotts0's avatar

In my opinion, Yzerman and Messier are the two best captains in the last 30 years in hockey.  You can’t deny Messier’s determination to win.

Posted by scotts0 from New York on 07/18/10 at 09:04 PM ET

VooX's avatar

In my opinion, Yzerman and Messier are the two best captains in the last 30 years in hockey.  You can’t deny Messier’s determination to win.

Respectfully, I couldn’t disagree about Messier more.  He relied upon his teammates heavily to carry his ass.

Posted by VooX from Behind the Bar in the Hasek Club Car on 07/18/10 at 09:06 PM ET

VooX's avatar

To elaborate, I think if I were to name my favourite captains since I’ve been watching hockey it would be Yzerman and Wendel Clark.

Posted by VooX from Behind the Bar in the Hasek Club Car on 07/18/10 at 09:08 PM ET

Sullyosis's avatar

it would be Yzerman and Wendel Clark.

Posted by VooX from Behind the Bar in the Hasek Club Car on 07/18/10 at 07:08 PM ET

Stevie Y and Ron Francis, if I had to pick a non-Red Wing.

So here’s good news, all:

Just threw an outrageous piss-up this weekend, and although none of the 19 could make it to the Keep here I did meet a young lady, a friend of a friend, visiting from Phoenix.  Her family is from Michigan and so it was like new friend plus the bonus of Red Wings hockey talk all weekend.  I think she thinks Triple Deke Tyler is cute.  Fun stuff!

Posted by Sullyosis from A hateful lair in Post Apocalyptic US (or Arizona) on 07/18/10 at 09:15 PM ET

Baroque's avatar

I forgot Mike Ricci and Darcy Tucker.

(I know that’s more than 10 - but I am trying to take my mind off how much I HATEHATEHATEHATE the Minnesota Twins and the Chicago White Sox. And the Cleveland Racist Logos. And hell, may as well hate the Royals, too.)

Posted by Baroque from Michigan on 07/18/10 at 09:20 PM ET

Twig in Houston's avatar

10. evgeni nabokov. while i enjoyed all the soft goals he gave us over the years, his flopping cost me many tv remotes.

9. evgeni malkin’s parents. because they practically made out every time malkin scored a p.o.s. goal in the 2009 playoffs.

8. joe thornton. why do people say he’s classy?

7. ryan getzlaff. he plays so dirty, then cries to the refs if anyone looks at him funny. what makes it worse is they fuching listen to him.

6. corey perry. he’s a prick. goes after the weakest person he can find. also because he waited for drake to take off his helmet, then fought him behind his half shield. just a bitch.

5. steve ott. he is the reason God created cancer.

4. patrick roy. you know.

3. thid rosby. yup.

2. raffi torres. i don’t know. there’s just something about that guy that makes me want to deck his ass. his head shot on helm this past season sure didn’t help his ranking much either.

1. claude lemieux. i can’t believe dino shook his friggin hand…

Posted by Twig in Houston from Houston, TX on 07/18/10 at 09:26 PM ET

yreland's avatar

I can’t bag on Ricci.  My cousin dated him for a while, said he was a good guy.  She said he cleaned up well, teeth and all.

Posted by yreland from Hockey's black hole South Carolina on 07/18/10 at 10:29 PM ET

Reggie Dunlop's avatar

10 Steve Ott.  he is the reason God created death. 
9   Bill McCreary.  retire you slow decrepit fuch.
8 Martin Brodeur.  Thinks hes so cool.
7 Corey Perry.  Just die now.
6 Ryan Getzlaf.  die now please.
5 Niclas Wallin. just hate his contract.  2.5 RLY? and a NTC? WHY?
4 Sean Avery.  completely tarded.
3 Sedins. Nucks fans have convinced themselves theyre not creepy. What a mind job.
2 Crybaby. Poor li’l guy.
1 Patrick Kane.  Grow up bitch.

Posted by Reggie Dunlop on 07/18/10 at 10:50 PM ET

Primis's avatar

Who are your top 10 all-time most hated hockey players?

In no specific order:

Claude Lemieux - Need I explain this one?
Patrick Roy - ... or this one?
Chrissy Pronger - ... or even this one?
Chris Simon - Dirtbag through and through.  Finally got himself booted from the league basically, which is accomplishment considering the stuff the dumb league puts up with.
Sidney Crosby - Then again, who doesn’t?
Scott Stevens - One of the dirtiest players ever to lace up, and it grinds me that nobody is ever willing to remember that part of his game.  Everything Pronger does that we hate now?  Stevens was doing that sh*t years ago…
Wayne Gretzky - There I said it.  I hated him, and I hate him now. He was a pansy-a** player on loooaaded teams when he had actual success.  When the team around him wasn’t loaded, he stunk.  And he needed a designated goon to take care of his dirty work for him.  Can’t stand him, and laughed when he was finally fired from PHX because he entire career was a fraud.  Even friggin’ Crosby’s earned more of what he’s gotten than Gretzky ever did for himself.
Dale Hunter - God what a weasel.  Remember when he got suspended 21 games for cross-checking Pierre Turgeon from behind well after he’d scored a goal?  Gutless, even more gutless than Bertuzzi’s crime on Moore, probably one of the greatest all-time gutless cheap shots in all of sports history.  Was a clown and always will be a clown and any Caps fan that ever rooted for him is just as big a clown for doing so.

That’s only what, seven?  But there’s a whole other long list of Tier II guys that I hate or have hated:  Jordin Tootoo, Steve Downie, Scott Niedermayer, Ed Belfour, Mark Messier, Ulf Samulesson, Jiri Slegr, Uwe Krupp, just to name a few…

But that Tier I Hate is special.

Posted by Primis on 07/18/10 at 11:47 PM ET

Primis's avatar

I guess that’s eight, my bad.  What I get for deciding Crosby did indeed earn his place up there in Tier I…

Posted by Primis on 07/18/10 at 11:49 PM ET

kcameron's avatar

Replace 6 and 7 on that list with Foote and Modano. Yes, I hate Modano, he reminds me of an old boss. I’d like to hump him in the ear pussy. Domi should be in there too.

Posted by kcameron from Portland OR on 07/18/10 at 11:52 PM ET

Guilherme's avatar

My useless list, no particular order:

Patrick Roy
Claude Lemieux
Sidney Crosby
Kyle “Gimme my Ring” Quincey
Derian Hatcher
Scott Stevens
Scott Niedermayer
Joe Thornton
Jean-Sebastien Giguere
Diego Maradona

Posted by Guilherme from Brazsil on 07/18/10 at 11:58 PM ET

Guilherme's avatar

(by the way, I know Quincey is a stretch, but the guy pisses me off)

Posted by Guilherme from Brazsil on 07/18/10 at 11:59 PM ET

Down River Dan's avatar

Off Topic, but thought this might be of interest to some of you.

The NHL Network is currently   (10 pm -12am) airing a 1965 playoff game between the Wings & Hawks.

Howe, Delvechio,Lindsey, Hull,Makita,Esposito…..

Pretty Cool stuff

Posted by Down River Dan on 07/19/10 at 12:19 AM ET

Sullyosis's avatar

Diego Maradona
Posted by Guilherme from Brazsil on 07/18/10 at 09:58 PM ET

Bahahahah +19.

Posted by Sullyosis from A hateful lair in Post Apocalyptic US (or Arizona) on 07/19/10 at 01:24 AM ET

Mike from Austin's avatar

8) Mario Lemieux - From the moment I first saw him play live, I’ve loathed Mario.  He was a lazy, diving, goal-hog who only tried when it suited him.  I’ve heard that the NHL created the no-diving rule because Mario was such a prolific diver. 

Agreed. I don’t think I ever saw the guy hustle. Not once.  But I could always overlook that because of the whole playing thru his cancer treatments. I’ve had chemo and radiation and that’s some hard ass shit Mario pulled.

Posted by Mike from Austin on 07/19/10 at 01:53 AM ET

Lucce's avatar

10. Eric Lindros (keep your head up)
9. Sindy Rosby (hockeys pretty boy)
8. Claude Lemieux (dont get me started)
7. Jari Kurri (whenever a a laplander gets drunk this is who you hear of)
6. Teemu Selanne ((whenever a a laplander gets drunk this is who you hear of)nr2)
5. Sheldon Souray (An ass)
4. Dan Carcillo (just imagegoogle him)
3. Corey Perry (mr jerk of hoky)
2. Adam Foote
1. Chris Pronger (remember he actually won something that belonged to someone sooo much better than him)

Posted by Lucce from Kingdom of Zweden on 07/19/10 at 02:25 AM ET

VooX's avatar

Posted by Mike from Austin on 07/18/10 at 11:53 PM ET

I’ve always admired his return from Hodgkins treatment, but I still hate the turd.

Posted by VooX from Behind the Bar in the Hasek Club Car on 07/19/10 at 02:44 AM ET

Mike from Austin's avatar

We’re on the same page. I hate that cochsucker’s guts. Besides when some dude snapped his jaw in a fight, i never saw him sweat on a shift. It’s cool if your talent means you don’t have to sweat, but show a little respect and backcheck.

Posted by Mike from Austin on 07/19/10 at 03:56 AM ET

Mike from Austin's avatar

But still Mario deserves a tip off the hat or a stick tap. Somethin else

Posted by Mike from Austin on 07/19/10 at 04:00 AM ET

AndrewFromAnnArbor's avatar

Oh man, what a thread.  Still, I’m not sure I can rank them in any sort of order.  I mean, we all know who’s #1 with a bullet:

Fraud LePuke.  Honestly speaking, hand on my heart, I hope he dies in searing agony, alone, with the knowledge that not a single soul on this earth cared for him.  If I saw him trapped in a flaming building, I would laugh and point and clap and order a pizza and a six-pack so I could watch the spectacle unfold and take great joy as his brain boiled inside his skull and his eyeballs ran out of his filthy, gutless, despicable sockets.  And I would take photos so that you could all share my joy as we relived the moment the face of evil perished.

As for the other ones?  There are plenty I hate, but I can’t rank them really.  They’re all pretty nasty, but on the level that I hated seeing them play and never wanted them on my team.  I’d go out of my way to ignore them even if they were the only person in the room, but I don’t have a burning desire to see a hellstorm of flaming death descend upon them.

Crazy Eddie Belfour (loudmouth with a Jesus complex)
Patty Wah (douchebag with a God complex)
Chris Simon (moron with a Keith Richards drugs complex)
Dale Hunter (overgrown kid with no restraint)
Tie Dumbass (not greatly hated, but his rivalry with the greatest Wings enforcer ever compels me to put him on this list)
Cementhead & McSorley (two cheapshotting Oiler bastards for the price of one)
Randy Ladoceur (the minus king, the most regrettable Wing ever)
Floppa (possibly the most overrated player of all time, even more so than Gretzky)
Mark Messier (he was simply an unpleasant, pompous, self-important egotist during his career, but his post-playing antics have elevated him to the level of insufferable jackass with a head bigger than goddamn Jupiter and as much leadership knowledge as Rosby)

Honorable mention of Alexandre Daigle, the worst ego to skill ratio ever seen in hockey.  Don’t really hate him, but his attitude rubbed me the wrong way.

As all these guys have finished their loathsome careers, I’m giving Rosby the benefit of the doubt and withholding judgment until the end of his career, though on current douchebaggery, he’d be in.

I’ve only been back in the country for a short while.

Say what?  Where have you been?  I thought that *I* was supposed to be the International Man of Mystery!

If you were over this side of the pond without giving me a shout, bitch, there’ll be hell to pay.

Posted by AndrewFromAnnArbor from Fortress Europe on 07/19/10 at 08:53 AM ET

Rdwings28's avatar

all agreed, but got to be Malkin after clubbing on Z from behind…..I get puke ready seeing him with his bottom jaw hanging open all the time….

Posted by Rdwings28 on 07/19/10 at 08:57 AM ET

pgoody's avatar

“Hey guys!, what are all these lists for?

Posted by pgoody on 07/19/10 at 09:43 AM ET

Krononymous's avatar

Anyone from the city of Cleveland or its surrounding area.

Ouch, that hurts!  What have I done?  And I loved that racist logo as a kid.  It was just Chief Wahoo to me and sorry about the weekend but you really need to beware the basement dwellers Baroque.

All of the above, especially Wayne Gretzky, and with honorable mentions to Ron Hextall (I know Sullyois has already got him but he deserves a second honorable mention), Billy Smith, Denis Potvin, Ken Linsman, Georges Laraque, Chris Letang, Rick Tocchet, and all the mediocre goaltenders who play like Vezina trophy winners when they play the Wings.

Posted by Krononymous on 07/19/10 at 10:33 AM ET

J.J. from Kansas's avatar

If the summer drags on much more, we’ll end up doing the most hated players by numbers they wore. 

numbers 22 and 33 are easy.

Posted by J.J. from Kansas on 07/19/10 at 11:27 AM ET

Osrt's avatar

The entire 1996 Dive team. Even though Sakic is the #2 best Captain of my era. 

You guys have mentioned most of mine. Claude the Turtle obviously is number one. Messier and Gretzky are up there too: respect the accomplishments, hate the douchebaggery.

Other dishonorable mentions.

Jumbo Choke Thornton
Luongo: Not his fault really, but overrated beyond belief.

1993 Toronto Maple Leafs for my first Wing playoffs and the end of childhood.
1994: Bob Erry (also the last Wing to wear #12), Arturs Irbe (fuch that guy)
1995: NJ Devils and their clusterfuchingTrap

Joe Bennanetti or however you spell the Caps’ announcer’s name. Somebody please cut that idiot.

Posted by Osrt on 07/19/10 at 11:50 AM ET

stonehands-78's avatar

Good to hear from you again, VooX(!)

Thanks for the diversion from the “current events” topics.

Here are a few I agree with,
(in no particular order),
(nor any specific degree of distaste):

10) Claude Lemieux
9) LeTurtle
8) Turtle
7) Darren Garcia-Lemieux
6) *#$%@& Lemieux
4) claude lemieux
3) Claude Lemieux
2) Fraud LePuke
1) Claude the Turtle

(dis)Honorable Mentions:

Claude Percy Lemieux
Claude P. Lemieux
C. P. Lemieux
C. Lemieux
turdle lemieux

(Is it October yet?)

Posted by stonehands-78 from the beginning ... a WingsFan, on 07/19/10 at 12:11 PM ET

Twig in Houston's avatar

Posted by stonehands-78 from the beginning ... a WingsFan, on 07/19/10 at 10:11 AM ET

that’s my favorite picture from that fight. besides mccarty doing his thing on lemieux and shanny about to intercept the wife beater, i just love that image of vernon racing out of his net.

Posted by Twig in Houston from Houston, TX on 07/19/10 at 12:36 PM ET

PaulinMiamiBeach's avatar

At least the Wings were the team which handed Roy his all-time career lowpoints.  I derive much satisfaction from that.

hear hear.

for those of you smarty pantses….it’s an inversely proportional exponential relationship.  the worse the moment for Roy…it’s 10 times the good moment for the Wings and their fans.

Posted by PaulinMiamiBeach on 07/19/10 at 01:06 PM ET

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