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Homer’s Good To Go

Paul just posted over at KK Hockey that Tomas Holmstrom has been cleared to play and will be flying out to San Jose today and is likely for Game 4. Yes, the obvious questions are: when does the flight leave, and if he's cleared, can he play tonite? Bruce MacLeod with a bit more, and news that Zetterberg practiced for the first time in a week this morning. Helene St. James says it's definite that Holmstrom will NOT be playing tonite. Last blog entry from Ted Kulfan? 27 April.

Babcock said definitely no Holmstrom (eye) and Lebda (ankle) for Game 2.
Easy Ted. Don't pull a muscle.

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Datsyuk’s Goal The Catalyst?

According to the Stats NHL Blog, the Wings’ two-goal comeback on Saturday was a 2007 rarity.

John Kreisler noted how getting a two-goal lead meant so much in the postseason. He reported that in the first 47 playoff games this spring, teams taking a lead of two goals or more were 34-0.

According to Kreisler, there were 126 regular-season games—better than one in every 10 played—in which teams trailed by two or more goals and won. On two dates (March 1 and April 7), it happened five times apiece.

Read more here, including the suggestion that if the Wings return the Cup to its rightful home in Hockeytown, Datsyuk’s game winner could very well be the goal that will have set the stage.

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Fitzpatrick Breaks Attendance-Gate Wide Open

Now, we bring you the return of Jamie Fitzpatrick. Jamie, you may recall was mentioned several months ago after his misguided attack on the fans of Edmonton—a fan base, I might add, that proved to be worthy, respectable adversaries even as they were Punching Us In The Face last spring.

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Khan(!) On Sharkspage

PJ Swenson, one of the deans of hockey bloggers, posted an interview this morning with Ansar Khan(!).  Here’s a segment of the interview dealing with Wing injuries.

Zetterberg’s back is clearly bothering him. He’s played remarkably well in spite of it. But how long can he keep it up? I think Kyle Calder is hurting. I think past Wings team wouldn’t be able to overcome these injuries, but this group has more resiliency, so I wouldn’t bet against them.

PJ apparently didn’t ask Khan(!) about the honor of serving as Deep Digger captain.



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Line ‘Em Up

Update 1125 EST:  A2Y Graphics Coordinator, TeamDub, has provided us with riveting photo evidence that The Enigma is, indeed, missing in action.  Keep reading and you’ll see. 

The snappy title to this post should serve as a nifty preview for an in-depth, statistically-based, void-of-sarcasm analysis of Wing line combinations for this evening, the coming weeks and into the future.  And we’ll get to that. Oh yes we will.

But first:  Bob Lang.

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Sunday Digging

Flew cross country today.  That matters to none of you.  Homer didn’t fly cross country today and that matters to us all. 


Tomas Holmstrom didn’t make the trip. He’s scheduled to see an eye specialist in Detroit again on Monday. Babcock said “re-bleeding’’ in the eye is a concern. He said if everything checks out OK, they hope to put Holmstrom on a plane and have him here for Game 4 Wednesday.

John Niyo’s postgame blog last night points out that our boy Bobbie Lang played only 2 shifts in the third.  Summer can’t get here quickly enough.  Niyo makes another good point about San Jose’s own enigma.

Great games by Zetterberg and Chelios, I thought.

On the flip side, is anyone out there still lamenting the fact that the Wings didn’t get Bill Guerin. Now you see why the Wings weren’t nearly as interested in him at the trade deadline as some had guessed.

I don’t know that Guerin was ever a serious consideration in Detroit. I know I felt that way because the bitter little Blues fans would have revolted if JD had dealt him to the Wings.  Regardless, he’s been invisible for San Jose the entire playoffs: 7 games, 2 points, 0 goals, -3.


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Gambling Hurts

Omens…omens all around.  AlanaH and I mentioned we had ourselves a little wager regarding Round 1 and the respective point totals of one of the Ginger Twins and Datsyuk?

Yes.  Yes we did.

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Sharks Sweep

Read the comments from the Shark fans below and you’d think that was the case.  San Jose has swept Detroit.  In a new, unique device to ostracize the remaining eleven thousand American hockey fans, Gary Bettman—if you believe the hockey historians in San Jose—has decreed that the Western Semi’s have been reduced to a best of one.

Shark fans, that small sect of hockey geniuses who populate the hotbed that is Northern California, took to their keyboards after Game 1, tip-tapping witty little notes like this:

I’m not going to gloat or boast or dress up in my teal thong and ride down the Castro into a rainbow of hockey happiness. That would be dumb because we still have to whip your ass three more times. It is going to happen. Just like we said. The Sharks are bigger and stronger. The Sharks defense is better. And the Sharks had one power play and, guess what Puckheads, they scored. Just like Mike and I said they would.



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Look For A Late Night Post

IwoCPO wanted me to let you know he is a bit busy today, but will be doing a late night post tonight.
Stay tuned…

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30K Live Blog…Kinda

From 30,000 feet above Colorado and the stench has reached us here in coach. It's not pleasant smelling a state that reeks of hockey failure, but it's not a cause of pain and stress. Nope. Mere hours before Game 1 against The Team We Must Now Speak of and I'm trying to explain to the mother and young child next to me why Homer's absence tonite should worry them as it worries me. I think they're coming around but it's been a tough sell. There's a 65 year old man just in front of me. He seems like a nice old gentleman, grandfatherly, sympathetic to my stress. He nods when I tell him that Zetterberg's back has me so nervous that I may have to use his air sickness bag. He doesn't want to talk to me anymore though. He's watching a movie now. I'm gonna lean over and see what it is....Saw II. Awww, that's nice. Sweet old man. A young French couple is across the aisle from me. They don't seem to listen when I tell them I believe their nation is short on sack. They perk up though when I tell them that I'm concerned that Nick Lidstrom may have finally met his match this time. They look skeptically at one another when I explain that Thornton presents too many problems. They huddle and whisper then the woman leans over and says that she and her husband have discussed it and they both agree that Thornton may see a healthy dose of Chris Chelios, as well. They think the old man may frustrate him to the point of distraction. The husband returns to his romance novel, te wife to her hygiene magazine and I'm alone again with my thoughts. I think we're past Colorado because the passengers have stopped giggling. Jeffrey, our stewardess and a San Jose native, is prancing up the aisle firing orders. "Elbows in please." "Watch those bags ladies." I stop him and ask if Rosie actually quit the View today. He chokes back a sob and nods in the affirmative. I ask him what he thinks the keys to the series are. The power play, he says. Detroit has to stifle San Jose's and the Wings have to succeed at least 20 percent throughout the series. He adjust his scarf and moves on. The pilot comes over the 1MC and announces there's turbulence ahead, they're turning the snack carts around, back to their little caverns at the back of the plane. Naturally I think of "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" and "fellas it's too rough to feed ya.". That's a Michigan song, I say to the lady behind me. And that's an omen, a good one. she looks at me funny and says "what song?". The one I was just singing to myself, the Lightfoot timeless classic, I reply. She tells me to turn around or else she'll press the call button. No one ever presses the call buton, I say. They think about it but they never do. I dare you but I doubt you will. She looks at me for a minute then says, "Ron Wilson's a genius you know, a true motivator." I press the call button and Jeffrey sprints up the aisle. "Yeth?". I tell him what she says about Wilson and he says he believes players tune him out, that he's a clown. I ponder that for a moment and then decide to avail myself of the spacious restroom in the rear of the plane. I've been in here for thirty minutes now and notice there's some graffiti on the bulkhead. How odd, I think, graffiti on a plane. You just don't see much of that. I lean in closer to it and see that it's written in child-like scrawl, in crayon. "I built this team for this series," it says. "I'm hungry for Fritos and melted cheese and I've got a secret and his name is The Enigma. Remember I wrote that." There were initials underneath it.....MB. I've just been told to turn off all electronic devices. I only have one but I'll turn it off because I'm a lemming at the mercy of the bastard airline even though we all know the electronic devices don't make one damn bit of difference. Wings in 6.

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