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Looking around You Tube today and found this video. Grainy, not the best quality but...wow. If it's been a while since you've seen highlights of the early stages of Yzerman's career, take a look. Watch this and you'll have no doubt why Blackhawk fans have nightmares about #19.

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On JLA crowds, Williams and hits to the head

Pointing you to a couple of places this morning addressing Wednesday's Oil/Wing game, the crowd at JLA and the hit on Williams. First, a dose of bitterness from Alanah at Hot Oil (a recent addition to the blogroll on the left).

Whenever I hear Detroit referred to as "Hockeytown" without a trace of irony, it's all I can do to keep my head from exploding. Hockeytown, my ass. In a true "Hockeytown," fans would stick around the arena until the final buzzer or, you know, actually sell out the games in the first place. In a true "Hockeytown," the cheers when Winchester was knocked flat on his back tonight would have been deafening. In reality, all the TSN microphones were able to pick up were a few halfhearted "whoo"s. Pathetic.
I grudgingly see her point (although it would have been better received had it not come the day after the Wings dominated her team). Dead crowd, or so it appeared on tv, last night too. Two big rivalry games and a fairly mild audience. Before you blame the fans though, Alanah, you might want to point the finger at the organ-I-zation. While we're on the subject of the Oil/Wing game, we return to The Hit. I've expressed my opinion that I believe it was clean. Some of you disagreed, and I can see why. It's turned into quite the debate. I'm going to point you to two different sites where opinions are being intelligently expressed. Matt Saler and Brian List are really nailing this topic at On The Wings, as is Jeff from SISU Hockey. I suggest you visit both sites and read the accumulation of opinions on the Torres hit, and hits to the head in general.

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More Housekeeping: A2Y Glossary

The A2Y Glossary is back. Now, hold your horses. I'd stricken a few. "Sasquatch" doesn't apply because Pronger kicked our butts. The inevitable self-destruction we called "the implosion" didn't occur so I took that out, too. And, I think another entry may carry the same title soon so it's gone for now. There may be a few others I've forgotten. If you recall any, please let me know and I'll get them back in there. You can find the glossary under the Head to Hockeytown section on the left, or click here. As always, if you have suggestions feel free to comment here or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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Game 1 To Wings

I know. This is Bubba's year. It's his division. This is finally the season he waddles to the top of it and stays there for decades, establishing the dynasty in America's Mid South that we knew was coming down the pike. It's got to be frustrating for Barry Trotz, the Nashville faithful and the 6 Pred fans outside the Nashville area. Just when the geniuses were certain the Wings were ready to fade into mediocrity, they do the unlikely. I'm not talking about winning one game, or even 8. What we may be seeing is a philosophical transformation. First, the game...more deep ruminations (sorry Bubba..."thoughts") later. Andres Lilja and Brad Norton scratched. Lilja may never see the ice again in Detroit. I'm serious. Well, not completely serious. But considering the type of defense the Wings are playing, I can't imagine Mike Babcock is too willing to make even the slightest blue line change unless he has to (which he might...see below).

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Bye Bubba

Update 2120 CST: Mike Babcock said Kronwall had a slight groin strain prior to tonite and it apparently flared up a bit. They held him out of the third as a precaution. Babcock says he should be fine for Tuesday. Wings take the first of an eight-game season series from Little Brother Bubba. A few details tonite, with a full game recap tomorrow morning * Dominik Hasek's second consecutive shutout, third on the year and 71st of his career. * Wings and Hasek haven't allowed a goal in 153:28 * Wings goals: Lang (5), Lidstrom (3), Cleary (4, EN) * Three Stars: Hasek, Lidstrom, Chelios * Wings now lead Bubba by 4 pts in the Central. Scary news: Kronwall didn't play a shift in the third. Neither the Wing tv or radio announcers have mentioned his absence. NHL.com scoresheet ESPN game recap

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Game Day: Bubba’s in Town

Sit down. A new feature. Game day previews every day around this time, sometimes earlier. We'll feature various write ups from both teams' papers, game day threads from the message boards and any other witty stuff I can dig up. Enjoy. On The Wings

The Predators had a rough start to the season, losing three in a row - twice to the Blackhawks and once to the Wild - before rebounding with a 9-0-1 record ever since. They are coming off a 4-3 win over the Wild on the 4th in the second-to-last stop of a five-game road trip during which they’ve also played in Calgary, Vancouver, and Edmonton, winning each time.
Nashville City Paper
“It is a little bit of statement game,” Predators coach Barry Trotz said. “It is a litmus test to see what they have this year versus what we have. It won’t be the end of the season one way or the other, but it will be a good barometer.”
MSNBC Cootie's Game Day Thread Let's Go Wings Game Day Thread Kukla's Forum Game Day Thread

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The Most Courageous #19 ever?

Even the most ardent of Yzerman fans will find this hard to argue with. The Captain was perhaps the second gutsiest Wing to ever wear that number. Slam

He is now sitting in the living room of his bungalow, looking lean and fit and far younger than his years, he "Gus" Giesebrecht, the only one of his five hockey-playing brothers -- Jack, Bert, Bruce who played in the AHL, Fred who played senior, Dick who played locally -- to make the big time, the only boy then, before, and since to do so from the town of Petawawa. image Petawawa has had an army base since 1905, and at its zenith in 1943, 20,000 soldiers were trained for World War II at Camp Petawawa, as it was then called, and one of them was No. 19 for the Detroit Red Wings.
More Great story and another reminder of the role Canadian young men played in World War II...and the role they continue to play in the Global War on Terror.

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Grand Marshall Nick

Four Norris Trophies may pale in comparison to this honor for Nick Lidstrom. The Wing Captain will be the Grand Marshall of America's Thanksgiving Day Parade in Detroit. Detroit Free Press/George Sipple

It’s quite an honor,” Lidstrom said. “It’ll be fun to do it.” What are his responsibilities? “Smile and wave,” Lidstrom said. “That’s pretty much it.” Lidstrom said he was asked Thursday to be the grand marshal of the parade. He said he has watched it on television in the past, although his family doesn’t celebrate the holiday. Lidstrom is from Vasteras, Sweden.

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A2Y Housekeeping

Alright. To answer a few of your questions: RSS is up and working. Click on the icon on the port side. Fan Post of the Day will return soon. Glossary will be up soon, as well. Yes, there will be some additions. ----- KK Note: Also on the left side there is an area called "KK Sections." There you will find a link that prompts you to join the Kukla Empire, thereby allowing easier opportunity to comment, participate in forum conversations and earn eligibility for random prizes from NHL.com, IceJerseys.com and other sponsors. It costs you nothing.

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Lidstrom Still Under The Radar

Corleone just posted a link to Al Strachan's column this morning. In it, Strachan offers his opinion that Nick Lidstrom is the best player in the game.

There is nothing that Lidstrom cannot do, but he does his job so effectively, so completely and so efficiently that he doesn't garner the attention that accrues to some of his colleagues.
As Strachan points out, Lidstrom is on pace to end the season with an obscene +82. I'm on record as saying I believed Henrik Zetterberg should have been named captain following The Captain's departure. I liked the idea of starting anew, a young face and style. But, it's hard to argue with the choice Holland and Babcock made in Nick. And that decision was made in the hopes (as always) of one or two more runs with a dwindling core, while simultaneously preparing a young team for success. Had someone asked me who I thought the best player in the NHL was? Well, I doubt I would have said Lidstrom. Would you? C'mon. You would have said Ovechkin, Thornton maybe. A few of you would even have said Pheneuf, Kovalchuk or Niedermayer. Under the radar, even ours.

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